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    Hey everyone, Here are some pictures of my Esprit from tonights classic car meet in Earls Barton Northampton... was great to see a couple of other lovely Esprits too, Robington's black one and Paul Colemans white S1.
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    We went to the Bo'ness Hill Climb Revival on Saturday. Murray lotus were there as one of the sponsors and there were a few cracking Lotuses (Loti?) competing. Here are a few photos from the day
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    A tour on the Paul Ricard track
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    @Alfa2Evora When we get back home I will post a thread highlighting all of the routes & passes we have done on this trip in Austria, Italy & Switzerland along with a few more pics. The Evora is the ideal car to do it in although being able to take the roof off at certain points would have been an advantage. Roll on the Evora Roadster Eurotrip next year anyone?
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    [URL=][/URL] Shall I put the other one on the negative thread?
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    Taken on the back streets of Yarco. See it does exist...Had plenty of attention during the day at Great Yarmouth. Buddsy
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    As threatened promised earlier, a selection of shots from my run up to Mallaig and back. Unfortunately it tipped it down somewhat for almost all of the outward leg so by the time the first opportunity to wield a camera presented itself my P&J was considerably less gleaming than when it left home, having by then already endured 150+ miles of mud and road-grime, . The silver sands of Morar Glencoe Glen Etive
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    The castle looks quite secure.
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    I think in the 80's there were certain individuals involved in the Lotus marketing and distribution side who in order to make their current product look better, poured scorn on the previous product. This was then seized upon by gullible new owners and retold as the truth ("it's so much MUCH better than the old elite which in truth was pretty awful....."). You can see this in the stuff the Lotus marketing department wrote at the time on gearboxes - where they try to spin the Toyota gearbox as being an improvement over the much better Getrag, which was obviously deleted by Lotus as a cost saving. Marketing and sales is all about making the current model look desirable. There was a poster on here with an excel (who got banned for other bad behaviour) who actively posts on and other websites sites about how bad elites and eclat's are. This is based upon him spending money on increasing the power of his elite's engine twenty years ago, without spending anything on improving the transmission and constantly breaking it. What a strange man. (Strange being a euphemism for something else ).
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    Well, its been a nail biting few days as my Elise had a radiator issue at the weekend and am due on a ferry on Wednesday! The technician, Ian at Murray Lotus was looking at putting in a valiant effort to get the confirmed issue, remove the clam on Monday, get the rad out and install the new rad on Tuesday (next day delivery part), put the clam back on and give to me in the evening for my holidays tomorrow. Unfortunately, due to parts, the car wont be ready for France. However and more excitingly, the dealership have offered me this for the trip Am a very happy chappy and cannot thank Murray Lotus enough for their generousity. By far above more than standard service!
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    So I'm at 800 miles (4 days!) incl a couple in Yorkshire. Thought I'd post up my comparison between the 400 and the S1, although must caveat by saying that I'm still running in the 400 so restricted revs and throttle and wont be commenting upon the performance. In no particular order The good: 1) Oh the noise 2) There is so much more room in the footwell (although I never really had an issue with the S1) 3) The Sat Nav works (once you've figured it out). So does the bluetooth 4) the Forged wheels are lovely (though see below!) 5) the switchgear and the fact you can see it 6) the economy (Average 30mpg so far, better than expected, on a par with the N/A) 7) Very quiet on the motorway 8) IPS much more pleasant in traffic. 9) The paddles, oh boy when you get used to them on the twisties (to think I was worried about opting for the IPS) 10) the handling is so much more precise (surprised that was possible!) 11) the attention (apart from some dopey cow in Harrogate, I thought it was supposed to be a friendly place) The Bad 1) No cargo net - heavy towing eye and bolt spline sliding about on the boot floor is not ideal (Wish I'd kept the one out of the N/A) 2) Miss the twin tail pipes (especially my blue ones), personal preference. 3) Boy the Forged wheels are a pain in the @rse to clean 4) There is literally nowhere to put anything! 5) wish you could keep it in manual without turning on sport mode. 6) I've had to move the hanging tennis ball in the garage - it must be 2 inches longer and the back was a tad close to the garage door for comfort I loved my N/A, but oh boy the 400 is something else. Those others who have changed up, what are your initial observations?
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    Im going to try the code 50OFF...what you say I can use the code F***KOFF Buddsy
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    Love it and the colour I wanted but got bored waiting for one to turn up.
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    daytona blue is officially the bestest SR colour ?
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    An update on rear system price structure with this group buy All Systems are hand crafted to the highest standard using the following techniques: • Mandrel Bending– The tubes are bent in a hydraulic machine, the mandrel tooling being inserted beforehand inside the tube. This ensures that the diameter of the tube is completely uniform throughout the bend. This process also enhances the gas flow by keeping the internal bore smooth. • Fabricated in dedicated jigs to maintain fitting accuracy and prevent distortion during welding. • Purge TIG Welding – Each section is filled with an inert gas before welding to again ensure a smooth internal surface and maximise flow. They are an upgrade in terms of gas flow and durability, designed and constructed to motorsport standard. They are made from 304 grade stainless steel and include a flexible coupling to minimize vibration and resonance. The silencers are packed with high temperature resistant silicone glass fibre. Giugiaro Rear System options High Flow 2.5“ System Twin Tail Pipe This is the 2.5” down pipe shown with V Band mounted CAT which allows for a quick bypass replacement if required, but is also available without CAT. With 2.5” rear silencer. The silencer is constructed using a merged collector giving enhanced flow and noise reduction as shown from below 2.5” side on view The bore is bigger than the standard exhaust for the Esprit, allowing owners to tune their cars further if needed. Supplied with the wastegate pipe work. Price - £890 without CAT as part of this GB £840 £1050 with CAT and bypass tube mounted on V Bands. High Flow 3“ Rear System Twin/Single Tail Pipes This is the twin tail pipe exhaust as per the standard configuration. The silencer is constructed using a merged collector (3”) giving greater flow and noise reduction as shown from below 3” side on view of silencer 3” Twin Tail Pipe Price - £1120 as part of this GB £1070 This is the 3” diameter system with internal silencer dimensions to match to match the bigger Flow characteristics. 3” Single Tail Pipe Price - £890 as part of this GB £840 The bigger diameter bore allows for greater gas flow for owners who want to tune their cars further. All Supplied with the wastegate pipe work. Peter Stevens Rear System options Side Exit 2.5“ High Flow Rear System This is the Side exit rear silencer as per the original layout Price as part this Group Buy 2.5” - £500 3” - £650 3“ High Flow Rear System This system has twin exit tail pipes. The third silencer on the down pipe is mounted in V Bands and can be replaced with the straight through bypass pipe supplied with this system. Without the third silencer fitted it noise tests at 99 dB (4500rpm at 1m distance) With the silencer is pretty much the stock in terms of noise level The system is also available in 2.5” This is the system fitted to an SE This is a Dyno run with the 3" twin rear system and manifold , to give some idea of the noise levels This is the 2.5” version of the rear twin system fitted to a GT3 Prices as part of this Group Buy 2.5” - £600 3” - £700 Centre Exit 3” Rear System This is the Centre exit available in 3” Price - £820 as part of this Group Buy Mark
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    And that's without you having a beer!
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    Do you lay in bed dreaming of engine installs like me? After driving around now in a Jaguar XJR for a few months as my daily I have become rather fond of the grunt of the Supercharged V8 engine and think it would be very nice with a manual box and in my Esprit! Greedbay got me a cheap scrap Jag V8 engine to see if it fits……….. Very surprised at how much room I have spare! Fits inside the chassis rails with ease! More room down the sides than what I had with the Rover lump? Front is tight and to go with the supercharger will have to notch the bulkhead (map pocket area) I can live with that! Also picking up an Audi S8 4.2 V8 engine tonight so also have that option!
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    Join the club! And at least you already have one
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    Great to hear the positive feedback - and especially great to hear the positive comments on the auto box too. I'm maybe 4-5 weeks from getting my 410 auto..... I cant wait when I read threads like this!
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    Great shots! Points for which model is which! 67 is an Elan S3 (driven by Jim Grant who is on these forums.) 68 is an Elan Sprint. 73 is a Lotus S3 Now getting a little harder....... 104 a Lotus Type 22 107 a Lotus Type 41C Formula B (Atlantic) 109 a Lotus Type 61 MX FF (Formula Ford) 110 a Lotus Type 61 FF (Formula Ford) I may have had slight help from the programme! Also there was 86 a Lotus type 23B (& 87 a copy cat Nike Mk.7) I have been trying to extract a still of this from a video shot on my phone at the bottom hairpin but given up as iPhoto isn't playing. You will just have to trust me! Here it is! Operator error..... Considering the entry is very limited and to a certain extent by invitation only as an over subscribed historic event, to have 8 out of 120 (6.7%) isn't bad going.
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    Andy.....that's a bit worrying. There are photos of a retrimmed Esprit Turbo on which looks pretty close. Wonder who owns that one? It's sounding like it's becoming a lost art. Thing is I've looked in so many Esprits and those that are ruched all look different to each other to a certain degree. The factory trimmers could probably recognise their own work as each would have their way of doing it. After seeing my own trim after 25yrs of ownership you get used to all the folds and wrinkles so any retrim work will have its variations. Have to say I do love the ruched look even if it is a bit 'medallion man' ?. It's of its time...that's for sure.
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    Posted on my phone and the orientation is the correct way! Must be different on a desktop. its bloody hard to get in when on its side
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    From memory my S1 S version in Sports mode always used to tick over 200 rpm higher than touring. Almost as though the mode was just always slightly on the throttle more. On the 400 Auto I press the Sports button as soon as I get in the car and use the paddles in manual mode, so have rarely used "normal" mode. From memory the Recaros felt better and lower, but it was 3 years ago. I dare not sit back in a S1 just in case I do prefer the older seats Christ I manage to clean all 4 wheels in less than 5 mins
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    I just used a bit of ally bar stock and drilled 2 holes in it. And another hole for mounting the added battery isolator switch to it. Need to get a couple of wing nuts to do it properly which is why its not screwed down yet.
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    Maloja Pass, south of St Moritz and another from today Arrived at at the hotel in Grindelwald, one that we've used before, where the owners' son was waiting for us so that he could have a ride in the Evora. (knowing the hotel I'd phoned ahead to ask for a wide parking space). His verdict afterwards, "much better than the Porsches and Aston Martin he'd been in before"
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    One word 'Proper'. Proper service, proper car
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    This afternoon on the Grimsel Pass Took another good one on the Furka Pass but it's on the camera so can't download until the weekend
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    BEWARE! - Advance warning - I'm heading to Mallaig and back tomorrow so keep all your fluffy little kittens away from the roads. If I can stop driving long enough, I might even manage to fire off a pic or 2 en route, .
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    Finally got round to starting a little project I thought up last year (and while we're on the subject of gte wheels...). I've made myself a pair of coffee tables for the man-cave from the original centre lock wheels that came off the red gte. I'm just waiting for the safety glass to arrive to go on top and I'm going to get the discs used as the base painted as they're rusted up somewhat. I couldn't think of any other use for them other than scrap value (which would be peanuts), it's not like they're of use to anyone else for anything... I've still got the 20" rears to make use of if anyone has any cool ideas what to do with them? Thought about making a large wall clock or two and selling one of them??
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    Thanks - I think they'd both look better in Motorsports Green though
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    Hi Guys, I'm still here! Finally moved the esprit to its new (and final) garage! Had a few worries that the cars won't fit, but all fits nicely and with space to work on both Very Chuffed! Looks like I might pickup the gearbox and have someone else do the work for me.. Pretty fed up of waiting for my mechanic to do something! So time to take some action and crack on with re-build!
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    Nice day Saturday but unfortunately got caught in the rain on the way home. Very well done to Gary Smith who spent the day having people in out of of his car for a donation to Great Ormond Street Hospital. A few snaps below.
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    As a vegetarian, I resent receiving spam.
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    The owner was not back in Germany on Saturday, so the viewing is now on 9th !
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    Held on Sunday, 21st August, within the grounds of Kincardine Castle, Kincardine O'Neil, the event centred around an untimed (i.e., non-competitive - allegedly) demonstration hillclimb on the castle driveway. Here's some in-car video footage from my Evora. On the first run, I backed out of the throttle way before the finish line as there was a large patch of mud at the paddock exit on what was already a damp and slippery track. On the later runs, the track had tried out a bit (and the brave pill had kicked in) so I gave it a bit more 'commitment'. A selection of still pictures of the display cars will follow shortly.
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    Pewter, one of the best colours. Thanks for posting. I wanted to buy that car when it was for sale at B&C
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    8 hours and no replies. To add some balance here. We all occasionally complain (self included) because of the foibles of Lotus being a small car company, such as lack of components on shelves, but this sort of thing is something we should be making noise about. Can you image if you called up Porsche and said "I want to replace a part on my car and think I'd rather do it without buying the genuine part, but I don't know how it fixes, would you mind going into your parts room, removing the part from it's package, take a photo of it and and send it to me". Pretty sure the answer would be 2 words long and one would be "off". A big thumbs up for Lotus (and @Bibs)
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    Been a while since I joined a new motoring forum. Bought JGs white LE. Purchased a Calypso S1 in 1999. One of the most memorable days of my life and one that sadly hasn't subsequently been bettered (on the motoring front). That was replaced by an S1 1-11S and I was searching for a S160 when the VX220 Turbo was announced. Bought my first in 2003, now on my fourth and have covered well over 200K miles in them. They are the perfect car for me and I can't envisage ever selling. The Evora was bought to find out what I was missing driving a 13 year old car. The answer appears to be numerous annoying 'warning' bings and bongs, ICE of irritating complexity coupled to poor functionality and a realisation that Lotus' assembly lessons from Vauxhall have all been forgotten It's a great GT and, after Zandvoort last week, an incredibly capable track car. How Lotus and Bilstein provide that level of grip and body control on the circuit with a sublime, fluid road ride is beyond me. Unfortunately for the Evora, I'm not short of track cars.
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    First public exhibition for my Esprit :-)
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    Just had my front nearside diamond cut wheel refurbed as the wife failed to warn me that I was getting too close to the kerb when doing a 3 point turn (well she was closer to the kerb than me, so as far as I'm concerned its her fault ) Really pleased with the outcome of the refurb though, can't differentiate it from new

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