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    So about 6 weeks ago i was extremely happy with my S1 Evora NA that i had purchased from B&C only 7 months earlier. I loved how it looked, drove and most of all how my boys loved it as much as me. I then made the first of three decisions that has changed everything. Decision 1 - i decided to go to the Lotus International meet at Brooklands more to show my two young boys the other cars than anything. There i first saw in the flesh a number of cars i hadn't before - Exige cups, Evora SR and Evora 400. Loved all i saw but wasn't enough to take my attention from my current squeeze . Then i heard the 400 on the track for the concurs and thing made some racket. All of a sudden , the S1 (even with the 2bular i fitted) wasn't ticking all the boxes.....hmm Decision 2 - after a week or so i decided out of interest, and more in hope that the answer would kill any further attraction for me, to contact Jamie at B&C to see what kind of package we could be looking at if i was thinking of moving the S1 to a 400. Knowing they retailed around the 75-80k mark i was hoping he would kill any idea by saying i had to fund the full balance (less part exchange). Jamie's reply included the words "50:50". Oh...... Decision 3 - After a few more mail exchanges i made the drive down to B&C to "just have a look" and maybe a little test drive. Unfortunately the manual 400 was out of use so i got to drive the auto they had. Even as i started it i really wanted to not like it. For the drive to be no better than my S1. For the sound to be quieter than the S1. failed.....on everything. What a machine.....the sound on start up, the torque in every gear, the handling......everything was bigger and better. I was truly smitten and totally screwed...... To cut to the chase from here.......5 weeks after the test drive i made my way to B&C today to pick up the beauty below. Hethel edition with a few spec changes by myself (black alloys, red callipers, black signage on the back) as i thought the original look with silver alloys, the stripe no body seems to like and black callipers did not do the car justice especially with the red leather interior. To say i am happy is an understatement. I'm hoping the 1,000 mile run in period goes quickly (a 350 mile round trip to Sheffield for a wedding tomorrow certainly helps!) but even running it below 4k revs, it is still a joy. I'm only 80 miles in but so far the only niggle is that the new sparco seats seem to reduce the back area slightly so that my two year old in his car seat has a little less room than before. I'm going to play with the seat angle or look at the John Lewis seat mentioned on another post as it seems to have a smaller base, to solve that issue. Worse case he can learn to sit cross legged A massive thank you to Jamie at B&C. As with the first Evora i bought, he was extremely helpful and open. He even sweetened the deal by throwing in a few things for the kids. I would thoroughly recommend dealing with him and i imagine i will again in the future. Also thanks to JayEmm for his very helpful and insightful "Lotus Diaries". I recall one of the videos said he hoped it inspired one person to buy a 400.....well it did with me.
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    What an epic trip. Six days in the Alps with a bunch of friends in a mixture of cars, exploring some of the best roads and scenery one could wish for. Teaser shot looking back at roads just travelled So how was the car ? In summary, EPIC !! Firstly , I wasn't sure how comfortable the car would be for the 800 mile trip over there (split 300 miles one afternoon and 500 miles the following day). I shouldn't have worried. Very comfortable, with the only ache coming from drivers leg from trying to hold speed at consistent amount; easily solved by using cruise control Oh and the sound in the tunnels Obscene On the Alp runs the car was incredible. Great steering feel, confidence in the brakes, great traction out of the hairpins and perfect body control through the fast sweepers. e c Cant see me finding a replacement for this car easily, as it ticks so many boxes. Dave
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    Don't bother - it's pointless !!
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    So after doing an oil change/service last weekend I decided to go extra butch today and tackle the spark plugs, as per the service schedule - every 6 yrs. First is pulling the stowage net and carpet back, which reveals the service hatch which in turn reveals the heat shield service hatch... So far so good, then it's a case of removing each electrical connector and spark plug in turn and replacing it with a new one... Then I test started it, and it bloody worked?. So put everything back together. It took a couple of hours all in but was strangely rewarding to do. I was planning on celebrating with a cold beer but realised I didn't have any!!? Only one person to blame for that - @Bravo73 This is the comparison between old and new spark plugs. I have no idea whether they actually needed to be changed but like to learn new stuff so see it as a positive experience.
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    When talking about race engines you are referring to a different animal all together. Even in the race categories that required the standard engines to be homologated and used as the 910 was. The 910 race engines did use did use the same rods and pistons but no doubt with better balancing. What will have also made them different would have been the cam profile and timing set up . This will have been done to enable higher rpm.. However this would only have been done to achieve part of an overall objective.. The power or rev band will have be tuned into the engine to maintain peak power without boost dropping off.. You usually find engines like this idle at 2-3000 rpm and don't come on cam till 4000 . These are not designed for stop start road type driving at all... They will also be running much higher boost. The race engines boost levels caused head gasket failure so were fitted with coopers rings. The list goes on.. The other aspect to remember is they were all short lived , with regular strip downs , A race engine would rarely do more than a couple of meetings without rebuild or replacement. In my own development exercise on the 910 I found the reciprocating mass of the std pistons was to heavy for longevity in a tuned engine.. and that was at a max rpm of 7650. I also found that with the standard cam profiling and timing set at 104 104 the power was flattening out after 6650 rpm as you can see in this graph. Taking the standard engine up to 8000 rpm serves little purpose and as explained will put unnecessary stress on the crank and rods.. The latest development 910 I built will happily rev to 8000 and was designed to do so. It is also a road car and used as such.. However this has had major Changes to most of the components and tuning format. So it is possible but at a cost.. Hope that helps answers your question..
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    So nearly 4 years in, 18.5k miles (mostly boys weekend road trips - Zolder, Spa, Nurburgring, Le Mans, Duns, Jura Mountains, Lotus Festivals etc) and £2,102 in costs (4 x services, 1 x MOT, 3 x Road fund licence, 2 sets of Rear Tyres, Sports Exhaust etc) and still absolutely loving it. Have had the usual warranty claims that others have had, the only unique one seems a random failing of the Jaguar fuel filler flap actuator. Best mpg I've had - 42mpg, worst - 17mpg. My 2 young children fit in the back and are crazy about it too, so any excuse to go out in it is met with universal approval. A few photos of the journey so far.... The obligatory kerbed rear wheels... Felt like Dad amongst the Elise's even though I was probably one of the youngest there... A good win at Brands... The car is treated like one of the family and mollycoddled accordingly, I'm fastidious about how I keep cars, even down to the paperwork! I have too many photos so won't bore you with more. I'd be interested to know if any of you on here have had their's as long, as I get the feeling people move on after as couple of years (apart from Allan who I think is on his 12th Evora now! - good chap)
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    Don't know if this has been covered elsewhere but I was excited to see that Real Racing 3, which I play all the time on my iPhone, will soon feature the 3-eleven, the Exige 360 Cup and the Type 125. Great to see Lotus featured in this video game at last!
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    Somebody at this firm has a sense of humor.
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    Looks like Grimsel/Furka pass. Unforgettable. Must have been spectacular with the roof off. That road is so much better than the Stelvio Pass it's not even funny. Good to see an Exige being enjoyed to the full!
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    Haha - but I'm never trying the crystals they call evora400
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    Agreed. 2 vx220, 1 Evora (all gone now) and now I have an Evora 400 on order!
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    @TAR - That's good to know. I hope to think I'm mechanically sympathetic and treat the old girl well. All the spark plugs were the same colour/level of burn which is good. @Barrykearley - you're right about personal satisfaction, I really enjoy tinkering/titivating (and learning) the Evora and means I'm left in no doubt that the job has been done properly. I've been burnt in the past with other cars and so called "servicing".
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    that used plug looks pretty good to me. A nice brown colour indicates a good fuel burn.
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    well done @JAWS - a massive personal satisfaction tick there chap. who cares if it NEEDs doing - it's DONE and you did it
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    Yes, and I hope Mrs. Bravo73 was suitably embarrassed by her failure here and remorseful and jolly well jumped in her car to go and get you some extra cold ones from the Offy!
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    @fordrallycar - you can go gold even without a lotus !!!
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    Couple quick photos from the area. I will upload more when I have more time.
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    Numbers booked on the runs up 20 percent on last year (117 Lotuses!) - if it's fine on the day we predict 215 cars in total at Chatsworth :-) If you haven't already please have a look at and like our Facebook page. Thank you Dean B on behalf of the LitP organising team
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    Looking good. Hope you didn't have to queue for too long. Have a good time
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    Keep the pics coming...have fun.
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    I saw your car earlier and it looks great.
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    Magnolia leather is the answer
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    wooooohooooo You can tell from the pictures where the hand over took place (where the car was born) Yes both Pat and Randy attended and the hand over was fantastic, sadly all I heard was blah blah blah blah blah blah Here it is...... More piccies to follow shorltly
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    I have just been on a two day business owners training event at a hotel in Surrey and obviously decided I had to go in the evora. managed to park her up in a good spot near the reception. One of the representatives was having an e cig at the front door as I walked into reception and I said hello etc, 'car was facing us' then she said don't you just love that Ferrari to which I said yes I love it, it's mine, thinking she does not know it's a lotus, she then said well actually it's a lotus and probably not yours then !! So I said actually it is a lotus and most people mistake it for a Ferrari do you know which lotus it is then I asked her, she said no but it's a beautiful looking car, anyway later during one of the seminars Everyone had to get up and say something about themselves once they picked a subject, one guy "Andy"who supplies us had to give his bucket list and he said I'd like to drive that Bentley continental in the car park, to which another guy shouts out you mean the "lotus", i just kept quiet, every time the seminars ended we had to all walk past my car, Andy then says to me isn't that a beautiful car, yep it's mine I replied he goes really I said naah, then I said no it is mine really and pulled out the key to show him I was not joking, I went on to explain that I'm really In to cars and motorsports in general. It was a good feeling watching people admiring the car, just wished I had washed it before I went as it had the usual dirt marks around the rear end.
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    Bit of oversteer at Croft. This was at hawthorn where I'm accelerating hard in second and the I was told I held a nice drift right round the bend. That's the LSD working it's magic really...
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    Got home 10 minutes ago. Need to attend to domestic duties before posting pics. She finally asked how much. Followed by ' and don't lie' !!!!
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    Late 2007 Ardent Red Lotus Exige S, super touring+ 25k miles, full history + bills (last service April 16), MOT will be passed prior to sale, HPI clear 2 previous owners, both active on Lotus forum Car is garaged on a battery conditioner Recent work carried out at HPE automotive : Full geo + with camber tweak, perfect balance. New front tyres, rear pads, Service (engine + gearbox oil) – 260 factory upgrade: bigger fuel pump and injectors, Air box, forge IC/pipes (very light), cup 260 ECU (carried out at christopher neil) – Lotus motorsport triple pass alloy radiator – OEM forged Cup 260 wheels, 4 A048 (new rears/front new 1500 miles ago) – 1 way adjustable Nitron NTR Fast Road shocks (fitted and set by Nitron for fast road / track) – Baffled sump – Eliseparts ally bell disks with blue pagid pads – Uprated engine mounts -Traction control (with on/off button) – GT3 2010 rear wing and boot lid, long roof scoop (cup) -Lotus 211 rear panel eliminator + repainted diffuser and Boomerang Rear Tow Hook (sector 111) – A/C, heaters run great, oil hoses recall already done, stainless steal tow bracket – 2bular Gt3 exhaust with a great note, and no drone, perfect for long trip. – MY08 Interior with soft top dash, alcantara / carbon leather, probax seats, cup holder, leather trimmed centre console, Alpine stereo with handsfree and ipod connection, extinguisher. Only minor negative point I can think of are the usual stone chips to the nose. (Most of the pictures are recent, and some from the best I have got) Very desirable Exige, drives as good as it looks. I only sell it in order to get something different, but I already know I will regret it … Click to view item
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    Hi Mark, hope your well? a week or so? Thats pretty impressive - most people last about an hour. Check the earth on the solenoid in the nose and the +ve. If its getting power and earth its got to be stuck internally.
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    you need to watch to the end - funniest thing I've seen in ages
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    Clackett Lane services at 0645 this morning. A couple of fellas from a Highway Maintenance van are having a smoke in the car park as I pulled up. One of them made some comment which I didn't catch, to which his mate responded "Nah, that's a Lotus Evora. Clarkson [email protected] loved it and it's not a [email protected] Porsche". As I walked past, he turned to me and said "[email protected] nice motor mate, love it". I said "thanks" and carried on in to the services smiling
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    Stu, I liked you. I really did. But since that last post where you contemplate a future Porker 911 purchase, well, you're dead to me now! Do you hear me, dead to me!

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