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    It's illogical to like the way a car looks, it is merely a machine at the end of the day but that is the driver with classics. Objectively they don't have much going for them. Subjectively an S2 one of the best looking Esprits of them all. I actually prefer it to the S1 but can't deny the extra allure and glamour of the first car. I am just so intrigued by how a 160bhp four cylinder supercar would drive and it would be impossible not to imagine Barbara Bach sitting next to me, that's worth a fair bit in itself! None of this makes any objective sense. But this nonsense is what saves us from an oblivion of joyless tedium. Objectivity has its many uses but it can't see beyond a Golf diesel. Most people here have an Essex in their dream garage. To achieve that they will have to pay an extraordinary premium for some blue paint and some decals. A fully restored Essex replica might well be in better mechanical order than an original Essex but wouldn't be worth even half as much. That makes no sense either but I wouldn't have it any other way!
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    Well I for one think this is a fantastic idea, in fact my latest project may just be road ready in time for the new legislation, it's nearly done what do you think?
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    Mine too I had a 1977 1300 in Copper colour which was absolutely fantastic. I was 19 at the time and loved it. Got rid of it as the rust started to show..
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    Hi Chris, The majority of customers have had a shop do the install which is what we recommend. Typically with a Version 1 install shops have just installed a simple Vinyl over the plinth. The reason we stopped producing those was due to slight variances in the cars. On a better note, your Mirror mounts are scheduled to be shipped by Friday
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    Hi Guys Just a quick note on fitting , don't strip the manifold down into its component parts, remove the old cast thing as per the manual. Clean all surfaces and threads. Fit the new manifold as a complete unit. Its a lot lighter than the original and so is easier to position. Fit the brace last , don't tighten the brace , it should be in a relaxed state i.e feel loose. I will try try and dig out a procedure we put up on an old thread some time ago if needed, Mark
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    Hi Guys I'm a newby to the Lotus scene and hope to get my Europa project up from Southampton in a week or so. Its in a pretty bad state so I will probably be looking for all the help and advice I can get. Its a 71 with a renault engine (siezed) - I would like to keep it as original as poss but no doubt it will need lots of bits and hopefully you will help with this. cheers for now
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    Not exactly selling like hot-cakes at those prices though. The first and last in particular have been up for sale for at least as long as I've been looking at Esprits.
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    Jonny, The thing i find strange about the Essex esprit is why do people love it so much ? I do not mean i do not love the essex esprit myself but why ? If lotus had say made thousands of these cars, would we love them as much as we do now. i.e is it we love it so much as it looks good, or simply the fact it was made in very small numbers that appeals to us and we just love its silver loud stickers as they have become accepted due to the exclusive numbers these where made in. I think if you painted a Turbo esprit in essex blue and put the stickers on it would feel wrong, although it looks like the real deal, its not numbered and never wil be. Hence why the real ones fetch so much money and are rare.
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    Very sad indeed. Ever since seeing one drive into Brooklands just in front of me, I've taken a real liking to the F40... It's replaced the Testarossa as my favorite Ferrari (I blame Miami Vice for that).
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    Thanks for the Austin venue date link, Bibs. I will put it on my calendar. "Stubbs" is a great music venue and quite a popular hangout around these here parts.
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    Taper wheel bearings should run with clearance (albeit minimal). Suggest either torque up to 5 lbs (while spinning the wheel) and then back off the nut 1/2 a flat. However, I generally just nip mine up and then back off until I can start to feel the first trace of movement when rocking top and bottom of the wheel firmly.
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    Bare in mind I have the fan switch on my dash so as soon as I see things creeping above 90 the fans go on and control things. As soon as I start rolling again I switch the fans off. Anything over 40mph on a free stretch (no traffic temp is around 80-85) sitting in traffic it will get hotter but as I say, fans on and everything falls back into line.
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    We don't need any expert input here. it handles so well due to mystery, black magic and classical artistry. lets not spoil the secret
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    Does this qualify as an Evora picture? I don't know, but it seemed worth sharing!
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    Lol - you sure got that right! Now let's see one of Trump v Clinton? And in other news, despite the harbingers of doom when Brexit was voted for, the economy is growing. Retail sales are growing. The NHS has not failed. We can still travel to Europe. And the rest of the world, in particular in Africa, Asia and South America has decided that without the UK's market the trade deals the EU is trying to impose on them are pish and not fair, bordering on being exploitative and bullying, and so they are all withdrawing from them and buying first class tickets to London for afternoon tea and cakes. Something to do with the value of their historic commonwealth ties and the more open and adaptable approach of the British to fair trade. Meanwhile, Hungary and former eastern Bloc countries want all immigrants/refugees to be sent back whence they came. The French Prime Minister has decided that immigrants/refugees in Calais need sorting out and they will have 4 months to apply for asylum or be deported and that immigrants/refugees should not be allowed to "surf" across the EU from country to country picking and choosing their destination of choice for asylum requests. Belgium police are offering free rides back to France, whether they want the ride or not, for all refugees who turned right rather than left and ended up in Belgium (let's face it, no one ever really wants to go to Belgium so after all they were obviously confused, or lost, anyway). Four or five EU member states have told Sturgeon that over their dead bodies will an Independent Scotland be allowed into Europe. Oh, and increasingly it looks like the French, Belgian, Dutch and possibly Danish governments will look to allow their people a voice on whether they stay. Finally, in the face of this revolt, the EU Commission is pressing ahead with its goals of creating a new Federal EU army that will clamp down on dissent and threaten all those who wish to leave and have warned Britain that as we have Brexited we have no say in this and should keep our noses out of it. In other shattering news, after 18 years, Zoe Ball and Norman Cook have announced that they are to have a Brexit of their own. The worlds gone slightly mad. So, it's good morning from me. And good morning from him.
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    Well last weekend we had some friends over to stay for a couple of day's. It was maybe because one owned an Evora, older one (2012) but nice all the same. I had the chance to take it for a run on the Saturday evening and well, what can I say. First couple of miles just getting used to her, tight gearbox, quick steering etc., then a stop to properly adjust the driving position etc. Now I say to my friend, can I give her some bean's. Oh yes and did I not half. Almost red lined a few times, 2nd 3rd and 4th. Nice long straight with a few dips, unclassified quiet road mind you so you can guess it was quiet and as it was a very long straight I could see well ahead. Further on we had a few miles of nice tight bends and switchback's, Wow. I have always loved the shape and sound of the Evora, and once a wee while back I almost bought one. But this was too me, far better than the GT3Rs or the Vanquish I was in a few weeks ago. Maybe because I was driving this time it felt better, but man was it good. Oh, and the owner, well we got back to the house and he went for a shower. He had never had is car out in the countryside with a bit of bean's before. Yep, I loved it. Thank's Tim for the opportunity, you are both more than welcome back anytime. If I can borrow the car again.
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    Get a few Japanese production engineers into Hethel, that might do it? That is one thing they do VERY well.
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    The bigger issue is that they just rewarmed the "old" Topgear with new presenters. Matt was the highlight of the show, but without a new format even he is doomed to the eternal failed comparison with the three stooges.
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    Great Pictures Filip i wish i also was there, but one day i will be there, its a trip of 300 KM. but its worth it, i know allready a couple of owners, and its great to be there to make a trip! just a picture from one of mine esprits, :
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    Gave my S4s a wash today... Water still beading up nicely have a ceramic coating was applied a couple of months ago.