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    First start after rebuild (Essex 006 LHD) Only issue today-alternator belt was too loose.I will get the performance chart tomorow.Best present for christmas ever I can,t upload a short Video ,so there are only photos...
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    Here's one from Bell and Colvill this morning, what a stunning car, very Christmassy colour too! Merry Christmas. Anyone got any more?
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    Hi Guys, Here is the information I have uncovered which was too late to be included in the book. The info is a little different to Brian’s info but makes complete sense and also ties into Jeremy Walton’s info written around the time of Filming and includes the info Lotus employee’s told me first hand in the late 80s early 90s. ================================================================== White Cars:- NCL458V Dev 1 Essex 10858 On Location Corfu OPW654W Ex White Press Car 10930 On Location Corfu Copper Fire Cars:- NCL458V Dev 1 Essex 10858 On location Cortina OPW654W Ex White Press Car repainted Copper Fire 10930 On location Cortina MPW71V Dev 3 Essex 10960 Q’s Lab Pinewood Studio Film Promo Car Only OPW664W Ex White press Demo Car 10929 Film Launch Promo Tool I also suspect this car only has a normally aspirated engine fitted and is the car known to be sold a few years after the film launch by an official Lotus dealer proclaiming its Bond film connection. OPW654W 10930 is on the DVLA data base as Bronze coloured and photographed in Norwich in the 80s on the road using its correct actual road legal registration (as seen earlier on this thread in Copper Fire bronze SEE BELOW). This car can be clearly identified after the filming as the Copper Fire car that had the “For Your Eyes Only” decals applied to it. NCL458V 10858 never had these decals. OPW654W 10930 is well known as a Lotus press demo car first then later used as the white car in the early part of the Bond film. Hence all this information ties in with Jeremy Walton’s book info of this period stating the 2 cars used being white then returned to the factory to be re-trimmed and re-painted Copper Fire for the second part of the film. ================================================================== The White Car OPW664W 10929 Promo Tool As both cars used in the on location filming ended their Bond careers painted Copper Fire there was no White car for post filming press engagements so enter OPW664W 10929. See the below early1980 period photograph with OPW654W 10930 covered in post filming decals and wearing false OPW678W plates this photo is also from earlier on this thread. The DVLA data base has this car OPW664W 10929 last taxed April 1996 which ties into the time Peter Nelson “Cars of The Stars Keswick” purchased the car for his museum collection. He discovered the cars Bond film promotional use hence making it a minor display item connecting it to the Bond film and also why it is on display at the Dezer collection. Peter Nelson (Cars of the Stars Keswick) only had NCL458V in his collection at the time we met and we compared our cars MPW71V 10860 and NCL458V 10858 back in the early 90s. He acquired OPW654W 10930 from the Lotus sell off in the late 90s. I am unaware of from where he bought OPW664W 10929. ================================================================== NOTE Reg No. OPW678W was never a registration number registered to an actual car used in connection with the film. ================================================================== MPW71V Dev 3 Essex I have documentary proof from Lotus MPW71V was the first Esprit ever to be trimmed in Copper Fire / biscuit hide and to have Lotus embossed in the rear bumper. This was carried out to screen test the colour scheme to make the Esprit stand out against the snow in the second part of the film and maximise brand exposure. In my correspondence with Patrick Peal in the late 80s early 90s he stated the car was hauled out of the car park and repainted and then re-trimmed by Connelly during the summer shut down for screen testing for the Bond film. The Bond cars have minimal screen time in the film which can be broken down to 3 distinct specifications. 1) Start of the film on location in Corfu white cars used with tobacco leather 2) First appearance of the Copper Fire paint scheme in “Qs” Lab note:- No ski racks fitted no “Styled by G” badges. 3) Copper Fire car with ski racks also has “Styled by G” badges on location in Cortina. I believe MPW71V 10860 was the car in “Qs lab”. As it was the first car produced in this specification and would have been screen tested at Pinewood studios. After it passed the screen test it makes sense that this car would be used for the scene at Pinewood showing the car without ski racks and no styled by G badges. When I bought MPW71V 10860 fresh from Lotus it had no signs of any Ski racks ever being fitted and no sign of “styled by G” badges having been fitted. I surmise MPW71V 10860 would have been used at Pinewood Studios while the two white cars were back at Lotus being re-trimmed to match MPW71V 10860 and having the ski racks produced and fitted. It also would explain why the car in the lab scene is only glimpsed fleetingly to help continuity just in case the 2 other cars being re trimmed and re painted differed slightly in detail from MPW71V 10860. I believe I also can finally confirm OPW654W 10930 was also only the stand by car on set in Cortina as 10930 OPW654W has never been photographed with styled by G badges fitted when in Copper Fire trim. The car used for the moving shots of the Copper Fire Esprit doing the work in the film, clearly has the “Styled by G” badges fitted as per NCL458V 10958. This also explains OPW654W 10930’s far superior condition compared to 10858 NCL458V (when I inspected it) and hence after filming OPW654W 10930 was used as the Copper Fire press car and covered in Bond stickers. It is also interesting that I can only find confirmation that 10858 NCL458V has a plaque fitted by Lotus proclaiming its Bond use I cannot find any confirmation that OPW654W 10930 has such a plaque. This also leads me to suspect that even in white trim OPW654W 10930 was probably the stand by car to NCL458V 10858. MPW71V 10860’s Use for filming in Q’s lab would also explain why Lotus went to the extra cost of re trimming both of the white cars to Copper Fire as the only other Copper Fire Esprit in existence 10960 MPW71V was already busy at Pinewood studios being used by the film company. I am still trying to find filming dates and some further confirmation of parts of the information detailed above. Perhaps Bibs can get confirmation of the chassis numbers to specs and registration numbers from the Lotus archives to back up my research as DVLA don’t want to help with any information unless you are a parking company chasing someone for money. Cheers Mike
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    No it was lovely car Bibs.......but Im a fussy bugger and was always on a mission to get to an Exige. Wanted a 380 but have bought a 350 which all going well will be delivered tomorrow. Still planning on getting into a 380 though at some point
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    @DK7 was the kit car comment really necessary? Very insulting to the ladies and gentlemen at Lotus who have a proud heritage and tradition of engineering excellence. When you see the Exige chassis and the engineering and design that has gone into the Exige when it is being built on the production line I can assure you it is every bit as good as anything Porsche can do from an engineering perspective.
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    I went to take a look this morning. The paint code on the data label is B142. Pictures don't do it justice, it was a real WOW! moment when I first saw it. The colour is fantastic, even better than I'd hoped. I'm thrilled to bits how it has turned out. It's still awaiting preparation, but even so the paintwork looked superb quality. I'm not going to add stripes, it doesn't need them. I took a few pictures, but my photography skills are no match for GFWilliams!
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    Road and Track magazine don't appear to like it one bit in their review
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    LSD is now in, I've only driven home from Hangar111, but I can report that a) race mode works absolutely fine still which is good and b) instead of one wheel spinning, now both wheels spin. Not sure I'm getting any more traction, but it does move about a lot more predictably which is nice (on private roads, obviously). It feels more drive by the rear now, reminds me of my old Caterham which is good! I will be going out later to make sure I can do donuts, for scientific reasons of course...
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    Admittedly I am not on here often, but not sure why it is advertising Butt Plugs on the forum, I've not looked at them...recently!
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    Lotus can only blame itself for all these negative comments: they build a 120k euro car and do not organize a proper test day at the nurburgring to fairly prove what their car can do??? Who cares about this Heather circuit lap time: NOBODY! On top of this the 430 cup out just 6 months after the 380 cup with several 380 cup unsold. Do they read this forum? They should...
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    Been busy in the workshop today. Bored out the old spigot bearing and replaced with the more robust type from the later S4 engine design. Also have to rub about .002” off of the input shaft so it enters the new bearing. Total solution.
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    I agree it would look great with a colour matched hardtop installed, but I wouldn't use it! I had a hardtop with my Exige Roadster, but took it off early on and never put it back on! Open top is a big part of the appeal for me. Regarding exhaust note - I've not driven it yet, but I did watch it being reversed into the workshop and initial impression was very promising
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    I personally can't see anything insulting in a kit car reference. It is certainly not a "full on normal car" and I have no problem with that. Many of the kit cars are engineered super well and represent the great pieces of automotive "science". I actually think that Exige is one of those and am quite happy to drive one.
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    hmm seems i may have found myself a christmas present
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    Pretty sure Sport Auto knows what they are doing ... likelyhood that they are off <1% ... likelyhood that THAT 380 Cup is not making the claimed power 99%... looks like that 380 Cup had the same issue as @Jokke Vlo s car ... I must admit ... this is a shame for Lotus. They are not professional about their PR ... a bunch of amateurs in that regard ... this hurts the brand at least in German speaking countries ... I can only recomend each 380 owner that only has the slightest doubt to get the car on a professional dyno to see if it also has a „software issue“ ... By the way ... you can see how much potential the car has on the video but due to the lack of power the laptime is toast ...
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    Steve is correct. Its not as easy as it looks. Front spoiler is an easy replacement Side skirts also easy replacement. The problem is the whole rear tail spoiler. The rear body is a completely different molding on the Turbo have a look on the threads at other members projects such as Fabian's James Bond recreation when stripped for respray. Cheers Mike t
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    I doubt it can be done without chopping the rear lip off the body (ouch) but I may get corrected on this. On a Turbo the rear 'duck tail' is bolted on and the rear of the body has a different moulding to allow for this. For this reason, most 'fake' turbos do not have a seam as the ducktail is glassed and blended to the body. Bits will be available I suspect, as owners are now tending to 'unconvert' non-tubos back to original spec, which in the current market increases their desireability. Anyway, go for the S3, its the most sorted NA 'G' car.
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    Im a Judo player too...although recently Ive moved back into gymnastic which I done until I was 16. I had a 26 year gap before starting again! I did Kick Boxing for 10 years in between but have to say the sportsmanship in Judo is very high compared with other martial arts. buddsy
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    Still doing the research Mr May, still doing the research...
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    Hi Steve, yes it can be done reasonably easily but you would have holes left on the tailgate where the louvres are fitted, same I think would be on the floor pan for the side skirts, although they might just have the same fixing holes as he original, but not to sure on that one. Someone will come along who will give you a definitive answer soon though.
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    Hi Phil, Dave aka Lotusman33 has done numerous sets of these. Might be worth popping him a PM Cheers Stu
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    Neal, lovely colour indeed. Well worth the wait. Have the callipers been painted yet? Same colour as the yellow inside? Any pics of the engine bay? Also are the 250 Cups a limited run? I agree car does not need the stripes, looks good enough without.
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    I bought from Boss, the chin spoiler was great but the sills were no good. I got the sills from SJS.
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    @Bibs It was a cold day, so think it took its time to warm the tyres up and I'm on Toyo T1Rs which aren't the highest performing tyres on track! It definietly made a difference through some of the med to high speed kinks, the car remains so stable when you expect it to react in someway, however anything tighter than a kink and it wasn't too noticeable.
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    “Trace engine noise, change head gasket and rebuild engine” ?
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    Deezer has 10929 and 10930. These are marked on stickers on the cars so no doubt about that. Mikes account above all ties up. Other versions seem to indicate reg number swaps but this version avoids any swaps, apart from temporary filming number changes.
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    The 3 cyl is coming out soon and if it is a peachy as the 4 cyl which is a Ward engine of the year it should be a good base for Lotus to work from.
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    I totally agree with this - there's very few 2+2 coupe's on the market that you can actually fit even a small adult in. Lotus had this with the Elite. Had my teenage daughter been able to fit in the rear of the Evora I would have bought one. Being someone who's wife doesn't drive, and commute by train and therefore does less than 2,000 miles per year - I have no wish to own 2 cars. Although the 4-seater coupe market may not be very big - if Lotus actually produced one they would have little competition.
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    I'll try and get an interior picture tomorrow. It's black alcantara with yellow stitching and the gearchange surround is painted yellow. I was going for a green and yellow theme (traditional!), but I'm liking the picture so much that I now think the stripes will spoil it. The calipers are due to be painted yellow and I may see about getting the red 'Cup' decals replaced with yellow and leave it at that.
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    Get well soon Mike and Gary, we'll miss you. See you all tomorrow Martyn.
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    I generally like sport but my passion since 1968 when I first held a licence with the British Judo Association has been martial arts. I don’t consider the way I study now as sport, however you play judo and it can be very exciting watching the world championships or olympics. My main art now is karate and will be in the next olympics in Tokyo. I’m concerned that the type of Karate we see will not resemble the true form of the art. I represented the UK in international Ju jitsu a few years back and now run clubs and judge at national level. The most fun is watching the youngsters progress and hone some really good skills both unarmed and with traditional Japanese weapons. I think that the respect and self control the traditional martial arts instill in its practioners is sorely lacking in many parts of society. Therefore I think that TMA has a very positive overall impact on its participants.
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    " I’ve surprisingly never lost a penny on any of my esprits." said Barry to his Wife. She rolled her eyes for the 1000th time.
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    Dressage...I just dont get it. Saw a bit in the olympics and was waiting for them to start when the guy say " what an absolutely flaweless routine, superb!" WTF was that all about then? hahahah buddsy
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    But in that case, it's actually the reverse. They do like..... Somehow I just cannot imagine Cpl Jones saying it.
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    taken from a review (but in french, so I guess it won't be of a great interest here) , those fantastic pics : (source : - photo credits : Thomas Capiaux)
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    A pic of one of my favourite Esprits:
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    We landed at 5:30pm and ran the short hop to Le Mans, a 3hr, 288km drive which got us checked in at just before 9pm.The cars were parked and we retired for the night to prepare for the long day ahead. As you can see, my car is the oldest of the group and I was the oldest driver of the group! But the Black Eclat led the group and munched through the miles without a single hiccup. My buddy in the Grey Elise brought up the rear and between us we managed to keep the group together most of the time!The day started damp but brightened up as the day went on.It was on this section of the trip that the toll tags came into their own. We had passed through 2 the previous day but passed through 6 on this section of the trip. It would have been a real pain having to lean out or get out of the car to pay the toll. It was also on this section of the trip that the 2 way radios proved to be a valuable tool. While the range was extremely short, maybe 2 km’s at best, it did give us the opportunity to check that everyone got through the tolls and keep the group together as we changed from motorway to motorway. It also proved a source of banter on the long boring drives. Just under 7 hours later and 674 km’s we arrived at our second stay over, the Ibis Hotel in Lausanne.After the customary beers and fine food, some of the young un’s (and the not so young) went out for a nightcap. The next day, day 4, saw another early start to take in the Grimel Pass, the Furka Pass and the Klausen Pass. These 3 passes are spectacular and we had lunch in the bright sunshine at the top of the Klausen Pass. The roads are in good condition and were relatively free of traffic. The retaining barriers along the roadside are sketchy to say the least. I could not imagine these barriers retaining any poor unfortunate who happened to overshoot a corner! But the scenery, the words fantastic and spectacular are just not good enough to describe what you see, every where you look. Its just overwhelming.We arrived in Davos for our next stopover at 5pm. The hotel had parking for 5 cars but we squeezed in 7 with the M3 parked at the front door. We dined in a local restaurant and retired for some beers in the hotel.

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