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    On the bright side at least the smaller engine will be easier to get back in. Might not even need that tractor...
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    @Jokke Vlo: As always, great driving Jokke. I just love your videos. Just a couple comments/recommendations about the Aim SmartyCam template which I'm assuming is tied into your ECU via an OBD bridge connected to an Aim SoloDL: In order of importance and benefit (perhaps) to you of viewing your videos , I'd change the following: 1) get the throttle bar activated -- the channel and SmartyCam function just need to be sync'ed; 2) add "gear" to the template -- just a simple calibration; 3) change the lap time display to the one which will show and keep your "best lap" displayed throughout the session; and 4) alter the tach range to end at 8K rpms -- totally an aesthetics change and of no real "data" capture benefit Hope I'm not being too presumptuous, as all of this is personal preference. I'm using the template pictured below on my CupR (since then, I've added the "brake-pressure" bar). Of course, I also like to have engine data captured during the session and shown on the video, so I don't have to necessarily download the data later and look at squiggly lines on graphs all the time. Since I review my videos after virtually every session to do self-critique of my driving, sometimes I can discover some mechanical abnormalities early before they become catastrophic by having that data on the video.
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    I like this kind of open discussion, so go ahead Handling days: I do several of thes every year. Drifting an Exige wit or without LSD is working ok. I am an amateur racer, so not a pro, I don't say truth is here, but I like to go a little deeper on that slide "strategy". So my opinion is not a pro one, but the one of a passionate driver. You are, imo, not totally wrong, but it will be about the right input and, most important, the big difference between the standard open diff or an lsd. With an LSD it is "easier" to stay on throttle as you will have much quicker and better grip ! On the open diff you risk to go too much down in rpm and have to wait too long to be on the right speed. (wich was my feeling for the laps on the video) I try not to cut off the throttle 100% when the car start to go sideways, but also to have asap "grip". The mix to find this sweet spot is not easy. I did several times, this day, what you say, but it took too long in fast corners. It was better to come off (not 100%) quicker off the gas to gain grip. You are right that sometimes the car gets too nervous when doing that. At the end it is all about GRIP, the sooner you have good gip, the better...........sometimes it work (slow corners) when, partially, keeping on the throttle, sometimes waiting is the better strategy. I am sure the car will work better with a no too agressive LSD with this power, so you can easier find the mix with keeping a certain amount of throttle. Any opinion welcome. Whe all get better and smarter with this kind of discussion.
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    I thought I would start this. It's a bit like the 'What made you happy today?' topic, but a bit more specific. I know there are others on here have had their own scares. I think we need to let people know that you can win. This is not a 'Look at me.' sob topic. I'll start. Nearly 3 years ago I had a lateral medullary stroke as most people on here are aware. If it had been 10cm further up the artery from where it had occurred, I would have had the same injury as Phillip Hughes the cricketer and would have died within about 30 seconds. Just about to get the paper on the toilet, so I will let you build the image for yourself. Not the best way to go, but since you would be dead, I don't suppose it matters. My face today is giving me so much pain it is ridiculous. It is strong enough to take my breath away and stop me from what I am doing. Liz told me not to do the funny little dance that I do when it hits as it looks gay. Thanks for the sympathy hon. Anyway, the point is, even with this happening today, I could have died on the 13th November 2014. Today I drive and run my own business, though I might have scored a maintenance planning role for a large dairy company over here. I can walk and talk and really have no visible signs of having had anything happen. I really am incredibly lucky.
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    I could do with that steam cleaner barry, not for the car, just me.
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    I'll be using closed cell foam under um, mine will rattle cos by the time it's finished I won't be able to afford to put in any fuel to weigh um down.
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    I am not good with this things but I agree. I will ask a friend to change.... Very good teaching and smalle but technical track settings with diff underground. I have some vids of it at my youtube channel.
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    How fast round Spa in a GT 430 can Jonny go? Math can help give us an indication. Around Hethel a GT 430 is 4.66 % faster than a Exige sport 350(1m 25.8 v 1m 29.8). Jonny has "estimated" that the 350 has almost identical performance to his Exige Cup, so lets proceed on that basis, bearing in mind Hethel is not Spa and this is just statistical fun. Jonny has never dipped under 2m 50 at lets speed up that lap time by 4.66%, and we get....2m 42. Fast enough as a target for you Jonny! Jim Clarke must have been driving that 2m 46 Evora S.....
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    65k seems a decent mileage, more likely to have been used than hidden away. Congrats on the sale Stephen hope it all works out. Bet you’ll be sad to see suchamiconic car go
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    Yay got the car back yesterday after the work has been done, had new (S2) suspension, steering rack and wheel bearing done. Drives a lot better now, only a few more smaller things to get done but at least I can drive the car properly now. Hangar 111 were excellent and very helpful so would highly recommend them to any of you needing work done.
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    And tell them the drugs are in the exhaust manifold.
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    @alias23 Randy dropped me a line re my enquiry and said thay had done one 380 conversion for a UK based car. He also said after some initial development there is now an off the shelf ECU flash for the 380. So I posted on here to see if the owner was on the forum to get some feedback from him. I have since asked Randy for more information, the rpm limit being one of those questions. Just waiting for him to get back to me (I messaged him over the weekend). TBH both kits look to be excellent and both have pro's and cons. Obviously the KT package gives you more HP and has an intercooler, but the downside is the car is off the road for two weeks and is around 4 to 5K more expensive. Whereas the TVS is a two day upgrade and is much cheaper, albeit with less power and the charger obstructs the excellent rear window visibility ?. Torque is pretty similar upto a point for both upgrades. So considering I'm no James Hunt and need to learn to drive properly first, I have some thinking to do. Plus the car is only six months old and I'd like to get some miles on it just to shake out any possible issues (my old V6S needed a clutch after 200 miles) as bang goes the warranty when you pull the trigger. Looking at Jokke's video with his latest track day (another thread) it certainly looks like his rpm limit has been increased as this can be clearly seen from the video, I saw some changes around 7000rpm. The KT 460 will be a magical upgrade in his hands based on looking at his exploits in his old car. I'm really looking forward to see what he can achieve with it. cheers Mark
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    Wasn't me who said that. Someone must have cloned my account.
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    Picked this up yesterday as stable mate for my Evora GTE. Yes, it's the family Ferrari. For those who aren't familiar, it's a 1991 Mondial T convertible, which was the last of the line of mid-engined 2+2 Ferraris. The T was also the first of the now-familiar series of V8 Ferraris with the longitudinal engine. It has the same 300bhp 3.4 litre engine that later went into the 348 and the 5 speed manual gearbox out back, with the dog-leg "upside-down" gear arrangement and classic open gate. There were only 53 cabrios made in RHD. This one's done 43500 miles and has a forensic full service history and paperwork file. I drove it home the 140 miles from the dealer yesterday and have twice been out with the family already: all with the top down of course! It's not particularly fast by today's standards (claimed 0 - 62mph in 6.3 seconds), but it is very comfortable and fun to drive at more sane speeds than my GTE. The gearbox needs a firm hand to say the least. There's much more room in the back than an Evora 2+2, so the kids are happy too. Perhaps Bibs should change my username to FerrariLeftLotusRight now? NB: the Passat's also brand new!
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    I owned X2 Exige Cup 260's, 2008 track spec. & 2010 road spec. Anyone thinking the 2017 Elise Cup 260 is comparable is misled. Here are some of the key Cup specs of my 2010 : Carbon Interior : The whole dash panel, gear change cover, sill covers & seats were carbon Carbon exterior : Splitter, rear wing, access panels, roof, side scoops, engine cover & top of the rear clam were carbon. The standard dedicated Cup paint scheme highlighted this too. Safety : T45 A frame, plumbed-in fire suppression installation, interior / exterior fire suppression & kill switches. Engine & G'box : 257 BHP, light weigh flywheel, uprated clutch, pate LSD, Accuump oil control Weight : Less than 900 KG wet, ready to drive - confirmed at Dubai Autodrome weigh scales with fuel, carpet set & factory AC option. Painted (not galvanised) rear subframe, no rear window, mini dry cell battery. Suspension / Wheels / Tyres : Ohlins 2 way adjustable dampers, adj ARB & spring platforms, rear toe link brace. 5 spoke forged wheels & Toyo R888 Brakes : 308mm alloy belled discs with AP 4 pot callipers. RS 4-2 pad set, braided flexi lines. ... I'm sure theres more, but thats what I can remember off my head. Ask Lotus Cars to build an Elise Cup 260 to equal that spec and see what comes back. The Elise Cup 260's spec is similar to what the aftermarket have offered for years. By contrast it would be completely unviable to convert a standard S2 Exige to full 2010 Cup 260 spec. Sorry guys, but outside of Lotus Happy Clapping land, the Elise Cup 260 is a backwards step over what they built almost a decade ago. The latest quoted time frame for the new generation Elise is pushed back to 2021... who knows, the SUV might be given priority ? Lotus will need something smarter than premium priced limited editions for the next 3 years
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    Hi Bibs, no not on face, book gave it a try once became so invasive and time consuming that I give it the flick! Would thank you in advance if you would pass on my details to Angus. [email protected]
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    A CAUTIONARY TALE OF V8 HEAD GASKETS ! Finally it turns out the aftermarket Head gaskets were total crap. My engine was rebuilt three times and finally blew up due to overheating. $30,000 later and installed a replacement used engine which I had replace the head gaskets again. I went with OEM head gaskets and finally its not overheating Very expensive lesson learned. Also JAE has discontinued selling the aftermarket head gaskets.

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