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    Today was a good day at Bedford. The GT4 and Exige where very well matched on track and we had a few great runs together. I would say (and the GT4 owner did agree) I did have the lead. Even on the back straight the Exige held its own and created a leading gap which did take me by surprise. I didn't manage to go out against the GT3. Both owners where very nice chaps, approachable, and great conversation through out the day.
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    I still find it strange that Esprits are so well recognised and much loved by so many yet Porsche command much higher prices. Aside from the drive, just look at the how the silhouette of each has changed over the years... IMHO it's pretty obvious which is a better looking design.
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    just got in .engine and box in .Sorry about the delay Had to connect pipes from chassis etc.Bit. Stressed Eric lol...Only problem is one is cv drive shaft does not go I.n As far as the other .But all suspension bolts back in ....Any ideas .Might of been like it for years don't know .Anythoughts on this Mike
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    May take longer spannering with a mate rather than getting a garage to do it, But you will suprised how much you will pick up Mike, also think of the money you will have saved, but most of all will be the satisfaction you will feel when you hear the rumble from the V8 ! Knowing that you have done it yourself, that itself is priceless imo Also there are some fantastic workshops out there but for the many good ones there are sadly also many bad ones especially when it comes to conversions , who will not put as much love and effort in as you would do etc.
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    Hi Dan .You are right .Only problem being I am useless with spanners lol.I have been at the mercy of a friend who helps as and when he has the time .Asked a few garages local to me but they were all busy .But hey I have waited this long .But it's been frustrating ........If all goes well I will post some pictures laters ......Thanks for all your support .I need it .i admire any one that can do this type of work themselves.But from an outsider it's all very tired e consuming........Mike
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    I still think that the German V8 does it perfectly...
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    When I installed a braided clutch hose on my 1990 Turbo SE, I needed either an adaptor to suit, or I had to drill and cut thread in the clutch master. I chose the later, as it's one link lesser, one seal lesser. Works perfectly as the new thread in the slave is bigger than it came with. I use the Landrover 2b I believe it's called, in aluminium as well. No problems what so ever since cutting the thread and installing. Kind regards, jacques
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    It's a shame Lotus never made a limited edition JPS of the Stevens. It looks great in this pic (though the font needs to be smaller).
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    Yes. This is the problem. How many of us actually have factory spec? Although I'd say more than upgrades @alias23 is one of the best drivers I know and has the approach of a meticulous racing driver which will have far more impact on lap pace. I regulary "have the edge" on many a GT4, GT3 (and even once a 918 on Silverstone GP) in both the Caterham and the Elise. That certainly does not mean these are quicker cars (although I have no doubt are more fun). Lotus attracts better drivers I suspect because of the well discussed reasons. We really need to do something like @The Pits did at Combe with the cars and a similar driver.
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    Hi All, So i bought my first Esprit - its a 1990 Monaco white S4, navy blue / black interior. I bought the car from Mark @lotuseaters, car drives fantastically. Idle is a bit lumpy so needs a light tune but once going is gorgeously smooth and sounds fantastic. Given the car a once over and there's nothing major, only light paint work required on spoiler and rear bumper and refresh of the black trim. Doors need a slight adjustment as one sits too far back, but again very minor, Interior lights don't appear to work and there were a few fuses out, but some wd40 and tinkering it all seems to be coming together. Interior has some . . unusual upgrades and the plan is to get it as original and period correct as possible. So to my questions: 1) What gearknob would this have had? 2) What steering wheel would this have had? 3) Carpet was replaced at some point and is currently black, its good condition but should the carpet be navy blue? Other work: 1) I plan to do is rebuild electric window rails, motor etc. 2) Seat leather has softened up well with treatment, but some seams are apart or loose, so i may get these re-trimmed. 3) Trim around rear window is sun bleached, so requires fresh trim. 4) Engine bay matt black tidy and carpet retrim. 5) Get correct heater panel (currently a carbon fiber sheet) 6) Get period correct (and cool) stereo, likely tape unit I've been on the forum for years, and have restored an early grey bumper Excel earlier in 2016 - but we are primarily a Porsche household so any advice would be much appreciated :-) Some pics
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    Local car show today, my sprint with a +2 and an Elite. Best 3 cars there IMHO
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    I may well be about and would love to join in! what colour have you gone for Jonny?
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    No repainting of the front Clam if done correctly its a fairly simple process that requires precise cutting.
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    Just not Esprit special though is it. That's the point to me to be honest.
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    ha ha mine has gone (again 84 esprit turbo). Wish I had one, as my wife says it would stop the oil leaking all over the garage floor C43
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    @Vanya here you go as promised. What surprised me is it is not that quick, I reckon the BMW on the right which is a 330d with AC suspension would keep up with it on the twisty bits probably wrong but that's what it felt like. Engine bay is a joke no space whatsoever. Not one rattle though. You can't even see the Esprit in the garage ?low is good
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    As an example of the marque and how Lotus were trying to push boundaries, this car has obvious attractions - however, from a day to day perspective, I doubt if that value translates anywhere beyond a museum (and a Lotus one at that?). It is going to be either extremely costly to get the original set up working (if it is at all possible to work out what was originally intended?) and without it, it becomes just another rotting classic with an interesting past (IMO).
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    Brett Looking at the design of the alli rad, I cant see why the support latts cant be removed ? You could always email Steve at sj and ask him to ask the supplier. Yes it will affect the warranty but i would put the question across as it looks to me like the rad would be fine without them as when its bolted in place on the esprit bodyshell that will act as support also. I would get the grinder out, but that is just me and i have not just forked out for a new radiator But i cant see a problem Just depends on where Steve gets them from, if they are made locally i.e UK in a smallish set up they may take them of for you hopefully !
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    Heating it up with a hot air gun could help. Levering it carefully from two points 180 degrees apart usually works...both together and one at a time, to make the pulley wobble it's way off. As ever, it's a lot easier with the engine out(!)
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    I much prefer running cars mike ? Once ive finished the current chicken shed I'm having some time off and sorting that S3 cant wait to see a pic of yours outside that garage running
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    Yes both running track orientated tyres. I think a 100% factory V6 would struggle. Wouldn't be able to comment on other specs as not driven a 380. Obviously a cup should be well matched but I see those as track spec from factory. I've got a few videos of previous track days on my Youtube channel this one is a favourite as it includes fire and tyre smoke lol... more fun than chasing lap times ..
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    Excellent, it seems to be the best way to go then. Stupid question, is it 'pull' or 'blow' fans that i need? I also have the rad from SJ which is a Serck Motorsport manufactured one. Im wondering if the 5 holes on the brackets are meant for Spal fans as Serck also suggest using them too. I shall email them to ask..... you never know...forward thinking....
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    I swear the front of my car lifted when them fans kicked in
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    Agree Alan, it is well balanced regarding decals and is just about right, like you say though the wheels kill the desired outcome The five spoke alloy of that American v8 that Steve posted at the top of the page would of worked a treat on this car imo.
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    Proper man cave Wayne, and even a pit Car looks stunning btw ,
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    SSC do a harness bar that fixes to the factory harness bar points behind the roll hoop. Cannot rotate. Enables seat to go all the way back, bar clears the speaker covers and only small openings need to be cut in rear trim. Easy to fit - without removing the rear trim panel. Fits S2 Elise / Exige and V6 Exige. SSC also has a longer bar for the latest V6 Exige which has a different roll hoop. I think the roll hoop ( frame seatbelt anchorage ) change starts with the Exige 380, but not in the Lotus literature yet - that I have been able to find. Harness bar needs to be about 100mm longer. In this case the slot in the trim for the bracket in the pic below becomes a circular cut out the size of the SSC bar clevis.
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    I saw this topic and was going to exert my mods powers, but I could only think of calling the thread B.
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    Yes we do Tom, when is the Red Baron going to be run-in?
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    Happy Birthday Ian. Hope you had a great day
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    Yup. And here's the big downer... because I was witness to some nightmare incidents in the first race and being called to the stewards with video footage I forgot to replace the memory card in the VBox. That means my first ever race win is also the first ever race I did not have he camera rolling! However the race will be on Channel 4 and Motors TV in the next week or so... hopefully with me balling my eyes out cut from the broadcast!
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    Happy Birthday mate, bought you some.
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    Happy birthday Ian ....Have a good one ...Mike
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    Congrats Tom a great day you'll never forget. Winning in identical cars is no mean feat, Oulton is a serious track too. Huge achievement.
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    Fabian you really need to spend a bit more time looking at the detail of this rebuild. This slap dash, anything will do attitude is not good enough. I bet your cd collection is in alphabetical order isn't it ?
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    "Catching" me up for 2 days mate. Have a good one!
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    As promised pictures of the garage. Very used ATM. Needs a good clean after I have finished the car.
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    All done. One was a pig but all out successfully fully so now another go at putting the box in the car
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    A mere stripling!! Have a good one,Ian....
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    @LF1, was the GT4 a good tow car up there?
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    And no doubt there'll be a bill from Europcar for non-existent bodywork damage to the Peugeot hire car on its way to you......
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    On my S1, I removed one of the little springs that 'fires' the flap open to introduce some 'added lightness' to the system so now it just pops up clear of the bodywork enough to get a finger in and open it the rest of the way manually. Colin P's photo 'stolen' and edited to save me going out in the rain to take a pic of mine.
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    Let's be honest here. Both cars capabilities are far beyond the reach of 90% of the people likely to buy them, so the buying decision is purely subjective. 'Better' is largely irrelevant, you will buy the one you most desire. For the vast majority that will always be the Porsche. Their scale, their (perceived) quality, their reputation, their marketing budget (and skill!!). I don't know why people get hung up on which is better. As driving machines both are clearly superb and while the 'racers' may have their preference, for the rest of us it's an emotive choice and the Porsche is, and likely always will be, the safe choice.
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    Happy Birthday John Sounds like you had dramas regarding the insurance lol But regarding everything else besides the car dramas, have a great day
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    Hi John .Happy birthday .....Have a good one ...Mike
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    Happy birthday Moley! Have a fab day buddsy
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    Last week I was out with Magpie at Donington Park. I was able to spend some time on track with a Komotec KT460, for those that know Blinky (Eric) this is his car under new ownership, for those that don't know the infamous Blinky... his car is potentially the most modified Exige V6 I know of in the UK, its had a lot of money spent on it, including and not limited to full CupR clams, CupR Aero, TTX Ohlins, charge cooled Komotec 460 kit, upgraded final drive kit, and lots more... When it was for sale in my opinion it was the best track day bargain for the money. Here's a brief video of Magpie vs KT at Donington. I thought it may be of interest as I had hoped for a larger gap between the two cars, that said I did feel quite happy with how Magpie compared ... A small disclaimer in defence of the KT car, first the car is under new ownership and im not too sure how many track days the owner has done, I know it was his first time at Donington (the video is from the afternoon session), the owner was getting driver coaching throughout the day so it was great to see him investing in developing his skills. At the time of the video I am not sure who was driving, owner, or coach. The lack of braking at McLeans suggests it could have been the coach, but I can not confirm.
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    Back from service and successful MOT but also had some additional work done. Springs, suspension and wishbones dismantled then sand blasted and wax oiled, put back together. A great job done by Maidstone Sports Cars and it all looks very tidy underneath now.

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