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    While I'll be the first person to celebrate when SUV's finally fall out of fashion and the last person to buy one for myself, if this means Those recently fired from Lotus can quickly find new jobs then I'm all for it.
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    My Excel red lines at the moment at 8800 running 253hp and 191lbft. And she is no slouch And she regularly gets there.
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    Just finished reading this thread. Outstanding work!! And thank you for documenting and sharing the journey.
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    No probs Brian. You're only about 25mins away from me so you're welcome to pop round and have a look once it's up and running. I'm just off M3 Junc 7. Pete
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    Well today it is snowing lots and a bit of a blizzard. So what do we do? Go out in the Evoque and leave Evora at home? Nope! We take the missus's Evoque to the dealer for its first MOT, service and some last minute warranty work so it will be in for 2 days (no free courtesy car thanks LR) and carry on using the Evora in the snow with the winters on. Have to say I'm happier as driver than she is as passenger though......
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    But I'm not your average cable-tie guy! I'm more of your "mount-it-on-a-nice-purpose-made-bracket-that will-take-an-age-to-design and-manufacture-because-I'm-such-an-anal-retentive" sort of chap!
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    Dont discount a GT3, arguably one of the best models made if you take the word of the motoring journalists! Having said that, i would love a V8
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    Went on Saturday. Nice show, not gritty and real world enough for me........ a few too many Tarquin's and Jemima's and silly coloured pants with jumpers over the shoulders. Bit posh for a Lancashire lad

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