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    Well last weekend we had some friends over to stay for a couple of day's. It was maybe because one owned an Evora, older one (2012) but nice all the same. I had the chance to take it for a run on the Saturday evening and well, what can I say. First couple of miles just getting used to her, tight gearbox, quick steering etc., then a stop to properly adjust the driving position etc. Now I say to my friend, can I give her some bean's. Oh yes and did I not half. Almost red lined a few times, 2nd 3rd and 4th. Nice long straight with a few dips, unclassified quiet road mind you so you can guess it was quiet and as it was a very long straight I could see well ahead. Further on we had a few miles of nice tight bends and switchback's, Wow. I have always loved the shape and sound of the Evora, and once a wee while back I almost bought one. But this was too me, far better than the GT3Rs or the Vanquish I was in a few weeks ago. Maybe because I was driving this time it felt better, but man was it good. Oh, and the owner, well we got back to the house and he went for a shower. He had never had is car out in the countryside with a bit of bean's before. Yep, I loved it. Thank's Tim for the opportunity, you are both more than welcome back anytime. If I can borrow the car again.
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    So seeing as i bought my car only earlier this year, today was the first time I have come to work with a temperature bouncing around 6 deg C and boy does she pull well had yet again more smiles and reactions from people as i drive and whilst picking up a costa from the garage one of the attendants walks round the car oooing and ahhhhing, all these things being a daily occurrence now. And since sorting all the little "rattles" in the cabin the car is just an absolute joy to drive on a daily basis, it feels so solid, so quality, love having the stereo blasting my favorite tunes, love hearing the sports exhaust, actually makes me smile every time i get in it Just thought I'd share my happiness this fine morning lol
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    I'd be doing the same as Barry. I know the MOT is not proof it's a safe/roadworthy car but having an MOT pass does give some defense if necessary such as an accident where somebody claims it's because the car was defective or no maintained to safe standard. As I say, it doesn't prove it's safe but it moves the onus to the other party to prove that it's unsafe. What's the betting that even if it comes into law, some insurers still demand it via Terms and Conditions? I believe some might already demand it but mine for example is that more-encompassing requirement that the car is roadworthy.
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    It's the thin end of the wedge. Once they make this law they will be able to control how often you can use your car on the road. If its MOT exempt it will be classed as a historic vehicle and be limited to the number of miles it can be driven per year.
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    Much better with satin black bumpers. That's how Guigiaro styled the S3 Turbo too.
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    No just a copy of a copy of an old photo. Here's another one which shows why gold stripes need gold wheels: The only other red early Turbo I've seen with Compomotives is this one that's for sale currently with black decals, also black and silver comps: Both need Goodyear letters as a matter of urgency! I would definitely get the window frames and bumpers changed back to black then you might well have the only red with gold decals on gold Comps dry sump left.
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    45 mins seems a fair while. Leaving it on the drive with the boot open is a pain as you have to sit there with it Anyway - a couple of solutions Move House Build a Garage Someone else who covers their car should be able to give you some more useful insight than I can
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    I keep looking for excuses to go out for a run in mine, and if I can't come up with a reason to drive it I just go out in it anyway and dream up some justification later, - that's probably at least partly responsible for me having put over 21k miles on her in 18 months, .
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    Morning Bibs, I'll have one of the grey "Lotus Graphic" T-shirts size XL and one Lotus leather keyring if you have them please? Cheers, Rich
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    I've been meaning to take some more scenic ones. I've had a couple of great opportunities but haven't been able to make myself pull over and wipe the smile off my face better pics will follow.
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    The last Elan to leave Hethel?? TBH not 100% sure but how many have you seen on a P plate? Firstly I would like to thank the many people who helped investigate this odd car being Dave Speck, Andy Graham, Paul Matty, Stuart and David Monument along with Previous owners as including Derek Dean. I bought the car where the investigation had started, although registered in November 1996 on a P plate the car had many early giveaways like side bonnet stay, 1989 labels all over the wiring and pre production labelling, early dash, fuel filler flap area, early suspension and unique Spring set up. Then came the letter from the DVLA stating it was a factory development car. So what is it? Well after much dismantling all the pieces came together when after cleaning the tunnel area the words IB10 phase 2, Press car became evident. IB10 means initial build number 10 so was part of the setting up of the production line in 1989, these 10 cars were then used for testing, press and motor show work. IB10 was the only one not registered and was passed to the emissions development team where a closed loop system was installed and then possibly used for the Detroit motor show ( still to prove). The car was then used by the power train engineering team where it was remapped and tuned with waste gate modifications, no doubt used as a Lotus play thing, it is very rapid compared to normal Elan's. In its latter years it was then held in the Design and styling studios where it was used to develop the speedster model which never hit production. It was not until 1996 when the factory were selling everything off and after the S2 run had completed was this car sold along with other development cars. Although it has S2 seats these were only covers as the original frames are still used and marked 1989 like many other things on the car. Lotus wrote a letter to the DVLA stating it was a development model and newly registered. It still wears the original plate showing the first owners initials. I have loads of information and photos thanks to all the great help digging into IB10's past, I am sure anyone from the factory will remember this odd Elan which stayed with Lotus for 7 years. It still only has 33k on the clock and spent many years in storage, I am just finishing its recommissioning so should be back on the road soon.. One of the many labels, when parked next to another Elan there are so many slight differences, I have photographed many as have a S2 as well. I do believe it was the last Elan to leave the factory and certainly the last SE spec car to be registered. ? Dave ?
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    17 days until I trade in my 2014 Cayman S for a 400. Nervous but excited.
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    Nice to see so many serial Lotus owners with so many cars over the years -- feels like a club where I belong! In chronological order of acquisition: Esprit S1 260H 1998-2008 Esprit S1 155H 2005-2015 Esprit S1 454H 2007-current Esprit S1 134H 2008-2008 Esprit S1 217H 2008-2010? Esprit S1 437H 2009-2013 Esprit S1 306H 2011-2011 Esprit S1 508H 2011-2011, and again 2014-2014 Esprit S1 355H 2012-current Esprit Turbo 1988 US model, 60024 2015-2016 Esprit SE 1991 US model, 60055 2016-current On the lookout for another S1!!!
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    As you have a private number plate Buddsy, there is very little left to tell the year and even then how many people know the change over in 1985? The small triangle by the mirrors and maybe one or two other small bits but not much. I like originality too but as I bought my pearlescent white '85 turbo with black bumpers they are staying that way as I personally prefer them to body coloured. I'm having the same problem with the graphics though! Mine are the smaller original '85 and no nose graphic but I really like the earlier, larger style. Original or replace to preference but non original? Thinking about it, I dont think I've ever seen a pre '85 turbo in Pearl white so maybe that will give my car away as being non original with early graphics?
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    @Gm77 I love the color and I love the car. I think that I get less attention in terms of teenagers shouting at me in the street than I did in the orange demonstratori borrowed, but that's only a good thing. The interest I get tends to be from car enthusiasts rather than magpies attracted to something shiny and loud. A few more middle aged women chatting me up in petrol stations wouldn't go amiss though....
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    BBS with Goodyear writing looks nice! ;-) So my 1985 Turbo...bumpers are the same as a pre 1985 car ain't they? I am into originallity but when I get my car respayed if I got the bumpers done black would there be any way to tell from the outside it was not 100% correct? Just think out loud and loving that turbo! Buddsy
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    You could always have a punt at one of the two I have for sale. One has a message on the rear number plate which read's. Elan M100, The Forgotten Lotus.
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    I quite like this "idiotic Brexit nonsense" as I truly believe it will get us back to our creative best - through innovation, invention, inspiration and perspiration we'll get back to finding solutions to tough problems which will give us the confidence to do more things. Remember, if we're not handing over hard earned taxes to Brussels then we can use that cash in other ways. As said before, we hand the Brussels Bully £10, he gives his us £5 back, then kicks the shot out of us for not being grateful enough for his generosity. Anyway, let's keep politics out of it and hope this project does not get killed off.
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    Thread title can now be changed to : "Not nearly as cheap as was first thought Evora".
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    At least you tried Dave, I cant even post links full stop
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    Mine's currently at Bell & Colvill having a few bits attended to, and I'm missing it already! I even miss just seeing it in the garage, let alone driving it!
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    You've done it again Dave!!
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    My that looks absolutely stunning!!!! - totally convinced! What colour red is that? - looks a little darker than the Calypso Red??
  27. 1 point Nice looking JPS! ?
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    Wouldn't mind seeing some more pics generally but a red with gold stripes and gold comps makes this a very rare and special sight, it's basically this: Surely that car would be worth more sold like this than on BBS? It's going to be somebody's dream spec. I don't think Comps add value to wet sump cars, I'd sooner have a wet sump on BBS, it's a later look that suits the later cars. But I can't help but feel all dry sumps should be on Comps, it's part of the original spec and part of the early look.
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    Bloody hell ! Like buses, just looked on fleabay and they also have a S2 jps 25 k number 33, Really pleased this one came up as it shows that other seller that wanted 20k for a s2 jps rolling shell and boxes of bits how far off the line he was. Cant do links just search lotus esprit in classic cars on ebay.
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    Its easy to demonstrate this in my own garage because I have the Esprit and another car which has a near zero scrub radius. If I turn the wheel on the latter its very stiff to turn and the tyres squeak as they twist on the contact point on the floor. On the Esprit its easy to turn and no squeak as the wheels rotate and roll around an arc on the floor when the steering is being turned.
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    New look - old look, wouldn't worry me at all.
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    Pretty ambitious time frame. Seem to have the right talent in place. Best of luck to them all in their venture.
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    See you Saturday James. Rich (from up the road)
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    There is a wind up going on here or is it just me Basic member for 3 days read back
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    I'm with @Buddsy as regards the BBS wheels
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    Tried to make the most of the sunset this evening. The pictures don't really do the car and surroundings justice though...
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    Good man Dave. If you can get it a bit cheaper Im sure you could make a good car of it. Buddsy
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    Sorry about the multiple posts , but i have finally worked out how to upload pics from my phone , I saw this yellow elite between northampton and wellingborough a few weeks ago , Lovely car , anyone recognise it , does it belong to a forum member ? .
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    My car didn't. Here is a before shot... And an after shot... OK you may have noticed they are opposite sides so not quite a before and after! It was pretty easy to fit, just got one of those cone drill bits to enlarge the hole sufficiently keeping the centre in the same place, offered up the bracket and drilled the four small rivet holes. An easy, cheap worthwhile upgrade.
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    Brown is a traditional colour for +12v for Lucas schemes.
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    50/50 weight distribution isn't the optimal set up for performance cars, you want the weight bias towards the rear in most cases for a good number of reasons.
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    Are 4 studs good? - I didn't realise. The chap who sold it to me was rather pleased of his 'washer modification' - not so sure myself I think it will be going back to standard including the colour coded bumpers and window frames (which I don't mind :)) - I am a bit of an original spec man, but not obsessive
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    I mentioned this in a previous post , looks way too cheap , but someone did say that the location would put some off . I suppose its a long way just to go have a look . I have just bought another narrow body excel ( from Glasgow ) , I was the only bidder , again , was this a location thing ? , or have I got a screw loose , and a sucker for anything cheap with Lotus badge . Think my wife will break my fingers soon , to keep me off ebay !!!
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    This is the perfect charger design to have it repalced by a 1900 version
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    My name's on Concorde Delta Golf at Brooklands. Doesn't mean I flew it.
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    That car looks so crisp on the road. Classic cars always look better when you see them like this rather than lined up at a show.
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    Took an iphone pic of my car and a nice 400 outside Hoffmanns:
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    ^^^ I used that music in my resto vid after seeing that advert! Just for old times sake... Buddsy

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