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    good - for what? prices? I don't care about prices or reputation. I drive the Elite (5000 KM in 2017) and I love it. Would I want to ''invest/speculate'', I would have bought a porker a couple of years ago instead of throwing money at my Elite. The Elite is such a stunning car, unique and head turning, a joy to drive - will never sell it Yes, it's not a Miura or an e-type, but it's simply a unidentified driving object, it's cooler than anything else I see on the street. Don't care about the mainstream or resale-velue ;-)
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    Tractor came today - with my mate Nobby - he’s been a star of shed and buried selling them a Morris minor anyway - progress made rear deck on, oil cooler, front water pipes, air con pump, power wires, throttle linkage, fuel rail all connected up now. maybe it’ll be together by the end of the weekend
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    I spoke to Lotus about the wing vents, they said that it’s due to homoligation regulations. You’re not allowed to be able to see the top of the tyre through the bodywork apparently.
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    Finally got my Afterburners! First I'd like to thank Mick at Transforged for the amazing customer service. I'm going to say that I love the look of these lamps, and I'm entirely happy with them, but in the interests of complete honesty, and for the sake of anybody else considering them, I will also point out that they're not perfect. The finish has some imperfections, which look like bubbles in the lacquer. Also, when studied close-up, they have a pretty weird look, I guess it's a result of the manufacturing process (3D printing?). They certainly don't look truly OEM quality, but the design is perfect for me. To be fair, any criticism I have I based on studying them as individual objects before fitting. After installing them, and seeing the overall effect, I'm truly satisfied. I didn't want to sound negative, but these things are quite pricey, and I'm a fussy bugger. I know this is a personal thing, but I much prefer the style to the GRP alternative. I should add that I've also fitted some reflectors from a Range Rover as a temporary solution. I'm still looking for a more ideal solution.
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    Year 2 on Evora 400 is oil change, brake fluid, pollen filter. Everything else is based on inspection. There is no recommended time interval to change the belt. Dave
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    Actually, looking at the pics in more detail, there are some interesting design details in this box. Many of them superficially look like wear. The external dog teeth are asymmetric, I assume to aid engagement. You can tell this by the fact that all the points are offset, at their roots, where wear would be limited. The internal dogs on the slider actually have different profiles around the circumference. Each set goes "O^^^^^OO^^^^^O O " where O is tall and rounded, and ^ is pointed and slightly lower. Again I guess this aids a smooth engagement. Wow! There are definitely some chips on the internal dogs in pic 8 though. "Graunch ggggraunch! Oops!"
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    He'll even wipe off the blood, sweat and tears, and it's guaranteed chicken-free.
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    OK. Just given myself an early christmas present in the form of something shiny and sparkly - yup, Gold membership! Have enjoyed being a member on here for the past 2.5 years and have found it a very welcoming and friendly site frequented by people who want to help you get the most out of your Lotus and the full Lotus ownership experience. One or two members are a little too Porsche happy for me, but then, every community has its NEDS I suppose! lol................ Keep up the good work @Bibs it's a great community and source of knowledge and I especially appreciate the foresight you had to provide storage for images and as a result this site is one of the very very few that has not been ruined by the faceless money grabbing tw'ts at Photobucket. Long live TLF....
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    NO SPOILERS I did watch it, as a huge fan, like a kid in a candy store! Loved every moment of it. It’s a beautiful film!!!! I actually cried 4 times as childhood flashed before my eyes! But agree on the Disney bits and kept saying, right, i’ll tuck that bit in the Disney box, now let’s get back to Star Wars please, but ultimately it was (for this huge Star Wars fan) an emotional rollercoaster and a visual spectacle all rolled into a good script with some really good acting (always hit a miss in the Star Wars galaxy lol!) interesting earlier comment on Kylo Ren being a spoilt brat not knowing what he wanted. That was Luke in the episode IV and V - just on the light side so obviously a standard coming of age thing in the galaxy I think it ranks amongst the best of the franchise. You really don’t know how this is going to end...
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    I think we all like a good cutaway drawing of our favourite Lotus. Here are a couple of well known examples. A Vic Berris TC engine and a James Allington S3, as used by the factory in the Workshop Manual. Tim
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    Anyone got higher than this in 2017? Guess no! This shot was taken on top of my June's Alps Tour at Cime de la Bonette (2,802 m)
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    Young journalist who probably hasn't ever seen one yet sat in one. The article pictures are library ones off the net - one UK, one USA. As I always say - Leave On Time Using Supercar.
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    I’m following this thread with interest. Very keen on the transforged lights - but waiting to see who comes up with an excellent reflector solution!
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    Yeah, you can usually spot them as they are the ones with their sleeves pulled up and long wristed racing gloves on They do look like proper lemons like this picture. Just does not look right.
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    Apart from the fact they are no doubt expensive and a pita to remove. The the reverse and fog lights only illuminate in the centre so in theory could they be adapted to become reflectors? From memory they are almost identical to some after market items. They are centres from generic kits that when mated to an outer ring form a light cluster. You might possibly find they do one with a reflector? Gav
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    They look brilliant. Where have you fitted the reflectors?
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    Just remove the block-off plates for best aerodynamic effect if you are a "trackster".
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    Well he's entitled to his opinion I guess, even if it's wrong Maybe he would have been a bit kinder if he'd actually driven one...?
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    After a search for TPMS sensors for my winter wheels (first MoT due in January) and, not being prepared to pay the Lotus price, I took a chance on these: I got them fitted and after about three miles, they all sprang into life. I actually ordered the OE-R models of the above from Ebay but they sent out the T-PROs instead, pre-programmed for the Evora (which were more expensive, so I'm not complaining). No problem on the forged wheels either.
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    Mutley. Dind't you ask Barry about his car that's for sale. It may be what your looking for, and well sorted.
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    Thanks for the comprehensive reply Barry. Just what I wanted. The search goes on!
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    How to overcome post-Lego Falcon depression? With an invite to tonight's Royal Premiere of The Last Jedi! Wikkid.
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    Me too. I just want to know as everyone else does...
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    no wonder you are taking so long to finish your cars
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    Agree ... money back on a modded car is an issue, even in Germany BUT fun back is phenomenal ... as I intend to keep my Exige for a very long time, I car most about the latter ?
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    You need new glasses...
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    It is probably a protection against rockfalls. It is not closed when you go in by hand you will find that there are slots so that the air passes.
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    I assume from Momo ... It looks like the Montecarlo : (it can be configured here : but I think the "Team" model could be fine as well, thicker, and more like the OEM :
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    If you want to get rid of the momo branding, rub it gently with a sugar cube: it is abrasive enough to take off the sticker, but doesnt damage the anodised finish.
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    Gear linkage back "gear cables back on .stated engine no strange noise .Thank God...onwards and upwards.Mike
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    Just leaving now, waited til they were in the truck. Will upload more pics when I'm home.

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