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    Ha! It's official. We now spend more on recreational drugs and prostitutes than we do on beer and wine. Which is odd, because I know some who spend a LOT on beer and wine. Telegraph clicky.
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    Hi all, With great delight after about 20 years waiting I am a proud new Lotus owner. I went all in and got the fantastic Exige Roadster which is everything I hoped it would be. It is a whole lot of car to handle but I look forward to many years of driving to come. It is in the Starlight black with red leather, quite the striking combination. Cheers, Jonny
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    Simon, donations to Charity are tax free, at least I think that was her name
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    He's alive! Hi Mark. Good to see the black beast getting closer to being back in the fold. Sorry that I can't make this one as in CDG at present on my way back to sunny Angola. Get home on the 31st so should be able to make whatever we have planned for Nov. as long as not a crack of dawn start as out on the Sat. Hope the fantastic Sept. weather holds another couple of days for you all.
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    Was Luka the one who was arrested for a murder? That him? Re drugs, I had a placement at Reaside secure unit and my project was on a guy who, had taken some magic mushrooms for a while. Unfortunately, he became psychotic and murdered his 3 yr old son. The TV told him he had to do it. When I spoke with him, it was thought that he was actually no longer mentally ill so he had complete insight into what he had done. That was the most tormented individual I have ever met. And I've met a few.
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    A very good interview, it would have been great (but, a miracle) if he could have pulled it off.
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    Babysitter programmed, room booked! 1. Bibs - One of each 2. Laura - tbc 3. Kimbers - Prawn Cocktail, Turkey, Ice Cream 4. - Prawn, Turkey & Ice Cream 5. obione - Duck, Beef, & Apple Tart 6. ChrisJ - Soup, Turkey, No dessert 7. Moxie - Something gluten-free, TBD 8. Judith (fiancée de Moxie) - Something gluten-free, TBD 9. Buddsy something nice 10. Hot T something saucy Buddsy
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    The Avengers Tara King getting out of her S2 Europa.
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    I think we're all still working out how on earth we're ever going to beat Coen's time! He is the Usain Bolt of the In and Out challenge. I definitely can't beat that time but I might just know a man who could give it a go...
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    I think there is a section of society that should be actively encouraged to use drugs...and be supplied with them on the NHS, too. Then they could sit quietly stoned and leave the rest of us crime because they wouldn't need to buy their drug of choice...and they probably wouldn't last that long, either.
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    We will have a few Esprit's together on Sunday so we will see what we can do.
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    Sounds like a blast! Sadly I'm at Rumfest in London or I'd have loved to come along and watch!
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    Oups... Haven't noticed that I have forgotten to tell which tyres are now on: Kenda Kaiser 20 in 205/60/14 88V Grip in the dry: better than good in the wet: again better than good. Suits the car very well and seems to be matched to the handling abilities of the car. No compare to the crap Dunlop S9000 for the Excel. In every case superior to this awfull tire.
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    Also check the big connection block which is just below the dash and visible when you remove the steering cowel, I had an ongoing problem with mine in that the pins were corroded and would come lose, I cleaned them all and opened them up a bit then they were fine, I could be driving along the road and lose ignition etc. Good luck.
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    FYI: Russian Jet Train clicky.
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    The SE - MMmmmmm... Clean lines, unspoiled, not like the later Julian models. Beautifull Wheels from the era when biggest was not best, but design was it. Rearspoiler that does not gimmick something ugly blue from hokaido Island or thereabout. Ability to pass over a speedbump, while not being a modern crossover. Instrumentation from when someone was actually intersted in reading out how the engine is feeling. Steering luckily without help of some sort, from when a man drove a sportscar, and a woman úsed a red lipstick. Wide enough to be seen even when it's so low. Low enough to pass under a paytoll. Strong fast downsized engine, 25 years ahead of it's time, before it became common. Fast enough to run from a ferrari testarossa to a hundred or a bit more. Light enough to keep that same ferrari away from it's taillights on a twisty road. Rare enough to be a true drivers gem, not a silly collectors queen. Cheap enough to be bought and driven, not hidden away in a cellar. beautifull enough to be an automotive ikon for all times. regards, jacques
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    Hahahha that place is dead man. 4-pot forums is where it's at.
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    In reality you wont see any gain from removing all the ac components in terms of performance. So why not get the system working correctly? If you clean your rads you will have perfect cooling anyhow.if you have cooling issues or build up in the fins or between rads then theyrr due for a clean or refurb anyhow..
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    Ready - Steady - Go! 1. Bibs - One of each 2. Laura - tbc 3. Kimbers - Prawn Cocktail, Turkey, Ice Cream 4. - Prawn, Turkey & Ice Cream
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    PM me and I'll send you my email address to send a freescan .csv file to. Yes, codes will be stored even after the check engine light is out. Some intermittent codes will be triggered and then the check engine light will go away after time, but repeating or really bad faults will cause the check engine light to stay on.
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    Came across this website most now and thought it worth posting here. Some good stickers there for anyone restoring a car.
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    That cruise control stalk indeed works in mysterious ways I usually try different buttons until it somewhat does what I need it to do
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    I totally understand when a company becomes top heavy for whatever reason that cuts are inevitable and in many cases the company can be better for it. Unfortunately the cost on the human side is terrible. Having been made redundant myself in the past, I have a good idea of what the workforce is going through at the moment.....again. Likewise my own company is paying off 15% of the workforce in Norway so all in all not the best of times. On a positive note, I hope that all involved in the cuts go on to find other jobs and I would like to thank them for their input into producing the incredible cars that we all love. Thanks folks and good luck!
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    Stock Coachworks (where my car is) use gel shield 200 before painting.
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    It's coming along nicely....

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