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    I have decided to man up and keep her. I know I would miss her if She were sold.
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    Didn't believe him until he showed me some I.D. Proper name and Christened.
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    The silver one for just under £26k has sold this week, so the cheapest is now £29.5k
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    This part makes a surprising improvement to the Renault shift quality; recommended
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    Went today for a Sunday morning joy ride with some friends
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    My nerdy hobbies continue to expand - I cannot be without a project of some kind! Guess there are lots like that on here. Opened my first attempt at cheese last night - a Gouda. 3 month matured and tastes great! I plan to continue to refine the process until I can commit to investing time to make parmesan......
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    After two and a half days sitting outside in the freezing cold the wifes cosmetically challenged M100 now has a complete set of working door locks. Mike at Lotusbits has even redeamed himself by getting parts to me overnight which was also a happy moment. The thing now locks, unlocks, the boot now has a manual lock with a key rather than that stupid electronic, must have cost a fortune upgrade. Who ever designed the rod and linkage system for the doors must have been a masochist or had the hands of a two year old to get in and fix the stupid little bloody plastic clips. I now know why they had never been re attached after the door latch being replaced. Now the outer door glass seals to replace, another nightmare I can see looming. But hey, Mrs W is happy and thats the main thing. Well done, it's great what you can make the body do when you have too. Now try the Esprit. Gently.
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    looking good Wayne.Great job ...Mike
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    Many thanks Mark - that was very generous of you giving up some time and letting me have a good nose around your beautiful Esprit. Also really nice just to chat Esprit for a bit with an experienced owner. The trip in your car only reimforced my determination to have an Esprit - soon! I am still undecided though.... Some photos: Looking forward to LEGS breakfast gathering at Murray Lotus next Sunday - I can see some others that way and firm up (eventually) my decision
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    Need to get some better ones. Only ones I have at the moment were in really bad light taken with a phone.
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    This is my carbon grey Evora S SR on holiday in France last year. Attracted a fair amount of attention. One chap got out of his car to take 360 degree photos of it while we were parking up and sitting in the car.
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    Whilst sorting out the attic, took some pics of my armour attempts from a few years BE (Before Esprit), hence the darkness! Dont have the maille coif anymore - dad has that with the spangenhelm but they were my first projects after this: Roman Lorica segmentata based on items found in the Corbridge hoard. This required very little metal shaping, just cutting, bending and finishing. Oh, apart from all the hinges and hooks that had to be made from scratch. This is now gaining some rust as I failedto fully protect it after assembly. As well, looking old I guess.. I then moved onto some easy metal dishing - coaxing metal into a bowl shape. This is a 14thC great helm; these might have been worn over the top of a much smaller helmet!! These have been found in some unusual places - buried under a tree, handing in the belfry of cathedrals. Only 4 such items survive. Now, I moved onto something a little more tricky. A Deeply dished bascinet. This is actually formed from 2 halves which were then welded together and the complex nose is made from composite shaped, then welded. Getting much closer to the original idea I had of owning a proper suit of armour! Here are a pair of gauntlets, Milanese style. The left is not jointed at the wrist as this would have held a heavy lance whereas the right needs more mobility for the sword. the mitten gauntlets are far more common than the fingered ones since they were far stronger and cheaper(quicker) to make. The are followed by a matching elbow rerebrace/vambrace.
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    I forgot to take download the phone so here are a few more belated ones. I like the ones with the LEGS Flag and Wallace Monument in the background. Lovely location that we all get blasé about living in the area. Gedi's McLaren Volcano orange more obvious in this one.
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    280 mile in mine today. The sleet & snow does not show up on photo... Followed by a hose down
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    Here is a follow-up note I received directly from Lotus: The vibration is from the clutch assembly vibration / flywheel harmonics and as the clutch ‘drags’ during operation. It is felt through the clutch pedal, as what is called “clutch roar”. The damper, introduced on MY12 onward variants as an enhancement does exactly what it says, damps the “roar” present at the engine end of the hydraulic system, so the roar is not transmitted through the hydraulics to the drivers foot. The damper and associated parts can be retrofitted for you. Your dealer can order and fit these for you at your own cost if you wish: 1 x Damper A132Q0021F 1 x Bracket A132Q0024F 1 x Pipe A132Q0022F 1 x Hose A132Q0023F 2 x Bolt A132W5010F 2 x Screw A132W5005F This characteristic cannot usually be felt during normal operation – once identified, it can be induced, or felt if the clutch pedal is ridden during driving; we obviously recommend that the clutch pedal is not ridden, as this will lead to premature clutch wear.
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    I know most Esprits don't have them, but my '83 Turbo has a bonnet strut that was rather weak. Today I replaced my strut, but there's not a direct replacement, luckily it's not that hard to do what I did. I measured up the existing strut open/closed and figured out that the 110N is a 25lb strut. I placed an order from McMaster-Carr (I think they may be US only though). What I bought was item 9416K136 which is a strut with threaded ends (M8x1.25) 18.18" open and 7.87" stroke. I removed the ends from the stock strut. Here's the photo of the two side-by-side (new on the left, OEM on the right): The threaded ends are different, so I drilled and tapped the plastic ends of the stock strut to accept the new strut: Then reinstalled. I didn't have the metric tap, so I had to purchase that in addition to the strut. My total cost? About US$30. Now my bonnet actually stays open on its own! Just FYI. The OEM strut (as mentioned) is a 110N/25lb strut. I think you could probably put a 30lb strut in there if you didn't have any other choice. I doubt a 20lb strut would keep the bonnet open though.

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