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    I use them from time to time, Wayne will look after you, he's been working on Lotuses for years
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    Hope you don't mind Norbert - add comments on your thread as this is after thread... Day 2 - dry roads, dpm set to Race and full throttle application - WOW! This is just so bloody amazing and addictive - I am so loving this upgrade and falling in love with my car even more.... Can't wait for a hooning trip and or track day - hopefully both soon. Guys those of you who are undecided - don't wait do it, you will have no regret and you will be totally thrilled. This what the Exige cup should have been all about.
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    Note the gentleman to the rear craning for better look, and the lady making sure her husband is not paying too much attention.
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    Speaking of a fellow New Yorker, this says it all for me...
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    So I grew up in Queens County, one of the five boroughs of NYC. Queens has given birth to the likes of The Ramones, Run-D.M.C., Frank Profera...and The Donald. When I was a kid, I played touch football in the park with John Leguizamo (another Queens boy). I can guarantee you that if The Donald had ever showed up Jackson Heights -- not only the most the most ethnically and sexually diverse neighborhood in Queens, but in the entire USA -- that we would have beat the living snot out of his whining punk ass. He's the most un-tough tough guy this place has ever produced and a complete poser.
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    Wow, you're right - looked closely and found way more!
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    If a car could be a minger, this Fiat mings. !!!
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    So, as some of you may know I have had the stereo in my Evora 400 upgraded. I believe the sound quality of the car is poor, regardless of the price point that it was being sold it and could be fixed. I love the exhaust noise as much as anyone, but there are plenty of occasions when I want to enjoy my other music. I had a few criteria for the upgrade: 1. It should be as invisible as possible 2. It should not require any cutting/modification of the vehicle's panels 3. It should be reasonably priced - in my opinion less than £1,000 I spoke to a few companies but in the end went to Peter Doidge in Great Yarmouth. I met them whilst at the Gt Yarmouth show. Very good people, I dealt with a chap there called Scott. We looked at the car together, I heard some of their speaker options and we decided on a kit comprising Hertz speakers and a JL audio sub. Hertz are an Italian company specialising in car audio and seem to have a very good reputation. My largest concern with the Evora, particularly the 400, was clearance for the speakers. Better speakers are usually bigger and I knew the ones Lotus were using would be cheap and therefore not very deep. I was reasonably confident about the door speakers and tweeters, but not the sub. We also weren't sure where to place the new amplifier - ideally we wanted it out of sight. By chance, I showed them the video that's on YouTube of a chap in America who was upgrading his S1 Evora's audio: Bear in mind the tweeter and door speaker setup is different in the 400. Lotus shrunk the front speakers, which will not help at all. However the subwoofer setup is the same. By happy coincidence, the amplifier recommended to me at PD was exactly the same brand these guys fitted, so we knew it would fit. A price was agreed of £980 including VAT and fitting, parts were ordered and the car was booked in. My upgrade consisted of: Hertz Mille Pro 130.3 Mid-range and tweeter combo with crossovers Hertz High Energy ES 200.5 Subwoofer JL Audio 400/4 Amplifier Audison Cables Dynamat for the doors I supplied the guys with the Lotus service notes for dismantling the car, I had also agreed with Lotus that this wouldn't affect my warranty - unless of course they broke the head unit in the process. The head unit being aftermarket is good, because it makes their life much easier. The disassembly was apparently not very tricky, although it is obviously not the easiest car to move around in. The guys were total professionals and used towels etc... to cover any surfaces at risk of being scratched. One problem was discovered early on. Each car head unit has a cable bundle at the back which allows connection to whatever you need. Lotus' harness was missing many connections, including the all-important front RCA connections. Lotus amped the speakers direct from the head unit (one reason sound isn't great), so we are currently going to replace that with a correct harness. In the meantime, we are running the speakers off the high-level outputs. Not ideal, but certainly works. I'll report back later if there is an audible difference. The door speakers were first out, I was very curious to see what type of speakers Lotus were actually using. I had suspected Alpine - on a recent factory visit I wanted to look at a door speaker but the types of speakers being used now are different to the ones in my car. The new cars are using a cheap Alpine OEM thing, mine has this Clarion unit. Pictured side-by-side with the Hertz, you can see a big difference I looked them up, the Clarion unit sells for around £29 a pair. Harly inspiring. The Hertz units fit straight in. I knew that the tweeters would be more difficult, as they are glued in. Lotus recommend buying a whole new A-pillar which is supplied with the tweeter in place. Fortunately, they do come out easily. We couldn't identify the tweeters, other than to say they were extremely cheap! (Original left, new one on the right) They are slightly different sizes, so we're still working on a solution that fits the Hertz unit which pleases my OCD. There was however no issue with clearance - again something I was worried about. Lotus' placement of the tweeter is really not ideal at all, one reason sound in the car is always going to be compromised. The S1 was much better in this regard. Finally, the subwoofer. Lotus use some weird thing, I really don't know what to call it. But subwoofer seems a bit generous. The Lotus factory woofer... The Hertz replacement... You can't tell easily but the factory woofer is fairly shallow, it has no chance of producing any sound! There's no identifying marks on it to say who made it either - always the sign of a quality product Here is the factory sub/amp install: ...and the new Hertz/JL combination As you can see, it fits nicely and neatly and is basically invisible. All of the wiring was done professionally and was harness together. It uses the same channels and run as the factory harness. So you basically can't tell. The only giveaway visually is the tweeters at the front now say Hertz on them. The doors were all dynamatted up where possible, without going overboard The car was put back together after dialling in the system a little bit. The total install time was just over a day (dropped off 12am, picked up 5pm the next day). I expect if any of you want this done it may be quicker as they now know what they're up against. I will be revisiting for a tweaking session soon but here are my initial thoughts. Bear in mind speakers need time to run in, like an engine, during which their sound can change significantly - The biggest improvement is in the mid-range, vocals are much more prominent - Bass is far more musical, although I am still finding a level that is "just right". - It's a pronounced improvement over the old system but will take a while to fine tune and get it perfect Overall, if you want serious sound out of the Evora you will need to start hacking things about and getting far more serious, but I believe I've taken the car as far as can be gone with a "factory look" system. You no longer need a crazy EQ just to produce mildly good sound. I would recommend this upgrade to anyone who fancies it - there are many options you can change and you can spend either more or less, depending on your needs. The only issue I have noticed is that my bluetooth calling no longer seems to work properly - the audio is very distorted. However bluetooth streaming is working absolutely fine. I'm not sure if this is related to the work done, but the PD team are going to have a look at it for me anyway and see what they can do - I'm having an "aftercheck" to get a few things tweaked. As this was the first time they've encountered this type of car, they wanted to get everything perfect. I can thoroughly recommend them. Anyway, hope that's helped a few people
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    The 70s - what a decade
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    Read your other thread, Gavin. FWIW, I much prefer the Komotec exhaust over the standard set up.
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    I let you settle up the repair cost when the end breaks off in the gearbox then ;-) Buddsy
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    I remember watching that documentary with my old chum one point at the Albert Hall concert, Dylan stopped playing...Bonzo said "He's going to tune his guitar!!!"...and, sure enough, he did....Bonzo shouting "I WAS THERE!!!! I WAS THERE!!!! In a BOX...." Nice to see the poet of our age so honoured.
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    Thanks Buddsy, Changes and Molemot. All useful information there. We'll be disassembling the engine over the next 2 weeks and check these out before we decide how to proceed. I've seen cylinder 4 water jacket problems before on other engines, particularly Rootes 1592cc. Possibly because of being furthest away from the water pump perhaps? Cheers for the photos. First class. Regards, David.
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    Glad to hear that. They are quite easy to clean with some general degreaser, the same stuff you use to prep the tyre wall before sticking them on. I eventually found that there was some kind of protective coating on them that yellowed slightly over time. I didn't realise it was on there but I peeled it off and the letters are even brighter white underneath. Not sure if the later batch I sent out has this or not but could be worth checking. Painting the letters white on original NCTs is such a palava I was very tempted to stick a set of these letters on some actual NCTs!
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    bugger - 3 days into ownership and I've hacked off most of the forum 4 cylinders are the best!! Just going outside now with my hacksaw to remove the ones I don't need
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    As the former owner of the blue Turbo StTropez I still love the shape of them. Always gave me a good feeling entering the garage. Think I am on the "love them" side It is good to see this long time dissappeared car bouncing to the surface again. Rare birds these St Tropez convertibles. Only a good handful built. Has to be fun to own the only yellow one existing. As soon as you start the Rover V8 implemented engine with that fantastic gourgling sound it adds for sure to the unique appearance.
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    I've done about 3000 miles with the letters on and they are still as good as the day I fitted them. No issues whatsoever and the car looks so much better for having them. A big tick from me
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    I put a pack of crisps in there as a joke... Wasn't a joke when i forgot about them for a few weeks and they blew in the heat the other day..
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    Cracking pics of some wonderful transport.They were more than welcome to sit on my bonnet.
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    Frank: its still the same system only the location of the "cooler" is different ... I will show you what I mean when I am back from vacation and I make it up to you for a coffee ?
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    I know it 's a different car, but just had the same issue on an M100. Started bt replacing the CTS which made a huge difference, then went through the vacuum pipes one at a time and actually found two faulty ones. One had a split where it connected t a hard pipe, the second had all perished. Idle RPM now gone from 1200 back to 900. This was done after paying a first time visit to Craig Moncreif the Lotus man in Edinburgh to have all the belts changed as I couldn't get it done myself. Great service form this guy and at a competitive price. Supply and fit all three belts, change oil filter again as I wanted a fresh one after cover 300 odd miles after the car had been standing for 6 years, although I had fitted a new one when she was flushed, just thought it would be a good plan while they had access. Total cost under £300 quid and that was with 5 hrs labor I was impressed with there professionalism. The guys even took time to give me a few pointers on how I could further improve the little Greenie which I did the following day and had a call to see if all went ok. Barry, you just know you are not getting that car. Oh and the little rescued Green Elan is now going to a new home with a first time Lotus owner so another good result.
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    So time again to pay for the privilege of having fun on this forum, being able to slag Bibs off, having friendly banter with other like minded people and getting bucket loads of help and advice on projects and problems as well as sometimes being able to help out other's. Wouldn't miss it for anything, surely the best valued £20 I spend any year so more than happy with it. And still only £20. Bargain. Cheers Bibs for keeping a great forum going. Cant afford to go Gold though.
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    It's a funny magnet - poor girls stuck to it
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    Pm me when your ready, as at work but I can call later if you wanted. The exhaust was supposed to come with the extended vacuum line by the way, just they missed it out. Luckily Hangar 111 sent it down asap
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    I was actually impressed with the quality, especially on the mirrors. Although the writing was a tad inappropriate ideally. They would have been fitted if I had a car to put them on
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    I'll bring mine whatever the weather ...
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    With My car Perhaps the best one with regards to James Bond Lotus connection, Caroline Munro
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    Here they are with their "friends." I wouldn't want to sack them as they may come up with another activity.
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    And what is wrong with 4 cylinders
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    I posted this up on facebook so for those who arent on there. A couple of weeks ago there was a race called the Yare Navigation race. It goes from Coldham Hall Sailing club on the out skirts of Norwich to Great Yarmouth and back again. Its approx 40 miles round trip. Race is for the broads cruisers. Have to be pre 1979 but most are about 1900 -1910. Some years it takes them all day to get out and back. This year the winners done it in under 4 hrs. I shot a bit of film and it was an impressive sight seeing these big old cruisers looking for all the world as if they were going to tip over or hit the bank! Buddsy
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    Need some colour to balance things out.......
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    There once was a man bought a Bentley, Broke the news to his wife very gently, She told him to sell, so he said "Go to hell!" And carried on with the Triumph reassembly.
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    My car lives!!!! i am very pleased to report that I picked up my car this morning and all the issues have been resolved. To say I am very pleased would be an understatement but I would equally say that Greg at hanger111 is also very pleased. We were all in a tight corner and the car would not yield... Thru preservance Greg has managed to find the needle in the haystack that was causing the problems. Quick recap - issue was two fold a misfire on cold start pointing to an air leak and during road testing some slight hesitations. They chased, replaced, reviewed and resolved: - o2 sensors; maf sensors; checked injectors; charger seal; wiring; the install and its various connections; earthing etc. Each time one of these pointed to be the problem but each time once replaced checked/repaired - the issue was not resolved. I think in the process several o2 sensors blew out and got replaced - a detailed ecu readout of my car ad another 460 upgraded car was reviewed, which showed 'funny' fuelling at start up - final root cause turned to be a 'worn' charger diverter valve which had slowly degraded thru heat being near to the exhaust and lead to fuelling issues which triggered the maf, which affected the o2 and ultimately lead to an mil ... needless to say Greg at hanger111 has learned a lot about the v6 issues and that the issues on my car are likely to be common on others as they go thru the heat cycles - since mine is on 14k miles it has probably had the most heat cycles and hence showing the issue. Greg thinks there are many cars with the same issue... Before anyone jumps in asking about costs etc. I was only charged for the final set of new parts fitted and associated labour (ie maf ad o2 sensors) - so all the additional o2 sensors or all the diagnostic time was at hanger111's cost - I would hate to imagine how many 10's of hours that have been spent on trying to resolve this, must be over a hundred! So, in the end it's a big relief and I am very happy with the outcome as well as the upgrade.
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    CaterhamPorky 2016 - 400: Metallic Grey, black leather pack, black forged wheels, cruise control, manual Picked it up brand new on 8th Oct
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    Dysons. If they were half as good as the claim why is it every commercial cleaner uses Henrys? I got a Henry its bloody awesome! Buddsy
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    Far too much info too just quote spring rates.... We have tried various springs between 500 and 950 on the front and 700 and 1300 on the rear It also largely depends upon what you want / expect from the car, Lotus offer the car with 550/1100 springs on the Nitron kits. These are ok but in my opinion have there short comings on the road (rear) and on the track (front) Additionally there is a whole host of testing and adjustments we have made to damper lengths (overall and stroke) as well as changes to pistons, shim stacks and valves in the dampers for the V6. One set of dampers that have been fitted to Ishy's V6 have had about 6 sets of different springs before we found the sweet spot for what he wanted. My car is totally different spring wise (very very stiff) but the on road manners are quite acceptable to me, but brilliant on circuit. I spent yesterday at Donington and used 140litres of super unleaded fine tuning damper settings. Like wise Ishy has just completed a 2500 mile euro trip and in that time he did lots of damper tweaking, I have to say I am impressed with where he has ended up. I shall be sending his dampers back to Nitron (hopefully next week) for which we hope will be the last 'adjustment to internal damper parts
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    I think this sums up the feelings....
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    Trump is getting nailed to the wall again. You can tell the difference between an experienced politician and a privileged billionaire who has spent his life surrounded by yes men.
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    Why don't they just change the rules and say Obama is staying for another term? I know they can't, but it is a much better option than either of these two.
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    My Lotus: My Land Rover: Who needs a Mini...?
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    is the 2.2 eclat worth more than a s1 eclat ? - Yes, quite a bit more. is the 2.2 eclat worth more tthan an early excel ? - Yes, although early narrow body excels are finally firming up in value, still a bit of a disparity though. a grand isn't a disaster - far from it. you could break it for more just from selling the transmission and scrap 912 for rebuild.. Interest in these cars is rising, and the S2's are the pick of the bunch. Expect to replace both door beams as they are likely to have all the structural rigidity of weetabix. Have a good look at the trailing arms as contrary to public opinion, not everything was galvanised on the S2. The interior of S2 cars can survive pretty well vs S1 facrics. If the front seats are too far gone, xjs ones fit quite well. Others have used donors from mx5's and suchlike with good results. If you remove the upper dash pad carefully (the bit with moss growing on it) you might find it is saveable. Also, probably telling my gran to suck eggs, but don't even think about hitting that starter until you have whipped the plugs out and left a thin penetrating oil to pool on the piston tops for a day or so, and gently turned it over with a long bar on the crank pulley- a little bit at a time, forward and back until it'll do a full rotation without complaining. Once its free, change that belt and oil. Strip the carbs, then you can see if it'll fire up... have fun!
  47. 1 point One thing is for sure — after what he pulled in Scotland he clearly doesn't give a rat's ass about any of you in the UK.
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    Cheers Bibs. I bought it because I love the look of it and of course Bond had one. So I've got the cars, got the watch and if I squint a lot, I've got the girl.
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    The wheels look great and actually look "deeper dish" at the rear than the BBS wheels. So I see it now sits on a set of Pirellis that the way it's staying? I wonder how it drives on those - I'm guessing it will be a harder ride........but I'm also guessing you'll have to wait until March to find out. Are the old Goodyears going onto the Gold set of wheels? Nice work!

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