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    Couple more photos when I picked it up yesterday. Nice and dry today, so will be heading out for some miles later.
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    This is not a high quality video! I am just hoping it will give potential buyers more of an insight in the cars.
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    OK so saw, sat in and started up the Sport 380 yesterday here's what I made of it. 1. The launch pics really were terrible, the car looks great in the flesh. I've done this before, particularly with Exiges, things that look big in pictures tend to be quite small in reality as the car is so compact. 2. The rear wing looks good in reality and the new rear is fine, neither would be deal breakers for me. But neither are really improvements either. I can see how an Elise owner might just see an Elise wing being used. It's a shame the top Exige doesn't make as much downforce as the top Elise but that's what happens when you shut your Motorsport department. The carbon panels are lovely but you need to think a bit about what colour will make the most of them. They are more obviously grey than black. You have to think about how you would make the most of the car if the black panels came painted grey. 3. Interior is virtually unchanged, don't go expecting it to feel any different inside. All the good stuff is there, nice new gear linkage, lovely sculpted wheel, carbon sills are nice but will get ruined, suggest PPF on them for protection. Carbon seats are terrific and feel a bit more thickly padded than mine. View out of the rear window is fine, you can barely see the wing. 4. It's not a Cup car. It's definitely an evolution of the V6S and Sport 350 it doesn't feel like a full Motorsport car but many will like that. But it made me appreciate some of the Motorsport details that add up to a different feel inside. Harnesses, harness bar, extinguisher, quick release non-airbag steering wheel all that stuff is great for trackdays. 5. It has a higher ride height than the Cup cars. 6. The Michelin Pilot Sports look higher profile than the Avon ZZRs I'm using. They are still 35 section on the front but the wider front tyres means taller sidewalls. 7. The noise is super bi-polar. It's quieter than the Evora 400 and also my V6 Cup in 'tour' and stupendously loud with the exhaust baffles open. It feels like it needs a 3rd setting. Sounds like a hairdryer in the quietest mode, super smooth, so quiet you can even hear the supercharger. With the baffles open it gargles thunder. Hard to believe it's the same engine. It will be amazing in tunnels but who knows what the trackday story is? It did run at Silverstone yesterday without any issues as far as I was aware. I was hoping to film it at Silverstone, I was all set to follow it out in the torrential rain but my wiper nut came loose and the wipers stopped working so unfortunately I didn't get any, so apologies for that. It was so hopelessly wet and slippery on track though I wouldn't have been able to get any sort of meaningful comparison even if I had driven it. To give you some idea I had no problems keeping up the 311 yesterday, it was that dreadful horsepower was almost irrelevant. I'm sure those who order one will be delighted it's an amazing car and I can't wait to drive one. Again I will reserve final judgement until that day but I left Silverstone feeling that there is something a bit special about the original Cup cars for me. I love the simplicity, purity and authenticity of them. If I didn't already have an Exige it would be a very tempting package. Is it worth the cost to change? Only driving it on the road and track will properly answer that.
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    Out on Friday with the 350 whichever I've not used for a while. Still looks great. Trevor.
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    Really enjoyed the evenibg and the company, thanks everyone. It's true, after meeting Jay I can confirm the camera puts pounds on you! The Duke did us proud and that was an excellent meal. Thanks Bibs. Thanks everyone. super night.
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    Ever wondered how your Turbo Esprit would run with incorrect valve timing? The answer may be absolutely fine. I'm currently replacing the cambelt since fitting the last one a couple of years ago and to my suprise the existing cambelt, when lining up the marks for disassembly, has both the inlet & exhaust cams one tooth advanced. I'm certain the belt hasn't slipped - presumably that would tend to retard them anyway. However, apart from the starter struggling (which I previously assumed was the starter) its run absolutely fine. Smooth running, emissions fine, fuel consumption OK. Having said that, I'm hoping for a free performance boost when it goes back together this time! Measure twice, cut once... Best advice ever for an engineer
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    And me Barry .But what a car to own preserve for all us to see Mike
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    Many thanks Bibs and Laura for another good evening. Excellent food, friendly service and great company. Lotus is more than just cars, its the people as well.
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    Thought was about time I put a picture on here. She's lovely isn't she
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    Probably a shock when he died, I bet there was no indication....
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    Kermit called, he wants his 400 back:
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    Many of the hard to find bits were taken off the car and sold by DV before they sold it on. Might be worth checking for the dash console but I understood that it was removed prior to it going to Lotus Bits.
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    Here's the thread on the front splitter: Made by member TBD, he might have a set still around. Alternatively there may be a member who purchased and has since decided not to fit or that they don't like the look (hard to imagine!). They are a quality item and easy to self fit (need to drill I think 4 new holes in the base of the front bumper, the other bolts fit existing holes). For me it definitely finishes off the look, with just the barge boards it always seemed there was something missing.
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    ?? I kind of feel, if I'm going for the barge boards you need something up front to flow it round like yours. Who made them for the group buy? I wonder if the guys still around. I think the white with black roof is an amazing stand out colour, especially when clean. I have lots of looks in mine but mainly I think because people don't know what it is!
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    Barry your a legend. I think if you want to lean it into a corner you push all the beads to that side !?
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    Shame your selling yours this year then Barry ?
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    V8 in aluminium silver are tipped to go through the roof next year That car is luuuush
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    Thanks Jonny that's really kind of you and would be really helpful. Maybe me, you and Jimbo could meet up for a drink in the new year when things settle down a bit. Just shows what a great community TFL offers.
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    Stuart, I also don't live very far from the factory so you're welcome to have a go in mine, if you'd like (it's an S). Otherwise, we also both know someone who is also local who owns an NA.
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    This is an awesome project and I really hope you get the help you need to get it going again. Well done for saving such an important piece of Lotus history.
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    Thanks for the info that's really kind and very interesting. I would have loved to have been there but my daughter is currently very ill and awaiting an operation so all hands on deck. I too didn't think it would be viable to get it working again, however the guys at classic team lotus are still in contact with the guy who did the original computer work and have said they can reproduce the computer at sensible money. The rest of the tech is there . Until the cam belts and basics have been done then its not worth going much further with the suspension side of thing. If I could get it to lift up and down so it could be shown then that would be remarkable. To get it working as in period will be down to cost and expertise out there. I have had a few messages from TfLers who said they can help which is great. I hope you had a cracking night. Mike is always very interesting to speak to. more pics of the car as it is. The interior requires a bit of work but instruments will improve it enormously
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    Agreed. I've already bought plenty from SJ and am happy to do so when neccessary for quality or availability. I don't see anything wrong with buying non lotus specialist but still good quality parts when possible. Buying a fuel hose from a reputable maufacturer off Ebay doesn't seem like unneccessary penny pinching to me, just part of the fun of doing it yourself and that includes sourcing the parts at a good price and no compromise in quality. Some may not agree though
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    I think it's known as 'market forces'. Plus the abundance of cocks.
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    @PaulCP, my Mum had a non-HL as a secondary and they never found the primary (but how hard can it be, we're not that big!) but the chemo from the secondary worked and she's been in remission for 6+ years now.
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    Did you enjoy changing the battery? It's a tight squeeze!
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    Getting the stub axle out of the rear bearing is a bugger. Generally, the bearing will be forced apart and have to have the individual parts removed from the bearing carrier and the stub axle. Reassembling it is also tricky....heating the bearing housing and freezing the bearing is the way to go....a hydraulic press works best for the actual assembly. Never put any loading on the bearing...make sure you support everything ...force must be applied only to that bit of the bearing that you are fitting; the outer part for fitting the bearing to the carrier and good support of the inner bearing for fitting the stub axle. Best not to use hammers.....(!) There is a circlip that the bearing has to abut....and you get one go at it, as the temperatures will equalise and the fit become very difficult...if not move. When properly assembled, there should be no play or movement of the stub axle in the rear wheel bearing....just smooth rotation. if it moves, radially or axially, it's wrong.
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    Another cracking evening, a real treat to meet Barry and Wes and of course amazing to have Mike Kimberley there again. Great food, the prettiest barmaid in Kent and all for £25! You make this sort of thing look so easy Bibs, don't know how you do it but very grateful that you do. Seriously need to wash the car now!
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    Here are a few pics I got from SSC, doesn't show a lot but gives an idea where the TVS ends up in relation to the clam etc with the chargecooler under it I so wish I had the bottle to ignore the remaining warranty on my car!!!! I will defo be having a SSC TVS1900 soon (won't bother with this charge cooled version)
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    Funny how loss of control is more important than the good of the nation for the politicos.
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    Great night - good to see faces both new and familiar. Particularly nice finally to put a mug to go with @C8RKH I hope to see many of you in the new year. Merry Christmas TLFers
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    Wonderful evening, very special time with very special friends. Thanks so much to all who came along, see you all for brekkie in the morning
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    Ax, I agree and in all honesty, I'm not really interested in values as I really get a buzz out of sorting stuff and I've no intention of selling. Still reckon owning an Elite as a hobby is no more expensive than golf (or other comparable ways to spoil a walk). The Mrs is fully supportive. A Lotus owning husband has no time or money for another Mistress!
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    Assuming it is the battery and you get it started, then if it runs like a dog you will need to recalibrate by turn ignition on but dont start. then pump accelerator pedal slowly up and down 12 times. turn ignition off then on again and start. all should then be fine. Most probably a flat battery from what you describe.
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    Welcome Charles. Your Evora looks great
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    Hi welcome to the forum. As Ramjet says that looks lovely. I hope she works out very well for you. Buddsy
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    Welcome to TLF Dan. Cars looks great. Pity to crash the 300ZX after all the work. Any questions or issues with using the forums, feel free to ask one of us mods. We're here to help.
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    Love the elise in yellow. Have fun with it.
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    Couple of pictures from earlier in the week when delivered to the dealer. Pick mine up tomorrow morning...
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    Will try and get some better ones when I pick it up next week
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    The go-ahead has been given for a £20m museum to be built at Silverstone, dedicated to the history of British motor sport. It will house dozens of Formula 1 and other racing cars and bikes, along with personal artefacts from drivers including Sir Stirling Moss and Lewis Hamilton. It's taken five years to get the museum approved, but it can finally happen thanks to a £9m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). Sally Reynolds, CEO of Silverstone Heritage Limited, said "We were delighted to hear that our bid has been successful. "This means that work on the project can start in the new year and that the Silverstone Heritage Experience can open to the public in spring 2019." Sir Peter Luff, chairman of HLF, said: "Silverstone is a place where so many legends of British motor racing have their roots. "The speed and the glamour, though, are only part of the success of British motorsport since the late 1940s. "More of the stories in this exciting heritage can now be told; stories of drivers and sporting glory, yes, but also of the extraordinary creativity of British engineering."
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    Just seen this thread and only read the last page,but ive just got over Hodgkin's lymphoma (cancer). 12 months of chemo, 3 separate 7 day stays in hospital during that 12 months for complications, not good and would not wish it on my worse enemy. Anyway while your down there checking your self, check for lumps around groin and under your arm pits, although i never had either of them in those places, i had two very small lumps on my neck and shoulder,really just like a small cysts under the skin. I was as fit as a fiddle no signs that anything was wrong, so yes pays to check and get to the docs ASAP
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    Sorry been a bit quiet, finally got the car back a few days ago and haven't stopped driving her! The way my guy solved it is to clean all the connections on the ecu and from the ecu which he said was a tedious job. Thanks for all the advice and pointers on this thread she is back on the road and no warning light and she is running sweet (touch wood!!!). I am going to take her to the pistonheads meet this Sunday at Goodwood, I will do a new thread see if anyone is going from here. Thank you again
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    There may well be a minimum order quantity. We do have a plenty left... Dave
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    So after several months of designing, testing and fabricating we finally have our shop car to the point where it's presentable till the next design iterations commence. Here's our official launch video which was a lot of fun, hope you enjoy it and please share! Thanks, Team TF!
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    I may be closing in on my next Lotus. Another specialty following the GTE.
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    Thank you Sanj. I managed to get some further information on this part yesterday. It seems replacement valves are very hard to get hold of. The thermocouple is filled with liquid mercury so can't be repaired. But the thermal regulation function, performed by the thermocouple, can be bypassed by removing a bolt and inserting larger bolt to hold the valve open. This must have been done on mine as heat does still come out the vents with a clearly broken thermocouple. So there's no need for me to remove the valve and investigate further!

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