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    I agree. Just the Christmas Fairy in that picture.
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    I never actually compared the R8 RWS with the GT430, not the same target audience as the GT430 wasn't even a consideration for me, it is aimed at cars like the Porsche GT3. I wanted the R8 for the NA V10 and the fact it was RWD. That V10 really is an experience to drive and when it al goes to the rear the car feels wild and it gives you an unbelievable buzz. Some may say it looks like a TT (I don't think it does) but then the Exige and Elise look much more similar than the R8 does to the TT. The GT430 is a seriously impressive car but I moved away from Lotus because I was tired of waiting weeks and weeks for parts that were always on back order. My car was off the road for a month just becuase one engine mount was n back order, I only managed to get it back on the road after sourcing it from one of the tuners who happened to have one spare other wise I would have been waiting much longer. My steering rack was leaking fluid and I again had to wait 3 weeks for that to come off back order so again my car was off the road for a month. I loved my Evora still do but £120k for the GT430 are an overall package including being able to keep it on the road isn't worth it. Performance wise it is great for the money, but at £120k I want the relevant support to be there too which means not having my car off the road for months at a time because a single part is unavailable. I am and always will be a Lotus fan but there are areas Lotus can't compete on at the moment one obvious one is the build quality, the R8 compared to the Evora is on another level and at this price point that matters alot. The dealer network for support is significantly better, another reason given how horrendous MMC's service was for a long term customer with no other local offical dealer to work with. With Audi I have a decent choice of where to take my car to whether it is to buy or get it serviced.
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    My car is coming! Shipped from the factory on Friday.... somewhere enroute to MMC as we speak PPF and tracker and exhaust by-pass button to fit.... looking good for 23rd collection
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    Oops sorry totally forgot. Was having too much fun in it ? It's an Audi R8 V10 RWS (Rear Wheel Series). 540bhp to the rear wheels, 50kg lighter than Quattro models and limited to 999 cars globally.
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    It seems my car has now left the factory.....
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    I think Kimbers has just the right amount of Christmas decs about the place.
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    So,i was talking with my engine rebuilder right now and he said to me i can ignore that screw for bleeding.And after googling i,ve seen the same waterpumps without this screw.So it was a really stupid question This is how it looks today.Maybe we can start this beauty in the next few days.Im very very excited
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    Christmas has come early! You couldn’t make this up. Bought as working off the web, decided to test it, hooked up power, speaker and aerial, switched on, lights up, turned volume up and out blared Sister Sledge “We are family”! Followed by Elton John “Benny and the Jets”! It’s still got 70’s music in it!!! I scoured the mic separately, it’s the right style, even has a clip on the back. It has two connectors one 5 pin the other 3. Unfortunately the unit connector is a 4 pin! Still, I’m not too bothered if the mic won’t work, I’ve managed to get myself a working radio. Happy days. Roland
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    You can almost plot Esprit prices as a 'smile' curve against age, with the S1 and V8 at the ends of the curve at the highest value, and the early Stevens cars in the middle at the lowest. As G- car values rise being led from S1 to S3, you can imagine at some point many buyers will be priced out and go for the lower early Stevens cars, so the values for those will follow upwards. And then the rest of them. Maybe... who knows! I still can't believe I picked up an SE for £8k just 2 years ago in such nice condition, not really sure how much it's worth now but quite a lot more than I paid for it. I'm just enjoying driving and looking after it F289BKK went for £12.6k, a lot of car for the money! Hope she gets looked after.
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    MY12 wheel now retrimmed in alcantara with red stitching...feels great and matches my dash brilliantly!
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    Thanks again both you guys, will contact @dsvitesse1 for the stronger circlip and maybe the uprated bearing too if he does those as I quite like the idea of being extra sure this doesn't happen again
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    Ann's menu entered - Reminder though - Venison WELL DONE. We are looking forward to seeing all again. 72 next month and yes I am still working in sunny Aldermaston. Resident in the Holiday Inn Junction 10 - M4 3 nights a week
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    Google around Steve,Tim Engel postet it somewhere and the correct dimensions for the bearing mod ....i can,t remember where i read that post.........maybe Lotustalk.Yes you should be lucky,you own a dry sump Esprit Yes Sparky,you,re right.Ether way will work.
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    update, the Scroth harnesses are in the TRD filter is in the front tow eye is in, not bad as its still only got 65 dry miles on the clock, and the bloody wife is insisting on buying me some 3 way nitrons for xmas bloody women !!!!, i was contemplating doing donington this thursday but feel i need a few more miles under the bonnet as i know i will soon get bored of pooling around and donington is mega when your really on it
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    Fran was looking to get one Chris and had a demo by a Dyson rep....and hated it. Bit of an all or nothing machine. Apparently good for long hair and if you want it straightened - works quickly, but hopeless if you want to "style" it. Good news for me - saved about £250!
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    Pleased to see the terrorists in Watford are getting into the festive spirit* *gin.
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    think audi missed a trick here.. could have been audi r8 V10 RWS (rear wheel steer le man special edition)
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    Congrats. Looks a nice car. One of my Mate’s wives owns an R8 V10 in black and she loves it.
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    Please don't let Joe hear you say that We like to rub his nose in the dung for creating an unreliable, second rate [email protected] machine Have to admit though, it is rather nice
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    @anthonyyule so Santa Claus wears a Lotus racing suit this year ! Amazing!
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    Ok. These posts have drifted far enough from the thread subject. I’ll split them into their own topic.
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    For electrolytic corrosion. Used that on the Elise quite a lot to prevent this.
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    It's been a slow couple of weeks on the 211 front. Waiting for parts and panels to continue, that and this cold snap the last week has kept me out of the workshop... Managed to get a few bits back though. Inner body panels have had a fresh lick of paint before they get bonded back in (also had them paint the external side black, they always look unfinished when taking them apart...). I sourced a brand new gearbox and clutch assembly. And also a new, larger laminova to replace the old one. Engine being pulled apart next....
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    ^^ what he said, if the dash is always lit like a christmas tree or all you have is an LCD in the center (thinking of some french cars), it's easier to forget you don't have any lights on. I see it a lot lately. Of course, lack of common sense also plays a big role (buying said french cars could be considered evidence thereof).
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    Couple of pics of mine with the Venom Red interior, some like it, some others aren't so keen, personally I think it looks fantastic with the Carbon grey paint.
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    This was mine until around a year ago, it's a well known car here! i had all the mechanical issues sorted. The paperwork shows the odometer was changed at something like 66k miles, so the real mileage is something like 90k miles. Can't remember exactly the figures but it's around that. I spent quite a bit of money on it and it was absolutely fantastic to drive with just cosmetic issues left to sort and i had to stop spending on it, the interior would have been next on my list but i had to let it go. R.E. The exhaust emissions, i did mention to the chap i sold it to that the fuel mix might be a problem, it was set to ahem 'fun mix'. I quite miss the car actually, i'd been thinking about how much fun it was just recently, carb turbo in stevens shape, and was a bit of an animal! The history might seem a bit scary but it's not fishy at all, it's just been brought back up and needs someone to finish the (not cheap) cosmetics.
  36. 1 point like this chap - cheap as chips - simple to use. And aluminium so when combined with stainless makes it a great solution
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    Barry's nightmare is buying another Esprit that doesn't actually need any work doing to it...
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    Time to get this lot back in the car. Collected the rebuilt head and new liners, shells etc from PNM last week but having gone through my current workload I’ve decided to send it all back to him with the bottom end and he can rebuild it. I’ll concentrate on the chassis and brakes.......
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    Here's a link to some photos from todays breakfast meet - clicky
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    Seems to me, that your car is slightly blowing.... Time for some additions too.
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    @Simply Sports Cars Any updates? thanks
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    So earlier today my engine latch stopped working. After the track day over the weekend, it was acting weird so I took it to the dealership to get it fixed. They fixed it supposedly, kinda, i mean it was working fine when I left the dealership but a day or two later it started acting up again. Anyway earlier today it failed completely. The trunk wasn't opening which was an issue since i had the roof off and the soft top was stored in the trunk. Anyway I had a party to go to so figured i'd go and just figure out my trunk issue tomorrow. So i go to the party, i have a good time, I then leave around 1AM to head home. As I was getting closer to my home I started hearing meowing. I was like that doesn't sound like its coming out of the radio so i pause my music and i can still hear the meowing. I was like fuck, i realized there might be a cat stuck somewhere inside my car. So i was like fuckkkkk but i was near my home so i figured the cat can endure just a few more meters of me driving. So I get to my underground parking and call my brother to come down (he lives next door). I tell him there is a cat stuck in my car and we start shining our phones lights trying to find it. The cat ended up climbing to the engine bay so my brother shouts that he spotted the cat. I told him I had a problem with my trunk latch and it wouldn't fucking open. We both tried to open it but nothing. I had him keep pulling on the leaver while I was banging down on the rear wing while also trying to lift it and nothing. I didn't know what to do. The cat was meowing and I figured it was probably because it was soo hot in the engine bay but i didn't know what to do. I considered breaking the rear window but the dealer in Kuwait doesn't stock any parts plus I got quoted like $3500 for the front windshield so figured the rear window would cost about the same. No cat was worth $3500. Anyway we tried a bunch of tricks, we got a tuna can and placed it near the rear tire where we figured the cat had gone in from. I also disconnected all the lights above my car in the parking lot and then placed a flash light near the rear wheel with hopes of attracting it. But the car just stayed in the engine bay and wouldn't budge. In the end as I was about to give up and head home to let the cat figure out its shit, I told my brother we should try opening the trunk one more time. So I kept pulling the latch while he kept pushing down and pulling up the trunk over and over until somehow miraculously the trunk opened! My brother carried the cat out and it was saved. The trunk doesn't close now but i figured thats a minor issue i could temporarily sort out myself or wait till the dealer is open after our weekend and have them sort their shit out. This was just too much drama for 2AM.
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    You bunch of old grinches.
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    The front splitter and rear wing arrived today. Excellent build quality and craftsmanship. Any suggestions on how to fit the front splitter would be greatly appreciated!
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    Just back from a short rather epic over night trip to Scotland so thought I'd share some pictures So went up in my Exige and experienced a few stunning roads and scenery.... some great roads, then on the way back ah yes as per opps, @DaveC72 after some man maths I swapped my Exige with this rather lovely 400 over the moon, was looked after very well by Ian at Murray's so big thanks to him and Brandon for finding a deal that worked for us both? Sad to see the Exige go as it's a fantastic car, did try the lottery so I could own both but just ended up down £50? Flying back to Edinburgh tomorrow for work too!
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    Yes that was me, parked up between @Trevsked MCL 540 and @Stubox 410 in the black car section
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    An X180 is a sturdy bit of kit really. If I think back to myself 5 years ago I was worrying about all the wrong things. Today I daresay I would buy a 4-cylinder Stevens Esprit sight unseen. Stick to common sense for the most part - if the car has been owned by someone who just wanted to look cool but didn't have the budget to maintain it, it's probably a safe bet to walk away. The most important thing to do is to make sure the gearbox and engine are functioning properly and you can take care of the rest later. Most Esprits will have had a bunch of botch jobs done to them at some point, but usually run fine despite this. I could write up a huge list for what I look for when evaluating an Esprit nowadays (this is a hobby of mine: I routinely go and view Esprits and take hundreds of photographs looking for good specimens to throw my money at). However such a list is only going to add to potential apprehension. I mean look at the stuff that Barry buys. And those cars are always drivable after a short while and some harsh language. However if you want a poster example of what to walk away from, just go and check out the thread where Sparky was working on a white Highwing. And even that thing came to him via the roads and not a trailer. They are EXTREMELY resilient cars. Edit: what's your budget?

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