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    That reminds me. My forthcoming project is to fit my spare Lotus V8 into my Excel. i was only short of an ECU but I have got hold of a lotus race ECU with 440 bhp and no torque limit on the lower gears.That will eventually get into the Esprit. First thoughts is a sump will need fabricating to miss the front chassis cross member. Then will it sit low enough. Many other mods will have to be done and I do have a spare Excel chassis to use as a jig. I hope work will start in earnest sometime towards the end of this year. Photos will be taken along the way. As I approach 70 years old I don't seem to be settling for the slow lane. I will need to take my driving test again at 80 so I hope the examiner can get in the Esprit
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    I've been really boring and gone for a near replication of the blue Sprint scheme that I had on my S2. But with the gold detail being painted this time around I'm confident it's going to look ace. Also going to have the wheels painted the same shade as the gold detail.
  3. 1 point engine sound and physics seems not so accurate yet, but hey a nerd decided to mod a lotus esprit for Assetto Corsa it's already a good surprise. I'll give it a try in the next days and give you my feedback
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    To add my useless 2 cents to the debate. I don't think the new Evora is poorly specced for a Supercar or a GT. However the list of pricey options that could generate lofty profits for the company could, should, would, ought to be a lot longer. Anybody buying a poser Porsche will get at least one or two options, they won't add much to the car but the owner will be pleased with that. i think the 3 specs available on Evora 400 are decent however they reflect poorly cause they've been obviously worded by a newbie or somebody who forgot we were in 2015. the list of option should be as follow: exclusive custom paint scheme 5000$ premium audio system 5.1 surround sound designed by Alpine 4000$ premium audio system 7.1 surround sound designed by a premium brand 6000$ smartphone dongle 250$ (it's worth 25$ on eBay) park assist (hd camera and sensors) 250$ cooled glovebox ( the car has one it cost almost nothing to add a vent in there) 350$ darkened rear lights 200$ darkened back up lights 150$ New Zealand or Scotland pure organic wool mats 1500$ organic leather seats 2500$ two tone leather cabin with bespoke stitching 4000$ two tone organic leather cabin with bespoke stitching 6000$ two tone Alcantara roof liner 1500$ carbon fiber door sills 1000$ trunk net 100$ (cost 10$) carbon ceramic brakes (it is a supercar after all, it needs carbon ceramic brakes on the options list) 6000$ key leather pouch 50$ dashboard supersport white dials (km & rpm) with red needles 300$ + blue LED lighting for night driving 150$ heated steering wheel (I live in Canada ok) 150$ Lotus motorsport green seatbelt 500$ Lotus motorsport yellow seatbelt 500$ Lotus motorsport two tone (green with yellow stripe) seatbelt 600$ titanium exhaust pipe bits 500$ titanium exhaust system 3000$ Lotus motorsport green brake calipers 350$ Lotus motorsport yellow brake calipers 350$ Lotus motorsport gold brake calipers 400$ ... it should be about 2 pages long, it should be ludicrous and it should be for poseurs but poseurs these days do buy sportscars for the sake of it and Lotus should rack in some hefty margins. Let's not forget one of the big target market for the car is China the second one will be California. The true Lotus drivers will be happy with the 3 base packs others will marvel at how special they can make their new toy. It's a win win.
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    Hi Barry. On the top of the wiring diagrams in the Workshop Manual you will find the colour coding for Lucas wiring : So KU is Pink with a Blue 'tracer' colour. Cheers and good luck with the new purchase ! Jon.
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    As I'm in the latter stages of "running in" I haven't yet exceeded the occassional 5000rpm. But even with that restriction in place, I can confirm that the 350 Exige is an indecently quick road car I think it's only on the faster tracks that another 50hp may be useful, and then only so that you can run with the GTR boys on the straight bits!
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    Wow! Sounds like the Lotus is popular in Australia! I'm in New Orleans which is actually a small town. There are only 2 Esprit and 2 Elise in the city! My other two cars is an Elise (i'm not attached to it) and my Rabbit GTI which will go with me to my grave. My daily driver is a 1976 4x4 Ford Pickup. The roads here are so bad and it floods here so often that I feel that I need a truck. Guess I will have to talk to Dan about converting to RHD after all! Or perhaps just get another Esprit that is 30 years old and swap the turbo engine and mechanics over. Glad to hear that my wife is moving me to a nice neighborhood as I'm not happy about having a smaller garage. I think I drove through there before on my way to the Taronga Zoo. My in-laws live in an old italian neighborhood called Leighardt (spelling may be wrong). My wife has a building there that used to be an old factory or something. She knows I need a workshop to hang out in and drink beer. I spend more time in the workshop playing than I do at work. She yells at me from time t time but I have a very understanding wife. I will contact everyone that I can when I am there. We had to push back our trip as we are moving property here so it's looking like late June early July. Thanks all! Thomas
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    To be honest, I'm looking forward to just getting my V6 in a couple of months time and sticking the full 2bular system on it. Let's face it, it's not going to be a slow car. I may consider the 400 (or above) upgrade at a later date, but I'm intending on hanging onto my car for longer than I normally would. Mainly because I've put a lot of time into getting it just right (custom colour, custom trimmed interior, etc). I know it's going to be a belter of a car and I'm really looking forward to it Therefore if I do "upgrade" anything, it'll be to my car and not a replacement as I don't think I'd get all of the custom bits from Lotus again....
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    I seem to recall the clutch/gearbox really aren't under that much pressure at 345bhp so don't think it's much of an issue.
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    went from that set up to a full 2bular+radium+koldfire tune. All done in the pursuit of more the end only got about 5 more bhp..hence went for the koldfire tune.the current set up is louder with less induction noise.
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    For me the Lotus badge is immeasurably more desirable than the Porsche badge, to the point that, I don't think I could ever own a Porsche. There's something very obnoxious about the whole brand and some of the owners too. With a Lotus it's more about 'how fast is it' than 'how much is it'. A Lotus is what you drive when all you care about is driving. I was referring to how the wider world sees it - which is what posers are interested in. Lotus looks like an expensive car to most people obviously, but most people haven't even heard of a Lotus Evora. It's just some 'cool car' they haven't seen before. Whereas a Porsche 911 is something many people aspire to own. Along with a Rolex and flying first class, it's a status symbol. That makes it very hard to compete with for a company associated with small, light track cars using shoddy, low-rent showrooms and a feeble attempt at an online car configurator!
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    Actually, I just love to drive. 3 pedals 2 feet no 'race mode' no 'launch mode' no million button cockpit
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    If your car was stolen and you could cut the fuel pump remotely even though illegal do so,you think you would not because it was illegal? Might be illegal too if you found the culprit at the same time you had a base ball bat in your hands... Buddsy
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    1 & 2 are reversible. 3. Drink your coffee/tea before you get in/after you get out. It's safer than spilling it in your lap and scalding your nads. I'm not sure I'd want to be tapping into the Esprit fuelling system remotely. And I've heard some people have experienced all kinds of problems with tagged on bits of electrical stuff. Alarms, for example...................
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    hi Stimpy.Its your car do what ever you like.As you said keep the wheels as I think they will become sought after ....Good luck .Mike
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    Can you arrange for the Evora 400 Geneva Motor Show car to be there?
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    I still think it's cool that essentially an MJK design, on a comparitively shoetring budget, is still circulating.
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    It's not "standing on", it's "supended from"
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    You know stuff like the size of the sills and even things like the sound of rocks bouncing from underneath the car are what make me love it! But some things in the interior like buttons/knobs and general look should get a small refresh, though it wouldn't matter much cos when your pressing on none of these things matter! I also use those sills as an arm rest when cruising
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    Why fix it? Great combination. (hic)
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    I vote for an award for the most cracked fibreglass bodywork.
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    most expensive wheels? best-former 5 stud hub in-show? while I reckon my dry sump Turbo with its 1984 tyres, original brake lines, clutch pipe, interior and paint would have been a shoe-in for the originality award, I'm afraid there's no way I'll be putting the BBS back on for that!
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    Is there an award for cleanest crappy paint job?

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