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    Mines the only one on the road in the uk - that's a real shame It's officially rarer than an Essex !!!!
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    well I can hardly believe it myself - at last I've bought an Esprit. Vary different from what I started out loooking at though. I've bought a very nice Norfolk Mustard Yellow Esprit V8 - from Bell and Colvill Hopefully collect it in a couple of weeks - a few wee things that they agreed to do as part of the deal oops - posted againn - sorry guys - was just trying to post the photo
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    Today has been a day of reassembly. I can't remember how long I've had these light clusters in the attic! I bought them at the very first parts sale in Avonmouth. Time for a few beers!
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    Felt like summer today, 16 degrees! Went out in the panther, what a car, dare I say it but I think I just out gunned a lambo! Anyway great fun, can actually start using it now, can't wait for the summer to kick in and hit the shows!
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    It's not an issue for road use. Interestingly the Swindon tuned 500bhp race V6 that I keep banging on about here, doesn't have an intercooler either. They said it has been properly mapped to work at high temps. I didn't know that was an option before. And if you haven't heard of Swindon before, they really know what they're doing. Lotus also paid for the development.
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    Thanks Bibs, should have turned the page. Doh. The diagram I was looking at isn't labelled but of course its in the parts list So, its off to B&Q to buy a pop rivet gun....
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    Thanks going to see for real later today
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    Happy shopping and enjoy the new car in a few days
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    Wow that looks ace! Buddsy
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    looking good
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    Drill a hole half way along the carrier. Cut the bolt flush with the carrier and soak it overnight in diesel. Then use a drift and a hydraulic press. It will come but be patient. Leave it under pressure for a while if its stubborn. Afterwards, use the drilled hole to fit a grease nipple. Did this to mine and I have no seized bolts since. Drill the hole in a position so that it can be accessed without having to remove wheel to grease.
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    Always baffled by people worrying about tax band vs running costs and depreciation. You don't buy a sports car to drive like miss daisy to get best mpg, so why worry about a few more pounds on car tax. Just buy it, spank it, enjoy it
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    Shiny matching accessories!
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    I'm a very keen detailer and might be able to help as well If I were me, I'd buy a decent PH neutral shampoo (one that doesn't have carnauba wax mixed in it) as this should keep the plastic from becoming too shiny. Something like Wolfs White Satin is very good (don't worry, it isn't for white cars, it's just that the suds are very white and clean!). Once you've washed it, I would use a decent detailing spray to bring it up and give it some protection (this will be light protection but it will do the job well). The detailing spray I'm currently using is superb for body work and plastics and is called Bouncers Done & Dusted. You can buy it here if you're interested - Please note that I have no affiliation with this site, I'm just a customer that has used them before. This particular detailing spray has won various awards on the Detailing World site and I used it for the first time a few weeks ago and it is absolutely superb. Another product that is very good on plastics is a product called Revive by Auto Finesse. It also gives a layer of protection and will bring plastic up looking like new (no more faded greys). More details on that product here - Hope this helps
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    After some advice from Leon at Alunox, a good deal of checking, and some harsh language, I finally managed to fit the new exhaust manifold. It does look nice, but I wouldn't want to do one with the engine in! And the new fuel tanks from Axminster Specialist Panels have arrived. The quality of the workmanship is extraordinary, and I would be happy to put them on display in my lounge. It's such a shame no-one will get to see them.
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    Here are few more thoughts on the Evora. I suppose I have to start with some caveats. Yesterday was a lovely sunny day, crisp and cold without a cloud in the sky. The sun was still low at 9am which has that great effect of lighting up wheels and details on cars. Certainly the best time to view a car and a salesman's dream. I spotted the Evora from a distance and straight away any fears for that front end that really doesn't work for me in pictures evaporated. The Evora is one of the least photogenic cars i can think of, the front looks too simple and dumb, the rear over complicated and the line in the door almost as unpleasant as the front wing to door crease on the vx. And yet in person it just works. It looks small too, never mind how many mm wider or shorter than a 911 it might be it feels much much smaller. The wing treatment around the wing is particularly pleasant. it looks as though someone has stretched a sheet over the suspension components and kept it as taught as possible. I love the wheels on the model i drove (LD hastes them, but he's wrong) and they just seem the right size for the car much in the way that a 16in front and 17in rear just look right on a vx Getting in it is not familiar. All the reports I'd read suggested it was similar to a veise, if a bit easier. I sort of recognise that, but the Evora is much more ordinary than that. Whereas in the vx the two seats are very close to each other in the middle of the car, the Evora's seats are set much further out. the sill is much lower so its easy to just drop into the seat. infact the whole thing it's much more akin to getting in a 911. View out the front is great, the tops of the front wings just show above the sightline, the screen wraps around the cockpit even more than on the vx, perhaps with even more curvature. i'm instantly comfortable, no adjustment to seat although i do drop the wheel slightly which does mask the outer LCD displays. They have lots of random information on them in about 10 different font sizes making them pretty useless. the two centre dials are the same as what we're used and they are all this required. I take an instant dislike to the stereo nav unit and decide i'll be better off never looking at it again. The view out of the back is more challenging. Think exige and thats pretty close to the mark, the huge mirrors will do though. The rear seats are tiny!, they are exactly how i thought they would be x0.6. I would have tried a rear seat selfie, but i'm not convinced i'd have ever got out again. I'm not even convinced 10 year olds would fit. The dealer slings me the keys and i have it for about an hour. The first thing that happens is that I nearly go through the windscreen the first time i brake. All velises i've driven have a fraction of travel on the brake pedal before they bite, in the evora there is none. I'll get used to it very quickly because as i leave in the Golf later I nearly rear end a bus. First overwhelming sensation is how it rides. In this respect It's probably the best car i've ever driven. The first part of my drive is over a broken road which had upset the golf going the other way half an hour earlier. in the Evora, there are no rattles, no squeaks, no thumps, nothing. Its completely silent. i call Lee at this point on speakerphone and he wonders if i'm even driving. I turns out i'm in a car with the short box (though it actually feels quite long to me) and the dealer has sent me a route he'll think i'll like, lots of undulations, off camber corners, and i turn onto it from a red light. And much like the first sip of caffeine in the morning as i turn in, its like being transported back to the vx. The steering is light, sharp and completely deliciously lotus. How does it achieve that when it rides so well? \ Performance isn't quite on par with a supercharged vx, it doesn't have that any gear instant torque of the vx. But in the higher echelons of the rev range its plenty fast enough. It sounds great too. What is clear is that the whole package is so cohesive. Everything is perfectly judged. A compromised Elise for comfort and size it is anything but. It very easy to feel comfortable driving it very quickly. I have a couple of moments when look do look at the speed and nail the brakes for fear of getting into a lot of trouble. I settle back down to driving it normally, in the quiet and comfort it has no right to be able to provide given the speed, feel and sensations on the backroads. what a perfect everyday car. It reminded me of driving a vx for the first time and the realisation that such a car existed. A perfect car for that moment in time. It so happens that i first drove a vx at around the same time of year 11 years ago, it was another 14 months before i bought one. i'm hoping that this might be a shorter lead time but i'm going to have to find one. Whether the vx survives will be a difficult decision. The Evora is sufficiently different to be able to justify both but the financials may not quite align even if i did say i thought i could run two cars for the cost of a company car. Better than Exige V6? could well be just because of how how well it rides.
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    I work for sky. I can help some people with this dilemma PM me
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    Warm the hub carrier and use a hydraluic bench press. because the stud is so long it will just absorb the shock from a hammer without moving.
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    my GTE mid rebuild. I've got a bunch of these documenting the entire process. Pretty cool eh?
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    <SIGH> Come on guys! Surely there are 7 people in the world with a Lotus Esprit that is chargecooled or want to add, that want, nee NEED, one of these! Mark, how much are they if I bought one today, i.e. pre 10 or 20 in group buy?
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    Testing at Millbrook, it looks angry! In other news, their USA dealer is run by none other than my pal Randy Chase who set up lotustalk over there!
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    Not sure if this is what you had in mind.... Anyway this was a short test of my Phone camera: Hmmm - obviously don't know how to embed the video....
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    I love the Evora, its such a beautiful car!

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