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    This my current preferred watch, I've had it for about 5 years now but it still looks great and still gets many compliments. I especially like the sapphire back that allows you to see the movement, it's mesmerising! It have a Valjoux 7750 movement which is common and well proven but it is modified in-house.
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    I am putting too many miles on the 400 just going up and down the A3 so will be using it as well so wanted something reasonable. We did look at second hand but this was pre reg and such a deal it wasn't worth it.
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    I tried that watch Phil and it's too big for me. Seriously tempted by one of these though...
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    Imitation is highest form of flattery...or so they say. There is hardly a glut of Esprits on the road. People talking and even copying them may well raise the regard in which the real cars are held. buddsy
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    You could own the T shirt Just like mine! ???????
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    Paint it like this. It will definitely appear like a threat at first glance
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    Please feel free to use this image of my S2 JPS Cheers Dean
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    So as some folks may have seen KT had recently invested in R&D at Mira testing ideas, options, and designs for new aero. This is their first option, a combined road/track wing which offers plug and play install and reversible back to standard. Seems to have proven downforce capabilities and comes with a 'safe' for boot mounting line front KT. This is the design @TBD has on his car and I hope when he gets time could take some real life shots from different angles as would love to see more of this wing. I'm in two minds about the profile hence the ask for more pics Option Two the full track version will be chassis mounted and I believe have a straighter profile to match the wider width. Further info hopefully in the coming weeks likely after their testing at Spa in March!
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    I'd buy one @silverfrost! maybe we should speak to someone like Christopher Ward who does a number of motoring themed watches.......
  12. 1 point More info on their Windtunnel testing ... sounds like there is a race pack in the works as well ...
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    Ahh - but you forgot the perfect f40 kit that fitted a tr7 ?
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    When I saw the renderings of the 380 Race I loved the look so got busy earlier today. Not finished but am so pleased with the look I had to share it with you guys, Next is to finish the N/S headlight then apply the wrap to the painted section between the roof and engine cover. I will also add the door and rear quarter decals that appear on the 380 race Progress so far
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    Nah. Although possibly counter-intuitive, it's correct. In nearly 40 years, I've never seen that happen. I shall add it to my list of Interesting Things for this vehicle.
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    This one made me giggle. Explains a few things!
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    Just keep your wits about you! I'm a biker, and if you think you're invisible in an Exige, try a bike! Always assume that every other road user is out to kill you and you'll be fine
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    Cheers Colin. I have just been and measured mine. The EVORA is 18cm long so no change, the T is 25mm high on the S1 Evora, so its no optical illusion, it is a larger L O T U S
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    If the engine conversion turns out as good as the rear axle rebuild, it will be well worth the wait!
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    Any modifications rarely increased the value of the car. They can help with a sale in the future though if someone wanted one with a 2bular, or hinder a sale if someone wanted an unmolested car. The real decision is do you want it? Do stuff for you to enjoy on the car. Keep the old system and you can refit and sell the 2bular if you want a few hundred quid back when you sell but in the meantime enjoy your car, it's yours, not someone elses.
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    Here's my 1990 Stevens N/A at Goodwood Circuit plus a couple of interior shots. It's completely standard spec. Ask if you need anything specific!
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    Another Grey 400 here - I think it looks great with Red calipers, black pack, black forged wheels and Red racing stripe (this clearly makes it go faster!).
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    Thought I'd play around with my graphics program, and from this: I created these
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    Ive ended up with quite a few watches.....not sure how...... 2x chopard mille miglia tag monaco suunto spyder (I can even plug this one into my pc to download my dives) benarus sea devil benarus moray tudor (dont know the it for my 18th and that was a good while ago...) how can I forget my lotus type 1.... love the benarus watches at the moment...... heck of a watch for $1000......