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    Mine too I had a 1977 1300 in Copper colour which was absolutely fantastic. I was 19 at the time and loved it. Got rid of it as the rust started to show..
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    Hi Chris, The majority of customers have had a shop do the install which is what we recommend. Typically with a Version 1 install shops have just installed a simple Vinyl over the plinth. The reason we stopped producing those was due to slight variances in the cars. On a better note, your Mirror mounts are scheduled to be shipped by Friday
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    Hi Guys Just a quick note on fitting , don't strip the manifold down into its component parts, remove the old cast thing as per the manual. Clean all surfaces and threads. Fit the new manifold as a complete unit. Its a lot lighter than the original and so is easier to position. Fit the brace last , don't tighten the brace , it should be in a relaxed state i.e feel loose. I will try try and dig out a procedure we put up on an old thread some time ago if needed, Mark
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    Hi Guys I'm a newby to the Lotus scene and hope to get my Europa project up from Southampton in a week or so. Its in a pretty bad state so I will probably be looking for all the help and advice I can get. Its a 71 with a renault engine (siezed) - I would like to keep it as original as poss but no doubt it will need lots of bits and hopefully you will help with this. cheers for now
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    Just another heads up to you all - a whole tonne of GT4 parts etc have just gone up, inc wheels etc. Might be worth a look to some of you.
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    thee whole right hasnd side of my under the oil tank was beautifully preserved under a thick layer of oil. Most likely from years of fill ups without being very careful. Still it helped unbolting the rear suspension bits Keep up the good work
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    Thanks for the Austin venue date link, Bibs. I will put it on my calendar. "Stubbs" is a great music venue and quite a popular hangout around these here parts.
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    A65 JEX was owned by @Trevsked for a while too
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    Taper wheel bearings should run with clearance (albeit minimal). Suggest either torque up to 5 lbs (while spinning the wheel) and then back off the nut 1/2 a flat. However, I generally just nip mine up and then back off until I can start to feel the first trace of movement when rocking top and bottom of the wheel firmly.
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    A cracking day and great to see so many familiar faces again....I feel soooooo gutted I don't have my car any more ....but freshly resolved that I will be back in a lotus again soon. although not if I have too many more of those fine burgers
  13. 1 point He's got an amazing voice. We were treated to a 'private performance' (err, rehearsal in the afternoon) and it was stunning!
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    We don't need any expert input here. it handles so well due to mystery, black magic and classical artistry. lets not spoil the secret
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    On perfectly flat surfaced "mint" condition asphalt it tracks as if on rails. Imperfections in the road surface (subtle "ruts" and such) do tend to make the car "hunt" on occasion, but I wouldn't necessarily call it "nervous."
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    This kind of say's it all for me. You sit in, drive and you feel as one. I had more enjoyment in my first S3 than I did with the S4, the Elise, Exige or even the Evora I drove last weekend for that matter. The Evora was and is great, but in a well prepared and tuned S3 it just felt right to be sitting hunkered down in the seat, in a well balanced car that you could feel what you were doing and how it responded. Just loved it.
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    I wasn't seeking to become a distributor, just interested in the group buy and assume it may be easier to ship the order in bulk to one UK address. Was hoping for bigger discount on the group buy too - lets see how many actually want to buy..... I'll start. I set please, V2, matt black.
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    The result would be a sportscar that costs 50% more, looks incredibly sleek, but is outperformed by a Subaru. And more people will sell their soul to buy one than Porsche ever built. OK, I'll admit I'm an android person. But the logical reaction would be for Google to buy Lotus
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    It goes green over here and we hardly get any sunshine! The green would originally have been black or dark brown. As someone said above, another forum member had great results with fabric dye. I've seen the results first hand and it was excellent. The interior of my first S1 had gone green just like yours. I'd keep the fabric and dye it. Heck of a lot cheaper than replacement. Bet I know who got home first.....
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    The bigger issue is that they just rewarmed the "old" Topgear with new presenters. Matt was the highlight of the show, but without a new format even he is doomed to the eternal failed comparison with the three stooges.
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    Don't think they need a replacement for Evans. The shear number of presenters last series was one of the problems, I reckon. They can spend the money saved on making a better show.