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    taken from a review (but in french, so I guess it won't be of a great interest here) , those fantastic pics : (source : - photo credits : Thomas Capiaux)
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    So that is the engine stripped and cleaned up. Load of new parts going on it, brand new supercharger, alternator, cams, timing cover, pulleys and bearings, oil pump, water pumps seal kit, etc. Also going to be ditching most of the unnecessary cooling and breather pipes that litter the engine bay and restrict access. Pretty much going to be left with the main water inlet in and out of the engine and the header tank. The cam cover and all the supercharged intakes and hardware is away being Xylan coated as they were all looking grubby and wouldn't clean up. Driveshafts also away for a full refurb. With a bit of luck it will all be back in the chassis and up and running again by the end of next week, which will just leave me with the bodywork to finish... fingers crossed x
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    Preview of the post is not a good thing. It is a VERY bad thing Imagine it, a thread comes along with a new post, a thread that you know the first post concerned itself with adverts for butt plugs. Now, you see the first few lines of the latest post, what you see is Kimbers stating: When you have some knowledge of the post, it takes a lot of courage to open that post, just in case there's a photo.
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    2 of my cards I have bought for everyone:
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    Not to forget the target market für the Lotus SUV will not bei the UK or Western Europe, rather Asia, Russia and Middle East. In these countries the luxury SUV-market is the largest and fastest growing market segment. Its hard to drive an Exige in countries where the potholes are bigger than the car itself.
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    Time to get this lot back in the car. Collected the rebuilt head and new liners, shells etc from PNM last week but having gone through my current workload I’ve decided to send it all back to him with the bottom end and he can rebuild it. I’ll concentrate on the chassis and brakes.......
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    The wiper of my 1991 SE never gone well. When the its ball is broken I decided to modify it. First I tried to mount wiper arm from Renault twingo like V8-GT3, but I noticed immediately that it was impossible without changing the support base in the car. So I used a wiper arm from Toyota aygo -citroen1- peugeot107. This one is longer but the ball is the same. You have to cut it and solder it to the same size like the original arm. You then have to lower the eye, about 4mm, so that it engages well in the screw pin and so you can tighten the bolt that holding the arm. The result is fantastic, you can use a standard wiper blade and it works fine even at high speeds. I hope I made it to understand (not easy in English for me) anyway I put some photos....I hope it is useful for someone original arm new arm just shorted , solder and painted new arm with original support, you have to lower the arm portion that engages the screw, about 4mm, to tighten the bolt
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    Hi All. Brand new to the forum. Just thought this might be a good place to show you the only 410 GP for sale in all of North America! I work for a Lotus dealer in San Francisco and we just received the friggin coolest Evora ever! Had to share...
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    Having bought my first Lotus earlier this year, an Exige, my interest in the Evora has grown. I had a drive in a 400 in the summer and it lived up to my expectations. The arrival of the amazing GT430 and GT430 Sport fuelled my interest and I have found myself looking around dealers at Evora's for the past month. I have no desire to sell my Exige, I love it and especially enjoy taking it on track every now and then. I wanted a GT car which would be useable, something that could almost be a daily, so I kept coming back to the 400 as it ticks the box for what I want and it is also great value when compared with a 911, for example. I wanted a car which I will really enjoy driving whether it is to the local shop or for a blast out to the North Norfolk coast and I know that a Lotus can deliver on that front! So, this week I bought a stock 400 from Lotus Silverstone. Aimee has been excellent, I know many people on here speak well of Lotus Silverstone and they are doing a great job of getting the car ready in quick time. The colour is the new dark metallic grey; the same colour as the launch GT430 car. I think Evora's look great in brighter colours and I was eyeing up an orange one but for me I wanted something that was more discreet, so this was perfect. It looks amazing with the metallic flecks in the paint. It is manual too which I also wanted as I've been using autos for a while now and I enjoy the gearshift so much in the Exige that it made sense to continue with that level of engagement with the car. I'm really looking forward to picking the car up next week and getting the running in period out of the way! I will share some photos when I collect, I hope it is not snowing!
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    A warning to all you drivers out there, be careful about drink driving as we are getting close to Christmas and Police are out there checking on people. Last night I went out to the pub for a few beers. One thing lead to another and I had a few too many beers and then went onto the wine. Not a good idea. Knowing I was over the limit, I decided to leave my car at the pub and took a Bus home. Sure enough, I passed a police checkpoint, where they were pulling over drivers and performing breathalyser tests. Because I was in a Bus they just waved it past. I arrived home safely and without incident, which was a real surprise as I've never driven a Bus before and I am not even sure where I got it from....
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    They are beautiful in person. Here's a very rare shot of #1 and #2 back together in Austin Texas. I have a copy of factory records listing the 9 built for North America and ordering dealership. It shows two cars have been allocated to Canada by Lotus USA
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    We now have two of the four Christmas trees up and decorated. The offending white tree which was bought last year at great expense has been replaced by a different-coloured version which apparently fits the interior decor much better. I just can’t wait for the remaining two to put in an appearance. I’m so excited........
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    I hear you. I’ve had springs come off the compressors on a couple of occasions and shoot across the garage at a great rate of knots, frightened the shit out of me. I ended up using four compressors in the end, but it’s still a risky business without a proper machine. I’m not looking forward to this, fuel tank balance pipe removal is a piece of piss by comparison.
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    And why is 85 year old Enid alone at Christmas? Probably been fucking rude to all her friends and family and they've all told her to do one. F'king do gooders..........
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    Yeah pretty much. I buy one, sell one, buy another....go without for a while etc. But it's really important that you find your spot. Mine is here in general chat or Motoring/Lotus Chat and I post inane crap and worry when people don't tell me how funny I am. Some people like ..... other people, like the technical forums. To me they look like this: Blahblahblahblahblahblah. But I am sure some people (who also like to watch trains go past and collect the numbers off buses) like them.
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    I was wondering why we hadn't seen any of the first drives on the EVO website. They've bundled up them all up as a major feature in the new printed edition. So that's the Elise 260 Cup, Exige 430 Cup and Evora GT430 in one glorious spread. And wonderful it is too, all three cars getting 5 stars. EVO really do like what's happening at Lotus right now.
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    previous occupants of my garage:
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    Understandable, but won't give you many opportunities to practice your welding!
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    the most useless phrase in the world, on this forum. I opened them all at once (all of the first 6)....I'm greedy.....and now horny......not that you guys need to know........erm... I'll
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    Don't you be letting your missus use that new gym mat, if she starts loosing a few lbs, the studs on them seat rails won't be the only studs you'll need to worry about...... No, send it to me and I'll hide it under the fuel tanks in the back of my Esprit, she'll never find it in there...!!!?
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    It Lives! So I'm a sparky by trade, not adverse to tinkering but not one for getting covered in crap/fuel! I was a little apprehensive changing the fuel pump and apart from the 'staring into a tank of fuel under the back seat' thing then it was reasonably straight forward. The thought of the cost of getting the car to the dealer and getting them to do it was enough to spur me on. The original pumps are rated at 100lph for the na and 140 lph for the s. There is no part number on it but any of the possible toyota pumps all seem to be £250-300. I ordered a DEATSCHWERKS DW65c 265LPH off ebay based on some aftermarket companies selling it for the Evora. It apparently fits the elsie/exige/evora etc. It was £140 and come with new filter and electrical connector. I also ordered a FOR LOTUS ELISE & EXIGE 1.8 12V IN TANK ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP REPLACEMENT/UPGRADE off ebay for £24, it was rated at 255lph, this doesn't come with a filter and hasn't actually arrived yet. The main issue was that I could not pull the electrical plug of the pump within the plastic unit that goes in the petrol tank. So when I removed the pump it eventually came out, pulling the wires out the connector. I couldn't even get the connector off with mole grips! So I had to solder the new plug onto the old wires within the plastic assembely, a bit concerning but there are other open connections in there so presumably it must be ok! Then I just had to swap over the seal on the pump outlet and slot it all back in. I strongly suspect the cheap pump will fit/work and will check it for comparison when it does arrive. Anyway, zipped it all back up and it fired straight into life, then the dash lit up like a christmas tree followed by my obs reader! I saved the codes, cleared them all and been for a quick drive and all seems fine! So despite the apprehension and the issues it was all done within 3 hours, so I'm a happy bunny. Oh, the only thing is that it was easier to pull the fuel pump relay rather than the fuse and eventually dropped it inside the trim panel, so for now I've nicked the reverse camera/light relay.
  27. 1 point dont look if offended by boobs
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    I wholeheartedly Agree. However there's only one tiny problem with the Elise and the Exige right now... We living on the wrong side of the Atlantic cannot have it unless we agree to only drive it on our private tracks or driveways. If the new car is delayed further I think they should federalize the Elige platform again ; they have the smart airbag passenger sensor so they just need to figure out the side airbags and crash test half a dozen cars... They could reengineer the doorcards, it would make the car heavier but if they manage to do it, they could very well sell an extra 200 to 300 cars per annum till 2022 they could turn a small profit from this operation and they would make their dealers happy.
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    Neither surprising nor unusual in the car industry. Not something worth making anything of in my opinion. An all-new Elise will be a big deal for the company and hopefully the wider industry too if they manage to re-capture some of the game-changing achievements of the original. It's better that they take their time and do it properly. It's no small task to maintain the qualities that make the Elise so special using a bigger, easier to get in and out of chassis. I'm hoping they'll work wonders of course but am the sort that thinks the Elise ain't broke and doesn't need fixing. I'm convinced that strong marketing and promotion could see sales improve dramatically with the car they've got. All the journos say it's more relevant than ever, I agree. They just need more people to drive them. It's a great '3rd car' too, most of those who enjoy driving have room for an Elise in their life, very few who could have bought a new one in recent years. As for the Evo article I'm glad they were generous with the star ratings but I think they gave the cars pretty short shrift. The press are generally supportive of Lotus but collectively seem to be struggling to write anything I haven't read before. Complimentary as they were, I thought the GT430 in particular deserved more than the 6 brief paragraphs that it got. Seemed hardly worth visiting Hethel for.
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    Another, this time how to pack enough shoes for a week away in the Elise!
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    Thanks for some added suggestions! I certainly had not heard about Cilla Black - any source for that one? Bibs, I too have spent a couple of hours viewing Deryck's collection. I even tracked down Jochen's S4 for him. Here is the list of allegedly 'famous' owners, some clearly more so than others: Adrian Newey Andrew Loog Oldham Brit Ekland Cass Eliott Chris Barber Chris Evans Chris Rea Colin Chapman Dan Gurney Diana Rigg Dick Emery Emerson Fittapaldi George Best Gordon Murray Graham Hill Hazel Chapman Herbert Jones (Lt Col H Jones VC) Jabby Crombac Jacky Ickx Jay Leno Jim Clark Jim Crawford Jim Trueman Jochen Rindt John Geils Keith Duckworth Lady Sarah Curzon Liz Frazer Nick Mason Nigel Roebuck Noel Redding Paul Newman Peter Brandon Peter Egan Peter Sellers Peter Warr Peter Windsor Prince William of Gloucester Ronnie Petersen Rupert Mainwaring Stirling Moss Susan George Tara Browne The Crown Prince of Brunei The Jordanian Ambassador The Yardbirds Tony Loweth Tony Rudd Viscount Gormeston Let me know any more. Tim
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    In other EVO news - "......some of you have asked where our annual eCoty celebration was last month. Worry not, it's coming next month, as an end-of-year treat and will be more comprehensive than ever before". I'd like to think they delayed eCoty to include one or more of the recently arrived Lotus models. Fingers crossed.
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    @punky is available in all good Motor Factors and cleans up Esprit chassis a treat . Although they are easily distracted... and wear out quite quickly so perhaps get a spare! But they do work very well
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    update, the Scroth harnesses are in the TRD filter is in the front tow eye is in, not bad as its still only got 65 dry miles on the clock, and the bloody wife is insisting on buying me some 3 way nitrons for xmas bloody women !!!!, i was contemplating doing donington this thursday but feel i need a few more miles under the bonnet as i know i will soon get bored of pooling around and donington is mega when your really on it
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    What are you going to use it for? Did you regrow some hair?
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    Some modern diesels could outdrag my Esprit but that's not the point. What they're driving isn't an Esprit. That's the point.
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    Not reserved exclusively for the felines.
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    Two and I'd love a third.... what i really mean to say is id love one I can use
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    Tesco have been selling Hot Cross Buns for weeks now so the Easter eggs can't be too far away, .
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    Stuff the car, I want your garage
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    Argh those lines! The Evora has aged phenomenally well. That design although quite understated at launch is timeless, when it comes to the looks, Lambos, Fezzas, Maccas, and Porsches have nothing on it... If Lotus produces a Sprint 400 (rear glass instead of louvers but with the ducktail, in the 2+2 configuration, with the new front bumper in GRP instead of CF and the three-quarter side glass windows instead of the carbon panel...) I will sell a chunk of my liver and one of my kidney to get one. It is absurd that it doesn't sell by the thousands... Just plainly absurd.
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    It’s a yes from me. Pay day = membership upgrade. New oil cooler installed. Caustic alchemy used to full effect.

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