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    Allow me to explain how this works: I have 25k budget for an Evora. Ah, bugger, I'm at the high mileage/TVRGlen end of the market, better up the budget to 30k. That should get me a reasonable NA, although top of the market (esp the rare NA SRs) are more. In any event, 30k sounds good. Mmm, it's a really nice thing to drive, but lacks a little power out of roundabouts. In any event, I'm now in touching distance of the supercharged version, I can get a good one of those for 35k. But I know the MY12 made a whole load of significant alterations, I should definitely get one of those. Better up the budget to 40k or so.... Hold on, Lotus will flog me a 400 for c35k down and 2yrs at 0% if I haggle hard. Et voila. Buy a brand new 400 and save money!
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    Seriously this is the last thing Lotus need. I still read fucking articles and forum comments on their modern cars claiming they have a Kit Car feel...just idiots parrotting old adages... Personally I'm not opposed to it, but it's a pain in the ass whenever you hear some idiot talking about Lotus always saying "yeah but the body panel quality is like a kit car" all the time, even if its an Evora 400..... Lotus should just reissue the S1 verbatim with an Ecoboost engine in it and some more modern electronics....
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    Ironically I see the same attitude from you towards Porsche as your friends towards Lotus... brand preconception. Cars change with each generation. If you want people to pay attention to the actual cars that Lotus is making right now, you have to follow suit and examine each Porsche model rather than labelling the whole brand as the safe choice for the risk-adverse. I did this recently with several test drives and found the 991.1 C2S to be a disappointment compared to my (at the time) Evora S. I then upgraded to the Evora 400 as it was an incremental step above the S. However recently I tried the 991.2 C2S and holy crap, it hasn't just leapfrogged the S but also the 400 in terms of driving engagement. Then you add the typical Porsche layers of refinement and technology on top of that and it's a perfect car that can be enjoyed at all speeds. To have such broad brand bias is to freeze oneself in a moment of time. Companies are constantly evolving their products and just as we gave Lotus a chance, we owe it to ourselves to give Porsche and other brands a chance. Does this make the 991.2 a "special" car? No, it just makes it the most appealling, well-rounded, enjoyable sports car for me, a person that will only be able to afford a few fancy cars in their whole lifetime. When I think "special" I think McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Pagani, Koenigsegg et al.
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    Yeah - they only go one way round....... the grey bar on the diode is the liney bit of the diode on Alan's picture
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    For me the appeal of attention from others doesn't last very long. I will always answer any questions posed by anyone I meet, but the only attention I get a buzz out of is when it's part of a conversation from someone who is knowledgeable and has something to add, or someone who is an enthusiast and wants to be Lotus educated. For everyone else, it's polite smile or nod, before I'm off to enjoy the drive.
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    You should buy a car for your own satisfaction, not that of random strangers. I thought that was the domain of the Halfords car park gang.
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    We took the entire leather interior to the trimmer this morning so he can see what he's getting himself into. I didn't need to call UK Hide the trimmer already had the leather swatches, so we selected their Bentley magnolia nappa which was exactly the right colour, and even smoother than Sparky's new lycra running shorts. The trimmer can't start the job for another four weeks, which will give me time for sorting out plenty of other things in the meantime. I'll be attending to the plastic cant and header rails before the broken bits disappear. I reckon I'll have a go with superglue to start off with, then if that's successful, lay up some 300g CSM on the reverse sides, and hopefully that should fix them permanently. In other news, the burning desire for an oil temperature gauge has been quenched by the fact that it's going to cost a whopping £210 for the all the bits, so I'm afraid the standard S4s clock will be staying firmly put for the time being. Well, unless the lamebrain from Watford gets behind the wheel, then God knows what will fall out of the binnacle. I also picked up the new oil cooler pipes on the way, I'll get round to them later.
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    My 1N5401 3A diodes arrived this morning. As I was opening them I had that "duh!" moment. I had bought ten 1N4001 1As, all I had to do was to wire three in parallel each side to achieve the same thing. Hey ho...
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    For that purpose Komo-tec installs the Lotus Motrosport front splitter. As they explain in their blog, by doing so they retain the effective weight (load) balance front/rear.
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    Based on your topic title, I will not be joining you in eating Doug's nuts. I'm already in a relationship.
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    At last my delivery day is nearly here (1st March) Had these update pics through from the factory yesterday. Customer service has been excellent since factory visit 3 weeks ago. Regular update photos feedback on production progress etc.
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    Who is one of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet! The thing with the shape/profile of the wing is that it is more efficient in drag vs downforce than a standard wing profile. It's really good to have some real data to work with, so kudos to Komo-Tec who have done their usual thorough development (I'll roll out the chargecooler efficiency data in a more appropriate thread!). Dave
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    This my current preferred watch, I've had it for about 5 years now but it still looks great and still gets many compliments. I especially like the sapphire back that allows you to see the movement, it's mesmerising! It have a Valjoux 7750 movement which is common and well proven but it is modified in-house.
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    I am putting too many miles on the 400 just going up and down the A3 so will be using it as well so wanted something reasonable. We did look at second hand but this was pre reg and such a deal it wasn't worth it.
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    I tried that watch Phil and it's too big for me. Seriously tempted by one of these though...
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    Imitation is highest form of flattery...or so they say. There is hardly a glut of Esprits on the road. People talking and even copying them may well raise the regard in which the real cars are held. buddsy
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    You could own the T shirt Just like mine! ???????
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    Paint it like this. It will definitely appear like a threat at first glance
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    Please feel free to use this image of my S2 JPS Cheers Dean
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    So as some folks may have seen KT had recently invested in R&D at Mira testing ideas, options, and designs for new aero. This is their first option, a combined road/track wing which offers plug and play install and reversible back to standard. Seems to have proven downforce capabilities and comes with a 'safe' for boot mounting line front KT. This is the design @TBD has on his car and I hope when he gets time could take some real life shots from different angles as would love to see more of this wing. I'm in two minds about the profile hence the ask for more pics Option Two the full track version will be chassis mounted and I believe have a straighter profile to match the wider width. Further info hopefully in the coming weeks likely after their testing at Spa in March!
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    Came across this article today. Lots of interesting Lotus links in it as well - also a link back to TLF in this Esprit story - all in all a good evenings read. The picture of the Sprint is taken at the London Gliding Club
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    I believe Bell & Colvill have a Sport 410 available to test drive currently.
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    EBay's a proper crap place for flogging cars. It's amazing how many cats and children have bid by mistake. chuck it on it's free
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    Got it! Thanks for the techy description, even I can follow that
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    Looks great in red.. think it really suits the shape of the car. Congrats @RG17 LOT
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    And for the record, I think Pork pricing is nuts. Anyways - this is a Lotus forum. My 4 year old thinks the 400 is a Lamborghini and insists on his mother sitting in the back with him upfront and I can't stop driving it at every opportunity. It's living up to its claim as a daily driver very well. Nothing quite like a healthy drive home in the evening after getting off the train, with the pipes open on the twisties.
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    Yes, I do! I have driven a 997.1 a fair bit, my father in law has a garage queen that he very occasionally get's out and even more occassionally let's me drive, and while it's very nice - like a golf GTI is nice - it doesn't excite me. 400 on the other hand is fab and I want one.
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    Exactly. This 'SO Motorsports' car isn't the development mule. It is the (undeclared) CAT car: I'm pretty sure that uklotuscentre is AKA TVRGlen. Try googling that name!
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    Met Nigel Mansell at the track today. His boys are racing the Champ Car Atlantic series and they are at Laguna Seca doing some testing. Wish I had had my car but still finishing up the details on the rebuild. I did bring the Lotus (big) book out for him to sign. I knew he had a turbo Esprit as a "company" car while driving for Lotus and he said he thoroughly enjoyed driving it. Shared a funny story of him and Colin getting in trouble with the local authorities around town. Asked if it "still gets the birds", which of course I had to say "yes". Super cool guy for sure. Jeff
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    I've had a few T-shirts from the seller rusty-nuts-tees (2 x Esprit & 2 x Excel). Quality has been fine over the past year. Their Esprit is a G-turbo though. There's this white S1 here
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    No! Who would do such a thing?
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    It's an interesting thought process. I have a bunch of friends who all think that a Lotus is a special car, but would never buy one. Their obvious choice is a Porsche something-or-other. Because it's a Porsche. When pushed on this, words like "impractical", "reliability", and annoyingly "the Porsche is the better car" get trotted out like the tired cliche's they are. To be fair, my experience with the Evora has gone a long way to changing some of these views - but I can pretty much guarantee that, when pushed, they'd still choose the Porker. I often ponder why this is so, and keep coming back to the same conclusion: Most people are inherently risk adverse, whether that risk is perceived or actual. Buying the "wrong" car is just unacceptable to them, even though on the whole they would never get around to buying the Porsche anyhow. Herd mentality anyone? Oh, and I'm not anti-911/Porsche per se. They just don't, on the whole, float my boat. I can admire them for the engineering prowess and "complete" package that they are (Trademark: your local Bar-bore), but having driven a bunch of various iterations of 911s, Caymans an Boxsters I can honestly say I found them a bit sterile. I'm far from a driving god, but I do like to be a bit more involved in getting from A to B.
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    I am reliably informed that I am already at the grumpy old git stage
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    Now that is megatastic! Right, I'm not going to buy the car now. All I need is this t-shirt! Boom!
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    Spotted Wednesday (23.02.2017) at lunchtime. Cheered me up big time!
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    Buying used, for me it was a 911 or Evora 2+2 as the top contenders, because of the flexibility 2+2 gives for school runs. Evora won on steering feel and looks. My next Evora will probably be a 410, as I need rear seats less than I need nice carbon bits and racier set up
  39. 1 point More info on their Windtunnel testing ... sounds like there is a race pack in the works as well ...
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    Thanks Stuart made the fatal error of going up to the Patek Philippe exhibition at the Saatchi gallery a couple of years back and then just had to wait till one came up second hand then traded my previous annual calendar in and purchased this do love the rose gold. And made a decent margin even taking into account the 2K id spent on servicing over the 10 years I owned it. But did try on a platinum minute repeater and they sound lovely when they chime so clear and loud as they have small holes around the case to allow the sound to resonate but way out of my price range £126k we can all dream !!!
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    Ahh - but you forgot the perfect f40 kit that fitted a tr7 ?
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    When I saw the renderings of the 380 Race I loved the look so got busy earlier today. Not finished but am so pleased with the look I had to share it with you guys, Next is to finish the N/S headlight then apply the wrap to the painted section between the roof and engine cover. I will also add the door and rear quarter decals that appear on the 380 race Progress so far
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    This one made me giggle. Explains a few things!
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    All cars have a history, and as you've rightly said Simon there's a solid chance many cars have had worse and didn't get recorded. Bit like this - everything has a history but it's how it's presented now and what future you have with it that matters.
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    Cheers Colin. I have just been and measured mine. The EVORA is 18cm long so no change, the T is 25mm high on the S1 Evora, so its no optical illusion, it is a larger L O T U S
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    Found a couple of pics. Same car, same corner, different day. Murrays at Snetterton.
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    And we agreed a date for March. Clear your diary for the 16th!
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    A really nice cosy evening with friends, an open fire, car chat and good beer. Light relief from a hectic life
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    Thought I'd play around with my graphics program, and from this: I created these
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    Ive ended up with quite a few watches.....not sure how...... 2x chopard mille miglia tag monaco suunto spyder (I can even plug this one into my pc to download my dives) benarus sea devil benarus moray tudor (dont know the it for my 18th and that was a good while ago...) how can I forget my lotus type 1.... love the benarus watches at the moment...... heck of a watch for $1000......