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    This my current preferred watch, I've had it for about 5 years now but it still looks great and still gets many compliments. I especially like the sapphire back that allows you to see the movement, it's mesmerising! It have a Valjoux 7750 movement which is common and well proven but it is modified in-house.
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    I am putting too many miles on the 400 just going up and down the A3 so will be using it as well so wanted something reasonable. We did look at second hand but this was pre reg and such a deal it wasn't worth it.
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    I tried that watch Phil and it's too big for me. Seriously tempted by one of these though...
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    Imitation is highest form of flattery...or so they say. There is hardly a glut of Esprits on the road. People talking and even copying them may well raise the regard in which the real cars are held. buddsy
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    You could own the T shirt Just like mine! ???????
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    Paint it like this. It will definitely appear like a threat at first glance
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    Please feel free to use this image of my S2 JPS Cheers Dean
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    I'd buy one @silverfrost! maybe we should speak to someone like Christopher Ward who does a number of motoring themed watches.......
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    obviously, I'm not a big fan of these aero appendices (hence the roadster ) , but I must say that the KT wing looks muuuuuuuch better than the 380 wing !
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    yep, it makes the KT work serious, and their tests are very interesting, even on OEM features ... it so rare to have real numbers in this world ! BTW, do you remember Elise S1 was also tested at MIRA, and the result was the added lip on the rear bodyshell, which upset Julian Thomson who thought its design was better without it ! Julian challenging for keeping its rear design : ...but the first tests at MIRA weren't good : then prototype #2 was tested with added spoiler and at 1/1 scale :
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    Thanks for the additional pictures @Steve Banks did they confirm if those pictures where of the Race or Track wing profile? I know the track profile is the one to be mounted to the boot as per your pictures but that wing looks HUGE making me question was it a test mule car and the profile in the picture is of the actual Race wing. The end plates on your picture look a lot better than the ones I see on the KT website for the track wing. @NW76 surely one of these wings is on your list to purchase next?
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    Ha ha, air con is for cooooool dudes.... ?
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    Never knew this till know, but Jim Henderson the creator of the Muppets actually owned one ! And he said he loved it as he liked driving fast and did this to the lights also which i think was quite cool !
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    Ive just registered my Esprit GT3, lets see if they like Orange more than Blue
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    I think Guantanamo detainees should have been tried for whatever crimes they were supposed to have committed.
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    Just keep your wits about you! I'm a biker, and if you think you're invisible in an Exige, try a bike! Always assume that every other road user is out to kill you and you'll be fine
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    Nick Fultcher told me that Lotus started using Muirhead when Connolly went out of business. UK Hides now offer some of the Connolly leather range again, produced under a agreement with the Connolly family, but they don't offer the entire range they used to produce at the Wandle Bank factory.
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    Are you sure you want him behind you?
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    If the engine conversion turns out as good as the rear axle rebuild, it will be well worth the wait!
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    Any modifications rarely increased the value of the car. They can help with a sale in the future though if someone wanted one with a 2bular, or hinder a sale if someone wanted an unmolested car. The real decision is do you want it? Do stuff for you to enjoy on the car. Keep the old system and you can refit and sell the 2bular if you want a few hundred quid back when you sell but in the meantime enjoy your car, it's yours, not someone elses.
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    Here's my 1990 Stevens N/A at Goodwood Circuit plus a couple of interior shots. It's completely standard spec. Ask if you need anything specific!