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    Hi Guys its a long time ago that i have shared some pictures... so here they come, first my beautifull esprit Turbo from 1984: PLEASE HIT THE PICTURE FOR A BETTER VIEUW and here some of my esprit S4s with bigger wheels fitted, orginal 18 inch at rear and 10J now: 18 inch and 12J and at the front also 18 Inch, (looks much better!!) and also drives still good here some pictures: here some pictures with the orginal wheels and the difference with the 10J and the 12J i dont need to say something you really can see it, and here you can see that this wheel stands more outside, looks way better this is 12J here some pictures with the red brothers together: i hope you enjoy the pictures!
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    I can't help but see some similarities with Bahar's Esprit in the Huracan. It would have been so good to see comparative tests between them. Ah well, in the meantime enjoy Jethro's quick review of the launch car.
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    Yes, but what about your headlining?
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    New tensioner bearing fitted. Might pop into Sj sportcars and get it checked.
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    Yes, but she's got a small ass.... Ass size directly affects head room. I'm 6'3". I struggle for head room mostly because my ass is big. If I had Jodie's ass I doubt I'd have much of an issue. If any confirmation is required before hand I'm more than happy to go measure her ass....
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    It's not the record, we've done a sub 30 seconds before.
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    Just got a massive saving on my insurance renewal with AIB! Definitely worth the 20 quid for full forum membership! ;-)
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    Running costs vs appreciation, pain now and gain later?
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    Hi Geoff, don't get up early on Saturday the festival is on Sunday 17th!
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    Nice (literally). My Chuck Yeager eagle eyes detect (with the aid of a bit of ground glass) the Cap d Antibes jutting out into the Mediterranean in the center of the shot, with the Nice airpatch just below it (where the M6202 t-bones into it from the north), followed by Nice proper and the Promenade des Anglais (who says the Empire is dead?) running along its shoreline. Can just make out Cap-Ferrat in the lower left corner. Many fond memories, from a time when the corrective lenses were but a destiny yet to come. You're a lucky man, auRouge. May your fuel figures always remain nominal.
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    Well - After 7 months, it was definitely worth the wait... Went for a big drive over the weekend (Sunday) out through some of the windy roads outside of Melbourne (Australia) - Kinglake, Toolangi, Healesville and then down to Mount Dandenong, then finally looped back to head back to the city up beach road... Roads were still damp, but drying, so it started as pretty easy going... However that quickly changed after I started getting a bit more confident with the cars grip levels... Even on the Pirelli street rubber (not the trofeo's), the grip on damp roads is phenomenal. Obviously can't really explore the limits of grip on the street, so will be keen to get out to the track ASAP... Will be doing a track day in a few weeks time. One things for sure though, I had a grin from ear to ear all day. Having driven a number of exotics (458's, 911 Turbo/GT3, Aventadors, SLS, 12C's etc), this is without a doubt the best steering of any of them. I was worried about the shifter given all the complaints I'd seen, I quickly got used to that too and it seems great 1st->4th, 5th and 6th are a bit "meh" though. Only minor gripe is the clutch - seems if you give it more than a few hundred revs off idle it wants to "stink" up, guess I'll just have to manage my driving accordingly. Oh - and have some new rattles, but will get them sorted out when I put it in for first service. For anyone thinking about getting one - I say do it. It's definitely not a daily driver, but as a driving event, it's pretty epic.
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    Not to the best of my knowledge. I sign a technical log every flight... We check and sign for the oil and fuel quantities against the previous flight and uplift to the nearest Kg or Litre to specifically look for leaks or excessive burn. They should tally up or you raise a defect and research it further before going flying. Here's a view from 36,000ft today of Nice flying back to the UK from Rome ;-)
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    Wishful thinking obviously, GT3 is rarer so will be worth more in the long run, also gets favorable reviews in articles
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    I managed to visit Slewthy and took a covert photo of him using the oven
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    Must be Chinese Horsepower. I think they have smaller horses

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