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    Taken on the back streets of Yarco. See it does exist...Had plenty of attention during the day at Great Yarmouth. Buddsy
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    Finally got round to starting a little project I thought up last year (and while we're on the subject of gte wheels...). I've made myself a pair of coffee tables for the man-cave from the original centre lock wheels that came off the red gte. I'm just waiting for the safety glass to arrive to go on top and I'm going to get the discs used as the base painted as they're rusted up somewhat. I couldn't think of any other use for them other than scrap value (which would be peanuts), it's not like they're of use to anyone else for anything... I've still got the 20" rears to make use of if anyone has any cool ideas what to do with them? Thought about making a large wall clock or two and selling one of them??
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    Well, its been a nail biting few days as my Elise had a radiator issue at the weekend and am due on a ferry on Wednesday! The technician, Ian at Murray Lotus was looking at putting in a valiant effort to get the confirmed issue, remove the clam on Monday, get the rad out and install the new rad on Tuesday (next day delivery part), put the clam back on and give to me in the evening for my holidays tomorrow. Unfortunately, due to parts, the car wont be ready for France. However and more excitingly, the dealership have offered me this for the trip Am a very happy chappy and cannot thank Murray Lotus enough for their generousity. By far above more than standard service!
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    Maloja Pass, south of St Moritz and another from today Arrived at at the hotel in Grindelwald, one that we've used before, where the owners' son was waiting for us so that he could have a ride in the Evora. (knowing the hotel I'd phoned ahead to ask for a wide parking space). His verdict afterwards, "much better than the Porsches and Aston Martin he'd been in before"
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    This afternoon on the Grimsel Pass Took another good one on the Furka Pass but it's on the camera so can't download until the weekend
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    Hi Guys, I'm still here! Finally moved the esprit to its new (and final) garage! Had a few worries that the cars won't fit, but all fits nicely and with space to work on both Very Chuffed! Looks like I might pickup the gearbox and have someone else do the work for me.. Pretty fed up of waiting for my mechanic to do something! So time to take some action and crack on with re-build!
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    Stephen, The picture was given to me as a member of the family who frequents charity shops always pics me up anything related if they see something lotus. I have never hung the picture so it just sits collecting dust which is a shame. I would be more than glad to remove it from it frame,role it up and put in one of those cardboard tubes and post it to you . You will have to wait until i get uk side though.
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    So I'm at 800 miles (4 days!) incl a couple in Yorkshire. Thought I'd post up my comparison between the 400 and the S1, although must caveat by saying that I'm still running in the 400 so restricted revs and throttle and wont be commenting upon the performance. In no particular order The good: 1) Oh the noise 2) There is so much more room in the footwell (although I never really had an issue with the S1) 3) The Sat Nav works (once you've figured it out). So does the bluetooth 4) the Forged wheels are lovely (though see below!) 5) the switchgear and the fact you can see it 6) the economy (Average 30mpg so far, better than expected, on a par with the N/A) 7) Very quiet on the motorway 8) IPS much more pleasant in traffic. 9) The paddles, oh boy when you get used to them on the twisties (to think I was worried about opting for the IPS) 10) the handling is so much more precise (surprised that was possible!) 11) the attention (apart from some dopey cow in Harrogate, I thought it was supposed to be a friendly place) The Bad 1) No cargo net - heavy towing eye and bolt spline sliding about on the boot floor is not ideal (Wish I'd kept the one out of the N/A) 2) Miss the twin tail pipes (especially my blue ones), personal preference. 3) Boy the Forged wheels are a pain in the @rse to clean 4) There is literally nowhere to put anything! 5) wish you could keep it in manual without turning on sport mode. 6) I've had to move the hanging tennis ball in the garage - it must be 2 inches longer and the back was a tad close to the garage door for comfort I loved my N/A, but oh boy the 400 is something else. Those others who have changed up, what are your initial observations?
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    I don't know what chargers Lotus supply but the best way to keep a battery in good condition is to use something like a CTEK "maintenance charger". I use them and keep it attached and powered on at all times. It only charges if and when it's needed by continually monitoring the battery. That way your battery won't do a total discharge and potentially become unrecoverable.
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    yes that's Zurich (I live here :-) Too bad you can't make it this year to Morges. I remember you in the yellow Evora a couple of years ago! Please PM me if you come next year!
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    Think you're a little misguided there. If brand new ones were tight then they wouldn't be called floating discs… There is a 25thou gap on each of the bobbins against the bell when they are cold (the bobbins are bolted firm to the disc and they float in the bell), they will rattle when cold. That 25thou gap between the bell and bobbin will get tighter as the heat of the disc rises, thus allowing the disc to expand and contract independently of the fixed bell (the bell is still attached directly back to the hub so is effectively fixed). What you will find after time (if you don't clean them regular), is that brake dust will start to build up and will clog the gap between the bell and bobbins, stopping the rattle when cold. They will be the noisiest when newest and cleanest... Also, if anything is going to wear first, it will be the ali bell, not the steel bobbins.
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    Glad you're all enjoying the upgrade from S1 to 400, I am sure the extra performance is very, very addicitive. Have to admit the shape of the 400 has really grown on me and I do like it so not in the camp of "purity of the S1 shape etc." as I do indeed like them both. Like the S1, the SR look or "black pack" I think is very colour sensitive, working superb on some colours but not on others at all. But that again is personal choice. I prefer the interior of the original S1 - I just like the brushed metal dash and centre console etc. and I really do not think the button placement is as much an issue as people are making out as come on, be honest, how often do you actually use those buttons? To me the S1 interior just looks and feels more special - all leather and metal whereas the 400 interior looks a tad more, and say this loosely, germanic, with it's liberal use of black plastic on the dash. Not a massive criticsm, i just think a backward step from the S1 which in my view was beautifully simple and clean -very classy in fact - but it would not "annoy" me if I owned a 400, I'd still feel like an international playboy when inside it I'm also with @Colin P re the exhaust. i have never liked the pig snout exhaust, whether on an S1 S, and Exige V6 or the 400. I just think it looks crap and the blue tipped double pipe just looks more, well, just more..... But I accept that is a very personal point. I also love the look of the engine bay of the 400, either through the glass or through the open tailgate. it just looks like a proper sports car engine unlike the S1 NA which just looks like a lump of iron with some wires - nothing special at all.
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    I also went from a 2010 NA Evora to a 400, albeit via an Exige V6. It's not fair to compare the performance of a 400hp Evora with a 276hp one, but just wait until you have it properly run in! it's ballistic at the top end and the exhaust howl is utterly addictive. I think I pretty much agree with your list. I average 26 to 28mpg, so not far off what I used to get from the S1. I could do better, but once you reach a twisty road and the traffic clears, it's impossible to resist clicking down a couple of gears and flooring it Lack of a stowage net in the boot is annoying (even the Exige had one!). The forged wheels look gorgeous, but I agree are a pain to clean - the recessed bits behind the spokes especially! I'm loving the paddle shift. The change is fairly instant (quicker than I could change manually), I love the blip on the downshift, and when hustling it along a twisty road it's great being able to keep both hands on the wheel with your fingers hovering over the paddles - instant changes up and down.
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    Nice day Saturday but unfortunately got caught in the rain on the way home. Very well done to Gary Smith who spent the day having people in out of of his car for a donation to Great Ormond Street Hospital. A few snaps below.
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    I think any serious Esprit collector would have one of each! I thought the general view on here was that the four cyl Esprits were more desirable than the V8s but V8 price rises have shown that this isn't the case. At the moment I think the buyers are still overwhelmingly people who like the V8 and want to get one now before they get too expensive as opposed to speculators who think it could be the next big thing. It is pretty special that it was a Lotus V8 made bespoke for the Esprit and the performance is still very strong even by modern standards. If Lotus had made a Giugiaro V8 back in the 80s using two slant fours they would be worth a fortune now surely? The car was always meant to get a V8. Most people, press included, started to appreciate the 4 cyl cars a little better when it finally got one but it's great that Lotus got there in the end. Sport 300 is still the ultimate for me so I'm in the purist camp and would probably still take a perfect S4s over a V8 but an early V8 on monoblocs, proper dash pod, orange instruments and boost guage, well, I could never rule such a thing out. With Jay Leno's means and parking space I'd have one already, sat right between my Sport 300 and my Sport 350.
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    Not taken at the festival but on Monday as the car managed to remain relatively clean! upload jpg
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    Welcome to TLF Martyn. Hope the wait goes quickly for you. Though it will probably seem like forever. Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help.
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    No, the exhaust valve is always shut. With no vacuum it's open, so safety if the vacuum line breaks I suppose. But as mine has vacuum all the time, the exhaust valve is shut, so quiet mode. Does not open when it's revved either, but only stationary. When moving, put it to race or Tour, and no change at all. Plus the override switch does nothing. Must be the valve, luckily it's in at Hofmanns for a service tomorrow! So will get them to take a look, and change it fingers crossed.
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    Following on from the discussion about manuals in the Project Compomotive thread, I thought it's about time we had one about the different owners handbooks/manuals. Here are the covers of the three I have 1st one from new (1982) - unfortunately there was no handbook when I bought the car. So I bought this one in 1987/8 - note no ACBC Was the one being issued with new cars, and came with the following (amongst others) I think this takes the place of the photos in the other manuals - manual is in gold. When I put the car back on the road at the end of 2012 I thought I'd lost the others over the years so I bought this one from SWLC It's from 1983 and for the US spec car. Has a very nice diagram in the centre pages (or should that be center) Pages are red - Note the battery drawing. Doesn't look any thing like the ones from the other thread Let's see your manuals if different, or anything interesting in them.
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    Lol, DB's head on the minute hand would be funny! Who should we have on the hour hand? Swizz beatz?
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    As we're all saying it's only ever personal taste, but I've always liked the single exit exhaust as it gives me a more supercar vibe, where as the twin pipe ones look a bit more halfords.
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    Ive seen it already and it was not as good as the original...
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    Fully floating bell and bobbins - 2 piece fixed - Single piece (stock) -
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    I like that you call your V8 Lucifer Alex, same name as mine! The Devil indeed...
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    Hi Michael Yes we got all the photos, artwork will be coming together soon! No more orders yet, a few more would be nice but we'll proceed with it anyway.
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    How are the BBC getting away with this, surely someone has started an online petition to get their asses discussed in Parliament?
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    I can post in the frame if you wish Stephen, but it is just a cheap black gloss wooden frame, I would think that no matter how well packed it not survive the journey and the broken glass could damage the print so i would think cardboard tube all day long. Nothing Wrong with a man cave Stephen no matter how are lol
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    Nearly done with Dynamatting the interior. Next will Dynaliner some sections where original heat insulation was fitted. Dynamat Xtreme is a bit tricky to work with, I probably should have used Dynamat SuperLite in some areas where I needed to get around curves, and also for the central tunnel, which as Fabian mentioned will probably come back to bite me later when I come to fit the interior. I bougth the Dynamat Xtreme mega pack with 9 sheets, and I've used all of it! Got right into the front bulkhead and everything, and also did the doors, which will be handy if I ever get around to fitting speakers. If nothing else, this will be one super quiet ride! Also painted the door posts with Por-15.
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    Well done lotus and well done him for his honesty.
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    /\ The voice of experience...................
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    It's done in weeks so 28 days... /VOE
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    Your too late - I'm in on the deal
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    Damn, I thought I was specially chosen by Miss Rita Benson for her £2,500,000!
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    Reduction in unsprung, rotating weight, slight improvement in heat dissipation. I say slight because although aluminium is a far better conductor of heat than cast iron, the joining area that the heat has to go via is pretty small, so is a bottleneck to heat flow. The OEM 2 part discs are nice, but the cast iron rotors are fixed rather than floating, so you don't get the benefit of fully floating rotors which are happy to expand and contract with temperature, but also don't chime like floating rotors either. So, having just ordered a 350 Sport Coupe myself and pulled out pretty much all the other stops, I baulked at the brake upgrade. Didn't want yellow calipers either. I figure if I feel like it, I can always go for the KT or Nitron/Alcon upgrade later. Oh the OEM 2-parts are the same diameter as the solid discs.
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    I got really lucky with mine as I have the owners manual (interesting that mine has the blue top instead of the gold as the one above - no doubt a carry over from the Essex model) the Compomotive wheel leaflet discussed (even though it has BBS wheels) together with the original Sales Invoice, wiring diagrams, Runnng-In bulletin written by the infamous Tony Rudd (a great read), Lotus factory fuel consumption test sheet, options list, option & specification sheet and a dealer directory & last but not least a "What you need to know about your car" sheet. This was all contained in the original Norfolk Motor Co. folder - not bad for a 34 year old car. You'll notice on the invoice that the car was originally ordered with a leather armrest even though it has a half-leather interior.......this led to a different leather arm rest (pic attached) to the usual style. Makes it factory original but individual which I love.
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    ....along with New Zealand :-) This shot was NOT taken at the scenic part.... Taken ih Huia, which is just a 20 minute drive from my home in West Auckland. (It's sure beats Croydon & Crawley where I grew up).
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    OK Here are some photo's of my Esprit and your correct I love British cars so the Lotus has a stable mate it shares space with that I thought you would enjoy seeing. I used to race motorcycles many years ago and the climate her in California suits the old bones much better than the UK. I am retired and loving it so I get to drive my cars when ever we have a nice day and my wife loves the Lotus, due mainly to the fact that it has air conditioning.
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    Yep, start with the hose, most of us had similar problems at some point. ;-)
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    Do you still have the red clutch hose? Trevor.
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    Am I missing something here - President Hollande has said today "Access to the single market cannot be guaranteed unless free movement of workers is respected." Is this not just what we want? I.e. free movement of "workers" as opposed to "shirkers"? So, if we agree that any one from the EU, who has a job confirmed, and the means to support themselves, can come here and be respected, we get access to the Single Market? Wow. Job done. A result. As that means we would not have to house them, their families or pay them benefits etc when they arrive, as, they would have a job and be able to support themselves. OK. I'm stupid. What am I missing?
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    Come on chaps, 'Esprit Picture Thread'. More pics please!
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    yesJonny, very nice... . . on me travels... . .
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