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    'This Lotus that I've never driven is cr*p; this Porsche that I've never driven is awesome!' Sorry, who exactly is he accusing of having blinkered sentiments?
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    Try to do it without undoing the oil coolers. Unless they have been done recently the stub of the cooler breaks off in the hose end then you have to remove that and buy a new cooler. There are loads of threads on here about it. You can fit a triple row recore in there and quite a lot of us have dumped the fiesta fans and gone modern spal or kenlow type. From memory I fitted 2x10" and a 11" from Car builder solutions and they draw an enormous amount of heat out of the rad. You may need to weld up the frame as mine had disappeared in places.
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    Looks a very neat job and lovely car! Thanks for the pictures. I'm fitting a 3/4 size front plate so I wonder if it will clear without bending? If it's an easy job to fit I might even remove the plate for the trackday. If it's easy to bend to clear the numberplate isn't it possible for it to bend when being recovered an breaking things?
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    Finally got around to taking the driver's seat out of the car today, and as always, the job is turning out to be more long-winded than I thought. Seat came out easily enough, but then I've seen that one area of the rubber base is ripped, and other areas are looking a bit threadbare. I've ghetto-rigged a fix until I can get hold of a seat in good condition, by putting some more foam in that centre part. Doesn't look perfect by any stretch but feels a whole lot better and will fit to my butt over time.
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    Photo of the tow eye, as requested. Looks a neat enough job, though I'd like to go back to it later in the year and file/smooth down the remnants of the cut grille portions to satisfy my OCD needs. It just clears the numberplate below it and grille slat above. Pretty much ready for its first trackday next weekend!
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    Thank you very much for posting and checking this out, guys! The Aston Martin Lagonda and Panther Solo were on my bucket list. I searched feverishly, contacting probably close to a dozen owners trying to get that car and just couldn't get through to anybody. And the Panther Solo - I have no idea where to find one of those, they are so rare! If you know of one, I love your help because there is always the possibility of a Volume 2 of this video! I would absolutely love to get the Aston Martin Bulldog, but that would be incredibly difficult to find. I think it's privately owned somewhere. And just for the record, the 924 makes a very brief appearance at the 10:37 mark. That's exactly right. The Solo 1 did have popups. Panther realized that the Solo cost way more than the MR2, and Toyota was a much more developed and well known company. So that's when Panther decided to change their plans and aim at other targets. Chris
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    Good job you weren't overhauling the brakes
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    Gt thanks. Mines 8 yr old so might be ok. At Geneva I'll cram my 2 shortest staff in the rear and check out the improvement.
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    My car came off the production line Feb 1985 so happy 30th birthday to her! Buddsy
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    Stunning cover of The Beatles' "Something" by my friend, Michael Kelsey:
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    Wow some beautiful cars there, this should be renamed the "jammy git" thread.
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