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    Took the evora up the west coast for a few days.....I'm not a photographer but the scenery was stunning Before..... Glen Garry Eilean Donan Castle Niest Point, Skye
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    Not the best buying experience from an official Lotus dealer but finally the S4s is out and about and running beautifully. I hope you like the pictures and look out for it around Maidstone.
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    It's officially done! After very little persuasion, I can now officially say my car is a Lotus! (Gone are the days of claiming my Vauxhall VX220 was a Lotus....Ahem!) Evora N/A 2010 Manual, with short ratio box, sports pack, tech pack, white leather interior with canyon red paintwork Absolutely blissful right now! I'll now be harassing you all at the meets
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    I would simply say you did a great job! Could you come to Hamburg to do the same on my wheels?
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    Next to the yellow Lotus, the Evora looks like a ...............................................................................................................yellow Lotus!
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    Today's installment see me tackle two of the hardest trim pieces in the car, that is the two windowscreen down pillars. They are tricky on two fronts, one it isn't a detachable piece to wrap but only being able to stick the material to the pillar directly. So I sewed two piece, left and right and made sure there was more than enough cloth to cover right upto the door jam. I have to say though that contact adhesive (in a tin, non spray) has to be the spunk of satan. I hate this stuff, sticks on bloody everything, my hands were practically bonded together after the job! Anyway they went down well and immediately you can see a lift to the interior. I'm gunna try and get the headlining done over the next few days as I have a couple of days off.
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    Did you cut a notch in the lip of the opening for the engine cover? Might not be stock, but it gives more room to remove it and you'll never see the modification with the cover in place. Here's a link to the thread with a picture:
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    CTEK are very good too, that's what I use.
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    The rear spoiler and window frames just don't work, and overall it just looks pimp my ride! the price is way too high just because its rare does not make it guaranteed to be desirable.......I don't like the Turbo Esprit bodykit, unless its on a black car but for me I like the cleaner lines of the N/A much better. If it was half price it would still struggle to sell. Maybe try fitting some 20" chrome wheels and a big bass speaker and some rich chav will buy it? some cars just don't work as a drop top, this my friend is at the top of the list!
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    I'll probably spend the afternoon just staring at least !
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    Hi Steve and welcome to the forum. So we now have 2 LF1's in Scotland and I am sure there will be a few more. It would be good to see you at one of our monthly breakfast meetings. I will add you to the group PM list and keep you up to date with our meets. Where in Fife are you, I'm in Kirkcaldy. Hopefully see you around. Brian
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    koorby, pitstoppete, Nelly9000, choppa, 111r_250s, the pits, gghc87, pbharcourt, M D E, peteyg, ajay Portsmouth

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