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    Happy 70th Lotus! The Duke of Richmond, Lotus CEO Feng Quinfeng and Clive Chapman cut the cake! We're also very pleased to announce that the Lotus Festival will be heading to Hethel this year on the 29th September where we'll be celebrating the Lotus 70th Anniversary, more details to follow!
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    So last week me and the Exige V6 (aka Magpie) passed our three year anniversary. I’ve been lucky enough to own the car since new and we’ve both been on a journey, for some reason, I felt slightly compelled to share some of that journey. In particular the upgrades I’ve made so I can share my feedback as I’ve looked to improve upon the base car over the time of my ownership. Maybe its because of the 10 odd pages of debate clogging up my TLF notifications on the new Exige 380 Cup that I thought it would be nice to change the subject of the day. I hope my journey is of interest and ill look to update this thread over time. To set the scene, I’ve owned an M3, an M3 CSL, R35 GTR, and a 997.2 Club Sport GT3, the move from the Porsche to the Lotus was part of a ‘downsizing’ exercise, but the actual purchase of the Exige happened sooner than expected! I live in the South West and at the time no one had one of the Exige V6s in stock to view, it was on a trip to Southampton where I had a meeting for work, the meeting finished sooner than expect so I thought I’d test my luck and check of any lotus dealers in the area. Low and behold Snows Hedge End dealership was 5 miles away, checked their stock and saw they had an orange one in stock. Phew, I knew I didn’t want an orange one so I was safe to visit to check the proportions of the car without worrying about making an impulse purchase! Well that plan didn’t fricking work as on arrival this sparkling example had just been delivered to the dealership. BALLS. A chat and coffee with the sales guy and I thought I’d make a cheeky offer, the offer was intended to prod around to understand where they may bend on the price. It was cheeky, very cheeky, so I wrote it on a piece of paper and explained ‘I have this money in the bank, and can purchase and settle before the end of month.’ The chap walked away, here I am thinking okay he’s gonna kick me out here! Anyway five minutes later comes back and says ‘you’ve got a deal’. BALLS number 2. Literally at that moment of shaking hands, the wifey calls…. “Where are you?” Me “Ermm…. My meeting finished early”, wifey “Are you at a Lotus dealer,” me “Errr yes they have a white one,” wifey “We need to talk, I’ve got something to tell you…” So here I am now freaking out as to whats going on as her tone is a little out of the normal… after a bit of questioning I eventually find out… “Im pregnant” Lets just say the news of expecting our little one was awesome, the purchase of a Lotus at the same time was lets say somewhat - BALLS number 3. Pick up day finally arrived… Straight into detailing to remove the swirl marks left by the factory What followed from this point was a very fast fall into a track day addiction. In some ways an addiction far more expensive than drugs and alcohol but we all need some form of vice in our lives… Funny enough both of these pictures above are wifey driving… Not when she was pregnant I dare say but very soon after our little one was born. Thanks to Lotus Silverstone for the install of the LMS tow ring at the time of the running in service. The install is very easy, some folks seem to get caught up about cutting the grill, its literally I small cut which no one really notices. Its not a big deal you don’t need a separate grill for track and road. If you haven’t already installed a tow ring then my recommendation is to give Dave at Seriously Lotus a call, he has the same item as Lotus but at 60% of the Lotus robbing cost! Second track day in and the brakes seemed a bit dodgy, seemed as though I’d completely killed the standard brake fluid. So off to Williams Automobiles for a fluid change to Castrol SRF. First challenge of the day, Lotus had given me the wrong locking wheel nut key (such fun!). One week later still no success with Lotus and tracking down the right locking nut later, so a dodgy call to AA ‘I have a flat, lost my locking key’ and a very friendly AA man who understood my situation and was a Lotus fan! Said locking nuts were safely removed with their super special tools. Locking wheel nuts nasty invention! Anyway back to the story, eventually got the brake fluid changed to SRF and what a difference, highly recommend changing the brake fluid to SRF if you’re going to do track days in your Lotus. Just remember to change SRF every 12 months. So brakes are now better, but the car felt a little floaty and to be honest way too high for my liking. Personally the Exige from factory looks ‘jacked up’ so desperately needs lowering. I looked at all options from Nitron and came to the following conclusion (at the time): 1-Way: Cheapest option. Would provide the ‘lowering’ fix I needed and provide a simple level of adjustability. 2-Way: Only available from Lotus. 3-Way: Great levels of flexibility and adjustment but arguably could be confusing. Also the most expensive (worth the extra vs Lotus 2-Way). Knowing many S2 owners being very happy with 1-Way I went down this route as spending over £3.5K on a 3-Way setup at the time just felt overkill. << INSERT MENTAL PICTURE OF NITRONS AS NEVER TOOK A PICTURE >> The whole Nitron install was a major faff at the time to be honest, the first set I had installed actually raised the car! So three sets later and eventually Nitron was able to provide a setup that allowed for the right ride height. I must give Pat (who now works at Hoffmans) a major shout out for his perseverance and level of excellent customer care. He was absolutely awesome and I cant recommend high highly enough! I’ve since learnt that Nitron have changed their dampner specs to accomadate a lower ride height following my install. Further, I know Dave at Seriously Lotus felt the same as me and his Nitron’s have the shorter spec to accommodate a lower ride height but without detriment to performance. One tip shared which seems to have worked was spraying ACF-50 Anti Corrosion on to the coilovers whilst still new to help prevent corrosion. This is the spray you want... Good stuff and must say I think has made a world of difference as my Nitrons still look in great health three years later. One point I would make is keep the adjustments clean and well oiled, I typically spray a bit of GT40 on the clicker adjustment every time I adjust. They seem to get sticky now and again so frequent adjustment to keep them nicely free and in good clicking order is advised. Here’s a side view pic of the car against a Cup, for me the car now has the perfect ride height and looks like a proper exotic. The picture isn’t the best but I would say there is no to little side on gap between arch and tyre, whereas for me theres still a substantial gap even on the Cups which are lower than the V6 from factory. The look of the car completely changed for the better. No major issues with ground clearance, for normal speed bumps taken with care no problems, most car parks also fine. Goes with out saying, if you’re conscious the car is a lot lower, you’re mindful of the dangers and take everything with care to minimize any risks. For example those tight nasty windy steep NCP car parks – Avoid like the plague. Immediate improvement on track with the Nitrons for sure a good move, I find 8 clicks from full hard on the front and 6 clicks from full hard on the back is great for most tracks. For good surface tracks you can go 6 on the front and 4 on the back. I have played with the settings on the road typically 12 clicks from full on the front and 10 clicks from full on the back this seems fine, I would say road compliance has definitely become harder with the nitrons and not as nice as standard for road usage. I did try 14 clicks on the front and 12 clicks on the rear but found it then became bouncy on rebound. Maybe this is where the 2 or 3-way option would have been a better option as rebound can be adjusted separately to bump where as 1-way its all one setting for bump and rebound. In hindsight I should have gone 3-Way but at the time the cost was too high for me personally, whereas now you can find them as second hand buys which makes the cost a little more acceptable. My next plans for the Nitrons are to start playing with the spring rates, at first going harder on the front, this is something Dave at Seriously Lotus has been experimenting with and over the course of this year will take his recommendations and test for myself. You’ll also notice I changed the wheel colour to black, the diamond polished wheels where starting to ‘milk’ so after a battle with Lotus they agreed to pay for a re-furb of all wheels and change to black. I was never a fan of the diamond cut to be honest. Later that year Lotus would go on to remove the diamond cut option from its option list. I understand this was due to supplier problems, quality, and other ‘milking’ issues. Fancy canards where also installed, it was amazing to feel the increased downforce these little pieces of plastic create… only kidding, they just look good, but more on front downforce on future posts. So that’s years 2014 and 2015 done.
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    Bring back Dany. I love Dany. Lotus was awesome when Dany was in charge. There were girls and helicopters and country pads and cool stuff like that. Who cares about steady ships and lightweight labs and maybe 3 future cars, maybe. Dany had 5! Which is more. And therefore betterer. And his hair was literally the best of every other automotive CEO. Even the German ones. You can’t buy that.
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    I was very fortunate to head to Woking today on the invite of a good friend to have a nose around the factory. It's huge, and incredibly clean. You could eat dinner off of the production floor which is all white tiles and spotless and it was rammed with cars, they're very busy at the moment. Very impressive place, lots of Ron's influence about there and some amazing historic cars on display plus tonnes more tucked around the place and the trophy cabinets go on a loooong way!
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    What, you mean this little beauty*? *Subject to workshop inspection but deposit paid
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    900 miles at the weekend, mainly based around the NC500 route in Scotland. Excellently organised by the team at Rev. Limits. Some pictures of my car from the event.
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    Hello All! Despite everything I've been told and read I couldn't resist....I have always loved Esprits! I'm not shy of picking up a socket and have built/modified/restored my fair share of cars in the past, so when this car came up I think the fact that it was modified, and that it has pretty high mileage under its wheels (78k) it put most people off, but I was intrigued. It is one of the first "facelift" V8s (built in '97, registered in '98) and is Nautilus Blue. I bought it from a lovely 76 year old Lotus nut (also has other Lotuses) in Cheshire and who had had it for a few years and had looked after it pretty well. Before he bought it the previous owner had modified it extensively with forged pistons, new liners, chargecooler, hybrid turbos, ARP head bolts, Forge waste gates new fuel tanks, Quaife LSD, Alcon 6 pot front and AP 4 pot rear brakes, OZ Novas, round rear lights and centre exit, as you can see its has been pretty heavily worked over. I had PNM look it over, and although there are a couple of (usual) things, it got the nod from Pete so I decided to give it a shot. Its with PNM right now having some of the jobs done (gearbox oil leak, new engine and g'box mounts and make the heater work), so I don't actually have the car yet and hope to pick it up next weekend. So, here's the rub.....and where I need the help of the forum if possible. At the moment the boost comes in with a bang at 4,000rpm. The guy I bought it off said that it used to be much more progressive, but its been stood outside (under a lean to) for the last couple of years and I think the lack of use has affected something. PNM are going to have a quick look to see if anything obvious is wrong, but if anyone has any ideas what may be causing this I would massively appreciate your advice. Boost control leak, sticking actuators? Also, if anyone knows anything about this car, or who modified it (or had it done) please let me know. Apparently it was a guy called Roy, who lives near Doncaster - so if that's you, please drop me a PM - I'd LOVE to talk through the history of the car with you and get it back to full fighting fitness. There isn't a lot of documentation with the car, and no invoices from the modifications so I'm trying to work back. Before you all agree too quickly with my self diagnosis of automotive madness, I should add that the car has run pretty well faultlessly for the last few years since it was modified (according to Barrie who I bought it off), and the boost problem is relatively recent, so it seems that the work was done well.... So any info, ideas and help will be gratefully received. Here's a pic (from before I bought it)....
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    Ahoy Gents. thought i'd share some pics and learnings from my recent road trip in the Esprit. Route was Essex > Brussels > Luxembourg > Black Forest (Germany) > Liechtenstein > Lake Como (italy) > Paris > Essex Car was an absolute dream with no issues throughout the trip. I was particularly impressed with how cool the car stayed even in the super hot Italian days and stand still traffic. Only slight niggle is the windscreen wiper (slow speed) sometimes takes a while to turn off but im sure this is just a sloppy connection in the lever. We favored the twisty turny mountain passes over the shortcuts and tunnels and although some corners were a bit hairy it was well worth it for the views. The car has a non-standard exhaust on it and just sounds amazing through the hillside tunnels and small streets. The car was in pretty decent mechanical condition when i bought it, with the main issue being poor tuning and a few age related issues where the car hasn't been in regular use. We changed all fluids although both oil and coolant were decent but better to be safe. I fitted a new fuel filer, spark plugs and checked all ignition items which were in decent condition already. Tuned the carbs over the course of a few hours of slight changes but we got it spot on as it pulls smoothly with no hesitation, but also not running too rich as quieter on the motorways. Didn't loose any fluids or need to top anything up. so a huge success for the old boy.
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    Congratulations @Mark Allin
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    Essex 018 finally ready for the road . More Essex 018
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    Miles. Bar the first 8k, all mine. 7 years.
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    Happy Christmas to all our Lotus friends - hope you enjoy watching the video!
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    Well I hope so, after around 3 years of looking I took delivery this week of an S3 Esprit :-) I'm really hoping it is a good one, it does appear to be but I am no expert, bought it from UK Sports cars, it has been totally restored and in honesty it is as if it has been transported back from 1985 as it is almost like new but it has done 74,000 miles and has had 12 owners, so I am lucky No 13. I must admit I was taken by it's condition and decided that if there are mechanical gremlins then everything is fixable, time will tell I guess but at the moment I am very happy :-) I had the wheels diamond cut and painted before delivery but will look to add a set of Comps in the not too distant future. Does anyone know anything about this car? Only good news please :-) Cheers, Paul.
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    Picked this up today. Only limited time in the car in rush hour, wet roads and running car in. Initial thoughts are very compliant ride , great noise from engine and exhaust, decent gearbox, interior feels special with great seats and all the mod cons on dash soundsystem etc, light steering but still communicative, feels like it will have some real grunt . Love the look of the car, especially rear three quarters. Will have better feedback tomorrow on dry roads. Gut feel is this is a hybrid equivalent of an Evora and an Elise/Exige. Will feed back more as I drive it. Some phone snapshot for the mo.
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    Today I collected my new Lotus Exige Sport 350 in Vivid Green in Mendig from KomoTec - unsuprising I'am still overwhelmed and just totally happy Beside the cool colour above all I'am exited about the AIM KomoTec MXS Strada Display - the quality of craftmanship conducted by KomoTec here is outstanding - regard how their control buttons for the MXS are intergated in the cover of the steering wheel! Awesome!
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    Nice roadtrip done... More pictures here:
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    Actually a body and chassis and a bit more. The body was originally silver according to Richard. Anyway I’ll do a full full write up in due course. The car was acquired almost 5 years ago believe it or not and the restoration is almost complete.
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    First start after rebuild (Essex 006 LHD) Only issue today-alternator belt was too loose.I will get the performance chart tomorow.Best present for christmas ever I can,t upload a short Video ,so there are only photos...
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    Collected the car from Hofmanns with my trailer. Just done 20 miles round my test route.. Two letters to describe my car now Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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    Out for a drive around Essex this evening. Nothing better than B road blat ending at nice pub.
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    Managed to get the Essex out for a quick spin today.
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    Superdudes! And beardy types. I am about to return my Esprit to the roads of Britain and thought I would give you a bit of a heads up, seeing as you're into this type of thing. But, please note; a, this is not a restoration, and, b, I have not done any of the work myself (thankfully for all concerned, including the car). Background - two and a half years ago I decided to buy an S1 and modify it (on the basis that the car in original form could not be considered a daily driver). But, it became clear that to modify an S1 would be a bit like touching up the Mona Lisa, so I decided not to take on the sandal and pipe brigade and settled for an S2. Now, at the time, there were actually more S1's (one) on the market than S2's (none)! The market has changed muchly since then (there are now more S2's (and Sport 350's, weirdly) than bearded middle aged men to drive them!). Luckily, Bibs rode his keyboard to the rescue and I ended up buying a partially restored S2 from Bell and Colvill, which happened to laying low at their super secret workshop in Bristol; namely Tomorrow's Classics. And, there it has remained for the past two and a half years, being stripped and poked and hammered and bolted. And sworn at. The intent - To create a 'G' Esprit that can be used everyday, with absolute priority going to safety and reliability, without fundamentally altering the look. The work - the list of work completed on the car is, not unusually, quite extensive. So, please take all the elements of a standard 'body off' 'nut-and-bolt' restoration as read, including upgrading where practicable. In sum, the major work has included: Mechanical: Refurbished, powder-coated chassis Refurbished and upgraded engine to high compression 2.2 litre fuel injection system and stainless steel exhaust Upgraded suspension system, lowered and adjusted for larger wheels Upgraded brakes Upgraded gearbox and clutch with new gear linkages, lightweight flywheel, clutchplate etc Refurbished steering rack Upgraded cooling system with alloy radiator, triple fans, water pump, stainless steel pipes etc Added oil cooling system Replaced HV unit with integrated, compact HV+AC system (compressor, condenser, evaporator etc) Replaced windscreen wiper motor, arm and blade with uprated version Replaced fuel tanks with baffled versions, increase tank-to-tank flow, fuel pump etc Interior: Re-sighted/replaced 2 air vents with 2 circular vents (to side window positions) Added control panel to binnacle for HV+AC Added sound proofing / insulation (dynamat and dynaliner and lots of it) Replaced seat belts (change belt colour to tan) Replaced interior marcasite trim with brown alcantara Added S1 style central chrome ashtray (central arm rest 'de-ribbed') Painted new binnacle facia satin black, upgraded gauges, replaced switchgear and warning lights Bodywork: Replaced fuel filler caps with locking versions (S3 style) and painted body colour Removed original aerial and painted hole in bodywork Replaced wheels with Woolfrace styled highly polished, wider replica 17” special build wheels Painted engine cover and hatch gold Replaced front and rear screens with 'special build' versions Electrical: Upgraded electrical system with high capacity battery, alternator and wiring etc Added reversing camera and 2 reversing sensors (flush into the rear bumper) Replaced speakers, relocated to rear bulkhead and added tweeters to A pillars Replaced stereo with double din Apple Car Play mechless system (Sony XAV-AX100), including phone preparation, integrated radio aerial and USB power socket to glove box Added central locking / remote boot release / alarm and immobiliser Replaced all bulbs everywhere with LEDs Added LED DRLs to front air intake (in front of grille) Added side indicators Added high rear LED brake light Replaced headlights with bi-xenon There's still a little of this list left to be completed, but the car is on the home straight, with just the electrical installation, ECU programming and road testing to be completed. The workers - as I have said, not me. Tomorrow's Classics, based just north of Bristol have completed the work (both before and after change of ownership), and I can not praise them highly enough. Nick, Rory, Steve, James (their leccie superdude) and Keith (on upholstery) have done a superb job and come highly recommended. But don't take my word for it, Bell and Colvill use them for their restorations and currently there are (I think) seven Esprits in the shop being worked on. Can't praise Nick and his team enough. They've been fantastic to work with on this project. And it's not been quick, or easy (apparently fitting air con to a non air con Esprit is a bit of a job - who knew?). The engine, incidentally, is an 'everything on the menu, please' LotusBits rebuild. You name it, LotusBits threw it in. The money - I'm all at sea about whether to reveal the cost, suffice to say, it's 6 figures and a whole lot more than any S2 is worth, or is likely to be worth anytime soon. But, that isn't the issue for me - it's my car, for me. So, in five weeks time (as I am away until early August), the car will be ready for the road, and I am superly turbo excited. I attach a montage of pictures from throughout the build (because pictures, right?) and would appreciate your thoughts (noting that it's too late to change anything, and I wouldn't anyway). Awe. Some.
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    Well, following soldave's post about this, we took the plunge and completed the rally yesterday. For those who dont know about this, the Fireball Rally is an organisation that arrange various types of motoring holidays in Europe We signed up to James Bond's Switzerland one that is an endurance event planning to visit 8 countries in 4 days, totalling 1800 miles!! Many people buy cars specifically for the event, usually under £900 but we chose to take the Esprit. Now, my Esprit has never let me down ever, but the closer the rally got, the more nervous I became and sure that I was about to make a monumental mistake. However, with my son about to start at University, it also seemed likely to be a rare opportunity to bond (over some Bond) that may not arise again for some time. He got the grades, freshers dont start till next week and so we were on!! Planning is everything they say and this is no different. I went over the car with a reasonably fine tooth comb, finding a few minor faults and the need to replace all 4 tyres. The week before we were to go, I also managed to slice my index finger to the bone trying to remove some sealant on the rear quarter window. It really needed stitches but we used some superglue in the end (no different to proper skin glue but not really recommended!) Other things needed - check with insurance company that they will cover ALL countries to be visited. Adrian Flux were great about this and confirmed in writing but others had difficulty. The last minute covers are expensive so better to do ASAP. Add to that European breakdown for a classic car - the best cover will get your car back, provide a courtesy and cover all reasonable costs, along with providing some valuable peace of mind. Satnav provided by Google maps was great, as the destinations were given as global coordinates (mountains dont have postcodes) and worked very well. As we were camping, packing the esprit was not easy and infact as you will read later, created one of the worst problems we encountered on the trip!! This is with no clothes etc etc. The sleeping bags actually went in the front compartment in the and and our coats went on the little shelves but you can see the space issue. As we had just replaced all 4 tyres, we ditched the spare (gulp) to get more space and took a puncture repair kit, tyreweld foam tyre filling thing and crossed our fingers!! The Mustang that came got a flat on the first day but a French garage repaired it for free. Despite Brexit, they dont hate ALL of us!! The other fly that hit the ointment was reports of 50cm of snow on the passes the weekend before we were to go. Hadnt really expected that so, after a moment of panic, bought some snow socks. Didnt need them in the end so I now have a brand new set of AutoSocks to fit an Esprit should anyone want a bargain!!! Thursday 12th Sept and we are ready to go!! Ferry crossing to Calais at 0640 the next morning - smooth and event free. Then a 500mile run for the sun towards Switzerland, through France, first stopping at the Reims-Gueux abandoned GP circuit The main road just runs though the old start/finish straight/pit lane and is a must visit if you are anywhere nearby. The next 4 days saw us visit Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium. Amazing. Here are some of the highlights. A thing near Verdun Verdun Ossuary Piz Gloria restaurant at the top of the Schilthorn - On Her Majesty's Secret Service Grimsel & Furka pass (Goldfinger) Goldeneye Dam Stelvio pass Castle Neuschwanstein (get the Bond link???) I could go on and on but hopefully have illustrated the Lotus in places you might not expect it!!! Well, it performed very well indeed. Never broke down. Never failed to start. Was really quite comfortable, the GT as it is. We did encounter some issues though. Traffic jams around Nancy, Bern, M25 etc caused some overheating and coolant loss through expansion. I think this is due to the radiator fans failing to engage above 90 degrees - bad connection somewhere I think. The exhaust also started to blow. We lost a little power as a result but the roar in the tunnels made up for it, particularly when coupled with another roar from the sports exhaust of the MX5 we were in convoy with. The final issue we had was unexpected loss of all headlights whilst in the middle of the Black Forest (aptly named) We think was due to the overloading of luggage in the front compartment pushing against the mess of wiring/relays etc when taking a tight right hander. Not great losing light at this point!! Came back on but was very unnerving each time it occurred. Overall, an incredible trip, great people, amazing sights and putting paid to the notion of Lots Of Trouble etc etc. Everyone we encountered were amazed to see the car and Brexit has not altered attitudes as far as we could tell.
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    We do...a small business born by accident and through Esprit ownership and TLF membership, the wife and I both skilled in different trades work together in a little shed at the bottom of the garden most evenings now to produce these carpet sets for most Esprit models. Our latest addition, the allusive Turbo Esprit battery cover which we now make from ABS plastic to replace those cardboard covers that have dissolved over the years.
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    Log in to your account on lotus70, you can check your order there. If it says it's processing then that's exactly what's happening. Seriously, sorry everyone hasn't had the email but we're not Ticketmaster and there was unprecedented demand on Friday. I'll be dealing with orders manually on my return from holiday on Thursday. It wasn't my decision to go live while I was away, just bad timing. This has been around 6-7 months of trying to have an event at the factory in lieu of the Brand's Hatch event and my holiday was booked several months ago, an unlucky coincidence.
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    So - I've gone and done it! Been watching this Éclat sitting on a driveway in the middle of Norfolk for about 3 years. Initially, prior to buying my Elite, I considered trying to make contact with the owner and seeing if he'd sell but then my Elite turned up so I let it be. then @johnpwalsh started LotusRescue. After Christmas I thought "what about getting in touch etc etc" At this point it was with a view to letting it go to John. I dropped a note through the somewhat ramshackle house door and left it at that. Fast forward 3 months (by which time I'd given up any hope of the chap getting back to me!) and out of the blue last week, he calls me up and says that as he's just bought another Pub, he needs the cash so wants to sell. Initially he spoke to my Son but I got straight back to him and we did a deal. Son has now got VERY keen on it being his project so (sorry John!) - it's now under wraps awaiting a full, body off rebuild which Tom (Son) wants us to do together (not sure if I'm not being stitched up here lol). However - because it is for Tom then I'm in the clear with SWMBO for buying Lotus No 2 (Major Result!!!) Initial observations: Possibly salvageable chassis New Windscreen (nothing new there then!) New passenger door beam/hinge at the very least New passenger door glass - supplied with car Awful previous PO paint job (white over yellow) - Tom now considering colours....... VIN plate still has plastic film over it - is this even possible!!! No paint code - replacement VIN plate??? LOADS of work but defo worth the effort IMO Need to finish the very rapidly thrown up car port Enjoy @Dunc is this one on the register?
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    Many greetings to everyone here as well, new member from Germany with a battleship-grey GT430 Sport. The car is still at the dealer, I will finally take delivery of it end of this months after having a PPF and some custom hifi installed (thx to @JayEmm and your very helpful tips in the hifi upgrade thread). Just took some pictures while the car was still being worked on, so more to come in about a week. Looking so much forward to having it, hopefully the weather will play along... What is the overall opinion on the lack of the exhaust button - is the GT430 "loud enough" to have fun also below 4500rpm?
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    So, I took the plunge and ordered from those lovely people at Lotus Silverstone. As Anthony said there are only photos and a spec to go on but something felt absolutely right about this car. Once you get to a certain price bracket then it is not about comparisons but where the heart is. I couldn't be more excited and will post photos etc from factory visits as the build progresses. Delivery Dec I hope.
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    What I really need now is an Elan..... off to ask the missus
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    Just back from a short rather epic over night trip to Scotland so thought I'd share some pictures So went up in my Exige and experienced a few stunning roads and scenery.... some great roads, then on the way back ah yes as per opps, @DaveC72 after some man maths I swapped my Exige with this rather lovely 400 over the moon, was looked after very well by Ian at Murray's so big thanks to him and Brandon for finding a deal that worked for us both? Sad to see the Exige go as it's a fantastic car, did try the lottery so I could own both but just ended up down £50? Flying back to Edinburgh tomorrow for work too!
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    Today was a good day in the New Forest: Although, we did have an interloper...
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    This is the car after a visit to the ceramic dude. Honestly, the jury is out as to whether it's any good. The paint work certainly comes up nicely, but you've got to have the kit to maintain it - it doesn't look like this magically. Also, I got a nasty stone chip just after having the work done (typically) so, it isn't quite the armour plating that I had been led to believe. The wheels were coated and it made rod all difference (brake dust pitting on the fronts), so I suspect that I'll have to have them laminated. But, if nothing else, the road dirt (currently biblically epic in Herefordshire) doesn't stick to the paintwork quite as much and the body and glass are hydrophobic, so its not all bad. I wonder though, if I couldn't have achieved this with a really good wax (at a 100th of the cost, albeit reapplied annoyingly regularly). Time will tell on that. The car is currently with Nick at Tomorrow's Classics to have it's 1,000 mile service (1,000 wet, greasy, flooded and mud-caked, but also epic miles). It's also having a fuel sensor issue fixed, as the telemetrix gauge needed a Smiths sender unit (natch). Also, I have figured out a way to lift the tailgate and keep the tips of all my fingers. Super impressed with myself with that fix. Centre console bits have gone off the Stitch Perfect in Worcester to be redone (they were bit rubbish), which should show off the highly illegal (and incorrect Ferrari 275) ashtray off nicely. And - more sacrilege - I've had a rosewood Europa (latest, more terrible one) gear knob added. I know, right? Oh, and the Apple CarPlay double din unit is just awesome. More heretical modifications, I know, but it makes the car so much more awesome. On Friday the car visits (with me along for the ride) Northampton Motorsports for the ECU to be tuned (or whatever). It's who Lotus Bits (who rebuilt the engine recommend). So am super looking forward to that, as the car currently burns through petrol as if there were great lakes of the stuff just sitting in the ground. Which means - technically - come the weekend, we'll be rounds complete on the car. I am super pleased.
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    Hi Folks, Thought it only polite to say “Hi” and to share a pic or five of my new car bought from Central Lotus in Nottingham. This is my first Lotus and I am thrilled with it. I hope to share my experiences as I rack up the miles with a big road trip planned for early October through France to enjoy the Spanish and Andorran Pyrenees roads. Thanks in anticipation for all of your welcomes and assistance as I get to grips with this great marque. Oh, and how about this, I observed the speedo with 130 miles recorded on the day that the Evija, Type 130 was launched. Cheers all Joe
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    Well that was fun ! The Evija is awesome in the flesh - almost conventional supercar from the front until you start looking at the detail, but the completely jaw dropping sculptural holes through the back really show its something well beyond. The "parade" was great fun if predictably shambolic in London traffic with very few of us knowing the roads. This not helped by a late change of route due to roadworks on the Brompton Road. As an ex-biker commuter, I'd have managed OK with new route details....but turn left instead of right at Buckingham Palace and follow the yellow Lotus in front was way short of passing on where to go. As the lights there allowed us out 2 or 3 cars at a time the party inevitably split and we all made our way back in small groups by various circuitous routes the final two arriving a full 40 mins after the first two! What it did do was create incredible interest around the streets of that part of London - particularly when we were all together - with hordes of tourists and regular workers stopping in their tracks and watching us go by - literally lining up along the pavements to get a better look - and there must be thousands of phones now filled with short video clips of yellow Lotus. Others will have better pics that will appear idc no doubt but this was (most of) the fleet that assembled at the start in generation order : Baby Elan Sprint; Elan +2 130/5; Elite; Eclat; S2 Esprit; M100 Elan; V8 Esprit; S1 Elise; Exige RGB; Elise 220 Cup; Evora GT410 Sport; Exige Sport 410. I followed Harry Metcalfe around in his Sprint and he was videoing the whole thing so that will presumably be released on his channel at some point, and Lotus had some photographers on a bike with us and static on the mall so hopefully they got some money shots too. It was such a laugh to see the public's reaction we all did another quick run up to Parliament Square and back before the evening show started. There was what seemed like genuine interest from some of the "big names" (I didn't know any except MJK!), journos and other hangers on as they arrived for their presentation. But of the ones that spoke to me, they shared surprisingly little knowledge of the Lotus back catalogue - given their professional involvement and presumed interest in automobilia. It was a privilege to help enlighten them! Just awesome to be given the chance to have a tiny involvement in such an event - the grin will stay with me for a very long time...
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    Technically this was yesterday, but as it was only a few minutes before midnight when I got home from my mission to deepest darkest Lancashire, I'll call it 'today'. Our house has been somewhat empty since the sudden passing of our 'boy' Shadow 2 months back. Not any more!!!! We have welcomed into our family, this big adolescent. She came up for adoption due to her owner's deteriorating health and we couldn't resist giving our old 'girl' Alaska a new (hopefully) best buddy. Say "Hi" to a total live-wire (for that read "complete nutter") - a 19 month old Utonagan called Macha (her name is that of a goddess in ancient Irish mythology to save you some Google time, )
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    Been very busy this last month trying to finalise everything before her first car show. However everything has come together and we had a brilliant time at Lytham Green car show this afternoon. (see separate thread). Car looks the dogs... !! Well she does to me anyway. Even my partner, daughter and son in law seem to approve! I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone on here who has made suggestions, argued, supplied parts etc etc like @Paul Coleman, @Fridge, @jonroberts, @drdoom, @GTK Special thanks must go to @Lotusfab and @Rolls who's threads I have read and re-read over the last year. Just so, so helpful to me. Perhaps I'll should now start a new thread called My Esprit S1 import finally drives about! Of course just because Ive got it driving doesn't mean the hard work isn't going to continue. Watch this space...……………..
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    The first V8 Esprit being assemembled - posted by Morris Dowton (right in pic) retired Head of Lotus Car Manufacturing on LinkedIn tonight
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    I never really thought the cars looked quite right with the roof out until I saw Harry Metcalf raving over the fact you could take it out. So removed mine clipped in the wind deflector thing and have to say it was really ace. Buddsy
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    Decided to pick my daughter up from school bus stop, along with running her to the sports centre in the evora yesterday. passed a police car, and just as i pulled up to let her out in the sports stadium layby My policeman pulls in behind me.. Asks if he can have a quick chat, Now i dont exactly have an compliant number plate being AJ lOTUS (double spacing after the AJ) and a half size version on the front so im already thinking this is the reason "lovely car sir, looks a beast..." Asks me to confirm who I am then tells me its come up on there data base as uninsured!!.. Obviously im a law abiding chap, (Fun number plate aside).. so i know it is, (but start 2nd question myself) i dont have the documents to hand but know who it should be insured with.. im actually more concerned that i could have been uninsured if i crashed it. (i do have a general third part insurance for any vehicle on my work policy) policeman goes to his car to get the uk database of insurance they use to check with my insurance company whist i phone my my son to dig out the lotus file and hopefully take a picture of the in date cover note.. Im now parked in a layby outside the sports centre, right by the main walkway in, at prime time when most of the kids & college 6th formers are coming to their after school activities fitness clubs. it seem the lotus is very popular with this generation, i hang my head in shame as neraly every one that passes wants a picture of the lotus & some go across the road to take a picture of the lotus & the cop car behind it.. Smokey and the Bandit comes to mind, but in reality it was all rather embarrassing with so many people around My daughter who had just got out the car and was crossing the road looked back to see me chatting with the policeman, thought i was going to jail FYI, the info on the police car screen shows all the previous insurance history of the car, tax details and all the number plates.. impressive My son finds the documents and picture texts them over which i show MR PC and after about ten minutes the police HQ get notification from LV that the car is insured. he guesses it may be related to the plate change a few months back... not updated their database.. we then make small chat about their system, then Mr PC asks if he can have a look in the car as hes never seen one before, asking me all sorts of enthusiast questions, shockingly he had never heard of lotus! and that they were made in the uK.... after 5 mins of general lotus chat, what engine, how fast, he then says "thanks for that , have a great evening , just friendly observation, but you probably already know, i can see why youve constructed your number plates in that way, it suits the car to a T, but the spacing doesnt quite comply.. you might find that someday some pedantic traffic policeman may decide he doesnt like it as much" Was the first time ive been pulled by a uk policeman in 25 years, and im glad he did, its great they are on the case, as people without insurance are too many these days.. was impressed how there system operates too.. fair cop i say..
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    After almost 2 years of surfing, lurking and craving I finally have my very own Lotus Evora NA. To say I'm thrilled is an understatement, and I can now fully understand the rave reviews about this car, the way it drives, handles and feels. Its certainly lived up to my expectations and more.
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    Last bit of Christmas shopping sorted in the Esprit.

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