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    all photos here :
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    Today was a good day in the New Forest: Although, we did have an interloper...
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    I have a few. 1976 Esprit S1 123G gelcoat red and tartan all original on the road, 1976 Esprit S1 166G gelcoat Orange and tartan half restored all original , 1976 Esprit S1 170G gelcoat Orange and tartan all original needs restoring x lotus company car and engineering car, 1976 Esprit S1 228G gelcoat yellow and tartan all original needs restoring, 1978 Esprit S1 326G now white and black leather 2.2 engine restored and on the road, 1978 Esprit S1 329G white with black leather restored and on the road, 1978 Esprit S1 336G now Oxford blue being restored , 1981 Esprit S2.2 0991 now Pacific blue restored on the road , 1978-1983 Development Esprit 370J all original needs restoring
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    Is it : 1. Wheee 2. Whooooah 3. Ooooft ???
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    what I'm really after is for the 23rd December (collection day) to come sooner! Considering cryogenic freezing for the next 8 weeks
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    OK, maybe it was a bit extravagant, but what the hell, I love it.
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    Brilliant - I'll definitely be planning a mountainous trip in the near future... Went out for a quick blast late this afternoon so grabbed some more pics. Carbon Grey is pretty impressive when it catches the sun.
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    Thanks guys for your compliments, yes it is a fantastic car, and very happy with it. Decided to have one last blast tomorrow before it goes into winter storage. The main garage is full now so the Lotus will have to go in the Carcoon. Fortunately it's an outdoor unit double skinned, under shelter and de-humidified. Hopefully I can squeeze the Yam in also as the Carcoon is big and the Lotus small. Dry tomorrow so already itching to go and looking forward to spring already. Happy motoring everyone ? Howard
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    First draft of the 2.0 piece is done. It will be run past Lotus for technical accuracy which may take a few days but I'm sure you all see the value of doing this. Until then: 3 word review: By heavens yes! 2 word review: Hell yes! 1 word review: Buy.
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    Evora 400 was great on a 300mile drive to New Hampshire Motor Speedway for the Lemons race this past weekend (Evora wasn’t the race car). Another great Evora there too!
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    So I finally have my 380 which became a 450 Komotec had to re-write the full ecu to get the car right. I am starting to test the car, still without lsd. If it feels right it still needs some finetuning on the ecu and an lsd....... Hope to do a dry trackday asap.
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    I’m glad that my sleuthing was correct.
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    380 with track suspension was my last car, and that was stunning, but the 430 is on a different level completely! and oh so different to any other Evora! ( having said that I have never had a play in a 410)
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    That's maybe a better way to look at it. I was concerned I'd actually slow things down by not taking the time to find the right part, and dealing with the run-around (and the shop hours of them trying to fit the wrong part). Lotus USA actually got back to me very fast, they're searching for a part now. So maybe this whole frustration will be solved that way. If so, not entirely sure why their service centers can't do the same thing without me, but I'll take what I can get right now. Edit: Huge thanks to everyone. agentdr8 found an ebay UK link which gives a direct part cross-reference.
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    Matt there has got to be a story behind that, if you have told it before please send the link if not, let’s hear it. It will get me off that bloody paper clip thing. Thanks bibs not,
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    Hope so - ill ask Ian at MMC to get a load of xmas wrapping paper ordered ??
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    It's likely the sending unit as I had a similar issue. If you're removing the unit it's a good idea to have a new gasket handy as the old one will likely leak if you don't replace it after opening. Also, if you need to replace the sending unit I found the units are technically NLA but sending units for V12 E-types will fit with just minor bending of the float wire (match it to the one you remove), and you'll need to attach the ground wire to one of the mounting screws as the Jag unit doesn't have a grounding tab welded on it.
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    It's definitely all three of those!
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    Or the Canvey United Neighborhood Trust. They like to be known by the abreviation.
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    @PhilW - thanks for the offer - I'd love to come over and have a look sometime (probably with @clivef38 who's just down the road and started this whole thing off!). Will have a chat when next at the BiH but they look great - the lower height one would be perfect for my workshop - maybe I should sell Tom's Éclat and buy one
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    may be it will be cool to do something
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    Yep, it resulted in a dramatic drop in tallow prices last year. We've even stopped digging the peat beds, now that those are flooded I believe people now call them "the Broads"
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    splitters........theyre the Canvey Island Peoples Front
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    Open that can of 'man up' and go for it Gav! You'd forever be wondering what if otherwise... I personally guarantee it will look awesome!
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    Congratulations mate. Pass that on to the family too please!
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    Just become grandad for third time
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    Congratulations and you chose the best colour (but I would say that!) i did the soft top through my dealer and going topless is great fun on a summers day. enjoy!
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    My car passes the static noise tests pretty much everywhere, registering 95-98 Db but the drive-by can be a problem when pushing hard. I have had a noise warning at Goodwood ( I'm a frequent visitor) - it's the sensor just after the chicane so I deal with that by holding off the power for 50 odd metres then getting hard back on the gas, so no dilution of enjoyment there! Black flagged at Brands Hatch so had to ease off and short shift. I don't like Brands so won't be going back in a hurry. Also been black flagged at Zolder, was allowed to continue but it's 2 strikes and you're out, unlike Spa and Le Mans where they don't seem to be to concerned about noise. Got a warning at Silverstone recently but again, under instruction from a young racing driver, we were pushing much harder than I normally do - let off with a warning and allowed to continue - that was the GP circuit though - I have driven Silverstone National without any problem. These are the exception though and I have had many good days at Goodwood and Castle Combe without incident. Also done Oulton Park OK and Anglesey and Knockhill are both in the middle of nowhere so noise not an issue at all - pure fun! To answer your first question I don't know what the max Db is when going to the red line in 3rd and 4th but it sounds glorious! Hope this helps - happy driving....!
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    The car is beautiful. I was not sure that the rear wing was well integrated to the car. But in real, it's really good (from my point of view). But I have noticed some strange things about the design and the finition. I don't like the mix of carbon and block gloss part : I don't like the button for tc control, I prefer the exige version. The seats are really good, much more confortable that the default one. Indeed It would be great to have something to protect the front splitter like with the 380 cup.
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    May I suggest you get some cushions for the sofa printed as well
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    It helped me stay awake during a very boring meeting. But now I have twice as much work to do today...
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    Clearly you live alone.
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    Does it really come with TPSM? 29/32 psi is hot target pressure for track use... cold you should start a little lower (1.8 bar is what I do) and then deflate after a couple of laps once and maybe another time if necessary after some more laps...
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    I think I will go tomorrow morning . So it could be a dangerous day for my bank account.
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    Well A bit of elbow room would not be a bad thing. If the car was a bit wider, we could have our side airbags so the NHTSA would let Lotis roam in peace.
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    Fantastic car and welcome to the club!
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    congrats and welcome....looks like youre about to be grinning from ear to ear.... I bet you get jaw/cheek ache in the first week......
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    Against my better judgement I'm going for round 2. "Oh I can just let it run in the background throughout my working day, it won't be terribly distracting"
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    I don't know the weights, but the soft top is standard and the hard tops a cost option. Just go with the soft top and you can take it off when the rain stops. No top is definitely the lightest option
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    Just be prepared in case a 260 Cup is announced by Christmas.
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    I have owned a 400 now for just over 3 months and around 3500 miles. I bought the car, (primarily off the back of a 40 minute test drive) because having never owned a Lotus, (or a mid-engined RWD car before), I wanted something different and new for me in terms of the driving experience. For any petrol head this is usually part of 'the right of passage' and I had always intended to experience this when my financial situation permitted. However, to be honest, when it came to the buying decision, if a Cayman GT4 had been available at a realistic price I would probably have gone down that route. In hindsight I am very relieved that GT4 production was deliberately limited by Porsche to hype their wider brand credentials. the GT4 pricing whether new or nearly new is extortionate. It pushed me to look at Lotus and arrange the test drive. I am very glad that I did and have absolutely no regrets over the decision to buy a new 400 at what seemed a reasonably fair price. A few comments: The exhaust sound and engine note is absolutely mental for a V6. You would almost buy the car for the noise it makes alone. It looks fantastic; the rear of the car in particular looks very aggressive. I have never owned a car that draws so much attention. In large part I suspect that this is due to the comparative rarity of 400s on the road. It is very, very quick, although initially to me it seemed fairly unexciting to start with by comparison with my Impreza Spec C and the Megane Trophy R that was traded-in as p/x. I have since worked out how to drive it properly and use the far more linear power delivery effectively. A different driving style, (and gear selection), is needed from that used in FWD/AWD turbo charged cars and I just needed to become more familiar with it. Make no mistake it is a quick car, but you do need to 'give it the beans' in lower gears for best effect. The steering is sublime. I have never driven a car with such good steering response and feedback; no matter what the speed or road surface encountered. The brakes are bulletproof. Very progressive and give a constant reassurance. This aspect of the car is perhaps almost over-engineered, but good that it is. The manual gearbox is OK and it suits a sports tourer like the 400, but the ratios are a little too long and clunky for me compared with the rally style close ratio short shift box in the Impreza. That said I can live with it. Build quality appears to be pretty good so far; apart from the creaky seat syndrome which is more of a minor irritation on longer journeys than anything else. It is easy to live with as a daily driver, which is important for me. I love the way the underside of the car has been finished to aerodynamic perfection. The comparatively limited storage space is not a problem as I use the passenger seat and rear parcel shelf rather than the boot. I don't drink in cars, so don't miss cup holders The stereo/phone/bluetooth/satnav is fine (once you take the trouble to sit down and read the instructions, update software etc.) Also the bluetooth connection with my iPhone does not drop out at all . I also like the 'Lotus vibe' having become more familiar with the brand and type of owners (as exemplified on this forum). Real car enthusiasts who only want the best for the marque and those who drive it. In summary absolutely no regrets! It is a fantastic car and still appears to be very under rated and unheard of despite being in production for over a year now. Frankly that is a strong part of the attraction for me. There are so many German (& Italian) sports cars/sports saloons on the road; particularly Audi & BMWs in my part of the world. I love the exclusivity and "only the driver/driving experience really matters" oriented focus that the car provides. Funnily enough it is also the only car I have owned in the past 10 years that my Mrs is very happy to travel in. That definitely ticks a few boxes!
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    Best start a video rant about Lotus Cars on the World Wide Web then...
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    Even my 80 year old mum loved the 400 and she has zero interest in cars normally. There's no way she could have got in and out of the Exige, but the Evora 400 was a doddle.
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    Pros for the 570: Better value for money. Yes it costs about AU$200k more here, but low mileage examples are selling over sticker, i.e. they haven't lost value. Even after you factor in running costs, the McLaren is cheaper to own over the first 2 years. My 400 lost about AU$50k as soon as I drove it out of the showroom! More comfortable. It feels as sharp as the 400 but with the magic carpet ride of the S1 Evora Power at the top end - it is giggle-inducingly fast Dihedral doors - actually practical as they have been redesigned to open more upwards/forwards, rather than outwards (12C/650S) It's a McLaren!! Pros for the 400: Instantaneous power - any gear, almost any rpm, the power is right there and makes the right foot feel much more connected Better seats. The 570's side bolsters stick out so much that I can't physically lower my elbows enough to get my hands comfortably to the bottom of the steering wheel Rear seats. We take our puppy everywhere in it! Dealer support. The Sydney dealer is primarily a race team and not only runs Lotus-only trackdays, but also provides pitcrew support and professional driver training Fit and finish. I have seen broken bits on both cars, but at least everything lines up nicely on the 400. Some join lines on the 570 are alarmingly out of whack on every example I've seen. Exhaust. Quieter in touring mode, more evocative in sport mode, and never droney like the 570 That's all I can think of off the type of my head They are both great cars, and I can still see a 570 in my future... but the 400 is the better package for my needs atm.

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