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    Our vacation trip this year took us over 13 Alpine passes in the Evora GTE #11. A trip of about 4.000 Km handled without issues (except a wet boot) and of amazing drives including (despite the weather at the start): Hahntennjoch (Austria) - closed at the top Timmelsjoch (Austria) - in fog Stelvio (Italy) - rain Umbrail (Switzerland) - snow Ofenpass (Switzerland) - fair Albula (Switzerland) - fair San Bernardino (Switzerland) - rain Lago di Iseo (Italy) - Christo's "Floating Piers" Nufenen (Switzerland) - sunny! Furka (Switzerland) - sunny Sustenen (Switzerland) - sunny and hot Grimsel (Switzerland) - sunny and hot Gotthard (Switzerland) - sunny, unfortunately not the "old road" Klausen (Switzerland) - sunny and hot We made videos on each pass, which I'll be posting also. The Alpine passes #1: Hahntennjoch The Alpine passes #2: Timmelsjoch The Alpine passes #3: Stelvio
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    It shouldn't be Cameron resigning, rather it should be Jean-Claude Juncker for his dismal failure to see the wood for the trees.
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    I've long believed Western Democracy is a sham, partly because of the types of campaigns that I mentioned where the electorate is bombed with one-sided propaganda in order to make the "right decision" according to the kleptocrats, but also because the outcomes are always the same regardless of party. There is no "Change You Can Believe In". I've observed this to be the same in most "democratic" countries. My own personal beliefs aside, I'm in total agreement with what you say - but it's also the single greatest reason I think there WILL be a second referendum. Brussels will be shitting bricks in the coming days; nobody wants to rock the boat, everyone stands to lose, including the UK, considering the imminent dissolution of it if Scotland should secede. I think the outcome of the 1st referendum will indeed force Brussels to make concessions to member states and respect individual wishes, the UK included. Which I suppose is a greater victory than merely the withdrawal of the UK from the Union, no? In a sense everyone stands to win - the UK thwarts it's own self-destruction, gains concessions from the EU - as do other EU member states who have the political firepower to make the same threat of leaving.
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    You know it's funny but the posts above suggest that democracy only works when the "right" decision is achieved. I really do hope that is not the case. I'm with Barry in that I do not see the UK Government calling a 2nd referendum to make sure the decision of the first referendum was right. Now, if as I suspect, as a result of this shock, the national Governments of the EU member states have been woken and shaken, we may well be on the verge of a radical strategic shift in the thinking behind the EU, and the move to ever closer political union and the creation of an EU superstate may be slowed, or even dropped, in favour of closer union through trade. Now in my humble opinion, if that was to happen, that would be a material change and justification for putting the question back to the citizens of the UK. But to be clear, the fact the result was close or not the "right" answer is not sufficient justification. Everyone is looking at the UK and proclaiming doom and gloom, but the EU in its current guise is steering right into the flow of icebergs. I think we all need to sit tight, observe, and see what is going to happen.
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    And to be honest. I don't think it is appropriate to question some ones asking price in public in his own topic. This can be done in a private negotiation if interested. Bij questioning the asking price, fairly or unfairly, it might compromise the sellers chances at a good price, or it may even withhold people of doing an offer. The asking price may be high for someone bidding with the viewpoint on reselling the car with profite, but not for a collector. Love the car, I prefer the black ones with golden decals
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    Evans definitively has to go. With Matt Le Blanc the show does have its potential. Not in the way of the "old" Topgear, but as a new format. I also agree on sacking Sabine, who is a great driver, but does not have TV personality. I thought Eddie was entertaining, given the role the script had dictated. Rory Reid is good and everything possible has already been said about Harris (that head meter bringing a ne level of stupidity - though it might have worked for Clarkson, Hammond or May).. Also, am I the only one who thinks they are being overly positive on ALL car tests?
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    The fact that the "EU" money is our money handed back to us minus a significant percentage seems to be lost on many. It's long winded and expensive way for the UK to pay the UK. The EU has "given" the UK nothing. Not one single penny net.
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    Got to say I'm actually starting to find Matt Le Blanc quite funny - that man really does know how to use the lines he's given on a script and some of his facial expressions combined with timing add something my view anyway. Evans on the other hand needs to feck off back to the radio.......he's so bloody irritating as is Chris Harris's over excitability.....I thought he was having a fit when he was doing his bit tonight, he was flinching about that much!!! He does know his car stuff but please settle down a bit. It's getting better but no matter how good it gets it would be better if Evans wasn't there - oh and has he only got one jumper & t-shirt??!! Finally please don't bring back Sabine and Eddie - they add nothing.......absolutely nothing other than irritation!! Edit : just been reading about Top Gear elsewhere after catching the headline about Le Blanc saying either Evans goes or he does.......sounds fair enough to me! However one of the replacements suggested was James Martin - not a bad shout that, not a bad shout at all........I reckon he could make that work
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    What I find shocking are all the streams of vitriol and personal insults by the Remain camp on social media, directed at those who, like them, simply exercised their right to vote. Plus, as has already been mentioned, those that accuse the leave voters of being intellectually sub-normal. Stop acting like spolit kids, this is what's called democracy.
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    So.. after many years of seeing LOTUS cars, a few years of driving them, exiges mostly over the last few years, I finally own one! Picked up yesterday from Hofmann's ( great place, loads of interesting cars being worked on and prepared) , so thanks to @[email protected] and the team there. Took the long way home and love the car.. can't wait to do some longer trips and trackdays. Here's a couple of pics.. my son took some video but am away for a few weeks so that will have to wait. PS I think my absolute favourite thing about the car is the single wiper
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    I am very reluctantly selling my V8 GT after over 11 years of ownership. Finished in Titanium metallic with black interior and red leather seats including genuine Lotus red over mats. It has full service history (Lotus main dealer and specialist) and serviced every year 16 stamps. Thousands spent recently and during ownership including recent engine removal a manifold studs replaced, cambelts and all bearings replaced with all oil and water pipes to turbo. Full engine rebuild by Lotus Factory at 21K to resolve liner problem including new block and crank costing £10500 (receipts to prove). 12 months MOT (June 2017) Private plate (V8GTK) not part of sale (sold separately) Full 2002 conversion include:- OZ Nova alloys with matching Dunlop SP9000 tyres with excellent tread worth £4K these days 2002 front spoiler lip 2002 rear round light conversion 2002 centre exit valance 2002 genuine centre exit exhaust with receipts High Lever rear wing (not standard on GT) Other extras include:- Hi-Spec Monster 6 front brake kit comprising 323mm drilled discs with alloy bells and 6 pot red calipers. Big brake rear conversion comprising 321mm drilled discs and alloy bells using standard Brembo caliper 200 Cell Stainless Steel Sports Cats Forge alloy wastegate actuators Forge twin piston dump valves Genuine Lotus S350 carbon fibre centre console Genuine Lotus S350 carbon fibre gear shift surround Genuine Lotus 25th anniversary stainless steel sill plates S350 stainless steel dash surround bespoke alloy heater and dash covers Clear front and side light conversion Service History:- 1252 04/01/2000 White Dove Garages (main dealer) 2903 06/10/2000 White Dove Garages (main dealer) 7463 24/08/2001 JCT600 Leeds (main dealer) 18312 28/06/2002 Wilsons Essex (main dealer) 21439 29/10/2003 Lotus Factory 23696 17/06/2004 Nick Whale Sports Cars (main dealer) 28198 25/08/2005 PNM Engineering 29058 05/09/2006 PNM Engineering 31281 02/10/2007 PNM Engineering 32800 01/08/2008 PNM Engineering (Cambelt change) 33985 29/12/2009 PNM Engineering 34753 26/11/2010 North West Lotus 35695 26/01/2012 North West Lotus 36285 19/01/2013 North West Lotus 36666 22/02/2014 North West Lotus 37080 19/11/2015 PNM Engineering (Cambelt change and major overhaul) The last service consisted of engine removal, all manifold studs replaced on both sides, new reconditioned left had turbo and housing. All turbo water and oil pipes replaced with PNM stainless steel braided hoses. Cambelts replaced with new idlers and tensioner bearings, new gearbox mounts, new rear springs. During ownership I’ve replaced:- New radiator with PNM triple core New clutch by PNM Engineering This year I’ve replaced spark plugs, fuel filter, coil packs, vacuum hoses. New alternator June 2016 Overall the exterior is in excellent condition, there are stone chips and small marks but generally very presentable. I am being over critical here and people do tell me it’s the best example they’ve seen but I am just being honest. The alloys are in excellent condition and any kerbing in the past have always been repaired straight away. They have no kerbing at present but one or two minor marks which are hardly noticeable (again being very critical). Interior is immaculate and hardly any wear to driver’s seat. Passenger seat is hardly used. Carpets are perfect and have always been protected with over mats. Side sill carpets also perfect. The engine bay is very clean and plenum cover which are still original in excellent condition. Boot area is near perfect as too are the carpets. Front boot area in excellent condition as too is the carpet (no spare wheel on a GT). Headlights are still original in very good condition Click to view item
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    See page 4 of the 3-11 Picture and Video thread for my effort. (I would link it but am rubbish with technology!)
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    Personally I'd pay the extra for a Supercharged, read up on the specs & options - sport, supersport, touring, super touring so you know the differences and what matters to you. And if you are looking at future value/resale, worth knowing what the most desirable specs and colours are. Been some good advice already on what to look for, I'd add that in my experience its challenging given how limited the pool is to find an everything you want in terms of spec, mileage, history, colour etc so there will probably be some compromise in there somewhere..
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    @geert is correct in every respect, except white with gold decals are much more preferable
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    I certainly hope the payment can be made via either Credit card or PayPal transfer. Thank you for the information, Mark! However, I double checked and my Credit Union will not actually perform Bank Transfers to the UK (or anywhere outside the continental United States). I learned that early on when I bought the car and wanted to do a bank transfer, but thought maaaaaaybe they'd changed the rule in the past few years....! Eeeew! @Neverweaken: an Esprit and a Delorean! Wow! Now, that's a cool pair of cars! And now the GBP to dollar ratio is at a low not seen since Deep Purple came out with Perfect Strangers
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    I am sure that once we have renegotiated and left, and therefore are no longer still giving the money to the EU, then we can redistribute it how we like. The fact is that many of the crying whingers from Lands End to John O Groats have failed to realise that we are still having to send the money to the EU. It's ok though as the EU are still sending what they promised back, minus of course their usual top slice. I despair sometimes when listening to small minded local politicians, which is I suppose is better than my despairing ALL the time listening to our small minded national politicians.
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    Isn't that the shaft body in the picture? I see a roll pin which might keep all the pieces of the shaft together. I resisted the change to electric for many years, but then my pump vanes seemed to be breaking down every 6 months. I've never looked back (after changing to electric). Pursuing originality will drive you nuts.
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    According to the News here in Australia, everyone is asking for another referendum to make sure the first referendum was right.
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    Interesting article about a possible way forward
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    Thought I would share the love by posting this video of my drive this morning. - Initially couldn't get it started, think it was a fuel pump issue, anyway I managed to fix it and took it for a lovely drive in the sun!
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    That just means you have a real lotus and not a fake one!
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    The rain is still hanging around, but I managed to get out today during a dry spell and got a few shots on my phone.
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    Just to let all TLF members who may be in the Oxford area that I managed (somehow!) to get an entry to the Salon Privee event at Blenheim Palace next Sunday 3rd July from 9am with my Gold S2 if anyone wants to pop along
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    Confirmed that a fuel tank balance pipe holds enough to soak your shoes, socks, lower half of your boiler suit and most of the garage floor. This while you're laying under the car hoping to Christ the bloke across the road doesn't wander in with a lit fag in his gob.
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    Just added myself, will send Alunox email. As with the others, the euro to £ rate is good for us at the moment so looking to pay asap, cheers
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    Adjustment to list to change my order to Giugiaro "full system" instead of manifold only - will email Anita as requested. Thanks again Mark - very excited now!!!! 1) @rocket63 - Stevens S4 1995 Manifold - UK 2) @jcslocum (1984 G-Car just manifold) 3) @pmlee (Stevens SE, just manifold) - UK 4) @x180r19 (Stevens SE, just manifold) - CO, USA 5) @lewtus (Stevens SE, just manifold) style. (4 & 5) can ship together to CO, USA) 6) @Htown (Stevens SE, manifold only) Combine shipping with #4 & #5? - CO, USA 7) @greentengu G-car, just the manifold kit - PA, USA 8) @Bloodnok 1986 Turbo HCI Giugiaro - Manifold only. - UT, USA 9) @chris Stevens 1988 carb turbo - UK 10) @gfallon 1983 g-car manifold kit - MI, USA 11) @NR2k- 1984 G car full system, no cat, standard turbo flange - UK 12) @andmac - Stevens Manifold - UK 13) @Saturn Silver - Stevens GT3 manifold - Sweden 14) @Teava12 - Stevens manifold - French Polynesia 15) @stephenwhyte - G-car FULL SYSTEM - UK 16) @NigelM- G-car manifold + exhaust - UK 17) @CarSalesman - Stevens manifold - PA, USA 18) @DrieStone - G-car manifold + catless exhaust- CT, USA 19) @Mrbmist - Stevens manifold - MD, USA 20) @faykfox - Stevens manifold - NV, USA. 21) @dawn - Stevens manifold - Istanbul 22) @ATSAaron - Stevens manifold -TX, USA 23) @DaveS4s - Stevens manifold - GA, USA 24) Mattzx - G car full system (no cat) - '84 Giugiaro Turbo - UK - Full System Based on 10 GB 25) keith95S4 G car full system (no cat) 26) Stormy69 - Stevens 27) Zig - Stevens 28) Quadcam - Stevens manifold for 93.5 -usa 29) @850 Combat - Stevens with external connection capped Oregon USA 97141 30) MrDangerUS one Stevens s4s manifold same option as Zig's ( without the wastegate port option, w/new collector option ), shipped to USA 31) Jenna'sEspritTurbo - (1983 G-Car just manifold) Milford USA 32) Top Plumber - Stevens Manifold
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    Haha - Corbyn has been anti eu his whole political life. Im more the view he was toeing the party line - that's why he never got behind it - because he simply didn't believe in the EU.
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    No such thing as Eu funding @franjipane - where do they get their money from ? The cash point fairy?? No - it comes from all the member states - for clarity that's us the great unwashed voters and taxpayers. what the voters have been utterly conned about is the constant erosion of our independence sleep walking into the United federal states of Europe. This is the first time we have had a say in decades. In all that time successive governments have handed over power after power to the EU. The electorate no matter what anyone thinks of them have spoken - I'd respect it what ever way as we live in a democracy. I had years of a labour government under tony Blair - and I hated it - but accepted that it was the democratically elected government of the time. Now we enter a new phase - I'm slightly nervous - but I am optimistic that change will occur. migration whatever your views - is it really such a great thing that so many great workers move out of a poor country to another country? We are currently taking talent from these poorer countries and leaving them with far less of a talent pool. This is not good for the growth and future prosperity of smaller countries. This has knock on effects that will not be seen for decades. As for Bob geldof - another multimillionaire who is so far detached from the average working man on the street...... Clearly the irony of the way the European Union treats poor African countries is entirely lost on him.
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    Thing thats gets my goat is that the people who voted remain seem to believe their opinion is a more educated, intellectual one. They seem to be implying my vote was a wrong vote. Some of the cleverest people I know voted out. They asked me, I weighed up all points and I voted. How can that be wrong? I actually think many of the comments of the present bunch of university students to be some of the most naive I have ever heard. But I dont go about saying I think their ideas are stupid...perhaps I should. I know there is some fluctuation on the markets but the Hedge fund managers will no doubt make millions. Lower GBP values will mean good news for exporters and the British holiday market. Pros and cons Buddsy
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    Only down just over 2 % now this is about politicians not representing the people on the streets. It's democracy - sometimes it nice - other times not I'm afraid we won't be leaving the Eu - this is a start of something entirely different. as for your pension concerns - don't fret - the fund manager will still have access to lobster and bollinger no matter how it performs. That's the stock market game for you ups and downs !!
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    Hahahahahaha - let the £ fall, it makes our products cheaper and so it will be MORE attractive for manufacturers to be here. BMW will be able to sell more mini's at a better profit margin. Win: Win. It's people like you and the Journo's who WILL talk us into a recession. Yikes, the stock market bombed, last time I looked the FTSE was already back over 6k and, if we cast our little minds back not very long ago - 6K was the magic glass ceiling we had been trying to break through for ages. Wow, talk about glass half full you lot, full of bloody negativity before the vote and full of bloody negativity after it. And as per your later post, Sturgeon is saying she wants the right for a new Indyref, but she will not say when and is reserving the right to choose, or not to choose, when to have one based on what suits her. But then as it is not in her gift anyway to call one, and the MPs in Westminster have a big clusterfluke to deal with right now anyone with Brexit, I cannot it see it being high on the agenda. Don't forget that the EU vote was not a English, Scottish, Welsh etc. vote. It was United Kingdom vote as whole entity and as such the whole entity has voted and deomcracy dictates the victor takes the spoils and the losers just get on with it. Either way, her response is hardly a bloody rush to get out of the car before the crash is it? And lett's just think about it - last time Indyref was all about Oil and keeping the pound. Well, the oil has tanked and do you really think a UK outside of the EU, let alone the Eurozone, will share it's currency with country inside the Eurozone? Scotland will be made to commit to the Euro and will be made to commit to Shengen. This is a whole and hugely different referendum outcome and set of conditions to the last one and the result will be far from easy to predict. If she pulls the trigger and loses a second Indyref in 2 or 3 refs, then she is finished and to be honest the who, nationalist cause is finished. The whole landscape of UK politics, and European politics has changed overnight. Whether it is for the good, or the bad, will take some considerable time to work out, and NOT just a couple of hours whilst greedy bastard speculators in FS bet on wild swings this way or that on currency and stocks. There are people who are literally making billions of pounds, Euro's, Yen, Dollars in profit and gains today. Calm down and have a cuppa before you talk us into a recession lad.
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    With the sub done i moved onto the doors. Again from research i'd read the outer door skin needed deadening directly behind the speaker, then 50% coverage of the rest was good enough, along with the egg carton foam directly behind the speaker. Its quite easy to do using the access panel and speaker hole, i didn't take any pics but will do when i do the drivers door at the weekend. On the inner panel tho, my car had this rubbish foam rubber to cover the access panel, that was ripped/torn/fixed with gaffer tape. I removed this and used a piece of foam sandwiched between plastic that i got from hobby craft. There's a slight curve on the door so it needs to be slightly flexible, it was fixed with M5 rawling nuts. Then using that video on YouTube (white Evora sound upgrade) I used the silent coat on any large flat areas that sounded hollow and around the speaker mount. Pic 1 shows the panel in place, and pic 2 the result. Comparing passenger to driver door now is night and day. There are no rattles on the passenger door, the extra weight has brought a reassuring feel of quality to the door. I calculated that i will have added 5 kg across both doors and sub-woofer which i think is weight well spent. Still got the drivers door to do, then fit the KTP-445A amp when it arrives, it really does sound so good at the mo i'm really torn about needed to put two speakers in the rear
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    No email confirmation And no record of the transaction in my PayPal account. So checked my internet history and it looks like I didn't complete the transaction. Now done and email confirmation received.
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    I purchased my Exige last year from a Lotus dealer. Paid more than I would have done private but if I'm spending over £25K, I want piece of mind. The dealer gave 12months full warranty. Check the aircon works (if its fitted), the oil cooler re-call has been completed. Usual stuff like accident damage. The header tanks are susceptible to fail/leak, mine was replaced under warranty. FSH is something to look out for, the engines are very good as are the gearbox's but 3rd can go if the car is heavily abused. Supercharged cars will fetch more than a 190. You will get a 190 for your budget, S cars are £26k upward.
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    Some pictures from the other day
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    This looks lovely! Full body panel replacement kit in carbon fibre and saves 40kg too. Just lovely.
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    I have a working headlight motor! (Albeit controlled by 4 wires dangling from the drain hole at the bottom of the light pod). Just need to do some fine adjustments to the mounting height of the motor since I got the light pod travel by moving the rod that goes across the light pod backwards by 1.5cm. luckily I had kept the old light pods so I could try this out on these first. This saves me from extending the motor arm.
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    They wouldn't of done that to a v8
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    Had a run out of it this morning. Felt pretty good, nothing fell off on the road. Tracking is due to be done tomorrow so I don't wear the front tyres out in 5 minutes, KwikFit will also do me the Hunter print-out so I'll know what has to be done for the two set-up later. The new rad-pack and fan set-up works a treat, as does the air-con. I can't see any leaks from the oil coolers either, but I'll have another look underneath the car just to make sure I don't have anything leaking, or otherwise hanging off, including the brake lines. Oh, and no sooner had I washed the car off, a poxy herring gull with the arse the size apof a cow, shat all over the roof
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    Jonny does he have a real one....or a new one?.....or the new new one?...... think it was about 2008 when Ardian Newey took his GT40 (the actual 24hr winning car) racing at LMC......fell off on the warm up.....then corners 2,3 6,9,11,12,15.....finally totalling it about 2/3rds of the way round the came back on a truck......there was about half a body panel and a couple of wheels....... what a mess.........but I bet its like triggers broom.......its had 14 new heads and 11 new handles but its still the same brush........ all you need is an ID plate........ cheers G
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    I still love this pic I took on the ferry over. Even the journey there is an event.

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