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    A very dirty Dexter went for a few days up in the Highlands and couldn't resist a trip on the Kinlochewe to Shieldaig road - nor of course the amazing Bealach na Ba mountain pass
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    More complicated than I thought it would be, needed some rewiring work to connect horn and disable airbag warning light. Glad I got Ollie to do it at Phoenix - still took him a few hours. looks and feels better though - slightly smaller wheel at 280mm. This is the same as fitted to Cup cars from the factory. Very pleased with it all.
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    I have been asked by Roger to offer a few of his personal bits and pieces that were collected over his 44 year career with Lotus Cars, latterly, of course as Director of Vehicle Engineering. The first, a jacket, is listed on eBay, here.. This will be the first of several items that will be listed over the next month or two. Feel free to bid away!
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    Nope. Had intended to go over there today but been busy ripping floors up. Did take the car out for a bit but as yet remain 'unspotted'.
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    Yep, IPS with red interior. I believe it was a Lotus engineering owned car so the new owner will be the 2nd owner on log book.
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    Epic setting, haven't been there in a long time.
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    Thanks for all the feedback, I'm working with Bibs on the mag and we'll take lots on board, and ignore some of it too The reality is that whatever we show you before the actual mag is completed is for us to gain interest from industry/contributors/clubs and, of course, Lotus Cars themselves. The magazine could look completely different by the time we release the first one. The key element for us to learn from is what you guys want too, what would you read, why would you subscribe and how does the addition of a magazine fit for you within The Lotus Forums as our aim isn't just to regurgitate what is on here and done so well by Bibs.
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    I think it's good that it's on at that price, why not. Compare it to prices of similar cars from that era at the moment (308 GTB fibre glass and 911SC), they're all going up.
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    Just picked up this vintage LED watch. Looks like it would suit the driver of an S1 Esprit! It's a 1974 Swiss made Lanco Model 3001.
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    Hi Dave I too have a bright yellow éclat that suffered the same issue mine turned out to be the ignition switch breaking down.Replaced it and no issues since Regards Alec
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    It's a long drive from here to Worcester.
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    What he said ^^^^^ SD card update works fine on the 920r, just make sure you do the application update first as per here
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    I think there should be a series where you can run what you like. No restrictions on power, boost, weight or CC. There would have to be a point where power to weight was best. Be fun to see the different machines and designs to see what came through. Buddsy
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    SD card works on Alpine 920r unit. I used that method without problems.
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    Screaming out for red brake calipers in my opinion, but that green......
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    Got some tyres on order. They're nothing special but will most likely be much better than these ones as they are now. And I'm happy to report the Eclat is all but back together now, and ready for MOT and registration with a target of the end of Feb/start of March. There are still a couple of things I'd like to do (replace gearbox & diff oil when I replace the reverse light switch, and change the gearstick for a short shifter which will also get rid of the play I've got in the current one). They are things that don't have to be done but hopefully will be before Spring. There's light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully a year of fun drives ahead
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    There were two types of GTE seats. The ones you talk about JAWS, are the fixed carbon shell seats, and you are correct, the cars that had them in originally never got them as they were not suitable for any type of road or track use (office furniture only). Then ones being advertised above were the other type with the GTE logo on them. They are basically the std fit recaro seat they put in the evora but they have been re-trimmed to look like the full carbon ones. That's of course if the pair of seats you are buying is the same as what is shown in the picture... Providing they are as advertised, they will be safe to be used i'd have thought.
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    Here is some pics of my 1978 éclat I bought earlier this year I'm just about to start changing all suspension bushes
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    Sister car to Rick's, one of only 4 Altair Green Elites produced as confirmed by Andy Graham.
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    Took the Riviera for a spin today, couldn't resist snapping a couple of pics up at Ally Pally. Running like a dream, and pulling like a train! And perfect weather to lift the roof out... I am going to sell it though, the S2 Elite has caught my imagination now so if anyone's interested...
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    Hi all, here's My 79 Eclat S1 , was on the old forum a few years ago. It's stood for 8 years in my old damp garage so it needs a bit of TLC. (TLC probably meaning new galvanised chassis)
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    Bit late but a nice Eclat Riviera from Duns last weekend.
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    Was out and about yesterday, roads are still really filthy at the moment so car is a bit grimy, shows it's used though.
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    my 1981 eclat 2.2 shot by
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    Here are some photos of a very nice Elite from last year's Club Lotus Goodwood track day. Chris

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