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    My new Baby! I think it is the first 410 on German roads
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    A few early thoughts: The car has Ohlins and the ride is pretty firm, you definitely feel all the bumps! But it rides so flat through corners and the grip levels, even at this early stage, are confidence inspiring. The gearshift is sublime! I have not owned a proper manual car for some time and am very happy to be enjoying that engagement again. The engine is very, very good, it spins up quickly and I can already feel that there is going to be lots of torque on offer. I currently have the Lotus sports exhaust fitted, which has no valve, so running along the motorway is rather noisy but it sounds great with some nice burbles on down shift/overrun. I put my sat nav on the passenger side of the windscreen and because I have harnesses I realised I couldn't quite reach to turn up the volume to full so had to pull over, which made me laugh. I did have a sense of feeling very small, especially on the motorway with larger vehicles passing but I soon adjusted to that and I think it has already made me more vigilant, which can only be a good thing. I kept thinking cars were flashing me as their headlights appeared in the rear view mirror through the louvered engine cover, they weren't of course and I will adjust to it. Run over some road grit and it sounds like your sandblasting the tub underneath. I parked too close to the fuel pump at the garage so had to reposition before being able to clamber out. I think Lotus were running low on headlamp bulbs so gave me a candle on each corner By the way, none of the above are in anyway negative. For me they are all adding to the experience of owning a special car and I am loving it. I have two pics, one I took at the dealer and one when I arrived home, the angle and lighting are not great but it is a start. Having covered 200 miles the wheels are covered in a nice layer of brake dust, so that's a good reason to clean it at the weekend.
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    Well after being rear ended on 23/12 finally picked up my car today , as good as new , big thanks to option1 at Bromsgrove ,and Paul Matty ..... gosh i have missed being able just to go to the garage and stare
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    Awwww...Thank you so much @ian29gte and @Barrykearley for the kind concern, but you needn't worry, an engine halved is a problem shared as they say, and you two seem to have shared them all. So kindly put those knitted V8 dolls back in the box, as those pins are making stone chips on my paintwork.
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    Ian does live East of London, perhaps that's why he's so preoccupied with his cants.
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    So Ian, now you know why they're called cant rails. You cant get them off without breaking them, you cant stick them back together, and you cant find a replacement!
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    All the plumbing is going in on the car and the wiring and starter. Fuel lines and cables connected and vacuum pipes.
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    Picked the car up on Tuesday and have to say I love the upgrade to the AIM MXs. Display: The car now really feels like a race car. Imho the display really gives the interior a new edge. Almost feels like a new car to me. Seriously, the display works extremely well. All you need is there on various screens. Very cool to see gearbox temp etc ... but the best is that screens, error messages etc are very easy to customize. Data download is done via a wifi connection. Camera: the camera is fully integrated and all I have to do is make sure I have an SD card in. You just pull the SD card and plug it into your laptop and there you go. No manual data overlay anymore. Its all there already with whatever info you want. Lap timing/Data Analysis: not tested yet - will know more after Spa Mar 18. So far I have only looked at sample data and I am quite happy with all the analytics and comparisons tools Race Studio provides. Supposedly you now even can compare data/video of two laps against each other simultaneously... Not a cheap upgrade but well worth the money for me. Cheers Norbert
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    One for Bibs - new 'Boaty McBoatface' project commenced, and arriving next year. I might even let you behind the wheel if you've been a good boy, and promise not to exceed the speed limit. As yet unnamed, but mulling whether to continue the current Lotus-inspired theme.
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    There some some levels to which a man should never stoop. @Steve V8 might be on a rollright now, but he's clearly forgotten his car is a V8, hence I won't have long to wait for payback.
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    I like his stance on terrorism , Why no attacks in Russia ? Because he has said if anything happens he will either kill or kick out all Muslims. What does the EU do about things like this, Lets all try and sit round the table with ISIS and have a normal conversation........ tea and biscuits anyone, and would you mind removing that severed head from the table mohammed so we can all hold hands a talk.... I know which of the above would stop terrorist cells to be able to stop recruiting and working in a country freely with some locals knowledge.
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    Today's dash cam pic. Don't think that's supposed to happen.
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    No Steve. Incorrect. They are misspelt. There is a vowel wrong.
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    Found by a 21 year old guy called Vince... Lucky guy! ??
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    You can try and groom and entice me into putting my hands into funny places and playing with bits of rubber......but ive been warned about folks like you and no matter what you say - I ain't sucking that pipe
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    Let's see's very expensive to buy, a right pain in the arse, requires hours of expensive and time-consuming maintenance, costs a fortune to know Bibs, you may be onto something, there.
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    I hope that Steve has got a pair of the right shoes to drive it with:
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    I've been mailing with John, he's helping me sell a Triumph Stag and buy another Lotus. He asked me to say hi to you all, as unfortunately he doesn't have access to TLF from his oil rig. He promised to come back and 'annoy us' in 7.5 weeks.
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    Bloodyhell - it only needed an oil change - have you finished yet @Sparky
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    I was on important business, charging the GTE battery by driving it. I assume you started without me? Trevor.
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    I chased them yesterday for confirmation. When I know more either way I'll be posting up of course.
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    @Arregueti, your good humour in all of this should be an example to us all. Sometimes shit happens, might as well be philosophical about it. I'm glad its all sorted now.
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    Mr Kearley is good at all that vacuum stuff Sparky, he revels in it. Oh and his missus says that he really handy with the Hoover as well...
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    Pah - you wuss -get on with it
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    I wish I could fill my tanks up that quick
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    Great choice. The connoisseur's Exige!
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    Pics seem popular. These are all I have.
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    Hoffmann's are at least doing their bit to ensure the £35k price point doesn't get too congested with S1 cars (to be fair, extremely low mileage)
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    They look amazing! Must get me a pair...
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    Here you go:- LOA 14.43 m Length hull 13.60 m LDWL 13.08 m Beam OA 4.89 m Beam hull 4.41 m Draught 1.40 m Air draught 5.5m Fuel 2 x 0.80 m3 1,600 litres total. Displacement 21.5 tons lightship 24.5 tons loaded - TBC Service speed 26kts. Fuel cons 135 l/h @ 26kts The photos show the female temporary mould tool. Once completed, the hull is moulded inside it prior to it being split in half for release.
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    Great news Mark. I've just got past the running in and the first service, so can now wail up into the big revs. It's is truly glorious and well worth the wait. It's not like I was babying it during run in, but now having carte blanche to get to RPMs starting with 6 or 7 is wonderful. Enjoy
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    As a carpet fitter most of my work is within a 20 mile radius of home. However one of my longstanding customers daughter was moving to Brackley 120 miles away, as he was paying he asked if I would consider doing the job, which I accepted. I left home at 5.30 yesterday morning and was on site at 8.00, fitted out the 3 bed house, and was home at 8.30pm. While I was away my wife had been on eBay and bought a new binding machine, and as she knew I had booked a day off today, she has arranged for me to collect it this afternoon. And where is said machine, Buckingham, just up the road from Brackley.
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    3 years in on my turbo Esprit and the Zircotec coating on my manifold and turbo look pretty good still. buddsy
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    What some folks seem to forget - in ww2 the Russians were absolutely critical in overthrowing the nazis...... this almost never mentioned - lest we forget
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    Hi, You can probably try here: They send to Baleares for 9.90€ per tyre. "Envíos a Baleares por tan solo 9.90€ / neumático." They seem to be "rebajados" too (hopefully I got the size right):
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    @silverfrost - Mine is through the map pocket, bloody stupid place. 2 inches higher would have been fine.
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    He was only ever 'virtually' there, Pete.
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    My old car is now up on the Murrays website for sale, dealer pricing as to be expected. If anyone decides to go for it, happy to provide any background on the car.
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    Just to let everyone know (as promised) I performed a routine check up of the bacon van on Saturday and found everything to be in good order.
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    One more Elise rig
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    FInally I had the chance to wash the car and make a quick walkaround video with emphasis on the wing. BTW: we will be exchanging the Union Jacks on the wing with a more subtle design.
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    Guess I should post in here now. I changed from a 2010 NA Evora to a late 2015 Evora 400 (Colin G's old 400) and my 4th Lotus now
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    The B&C 410 has some room to lower the rear of the seat, can just see it in the picture.
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    Thanks a lot for the write up stu, and thanks to Bibs for the heads about about Bell and Colvill. I have just got back from there myself after booking with @Jamie-BellandColvill. Many thanks to Jamie again, who was also kind enough to let me drive a 400 first before jumping in the 410 in order to feel the differences between the two. I also wanted to compare both the evoras to my current car which is a Porsche Boxster 981 spyder (I know, please dont kill me on here!). I was really interested to see how the sports suspension of the spyder compares to the 410, as personally I find the ride of the spyder pretty stiff. Anyway, first up the 400, which feels like a rolls royce after jumping out of the porsche. So nicely damped, whilst still getting more feedback. Its also far more quiet in the cabin - all in all the 400 is lovely and silky. Then I jumped into the 410. It is immediately stiffer than the 400, but surprisingly not quite as stiff as the spyder, which sits on the x73 sports suspension. Yes, the 410 is firm, but it smooths the corners of the bumps in the road - you can feel them, but they are not jarring (the porsche is jarring). The steering of the 410 is sublime. You get this sensation that once you have more than 10degrees of steering lock on, the car actually wants to turn in by itself. Its almost as if you have to consciously hold the car back from turning in too much - thats how amazing the steering was. It seems silly to have to say this, but yes, the steering is far better than the spyder's. I will also agree with others on here that its the last 1000rpm where the 410 feels different to the 400 in terms of performance. This particular 410 had the sound deadening, so the NVH in the cabin was the same as the 400 - in other words better than my car! One aspect of the 410 I didnt like though was the seats. yes, they look amazing. However, I felt like they didnt give me enough thigh support, which mean I always felt like i was going to fall forwards out of them under braking. I ended up having to brace myself against the steering wheel to keep me in. I actually found the 400 seats to be more supportive both in terms of side bolstering and thigh bolstering - the 410 seats should used with harnesses in my opinion. Of course this could just be my oddly proportioned body!! Another impact of those carbon seats is that as they are so thinly padded, that although ok in the comfort department, they transmit every bump you ride over to your bum, which makes the 410 feel more stiff than it actually is. Jumping back in the spyder, it was clear that the porsche had a stiffer setup, but because of the comfortable seats, it ultimately didnt feel as stiff on your rear. Of course you can still feel the better ride of the 410 in other ways, but I felt that if the 410 had other carbon seats that werent so lightly padded, it would be perfect! All in all, the 410 is a very special car, and actually quite a different car than the 400. for me it was the steering of the 410 that sets it apart, and it also feels quite a bit more aggressive than the 400. Both cars are lovely, and put the suspension of the porsche to shame. 400 is freakishly smooth - I loved that. 410 has telepathic steering - loved that. The carbon is a work of art and frankly is a bargain for the price differential to the 400, if you are happy with the setup of the 410. Thanks again to Jamie, now have some thinking to do.
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    Hi Dave, Interesting thread and it is a tough call between the 2 and you raise very valid points, as a bit of background and my general thoughts, we had 2 Cup 360's made in Essex Blue and sold one of the cars just before Christmas and have one remaining. The Sport 380 is obviously very nice and a step forward over the Sport 350 but is £68,500 without OTR costs or any options Like paint or A/C etc.. by the time you have ticked a couple of must have options and with the OTR costs you are getting towards the mid £70's for the Sport 380, whereas with our Cup 360 with all of its spec is £68k On the Road. I would wager that the Ohlins on our Cup 360 would provide more time in a lap than the extra 20PS of a Sport 380 on tuned Bilsteins. Lotus tell me that Ohlins are generally worth a second a lap at Hethel over Nitrons and the Nitrons are worth a couple of seconds over the Bilsteins......I don't know how true this is but it is what I have been told by Motorsport. There is a potential weight difference between the 2 as the Cup 360 is 1,130KG and you can get a Sport 380 to 1,100KG but need the full Carbon Exterior and Interior + the Titanium Exhaust which then adds another £10k+ to the bill so it becomes a mid £80's car, if you don't have these options then the weight is approx. the same between the cars. It is an interesting question and there are certainly arguments for both.............I'm glad to say though at the end of the day both are very special.

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