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    1xJPS Europa, 2x Evora, 3xEsprit, 1xM100 = 7. Drove through floods 18" deep to get there too. Good job I didn't stay home to watch England, even the 'highlights' were boring!
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    Can't comment on the 981, but my 987 felt as nimble as a fat bird after a day's free grazing in Greggs, compared to the Exige.
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    I was there to witness what happened to Toyota after the most cruel finish in Le Mans history. I did my best to console some of the Toyota team that I met but they were devastated. I know it's only motor racing but the hurt was very real. Just in case some of you don't already know Toyota have poured millions into attempts to win Le Mans since 1985 and have never won it despite fielding several very competitive cars. As before they were ferocious competitors again in 2016 and their efforts made this year one for the ages. It was genuinely the most thrilling 24 hour race I have ever seen. The number 5 car battled through the night to achieve a hard fought lead of only about 30 seconds which increased when Porsche had to pit after a puncture with just 15 minutes to go. With a lap in hand all they had to do was complete one more lap to see their first, hugely deserved victory home. With just 3 minutes to go and just when the team started to believe that this, finally, was their year - the impossible happened. I'd really like Toyota to know how much fans value their participation in all forms of motorsport. As many of you will know there is a long standing connection between Lotus and Toyota and as Mike Kimberley will tell you, Toyota were a fantastic and very supportive partner for Lotus, saving the company on a number of occasions. I made this short film as a token of my support and hope that many of you here will join me in sending their Facebook page 'likes' through the roof. It is literally the very least they deserve.
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    Ill just leave this here! Start sharing on Face book. Buddsy
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    Hello Jamie. One of the reasons i bought my evora two years ago is that it wont' depreciate, but yes as others have said they don't seem to do well privately. Especially not if they are bogging yellow :P Of course the main "issue" is that once you have one it's difficult to imagine selling so you never really benefit from the non existent depreciation
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    Just make sure if you do vote to leave that you take a black pen with you and don't use the pencil they provide!!
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    Initially, I was drafting this as a quick post in response to a few warm welcomes under my first topic on this forum. However, very quickly developed into more detail and felt this post deserves it's own topic as some may find my babbling amateur review vaguely interesting lol. For those of you that don't know, I collected my first Lotus on Friday (Exige Roadster) managed to drive out in-between rain showers over the weekend and the opportunity to drive my brothers new 981 Boxster Spyder back to back against Exige Roadster. Notably, the Spyder's quality is far greater as expected. This particular one specced with carbon ceramics, 918 carbon bucket seats, BOSE hifi, carbon dash trim with yellow stitching and you certainly feel like your driving something special. Excellent short throw, notchy gearbox and the auto blip feature when in Sport Plus is a lot of fun... adds a bit of digital tech to the old fashioned manual driving coupled with the exhaust crackles which is guaranteed laughter. Very well balanced with a surprisingly hard suspension but overall quality and that 'expensive' feeling is overwhelming in comparison to the Exige Roadster. List price is closer than I thought: List price plus options: Spyder = £60,459 Exige = £52,900 Granted the Spyder I drove was more £75k with the options fitted however that aside, it's a good package standard at only £7,559 more than the Exige Roadster. Exige Roadster feels more responsive and initial pick up alert. I think the rather long gearing in the Spyder may dull the speed compared to the near instant pick up on the Exige which feels noticeably faster in the lower rev band. Exige immediately makes you aware of every bump and camber change so you know exactly whats going on which is confidence inspiring for sure. Exige is back to basic's and that fantastic V6 engine which produces serious power with the advantage of being in a small nimble body, makes the thrill of speed more exhilarating in the Exige than that of the Spyder. Power & Weight: Spyder = 370bhp / 1315kg Exige = 345bhp / 1166kg 0 to 62 & Top Speed: Spyder = 4.5 / 180mph Exige = 3.8 / 145mph Summarising, my thoughts are first impressions and used market has been crazy for limited production Porsche's with the Spyder's value near £90k now so its not exactly in the same price bracket anymore! However, it's interesting nonetheless comparing the two when you look at the stats they tread in very similar territorial but offer very different experiences for a driver. Cheers, Jonny
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    Also managed to average about 30mpg over the whole trip, which considering the roads in the Alps, the speeds through Germany and the traffic jams at the Eurotunnel, I thought was brilliant. Love this photo ?
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    This is what happens when you give dumb people the right to vote. When I become the PM the first I am going to do is to change the law so only me and Barry get to vote. It's a form of proportional representation and will ensure that no more dumb people will mess it up. Simples.
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    Last week COTA saw to Evora GT4/C compete in the GTS class of the Pirelli World Challenge the two cars are entered by privateers VSA motorsport and SDR motorsport VSA motorsport which is also involved with the Lotus Cup USA has signed up to race all seasons while SDR motorsport if for now a "?" But the crew was wearing Lotus Racing gear head to tow and as you can see the car was branded Lotus Racing. SDR finished on the podium in the GTS category with the move of the day and the car was competitve all week end. Pretty good for the Evora GT4, you will notice that both cars do have the flared wheel arches of the GTC/GX spec but the black car has a different wing and the side mirrors of the GTE car while the green car retains the regular mirrors. It would be cool to see Lotus provide willing racing teams with a more up to date Evora 460 GT4 using the improved chasing and the 3 Eleven race engine spec. It would be strong enough to destroy the GT4 field and hunt some GT3s. The Evora will once again compete in both SRO GT4 FIA with Cor Euser and possibly PB racing this year. Cor Euser will also race one Evora in the Creventic 12h series.
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    Hello all, Took delivery today of a 2014 Evora S Sports Racer. Previous owner on here. Have run a 6.2l Vauxhall (actually Holden Special Vehicles) VXR8 for the last 5 yrs. It was a fantastic all-rounder, and brimming with character, but it couldn't be as dynamically focussed as an Evora. one of my regular driving buddies had a 2010 Evora non-S which impressed enormously, and now has an S3 Exige which totally blew me away, will get up to the highlands with him shortly - along with another driving buddy who has just added a 2-11 to his already amazing garage. evora is simply epic. Steering feel. Direction changes. Ride. Grip. Punch. Brakes. Wow. And to top it all off - it looks stunning!
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    Just over a day to go until the front lawn of Goodwood House is opened to the public once more for this always popular event. No official factory presence from Lotus this time, but dealer support from Bell and Colvill and a plethora of historic Lotus racers will mean our favourite Hethel marque will still be well represented. As usual, the Goodwood website is a disjointed affair, but details can be found here and also here. Thursday is looking like it might be a waterproofs and wellies day, but fingers crossed for the rest of the weekend. If you can't make it there in person then, starting from 8:30AM Thursday 23rd, the event is being streamed and broadcast via YouTube just for you.
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    Mr. Paul Coleman and Tony K. Cheers guys. Be good.
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    I've got the template diagrams they use, will seek them out tomorrow and PM them to you. I picked which parts of the car to cover from the templates.
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    I found the thing I was looking for to lift my 400's interior. I am a very happy man. More to come on the story behind this, of course.
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    Sounds like your driving it just right @C8RKH any more and I'm sure you are stuck driving behind a caravan
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    Hi Brian. The factory are pushing to get mine built in time for my event, where we hope to have it on display at the MMC stand... Standard 400 is definitely slower than my Komotec Evora (which is still for sale!) - but I expect that the lower weight and more focussed approach of the 410 will make it the better overall car. Stand by for an update later in the year - hopefully Ian P will post up pics when it's ready - I'm collecting from Hethel (with some track time).
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    Well it's only taken about 9 months and the damn things aren't even finished yet but they look like what they are designed for. It's a start I suppose. Now need to have the bottom edge fettled and then drilled and tapped.. then the deck lid needs prepping and then... they get attached. Not much work or waiting then
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    No 410 has been delivered anywhere, yet. A recent post implied that the production spec is still yet to be even finalised. I think Anthony has just listed the spec of the car that he has on order.
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    Button is scheduled for Saturday, driving the new NSX. Hamilton will also be there Saturday, with teammate Rosberg doing duties on the Sunday. They will both be driving the 2014 Mercedes F1 W05 car.
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    Nearly 2k miles completed on the trip (29k miles in total) and loving the Evora more than ever. It just does everything so well. A special mention needs to be made about the brakes, even though the other cars I was with were able to keep up the majority of the time when we were on the down hill sections of passes, one by one they fell behind due to brake fade and I'd be waiting at the bottom for them with no issue at all and they with smoking discs. At one point we thought my dad's SL was on fire, the brakes were smoking so much! Really enjoyed the Stelvio - headed there early missing the traffic fortunately, apart from meeting up with about 20 Ferrari's at the top. The route just before and after the actual Stelvio being the most enjoyable driving wise. The best pass for sheer driving pleasure we came across was the Hahtennjoch Pass in Austria which was fantastic. Also managed to do a lot of autobahn driving and touch 160mph which is the highest I've done in it - no rattles, squeaks or untoward wind noise and totally stable. Although it was over shadowed by the Elise and diesel BMW's coming passed at those speeds! Managed to pop to the competition's HQ in Stuttgart and watch Le Mans on the big screen. It's an impressive place and well worth a visit especially while in a Lotus as it gets a lot of attention. Down sides of the trip were the hold ups at the Eurotunnel and my mate's brand new BMW 435d got a bashed bumper at some point, hotel car park we think. Roll on the next trip!
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    Been on ebay for an hour and already the daft messages have begun, I can honestly say I hate selling cars.
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    Pop over with your multimeter and some electric rope then Barry, I'm confident you'll have us up and running in a day or two
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    Liked and 'sad' face applied. Nice vid, must have been worse than the worst nightmare for the team. Does sound like Le Mans is getting better though without just Audi making a mockery of the race.
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    Our maintenance man at work was telling me about his days in the Scottish oil industry when he had a fair bit of disposable for toy cars. He mentioned he had a Europa in the 70s and brought some pics in. Does anyone here know who has it currently? DVLA says it came off the road in August 2008 and would have been a bona fide classic by then, so hopefully it's just waiting in the wings. He says the first pic was a friend on his parent's caravan site demonstrating how easy it is to get into a Europa.
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    Today after a long long gap of Lotus-lessness my Elite S2 is nearly , so nearly ready to roar again ! See Elite thread for details...
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    That's it, no matter how nice you are, from now on i'm not going to like you! Unless you smuggle some muffins out.
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    But there are plenty of companies out there like Oracle Finance who will privately finance a car at £30k+ at the same rates as a dealer will offer. I think it is just people are conditioned to buy from a dealer. If I decide to sell my 2010 NA my first port of call will be a private conversation with Craig Moncrieff as he always has customers looking for cars. After that, I'd probably go to the classifieds here and MMC for a sale or return type of deal. But then after an early evening drive over the glens last night to Pitlochry I cannot see the prospect of a sale any time soon, even for a swap to a 400. Not sure what extra speed the 400 would deliver on real twisty roads even to my NA, and for the £40k price difference I could buy a fully restored and ready to go Elan Sprint convertible from 1967 as a second car or a very good "G" turbo esprit for even less depareciation in the future and probably appreciation!!! Hmmm, heaven....
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    And the Media Centre, there are free chocolate muffins
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    WTF - so someone who spends 80%+ of his time outside of the UK is telling us what to do. Jeez, surprised Sturgeon and the SNP haven't reeled out that old tax dodger and well know Scottish resident Sir Shhhhhhhhaun Shhicanery to tell us all how well off we will be to remain, while he leaves to his tax haven and warm beeches.... Anyone see the news that the EU parliament is applying for a seat on the United Nations (clue in the name) Security Council - mark my words, if we stay, in 20 years the UK will be like Florida, or Texas in the US - just another state in a larger Federal Entity. The EU is so sinister in how it is run and it operates that I am starting to wonder if it could have been the inspiration for Ian Flemings "Spectre" - but then I think Spectre may have come first, so maybe that is what the EU is modelling itself on! BREXIT for the win!
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    My Farm has just had a referemdum - WE (that is I as I have decided I am the only eligible voter) have decided to declare our independence from the UK. As a newly created poverty ridden state (the bloody bureaucrats have pinched all the money - that is me by the way) we plan to join the EU for all the money we can get in grants - We have a new science and academic community that needs lots of grants - that would be me in my garden shed and a farming industry that is definitely need some grants - that would also be me but in my tractor this time. We will also create a federation of farming states with @Barrykearley Once WE have had all the grants - oh and I will also be our MEP - we will have another referendum and we will vote leave, declare ourselves as a failed state, sell the state to Germany and move back to the UK. Seems like a plan! I don't see this as any more farcical than some of the claims being made by some of our politicians at the moment
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    There are lies, damned lies, the stay campaign and then the BBC. Awesome!
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    That was for the cars,but shooting into the setting sun ... this one for the sunset ...
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    Tell her if that was the case, they'd be wearing a balaclava
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    Not sure what is standard, but my hatch only jumps up enough to clear the latches. Then I have to manually lift it to the almost fully up position (where it locks). If the car is on jacks, it doesn't always want to open because of body flexing.
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    Let's be absolutely clear. most of the remain campaign is utter bull and fear. The leave campaign is stating the obvious that most people in the pub are worried about. The remain campaign paint this as fear and zenophobia. be under no illusion turkey will be a full blown member very soon indeed. Probably within 3 years. Dave Cameron needs to hang his head in shame saying it's going to take them ages to get into the club. The eu has been rapidly expanding over its lifetime. And completely contrary to what was signed and agreed with Russia after ww2 regarding the boarders of Europe. Any of these high wealth toff and corrupt pigs with their noses in the euro trough - thanks but no thanks - turn the light off on the way out. if Blair recommends remain - that and that alone should be enough for the whole country to vote leave......twice I don't car how long it takes to sort out if brexit occurs. They've had a good 40odd year trying to sort out Europe - and it's an utter shambles........outs best
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    I bought S75 LCF back in 2001. Would love first dibs if she was ever for sale.
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    @Neal H, you are sooooo right. I've had this car since 2008 and still love the 2-Eleven…..what a blast to drive!
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    Great collection of cars out here tonight. 6 I think in total. Weather was a bit patchy but nice later on. @clivef38 Hope you couldnt make it rather than broken down some where. Buddsy
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    I'm getting the same now mate but it was a stevens hi wing ex press car 60k on the clock sold for £21,780
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    They're ramping up federal production at the moment I believe.
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    As it's officially road trip season, I have headed to the Alps again. Currently in Bormio, having come from Lake Konstanz through Klosters, Fluelapass, Berninapass and Livigno (bloody cheap fuel, booze and cigs!) yesterday. Heading on to the Stelvio this morning and more driving ahead. There's 16 of us in 8 cars which makes it bloody hard to stick together!! A few hiccups on the way; a mate's Elise battery gave up on him while in the passport queue at Eurotunnel (which was mental busy due to Le Mans and England game) so he had to delay his departure for a couple of hours to sort that. My passenger accidentally knocked my glove box at a Peage which snapped the damper string and I nearly got run off the road by an Italian in a Yaris. All good fun though! And just to prove that my car does get dirty....
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    I took the other half to get her hair done the other day, but rather than sit around listening to a bunch of lady talk, I decided to wait in the car in a nearby supermarket car park. Never have I been pointed at so much, well, the car I suppose. It was bad enough, but then the nearby high school let out for lunch and I ended up with about 30 gawping teenage boys around the car taking pics and videos. So I decided to go fuel up rather than answer any more questions or eagle eye any more sticky fingers. I pull out the car park and my window is down, traffic in both directions STOP to let me out, ONLY in a Lotus. A few of the kids shout to me to let the revs rip as they take their vids, and to be honest even I nearly crap myself with how loud it is with the window down! So I take off down the road to cheers from the teenage throng. Funny thing is, I probably was the biggest kid there!
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    anthonyyule - 410 Sport - Sky Blue, Aircon, Auto
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    Other half said to me this morning, "fancy going for a quick drive?", so we did, and ended up about 130 miles away in Fort William. I had forgotten how much fun that road is once you get off the A9........
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    Met up with my brother today for a sunny day blast
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    I've got a set from Lotus Motorsport which I've fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 225/40-R18 (front) and 265/35-R18 (rear). I also looked at the Avon ZZR but couldn't get a good deal on them. The Michelin tires works great on track. Main reason to buy the rims from Lotus Motorsport was to make sure I got the correct offset etc.
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    She's getting there. Wish I could find some v8 fender flares
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