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    There is a plan. JMG has articulated it and it has been reported widely. Steve Cropley interviews him in today's Autocar - the timing is unfortunate given the news emerging today but it is a plan, its funded and approved by DRB. And to put it bluntly it also makes a whole lot of sense. As noted earlier there have been some reasonably positive comments on TLF about what he is doing, including the difficult decision on the redundancies so I am surprised at some of the recent comments. Given the recent losses (£118m in 2011, £160m in 2012, £100m in 2013) something had to be done. The low production figures simply could not sustain a workforce of 1200. Now that's out of the way, the full interview is worth a read. JMG is a passionate car bloke with an outstanding CV and a string of successes behind him. Look at all the positive press about the DS brand at Citroen and its success in places like China already. That was JMGs doing. And his time with BMW, VW Group and Mercedes shows he is a committed petrol head. He has been out visiting dealers, expanding the network and sorting quality and supplier issues. To be frank Lotus are lucky to have him. At the risk of being flamed and I say this as a passionate and fanatical supporter of the brand the discussion about working hours, canteen activities and the like is I think symptomatic of Lotus' problem. They have often been accused of being a cottage industry but there is no hope for the future unless they pull their finger out and start to operate as a global (admittedly small) car company with all the professional standards that implies. Its the only way they are going to get people out of their Caymans etc and into a Lotus in decent numbers. JMG might have made some unpopular decisions, but he knows the business, knows what works and has a hell of a lot more experience in running a car company than anyone else in Hethel. That he also "get's" the brand and spends the majority of his spare time, late evenings and weekends tearing round Norfolk's lanes in Lotus product running batches of new improvements from the engineers says a lot about him. As does getting the entire staff involved in addressing cost and weight issues across the range. They are currently looking at over 800 suggested improvements which can only be good thing. What I also find interesting are his comments about Engineering. He intends to keep it stable, complete existing outside contracts but there will be little new business development or further expansion. He wants Engineering to support the Lotus car building operation in the long term and be fit for purpose when, in a few years time, they will be able to start developing new models. But his focus for now is car building and revenue generation based on the current platforms, as we know. That is no bad thing. Losing key staff is worrying and I understand why morale is low. But I believe they are heading in the right direction and JMG is the right guy to get them there. He deserves our support. Right, I'll get me coat.....
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    My car's finished. I'm picking it up next Thursday.
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    Yup that was me, I posted up the V6 Exige too. Trying to get someone on here a pre-dealer markup bargain, shame I'm not in the market for anything other than a new job!
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    I use a 50/50 mix of distilled water and the orange coolant for the last 14 years. My engine has 84k miles on it. My water pump looks like this... The previous owners of my car, didn't take care of the cooling systems, especially the charge cooler, tha system was packed with white crystals... The charge cooler aluminum housing was corroded and pitted, and so was the steel pump shaft. But if the coolant had been replaced on schedule, it would have been fine.
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    'Cos that's normal
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    I think I can spot where the boundary between heavy snowfall and a few flakes might be. Don't forget, clear your windows before you drive off...
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    Wow you lucky bugger, I haven't even had chance to speak with Jamie about what I want !!
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    Hi Chaps, I've done some tweaks to the car. BF Goodrich all around with 255s on the rear and new deep dish Magnum 500s on the back I'm also putting black import plates on. I'm loving this car .
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    We have something called the Atlantic Ocean and North sea that can have the same effect!
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    I've highlighted this to the factory, it's being looked in to...
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    Nice Pic I haven't checked the helmet to be fair, not the biggest Grosjean fan, but I will have a look tonight. Nobody wants a mouldy helmet
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    Thanks, and good. I've only just upgraded the gearbox oil.
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    I guess it depends on what you expect from the car: If its going to be your third car, get the Cup. Its the ultimate animal for trac and fun. But, you have two other cars to drive to/from work or on long highway trips. If you're thinking to use the car as a daily driver or for regular long highway trips take the V6S. From previous experience I have found that a hard suspension actually makes you slower on the hghway, its just too stressfull when your just trying to get from A to B. So, if its going to be your second car, you're caught in the middle and the choice gets difficult. I personally would go for the V6S because there isn't any decent track in Northern Germany, so track days are scarce. Getting to and the track would always be the larger part of the trip (The Cup would definitively be much more stressfull on the Autobahn). Similarly, whilst the Cup would be greater for something like the Alpine passes, its a looong trip before I get there.
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    And breathe........................already looking forward to part 2.
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    Nooooooooooooooo!!!!! Hang on in there Al. Evora Mk2 - 15% lighter, 400bhp+, new interior, easier access, new front and back ends (GTE style but not so aggressive). Trust me..... And thanks for the comments. I think it has to be said - Lotus is an international business in a very competitive market. It will never survive if it strives to live up to Clarkson's description of the company (turnip farmers in a field in Norfolk and all the rest of the abuse). Time to grow up.
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    I know a fella who has just bought the same actual esprit for the 3rd time !! Going to get the full story at weekend but hes sold it twice for different reasons and bought it back again a couole of years later.
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    One Day I like Laser Blue, the other Chrome Orange and then Black & Gold, Motorsport Green with yellow stripes ... Is not easy!
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    Ok seriously now I think you would be best speaking to Sparky or Gerald at GTS Newmarket about getting your car to one of them. Even if you get it trailered to him at least you would get an honest appraisal of what you have and what you need doing. Leave it with them for a few weeks and get it all done, It would then reduce my levels of stress reading your threads! Really...just do it. Buddsy
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    I was in the same boat,doing up a house costs spiraling as usual .Car stuck in the garage because all the time was spent on the house.So decided to advertise it not expecting to sell it (you know what I mean,just to get it out of my system). A collector from the USA phoned me up and A deal was done before I could change my mind. The short story is yes i am sad i sold my S1 but I paid off some of the mortgage and now have an S4 Esprit and also by luck an ultra rare Altaire green Esprit S3 .So I am quite happy still.
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    "Mature"...."Sensible".....may the fates defend me from such unworthy thoughts!!!! As you have found, once it's gone, it's gone. Only twice in 68 years have I sold things in a so-called "sensible decision". Once was the MG TC...;which was sold when I was in the RAF and couldn't keep her as she should have been kept...and the other was the aeroplane, after I had wrecked my shoulder and couldn't reach the radios. Both bad decisions. To get them back again would now bankrupt me!!
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    I find that the new rubber cam cover gaskets sometimes need a light tightening-up after a few heat cycles. Run a rag under the edge of the cam cover to establish that is where the oil is coming from. Then use a small ring spanner to tighten, as it reduces the temptation to go too far.
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    Hi Dave, just as a memory jogger, I fitted a new silicone gasket just before she went so make double sure its the gasket and not power steering fluid dripping onto the mannifold. The mannifold has no cracks as it was replaced with a new one not that long ago and ther should be a spare gasket in the box of parts that went with the car. When you come to do the exhaust I always found it easier to remove the rubber hangers from the rear as it gives a bit of movement andd makes it a little bit easier and a 1/4 drive socket extension up between the two pipes lets yooou get at the awkward back bolt. I also fitted new rubber washer to the cambox bolts when the gasket was done so all should be ok, oh one further thing, if you do decide it's the gasket and you fit the spare I gave you, when undoing the bolts both the bottom right and bottom left have to be left in the cover as there is not enough clearance to get them out, handy to remember when refitting, you will also find it a bit easier if you remove the clamp from the pipe fixed tot he bulkhead, this allows for a bit of movement with the pipe so that you can access the bottom right hand bolt.
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    I picked up the car today. Absolutely love it! It sounds great and strangely it seems to handles quite well too. It's going to keep the Esprit company .
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    I've bought it .

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