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    Hi folks, Sudden failure yesterday evening. At first sight while opening the garage door with engine running and lights on I thought I have only lost the outer beam on the right side, wondering that it seems to still gleam a tiny little bit. Inside the garage with engine stopped I switched off the lights but nearly nothing happended. Both pods did not move. Left side both lamps still lightened. Only change was that the right side lamps both were only gleaming now and the stack ligths went off. Any thoughts were to start? Until now everything worked fine. Best regards, Rolf
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    I would go darker on the bottom than what's on the top of the chrome strip. The dark at the top makes the insert look top heavy. Try black... Spray paint it to see how it looks first then redo it.
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    Lotus awaiting display in the AACA Museum staging area
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    Agree that It'll be an earthing problem. The headlamps are wired earths and I'd look for corrosion and broken wires. What you have probably got is a defective earthg somewhere and the system is then getting a current flow through the other lamps to all sorts of weird things!
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    Pretty sure it will be the earth. The main earth in the front compartment is on the boot floor on the left hand side, lots of black withes going to it. If you clean this up it should sort your problem. If not then an earth elsewhere. Trevor.
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    My car in not a SE. (I am assuming that the SE has an intercooler which I do not have.). I will see if JAE witll sell the the fuel pump cut off switch kit. Thanks! Is there an updated chip for the non SE vehicle?
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    Here's one of the TLF long termers with it's new owner at Bruntingthorpe

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