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    Proper introduction and pictures from MrsLF1 to follow
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    Very old comment, but on this particular comparo, they're 2 totally different cars. And by totally different, I mean the Evora is better I had high hopes for the F-type (especially after all the rave reviews) and I recently got to drive an AWD V8 back-to-back with my Evora on a track. It is a totally numb driving experience. Braking for a corner you think "omg going too fast too fast too fast oh wait, now I'm going too slow?" Turning into a corner you think "oh there's heaps of grip, heaps heaps oh wait there's zero grip!" Compared to the Evora there is so little communication between chassis and driver and it makes it a very 'uncertain' car to push. Also when you stand on the brakes, the car squirms left right left right so much that it's actually a challenge to stay on the racing line. Interior fit and finish is nicer of course but it wasn't as comfortable in terms of the seat as well as the ride quality. Back on topic: The only car I'd replace my Evora with is a McLaren, either a second-hand 12C or a new 540C. However they are over twice the price of my car and I'm not sure they're twice as good... I think a test drive will be a very dangerous exercise
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    Well, I see your point, but I think there is a major difference in the rationale/background. Nissan and Porsche (being part of VW) are of similar size and have similar resources as companies. The GT-R is the contender, a clear challenger to the 911 and especially the iconic Turbo with it´s 4WD and 2+2 layout which makes that rivalry special for those choosing either car. Although they are both excellent cars, they have completely different car building philosophies and companies behind them and it´s also to some extent a "German vs. Japanese cars" thing about it which makes people not driving or owning the cars take side in the debate also which tends to polarize it even further. As for Lotus vs. Porsche I think it´s much more of a David vs. Goliath kind of situation as these companies today are totally different in terms of resources and scale. With that situation, - and the fact that Porsche is the favorite sports car brand in Europe and the benchmark, I think (at least I speak for myself) that I tend to defend Lotus a bit when I feel that the favorism of Porsche among main stream media is not fact based but rather based on "Porsche just must be the better car, because that's just how it is" fluffy arguments. That said, I love Porsche, - I really do, and that love goes way back for me in a totally different way than Lotus which is a brand that has not really been on my radar to the same extent at all. But starting to see through some of the marketing hype more and more and how Porsche position their cars with the constant holding back of the Cayman just for marketing reasons e.g. kind of just pisses me off a bit and it feels that a higher percentage of the Lotus people are actually genuinely interested in their cars, what they get for their money, and how they drive and behave than what most Porsche people are these days. Especially after the recent investing frenzy in the 911 and all that stuff that is simply not related to how the cars drive at all.
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    I wish! MY 2012 onwards evora s from a Lexus isf. Don't do finance and as such the 400 is considerably out of reach!
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    Thank you Chris! Love that car - and I'm so glad the Carbon tips just finished off the rear so well. Fitting of the exhaust is very straight forward. It bolts to the flange on the downpipe/flexy - same as the Evora in that respect. Usual fiddly screws etc on the diffuser/grilles. I'm so happy with the sound of this exhaust - it came out better than expected. It's not a Track system, it was never designed for that use - this is purely to give THE best-sounding exhaust for the supercharged V6 motor (IMO!). The valve on the OEM system is there to ensure a pass on the strict EU drive-by noise tests. If you check my website, you can see what's going on inside that OEM silencer and the restrictive route when the valve is "closed". On the 2bular, when the valve is "closed", the route is through a straight-thru section, no restriction and a decent amount of silencing effect. It is merged with the 70mm pipe internally. When the valve is "open" I wanted ZERO silencing effect - the beauty of having a valve - the best of both worlds. 70mm is the perfect diameter for a supercharged 3.5Ltr V6 with 350bhp. I do have the test "mule" running 450bhp at trackdays all over Europe, (Spa/Nordschleife/Mugelo/Imola) with the lightweight "Track" system. Target of 500bhp in a couple of months.
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    I agree. I'd liked to have seen some of the GTE splitter in the 400. Not that it counts for anything but here's my Photoshop impression of what it could have looked like:
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    Cambelt change done. And it really wasn't that tricky. Took a while but better to get it right first time. Although the one goof I did make was - after torquing up the V pulley - discovering that there was then no way to get the A/C belt on without removing it again. Which I guess forces the question as to whether I refit the A/C at all. I am keen to keep the car as original as possible. Any thoughts..? The one nightmare job was the tensioner. I'd bought a fully reconditioned unit from LotusBits and they supply them with the adjusting screw loose - I suppose to preserve the spring. Trying to get that bugger in there against the spring and then get it threaded (and not cross threaded which was its default preference) is a challenge. And I still don't think I've got it straight. Anyone got any brilliant advice? Fuel tank also removed, I'll be giving that a thorough clean and then checking for leaks. It seems intact but there's a lot of rust which could be hiding all sorts. Here's a great link for how to clean the tank: I used this method on a vintage moped and the results were remarkable. And while the tank's out I'll replace all the fuel lines. A constructive weekend so far. And I'm sure the family aren't really missing me...
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    Chap fitting my new windows at home says to me "I spotted a Turbo Esprit in your garage". After a couple of moment I realise he knows a bit about Lotus cars...turns out hes got a Lotus Sunbeam...with a 2.5 litre specially built racing engine. Here he is in it a couple of years back at the ring! Great vid hey? Buddsy
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    Popped by Hoffman's of Henley Lotus Dealer today. A nice array of Elises / Exiges .
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    Door card looks stunning really nice effect with wood and other materials
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    Door cards looking very classy. Impressive
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    It's a nice unit, even still had the clip to retain the alternator wire plug, and the best thing about it, is the pins are around the other way so my plugs fits without pulling on the wires, win all round. The pully is identical, its almost a direct fit, it would have bolted straight in if I had a straight bracket off the engine block, but mine has a slight dogleg hence the 3 washers. I've just been out for a run and we can safely say my battery is now very healthy, strong 13.8 all the eay. On a detailing note just finished my doorcards, looks a touch classier now, I'm loving the faux wood effect and soft canvas combo, have a look, see what you think.
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    That's it then - I'm a coming to have a looksee. I'm there at the breakfast club's a great location.
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    I haven't driven an F-Type.. Don't want to either. Gone off them, too bling. I like Jag's but it's very GT bias. Your words sum it up well, F-Type looks nice and sound great but it's unfortunately OTT IMO and not desirable like an E-Type that doesn't try as hard. Maybe a Silver V6 S but never on a track would be a nice daily.. Evora and Mclaren... Ever considered a V12 Aston Martin Vantage.. They drive well.. I had a go again recently in a manual one. Brutally powerful, exotic with great handling.. They are great on track too.. Steering a bit dull but isn't every car after an Evora? Utter bargain!! (If you've got £80-90k.. Evora 400 money... and you get 510bhp!! Unfortunately I don't have either and agree with Stuno1... Can't be bothered with finance so M3 it is and maybe some driver training to squeeze every single bhp out of it!!)
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    Proper result.... You bringing the beast to brands hatch next weekend ?
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    Bugger. I'm down that neck of the woods next week. Better leave the £300k worth of trinkets back at home.
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    Popped in to the Regent Street store this week as I was passing, found the staff helpful enough but did not have much product / Lotus knowledge. Thought prices were not bad but had little left in stock and certainly not in FB sizes! Also asked if there was a discount for TLF, the guy at the counter look confused then looked at a list and said 'only Club Lotus...who ever they are' The Exige and Elise Cup looked a little unloved, they need to tell the cleaners to get their Hoovers in and clean out all the litter that has amassed on the floors of the cars, and of course with so many people getting in and out having their pictures taken the cars interiors are a little worn. Paintwork is shiny but could really do with a good detailing. I asked about this bad boy but guy at the counter thought they might be getting one in a few weeks! After I decided to go visit Danny's new place...... Not a huge amount going on and I guess you have to buy your own coffee now that he has to pay for it himself..or does he?!
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    @thedeadprussian - i guess with a lot of specialist marques and cars there can be an element of "cult" that grows up around them. I think a lot of the comments on here have been quite neutral, with many really questioning whether this particular GT will ACTUALLY be as good as the hype or expectation from a driving and a residual point of view. I guess the reality is that only time will tell on both counts and it may be too early right now to judge. I believe Chris Harris, a seeming avid member of the Porsche club was not exactly singing its praises after he drove it, but granted he did not slate it either. It does seem to me that comparsons between say Porsche and Lotus are seldom unbiased with the Lotus usually being quite hevily picked on for ownership niggles / reliability whereas what have been quite major engineering defects resulting in complete engine failures on the Porsches being totally forgotten / not mentioned. The playing field is not a level one with Porsche seemibg unable to do no wrong and Lotus having its end of term report always asking it to try harder. I think this in part makes the Lotus Cult visibly more vocal as they see the need to speak up to level the field. At the end of the day it is your money and choice. Of course I am sad to see a Lotus owner leave the cult for another, but hopefully as we are in general a friendly bunch you'll be back.
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    Adding some shots from our European tour: Col du Corobin Along road D20 Along Route Napoleon Stelvio Stelvio Passo della Foppa
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    Most here have owned other makes of cars at various points. Over the years more Elise owners went on to own a 911 than any other fast car - hence why Lotus made the Evora. Sadly for Lotus, most Elise owners continued into 911 ownership regardless! For many reasons the GT4 breaks with a number of the 'Motorsport' traditions, and despite the most feeble-minded marketing campaign in living history 'Rebels. Race on.' It is oversubscribed purely based on hype, expectation, assumptions made about the Motorsport division and in particular the current 'GT' car values. It has succeeded inspite of Porsche marketing not because of it. The real driver in the minds of many was summed up very neatly above 'a GT car at a bargain price'. That many will spend nearly £80k on theirs is, as usual, conveniently overlooked. I too have owned many different types of cars, but not a single Porsche. But I have driven many of them. Loving cars in general does not make it obligatory to like the GT4 and I absolutely will not join in with the groundless gushing, especially on a Lotus forum, until I've driven one and it turns out that it really is the new messiah. I hope you'll forgive some support for Lotus cars on here. Lotus are of course still struggling to find their feet after some horrendously difficult years. For those 'serial Porsche owners' that bought an LF1 I salute you all. As you disappear off into the sunset in your GT4s there is at least a chance Lotus will still be around for those of us who prefer their approach to making fast cars, foibles and all. If Porsche is Barcelona, Lotus is Norwich City (and that's being very generous!). Porsche win everything all the time, they have vast resources and vast support, vast sales, even bigger profits. We'll see if their new signing can deliver against the sky high expectations. In the meantime, thanks for cheering, however briefly, for Norwich.
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    Bloody hell, easy when you know how! So I went ovwr to my local garage to get the alternator bench tested, they are ford specialist and great lads to boot. So I hand over the lump and they start a bench test, as it's on the bench on of the guys walks over and says, that looks like an rs3 alternator? He goes off and digs out a crusty old unit that they had laying about. The bench test was inconclusive on my alternator, so I said to the guys can I try that rs3 unit, just as a go, yeah no problem try it but we can't guarantee that it will work. So I bolt it on, down and dirty as a quick test and to my amazement the battery voltage starts climing immediately and the volt gauge jumps tp well over 13.5v! So a shitty old second hand ford rs3 alternator has come to my rescue. It fits with a couple of spacers so I'll be fitting this unit until it dies when I will replace it with another ford unit. Moral of the story don't buy cheap shit off of ebay, you live and learn.
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    Can I be controversial for a moment, regarding the comparison of the 'GTE' and the 400? Looks are subjective, and I certainly agree that the 'GTE' is a good looking car. But it is a stylised car, not, I would argue, an engineered car. Whereas, I think the 400 is a fully engineered and tested replacement for the current model. I fully accept the work that Lotus motorsport did make the 'GTE' cars saleable, but let's not forget they were originally stillborn and could not be made to work. They were a Dany Bahar (bless him) Chinese marketing exercise that didn't come off. In a sense then the 'GTE' (which was never launched - the cars that were originally built as GTEs were sold as GT350's) represented an evolutionary dead-end for the Evora, where as the 400 is the properly planned and thought through evolutionary next step. I therefore, find it strange when they are compared (as if they are stable mates) and questions are asked if the 400 will somehow, one day morph in the 'GTE'. Why would it? The GTE never happened. It couldn't be made to work. Lotus Motorsport took the old cars and reworked them so that some of the original investment could be recovered. The original GTE was a failed marketing exercise (and a pretty one); the GT350 are 20 cars that have been reworked and rebuilt to recover some cash and prevent these lovely looking cars from being scraped; and the 400 is the next generation of Evora platform. The 400 looks may divide in a way that the 'GTE' does not, but the 400 looks the way it does for good, solid, engineering reasons. And isn't that the one thing above all that we, as Lotus enthusiasts, love about Lotus? Otherwise, wouldn't we all be driving more 'fashionable' cars? The 'GTE' look was created by Mansory, a 'fashion house'. All of this is just a personal opinion, of course. And, I am certainly not seeking to annoy those that have bought GT350's, they are fantastic cars and I wish I could have afforded such a rare beauty, but they are not the original GTE, nor can they be comparable (I would argue) to the 400, which is going in an entirely different (fully engineered) direction. Awesome, Sudders
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    I'll be 'slumming it' (too long in the tooth now for that al fresco accommodation malarkey) from Friday through Sunday in the Granby hotel in Gravesend. Anybody else going to be in the area for a libation (or 2)?
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    Well, you've ruined it for me now. I have decided to not believe you and am going to carry on anyway. And any way, this is Lotus we're talking about; so they probably forgot to put the plastic layer-thingy on my seats. I'm going with that. Mark

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