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    Hi all. Though I'd share this with you all if you don't want to take your gearbox out of the car to replace the clutch then this is for you, Disconnect battery,Remove valance and exhaust boxes, remove boot floor, remove starter and clutch slave cylinder and gear linkage, (I did undo the cross gate cable at the gearshift which allows the box to move back further) remove cross member, disconnect driveshafts inner only, unbolt brake calibers and tie up out the way, remove discs ( a good time to replace them if needed) support engine,remove caliber brackets, undo gearbox bolts and tug like hell, and then you reached your goal, lots of latex gloves plenty of tea or beer (not recommended) a few plasters then put it all back, I'm not a mechanic but I like to have a go, all the posts on here certainly did help, it took me 8 hours to get the clutch out, not to bad I think, just waiting on the new one to be delivered
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    Charlie! where are you driving from, we are coming from North of Aberdeen so anywhere South of the border is a short trip. Get it down there man, people want to see the engineering on both cars, well I do anyway.
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    Come on, where is the unsilenced video?
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    On the first attempt (just using the Carbtune Manometer) I got... CO=0.065% HC=2857ppm So basically it was spitting raw unburnt fuel straight out of the exhaust. Then I used a colour tune to try and get a blue'ish flame and got... CO=2.194% HC=1027ppm Which is a pass. So just out of interest I tweaked each carb to richen it by 1/4 of a turn... CO=3.923% HC=199ppm A doubling of the CO caused a 5 fold decrease in the HC emissions.
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    Very pleasant evening in June, good drive up, good company, good food - I'll be there for July meeting .. Think the list is now 1, Buddsy 2, chipp 3 & 4 Kimbers and MJK 5 Stuartm 6 theelanman (Gareth) 7 Davidm 8 ShaunM (your eyes do not deceive you, I'm actually coming!) 9 langleytw (Tom) 10 jamesfromsmc (James) 11 phil flash (Phil) Might need a bigger table this time.
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    To give Autocar credit though, the panels probably will be behind the front wheels and more than likely in front of the rear wheels and possibly stowed under the top somewhere? They've covered themselves by being as vague as possible
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    As the internet is all about opinions, I'll give my non-expert one to Steve's questions When would the best use of Tour be and why? If you were sat on the motorway for a period you may as well be in Tour. It will give the quietest ride as the exhaust valve will remain closed as long as you don't use high rpm, and there's no good reason to use any other mode. In the wet Tour will provide the most safety - it will try to intervene at the first hint of rear slip and provide a softer throttle response so you're less likely to get into trouble in the first place. When would the best use Sport be and why? Whern driving along a dry A or B road and you want to have some fun. It will allow some slip before intervening and you get a sharper throttle response. The exhaust valve also opens up at medium revs, so the noise improves enormously if you're pressing on. When would the best use of Race be and why? I don't have Race mode on my Roadster. I discussed the need for this with the dealer when I was looking at Roadsters and it seemed to me that it's only really applicable to track use as it "learns" the grip levels and your inputs, but to do this it will need smooth consistent tarmac (ie, a track). It struck me that it may even be dangerous on the road given the constantly varying surfaces that you get. A pot hole mid corner could really confuse it! I fully appreciate that I could be completely wrong about this! Everything off just for Trackdays or racing as I would presume that one of the above settings would be beneficial and safer when driving on the road. I've tried everything off mode on the road and I didn't die On a dry road, the natural limits of the car are so high that you would really have to drive like a hooligan to break traction. I ran it because it also permanently opens the exhaust valve and I was curious what it was like. It sounds good, but if you are just going with the traffic flow at 50 or 60mph it was too noisy for me, so I switched back to Sport. Is Tour Mode the safest setting and best for driving in the rain? I think so, yes. Last question. Which mode chews through brake pads the most, Sport or Race Mode? From reading other posts on here and elsewhere, it seems that Sport mode causes the most wear on the rear pads.
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    nice one! looking forward to catching up with you at retro rides gathering? looking into maybe taking mine for a blat up the hill for some fun!
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    Hi bibs, Wendy and I can help out on Sunday if required for the free eggs, already got tickets.
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    Bibs, as discussed OK to do Saturday, but now definitely can't help Sunday. Already bought my Saturday ticket anyway.
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    Bristols are best in pairs... Buddsy
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    I'm amazed a journalist and publication are plain stupid enough to print that Lotus haven't made a profit in the last 60 years...
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    A first class high compliance MM Cartridge and arm combo! I've had dozens of turntables, from LP12's to Notts Analogue Dais, with most stops in between (I used to buy and sell, keeping them for a while then moving them on). When I moved house I had 8 turntables, so I sold them all as I needed some cash and I'd rather sell them than shift them. The one I kept was my own design. I made it back when I was in my 20's an considered putting it into production, but I couldn't make them cheaply enough. The Hayton Audio Mk1:
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    I wasn't arguing about racing pedigree. I knew the M100 had none, wasn't in the same category, and didn't need any. My intention was to point out the strengths of the Integra, not to slag off the M100. Once the Honda's (S2000 or Integra) merits were mentioned in a thread about a Honda... Someone then decided to argue that the Integra and S2000 had no merits, and couldn't possibly compete with the M100. NOTE: I voiced my opinion about the Integra compared to the M100, from personal experience. I didn't say the M100 wasn't good for what it was, just that I preferred the Integra. In fact, they were very similar in performance as originally delivered. Both were 0-60 in about 6s, and both 1/4 mile in ~15.3s, the Integra will go over 150mph, and the Elan 137mph. Both front drive with an LSD... The reasons for comparisons are obvious. Some people might choose between 2 fun cars with similar performance, but one more useful, or more reliable, or might prefer the looks of another. In my case, 14 years ago, I was trying to choose between the Esprit SE, and a 2000 Integra Type-R. Both were available for $24k, one new, one used. The Integra would have been fun and sporty, reliable, usable for driving in the snow and to go mountain biking, and great as a daily driver. The other would have been a hobby and a project, not necessarily reliable or usable as a daily driver, and definitely not for snowboarding or mountain biking... In the end I already had an older Integra as a daily, so I bought the Esprit... But it was a close decision.
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    The Integra Type-R that people most refer to is the DC2 design circa 1995-2001. THe DC2 Integra actually had double wishbones at all 4 wheels. The pressed steel "unit body" construction used on the Integra is also used on the 911... The DC5 Integra, which is what I have now, had McPherson struts up front and double wishbone in the rear. I know that the rear suspension looks similar to a trailing arm, but it is a double wishbone, in how it controls camber throughout movement. In fact the rear suspension on the Integra is very similar to the Esprit in many ways, except for geo angles and the use of a anti roll bar, which the Esprit does not have.
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    While I do like the M100, I do have to stand up for the Integra Type-R here. I've had 2 Honda Integras (well they call them Acura Integras here), and I've driven the M100 on street, in the mountains on twisty roads, and in an autocross event. Been a passenger on track as well. IMO I definitely prefer the Integra, especially in the Type-R guise with the limited slip differential. The M100 feels very front heavy and ponderous. It is easy to pivot the rear on the autocross, but then it isn't difficult in the Integra either, if you want. But let's compare facts. How many championships has the M100 won? I can't find any. I did find this in a quick search for the Integra. P.S. I was actually at one of the races for the 1997 season, and the Integras were the class of the field! They actually won 2 championships the years before with a Honda Prelude. NOTE: that was the same World Challenge Series that the Esprit was so successful racing in during the early 90's 1997 Pierre Kleinubing Acura Integra 1998 Michael Galati Acura Integra 1999 Michael Galati Acura Integra 2000 Pierre Kleinubing Acura Integra 2001 Pierre Kleinubing Acura Integra 2002 Peter Cunningham Acura Integra Also remember this the 2005-2006 BTCC Champions. 2005 Matt Neal Team Halfords Honda Integra Type R 2006 Matt Neal Team Halfords Honda Integra Type R

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