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    Well it was a long day yesterday. Up at 06:00am for the train to Northwich via Edinburgh and Manchester, picked up by Simon from Oakmere at the station and introduced to my new toy. I was on the road by 2:00pm for the trip back to Scotland. The M6 was a bit of a nightmare, lots of hold ups due to volume of traffic and roadworks, well it was a Friday but once I was on the A7 through the borders towards Edinburgh the fun began. I had forgotten how good the Evora was at soaking up the lumps and bumps on poor road surfaces, and the cornering, especially with the wider track is phenomenal. Overtaking on short stretches of the A7 was effortless and the whine from the supercharger combined with the exhaust note is music to my ears. Glad to be back in an Evora. http://
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    I agree. I'd liked to have seen some of the GTE splitter in the 400. Not that it counts for anything but here's my Photoshop impression of what it could have looked like:
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    Just wanted to say hi, I have been reading this forum since Monday night after seeing the silver evora on piston heads for sale at westover sports cars. I brought it without looking, sitting or driving one and picked it up yeasterday. Chris is the best sales man I have brought a car off in the way that he is relaxed and just genuinely help fun and made me feel at home with the car during hand over. I have done 400 miles in it now and it's better to drive than I could of imagined wow......... Just need to get it run in and it's first service done Rob
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    Laurie, I've got 2 more or less the same. If you need any help with b......t justification let me know!!!!!
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    Hi Jim, I plan to do maybe 3 track days a year, 4 at the most. I would like to have my cake and eat it as they say, is it possible to make me a system that has a straight through valve for hooligan days with the roof off but one I can shut for the couple of track days or would it be getting to hot on track with the valve shut. Here is hoping you can as I am really interested in one of your systems for my V6, I have had one of your exhausts in the past and was really happy with it. Regards Tom.
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    The cable only reaches the back carb. There should then be a metal rod that connects the two.
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    Very nice, love the flabby bingo wings over the rear wheels - Hope she brings you many many miles of smiles and fun, A lovely car.
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    You can't keep a good man down, can you....(!)
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    Brian, lovely car. I was waiting for my Lotto numbers to come up Some more photos of your car....
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    That'll be because Sweden is more 'green' than the U.K.
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    Silver is one of the nicest colours for the Esprit. Once the repairs have been done on the chassis I'll post up some pics.
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    Cambelt change done. And it really wasn't that tricky. Took a while but better to get it right first time. Although the one goof I did make was - after torquing up the V pulley - discovering that there was then no way to get the A/C belt on without removing it again. Which I guess forces the question as to whether I refit the A/C at all. I am keen to keep the car as original as possible. Any thoughts..? The one nightmare job was the tensioner. I'd bought a fully reconditioned unit from LotusBits and they supply them with the adjusting screw loose - I suppose to preserve the spring. Trying to get that bugger in there against the spring and then get it threaded (and not cross threaded which was its default preference) is a challenge. And I still don't think I've got it straight. Anyone got any brilliant advice? Fuel tank also removed, I'll be giving that a thorough clean and then checking for leaks. It seems intact but there's a lot of rust which could be hiding all sorts. Here's a great link for how to clean the tank: I used this method on a vintage moped and the results were remarkable. And while the tank's out I'll replace all the fuel lines. A constructive weekend so far. And I'm sure the family aren't really missing me...
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    It's a nice unit, even still had the clip to retain the alternator wire plug, and the best thing about it, is the pins are around the other way so my plugs fits without pulling on the wires, win all round. The pully is identical, its almost a direct fit, it would have bolted straight in if I had a straight bracket off the engine block, but mine has a slight dogleg hence the 3 washers. I've just been out for a run and we can safely say my battery is now very healthy, strong 13.8 all the eay. On a detailing note just finished my doorcards, looks a touch classier now, I'm loving the faux wood effect and soft canvas combo, have a look, see what you think.
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    = not had a floorcloth wiped over it for the past 20 years = don't expect it to be anywhere near as nice as the price suggests = you could use it at the dodgems and it wouldn't look any worse etc.
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    ever seen a motorbike will here watch robbie maddison in his latest vodeo
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    Word of advice for all brave souls trying to do this right. It is much easier to do it in the following order: Install only the "inboard" fitting into the plate, install the sandwich plate,(tighten the collar with the brute force). Next, connect the inboard hose end to the fitting using 1-1/8" crowfoot wrench. THEN, install the outboard fitting into the sandwich plate and the outboard hose end to the fitting. Use Loctite on all threads. Removal of the OE plate is much easier if you follow above instructions, but in reverse order. Start from removing outboard hose end , then outboard fitting (28mm socket). This will allow you a convenient access to the inboard hose and fitting. Use 1/2" extensions, 21" flex ratchet and couple of oak 1.5"x1.5" sticks as a levers/crowbars. Lotus used some kind of a Gorilla thread-locker on those threads and fittings. Access is much easier if you disconnect and remove pivoting shifter arm located below.
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    Happy New Year All, I was having problems with A14 fuse blowing,interior lights, horn, headlight flash and clock. First step was to find out which of the above was culprit, So drivers window open doors shut new fuse in place,horn ok flash ok opened drivers door and the fuse went. Tracked it to bad earth connector on door light which was very badly rusted,new fm spade connector and clean also checked passenger door but ok. All above working ok now

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