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    That is the dumb kind thing I do. Your story just goes to show there are some nice people out there. Although the best has to be the time I removed the tank of an Escort for cleaning. Whilst cleaning out the tank at the back of the garage my wife jumped in the car and drove off to go shopping. Amazingly she got as far as the petrol station a few hundred yards down the road only to find nowhere to put the fuel! We are still together 40 years later. We have a rule she does not drive my car and I don't drive hers.
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    I thought Ronin got a forum ban.
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    Has anyone owned one longer ? That sounds amazing to me. Well done you
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    good on you Charlie.there are some decent people out there.Spent the day with the help of a friend who has been a great help to me fitting new oil coolers to my se ones weeping .any way he came out today long story but hope fully getting there.Mike
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    That is a neat idea. I am working on a keyless central locking idea to include the tailgate.
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    "Nomophobia". Oh dear. What on earth has "nomo" got to do with mobile phones? Who thinks up this phobia rubbish? It should at least be called something resembling the problem. But look at all the other invented crap phobia words like coulrophobia", for example, the fear of clowns. It should be clownophobia, then we'd all known what the hell it's about. There's probably a bullshit phobia word for the fear of removing an Espirt fuel tank that's equally non-related, but if I said "espritankophobia", you'd all know precisely what it meant.
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    congratulations Buddsy.When i saw the headline thought the esprit had ventured out of Norfolk
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    Obviously buying the Valentines roses and wine? Danny
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    As I approach 21 years of owning my Excel Celebration I thought I would attach a picture taken last summer on a Sporting Bears event at Teesside Autodrome.
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    Congrats and all the best
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    When you go out to eat, everyone puts their phones face down in the middle of the table. First one to pick theirs up pays the bill
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    He shoots, he scores!!!! Nice result Buddsy.
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    I'm a Nomaphobe: I have a fear of what will break next on my old Canadian Noma Snowblower. (another several inches on the way........fingers crossed)
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    Now you just got to wait for Lotus to come out with the SUV Lotus style. Congrats to you both budsy, with two already you know what your in for.
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    Just got back from our visit to Enstone today. It was brilliant and nice to meet some fellow owners (even if you have all got nicer steering wheels than me!)
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    Mike I think this will interest you as well. Seems to mention the car! Roo In this release you can read the details of the black Esprit S2 to the right of the Gold Esprit in the video. This one.
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