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    OK folks, NEWSFLASH! Lotus have been hugely generous to us and I spent yesterday back at the factory with the GT430 and one of its development engineers. We will be updating the Driven article shortly with factory input for maximum technical accuracy. The aim is for it to be a definitive in-depth piece on the car. GT430 is a technical tour de force and deserves nothing less!
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    Military grey, with matching interior, titanium exhaust, airbag delete and no headlight/spoiler matt black finish.
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    Hi all, Can you add mine to the register too? 1981 April build, August registered Turbo Esprit dry sump on bbs, with roof stereo, full leather, air con, copper fire metallic. Original UK reg was TRE90X. VIN ends 1068. Currently in Australia, exported in 1989 from the UK.
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    don't you mean it's the 'wheelie big wing'
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    I looked at an F type R to replace the Exige, quick powerful 2 seater etc. HAd it for a weekend and ended up leaving it on the drive on Sunday , returned on Monday. Frankly we're spoilt with the Loti we drive compared to other 'sports cars' . However mate has a F Tyre V6s convertible and loves wafting around in it. I've an F Pace 2.0 diesel Prestige to drive at the moment. Dynamically it is rather good for a SUV , engine is gruff low down but gets up and goes. Major let down is the interior , as has been mentioned , doesn't 'feel' like a Jag. But this one is £40k and though at first sounds a lot just take a look at other prices in the 'premium' SUV bracket and suddenly you can see why they did ok with being overtaken by latest trinket Velar and always outsold by XC / X3 Last topic. We sold our RS6 and bought a big blue brick called an SQ7 - yes another Audi, yummy. Was going black with black trim etc but too gangsta and threatening , so its a more cheerful blue. Far more entertaining to drive than the JLR product, wonderful over a long distance, never used on school run and pulls 3 tonne of trailer/horse as if its not there. Where I live we have plenty of princesses in their 4x4s that cant drive and to be fair happily fling their 4x4s into the nearest hedge without slowing down as they go to school/spin class/coffee morning etc...I actually wince as I hear the hedge removing a layer of paint from the poor cars side. You've plenty more fun with SUVs to come as the market has more small, mid and large being churned out. They're also easiest to place the hybrid/BEV tech in too, so they won't disappear for many many years. Anyway think Mark mustang is best idea, looked lovely at Hofmans other day.
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    Lol Dave. Same problem up here. I just stop on the left, but on the road, in my little Clio and then wave at them to come through which means if they want to continue THEY need to go on the grass/verge and if they hit me, well, they hit a stationary vehicle. The look of sheer horror on their faces when they realise THEY need to then take control and go off-road, in a jacked up 4x4 offroader, really gives me the chuckles. What I really do not understand is their mentality. I want to drive only on the road - so I will go and buy a great big jacked up 4x4. I want to think I am driving a sports car - so they will spec their jacked up 4x4 with the biggest fookoff engine they can and then proceed to drive it like a battering ram at warp speed down little roads whilst pretending to be Senna chasing Prost. I mean. Really. Were these people born as stoopid dumbass fooknuts, or, is it just something they have put a lot of energy and training into becoming?
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    I think the S1 Exige does not need bling, but I thought after 10 years of ownership it was time for a birthday sticker
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    That's the thingy that avoids your smartphone (or other things) sliding in that 'tray' in front of the passenger seat in your S2/S3 and that you can buy incredibly expensive on ebay or amazon (as far as I know Lotus does not produce them anymore, part nr A120U0060F) A friend of mine who is not registered in this forum has created a CAD file of this item and did prototyping until it fitted 100%. You can order it now through 'shapeways'. Shapeways does the production, handling and shipping and my friend gets a small amount per piece sold (I think 5 Euro or so). On shapeways you can choose from different colors and finish. This was a prototype with a different finish: Customizing is possible with anything that is technically printable, if you wish to have a different design than what is offered on shapeways, you can contact my friend (yes he has a name, Sven) by hitting the ''send message'' button on shapeways note: -I know that there are CAD files around somewhere in the internet that allows you to print the item yourself, if you have a 3D printer -I don't get any money for this reference -I don't need a 'trinket tray divider' as I drive a S1 -This is not a sales ad - this is just to help my fellow Lotus fans to get an accessory for less money than you usually pay on other platforms -Ordering such a trinket tray divider is voluntary. You don't have to buy if you don't want to. If you think it's too expensive or you can do it cheaper, it's o.k. Thanks for reading
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  12. 1 point It seems not just in Britain, but all over the world....
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    Get the cost of feeding an illegal drugs habit down and crime vanishes. this must be coupled with a proper rehab provision together with support for addicts. Some countries provide shooting galleries - and this has a massive positive effect Im no left wing tree hugger that's for sure - but having been exposed to hmo property for over 20years - I've got a bloody good idea of what actually goes on
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    I like that there are no side barge boards as it retains the clean shape Just noticed metallic paint now at £825 compared to £750 earlier this year.
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    Socialism is great until it runs out of our money
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    Me and you need to have a beer sometime ? this shit drives me mad
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    Hi All, I got the refurbished wheels back today, anthracite centres with diamond cut rims and new Falken rubber. Before: After: Sweet! Cheers Darren
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    Its easier with both gas and electric. We are on Oil here so only compare Electricity and even though I am with one of the more expensive, even the cheapest will only save me £25 a year so I really can't be arsed!
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    By the time 2020 comes we'll be looking at a 100k Elise at this rate!
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    I think I'll wait until they release another special edition next week. Maybe the cup 265 with 261bhp? or maybe christmas edition which will come in snow white or santa claus red only?
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    I have to decide if I swap my Exige with a GT430. Waiting for your update
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    Car Time Tyre 311 Race 1.19.5 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 Exige 380 Race 1.23.5 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 Exige V6 CupR 1.25 Avon ZZR Evora GT430 1.25.8 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 311 Road 1.26 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 Exige Cup 380 1.26 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 Evora GT430 Sport 1.26.8 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 Exige Sport 380 1.27.5 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 Evora Sport 410 1.28.2 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 Exige V6 Cup 1.29.79* Pirelli P-Zero Corsa Trofeo Exige Sport 350 1.30.5 Pirelli P-Zero Corsa Evora 400 1.30.8 Michelin Pilot Sport Elise Cup 260 1.32 Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R Exige V6 S 1.32.68 Pirelli P-Zero Corsa Trofeo Elise Cup 250 1.34.5 Yokohama AO48 Exige Cup 260 1.37 Yokohama AO48 Evora S 1.38 Pirelli P-Zero Corsa Elise Cup 220 1.38 Yokohama AO48 Elise S220 1.41 Yokohama AD07
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    Just need to legalise all drugs now and sell them in chemists..... they will be able to cut even further and deeper all over again. This government are turning into a joke
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    Living in Henley on Thames I'm surrounded by pretension turds in new X5s, Range Rovers and Q7s who clog up the roads dropping Peaches and Leaf off to their piano recitals. My XC90 may have looked the part for 5 minutes but I can't be arsed to keep up with these shallow people. So I bought a 60s Mustang instead, which is incredibly noisy and has big fat wheels. It's a good way to say fcuk off. I'm in the process of buying a Dixie air horn for it too, which is 150 decibels. I intend to use it whenever I'm near SUVs or those other road parasites, MAMIL's.
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    I had to go back and double check, leave it out It's my cross to bare [expect a visit from a Dagenham dustbin.] You won't regret it! Worth it for the accounts of his rapport with the big Italian names and his experiences at the factories. About Hethel... . I'm very happy, I've been smiling since I saw that! I was going to ask is your source reliable but that would put the image in my mind's eye in jeopardy. The one where Lotus employees eagerly attend the official Lotus staff cinema to watch SOUP and eat popcorn. Perfect lightweight popcorn. That's the way it happens, no spoilers thanks. Anyway I hope the bit about the compressive strength of ply is ok, it's actually quite a difficult topic to research while trying to make direct comparisons to metals. Hahaha! The longer this thing goes the more the words I uttered early on; about the production not adding that much time to the labour, ring in my ears. Some days it's absolutely and massively time consuming, others it's a doddle and very exciting. Today on the Vogue I produced about 1.5mins of footage over four hours. I was just flattening out and preparing some metal on the rear that had gotten a bit mangled when I pried off spot welds. Seeing the steel straighten itself out without any external input made my day!
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    It’s wise to have an EMF* account with regular payments going in. *Esprit Maintenance Fund.
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    I was interested in the FPace as my wife's next car. However, as it was to be my wife's car she was the one who had to love it. She didn't. Her comments? "This is not a Jaguar! Where is the gorgeous interior?" She preferred to spend less and bought a VW Allroad. At first I was disappointed but then I realized the situation favored me as I was up for a new car too so I took advantage of the situation and tried an F Type R for myself. Like Inkyfingers, I liked it (as much the idea as the car) until I drove the Lotus.
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    I pay monthly by DD but it is not a calculated amount - it is the actual bill amount so varies from month to month based on consumption. This is for electricity only as we are on LPG tank for gas.
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    I had two 24 hour test drives in an F Type V6 and a V6S and I really liked it. Unfortunately for Jaguar, I then drove an Evora S.
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    Finally it turns out the aftermarket Head gaskets were total crap. My engine was rebuilt three times and finally blew up due to overheating. $30,000 later and installed a replacement used engine which I had replace head gaskets again. I went with OEM head gaskets and finally its not overheating Very expensive lesson learned. Also JAE has discontinued selling the aftermarket head gaskets. However when driving at low speed the engine seems a little lumpy and hesitant and labors. If you put your foot down it will go from hesitating to absolutely flying like it should. Btw idles just fine. Any ideas please? Everything replaced leads,plugs except fuel injectors. Other than that if I drive it hard it is the beast it should be. Thanks.
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    Thanks to Ophelia we had great weather on our mid October Dolomites tour
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    What an absolutely stunning shot of your new Exige - amazing!
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    Couple more snaps from today Had the 2 piece brakes which were great. Forged wheels would have been nice, but expensive upgrade.
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    So after doing so many miles in one year, the Lotus is going into winter hibernation apart from one trackday on the 26th November at Silverstone (Feel free to come say hello if you're there. Always happy to take out passengers). I basically forgot I had the Speedster since I got the Exige, so nice to have it back at my flat now to enjoy it a bit
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    Nah, wouldn’t want to ruin Max’s chances My forged wheels on the rear weren’t legal after the last trackday, new Pirelli’s didn’t arrive in time so I had to put the Nankangs on... quite good fun though sliding around! Incarnation did it
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    Amazing road trip round the Scottish Highlands with some mates, pretty similar pace to the other cars thanks to the Komo-tec 460 kit. Would have struggled to keep up without it! ETA: 19000 miles now since I got the car, just under a year ago. Got to be one of the most used Exiges?
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    She has arrived! Truly brilliant machine.
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    So time to get some of my thoughts on the car down written down. Power Good lord, this package comes alive on track, you can often take a higher gear than you think you should be in to get a smoother exit. The package is so linear and I pulled about 4 car lengths on a V6 cup which is much lighter than my car. Brakes Really impressed with the Komotec brakes, the stopping power is huge, but they also give you big confidence. ABS kicks in way too hard, I debate if on track you'd be quicker if you disconnect it. Ideal would be the Bosch Motorsport upgrade, but at £6k I think I'll give that a miss! Suspension So I'm on Nitron 1 way adjustable suspension and the car was setup for a long eurotrip (which never fully happened) so wasn't really that great on track to be honest. I stiffened it up quite a lot but it'll be back to the drawing board with Jez to get it much much more track focused in setup. Having had a ride in the V6 Cup I couldn't believe the difference in cornering speeds. I think if I'd been driving the Cup I would have been faster over a lap than driving my car with more power. Of course that's all fixable so hopefully by my next trackway we can have it as a proper track monster! Tyres I started the day on the Trofeo R and found that they were wearing too quickly and I wouldn't have been able to drive home on them so I switched to the Nankang NS2R. Really interesting to compare the two back to back, the Trofeo has more grip no doubt, but the balance is nicer on the Nankangs due to wider fronts (215 vs 205) and the car moves around a bit more which is more fun! For half the price, the Nankang really is a fantastic tyre (and even is if you disregard price)! Traction Control With the setup the way it was, the traction control in race mode was both fantastic and awful. Fantastic as a learning tool for me, I tend to be a bit overly aggressive with my turn in and with cars sliding around which obviously isn't the fastest way round a track. In race mode it's a great learning tool to try and be smooth enough that the traction control doesn't limit your power when you apply it. Really happy it still works perfectly with the Komotec kit. The reason it's awful I think is if you're going through a fast bumpy corner and the car is moving around the traction control tries to be too clever and brakes individual wheels which can really unsettle you. Once I had learned the track I then turned traction control off and was quite a bit quicker I think. Videos will be reviewed to know if that's really the case, but it wasn't limiting power when exiting the corners which makes a big difference. Once I was done trying to be fast I then did some fucking around sliding the car about. It's so lovely how predictable it is, you can just lift on the way into corners and it'll pivot perfectly, you apply the power and it'll just keep sliding! Video below of fun on the last corner... IMG_4758.MP4
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    thought this might be of interest to V8 owners, I think the title is very misleading though, he gets an amazing result if you ask me!

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