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    280 mile in mine today. The sleet & snow does not show up on photo... Followed by a hose down
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    Here's my contribution for the day.
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    The steering shaft u-joints HAVE been know to loosen. Several owners have replaced them. That said, there are kits to repair the inner tie rod ends available from the Usual Parts Sources, so I would not discount that as the cause of your steering slop.
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    I very nearly turned up this morning as most weekends I'm with the missus in Tring. It was only because I had such a crap nights sleep that when the alarm went off at 6:50 I just turned it off and went back to sleep! Looks like I missed a good morning out.
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    My carbs have a bit of drilled flat bar bolted on using the two innermost bolts for the trumpets, have two springs on from the linkage to the flat bar . I think the idea is to have in independant or extra closing device for the throttles and linkage rather than just relying on the spring on the carb.
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    I believe it is 30psi all round (hot) and that's what I've been running without issue and have even tyre wear. I may try a little lower, maybe 28psi in the front next time out if it's a tight circuit. Trevor.
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    For whatever reason, I hadn't seen a picture on your car before this one. I'm not a fan of white cars but yours with the black
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    Both the steering column UJs & the rack are prone to wear, you can get replacements from here
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    Forums like these are great but you have to remember that people only come on when they have a problem so we end up thinking the cars are crap when they're not.
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    Thanks for the pics. What I was meaning was that the original airbox has a spring which pulls against the point that the throttle cable is connected to. I'm guessing my carbs also have the springs that you have shown. Will try and get a picture myself to make things clearer.
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    A great idea on the carpet parts over the seat mountings. It should work perfectly. Have you considered an overlap? Each panel of carpet on the originals overlap by about 1 1/2" where two pieces meet.
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    Charlie: you are my hero! Am amazed by the quality and speed of your work! Truth be told I'm not a huge fan of the slammed look but the work you've put in to the interior is amazing. Makes me want to finish my car. Keep up the good work!
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    OMG, I am not alone. Even worse in 1998 cash! Video of exhaust a great idea! Easy enough with phone cam. You tube will be a first for me so that may be a bit of a learning curve. Will be at house couple of days from now so will give it a go. No mates to follow available there. Just talked to a buddy here and says he can and will put car on lift and try to deal with locking caliper(s) when I get it back here in Maryland so may drive it back, if something else does not happen, when weather gets a bit less wet and cold and deal with that issue. Will try to have wuff follow and see if smoke comes out during drive as well. All great ideas and just having positive responses here gives me some cheer and hope. Thanks to all so very much!
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    I had the same trouble on mine and was fairly convinced it was the UJ's. When I got the UJ's off the splines they were perfect and all the play was from the inner and outer collapsible column. I cant explain it very well but with the steering column pulled out of the top UJ the splined part slides in and out of a sleeve which I seem to remember is of triangular shape. This was where my play was and other than packing it with grease it wasn't enough to worry about. It doesn't seem to show this in the manuals. What is very important is to get the correct orientation when refitting (30 degrees back from straight ahead). Mine had been wrongly fitted and when I replaced it in the correct position it improved the feel no end. This, and a trip to a local company to have the suspnsion set-up (toe-in etc) on a 4 wheel laser machine for £54 has transformed it. regards Roy.
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    Lotus recommended geo specs for CupR: Camber: Front: -2.1; Rear: -2.25 degrees Toe: Front: .5mm out per side; Rear: 1.5mm toe-in per side
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    It has a turbocharger, although a not exactly stock installation.
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    Dear Richard, I'm looking to hire a Lotus Esprit to feature in a television programme. Please get back to me ASAP. Kind regards, J.Clarkson.

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