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    A call out to Neil Turner from Lotus Customer Service. I have had to request help from Lotus on a few occasions when I have received the dreaded “it’s on back order” from dealers and just now from Autoglass. Neil has ably demonstrated that this was not true but more importantly, sorted everything out such that I am huge fan of Lotus’ Customer Service. If only every company was half as good as Lotus in this respect. Thank you Neil !
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    You’re in GT430 owners Forum... what do u expect? Porcs and Cows?
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    Hi All, I've just joined TLF, but I've had my Evora for nearly 2 years. They're great in snow - with winter tyres anyway. I was one of the few that made it in to work today!
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    So the first outing of 2018 didn't really go to say I'm disappointed is an understatement, but cancelling the day was the right decision. Thankfully it did give me the chance to have some Quaife assisted fun on the way back to the south coast, mostly in McDonalds car part, taking me back to my Essex roots :-)
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    Hi All, Just thought I'd post an update. So I'm very happy with the service I got from Hofmanns, the car is running very nice again. The work was carried out on time and to a good standard. Good communication from them about whats happening and they even did a couple extra bits and bobs like an firmware update and most importantly they adjusted the gear shift so it is working sublimely now! Very happy about the service from them, I would definitely recommend them and happily use them again.
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    Crank seal Half a bottle of tequila and an oxygen mask usually works for me on my "employees"
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    And powder coating. Don't forget the powder coating. Although I believe yellow might be a fashion train wreck, dahling.
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    No one here really believes the turbo suddenly makes the car more unreliable. It just makes it even more awesome.
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    Hi I am new to the forum, hello! My childhood ambition has been to own a Lotus Esprit, an icon of my youth. I now find myself able to afford one and am thinking about looking for a car but would like to do some research ahead of that as truth be told I have never even sat in one - so my knowledge is very general. I am looking for advice as to who the trustworthy and friendly marque specialists and dealers are. I am based In Southampton. My ideal car is a silver or red Turbo SE, I love the glass-back and low rear wing. I am not looking for a concourse car, nor am I looking for a restoration project, just an honest car with a reasonable history. Where should I set my budget expectations? Any and all advice welcomed. Thank you. James
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    Hi all just joined ive got a 1978 elite 504 purchased about 3 weeks ago not run for a year wish me luck.
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    Meanwhile the Red turbo engine is coming together. Have to keep on top of things, building 2 engines at once. Nearly forgot to torque down the head on the Red car... see what I mean, posted this on the wrong thread...
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    Going by the price of an s4s that has just come on the market you can afford to buy 2 evora at that price and have change
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    Just bought a blue belt from Gary Kemp. He states that they were manufactured for the American market to guarantee 100k in the first instance and then upgraded again to 150k. This was to prevent cambelt failure on new cars within the first few years. The car manufacturers would have been made liable for the damaged caused due to failure. As a consequence the blue belt was developed. The colour is purely to identify the product. Gary was explaining that the rest of the timing pulleys, camshaft etc would most likely wear out first, not as a consequence of the blue belt just because they last so long. I’m changing the tensioner from the semi automatic to the manual tensioner and only expect to change tensioner bearings and perhaps camseals anytime in the future. Just keep putting the same belt back on. Thats the plan anyway.. I will let you know in 10 yrs or so..
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    Sure, heat cycles could be a failure or age factor. BUT, if you think about it, the stress on a timing belt is worse (in certain places along the length) than if the engine is running. Those stressed areas are the parts that will fail. We've had local owners who 'winter' their cars for 6 months a year and then had an older black belt fray and unravel. That with less than 10K miles (admittedly, 10 years or more. I would NEVER let a TB go THAT long.)
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    2:38 ... thats a time ... wow ... would mean pole position in the Porsche SuperCup 911 GT3 RS category... must still be possible to go faster at more optimal temperatures and with a sequential box ... below 2:35 could be possible if @Win911 goes for a sequential box ...
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    Hmmm - should I get my own back already...
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    I had to study that for a couple of moments - but why do both 'prongs' need a pointy bit? PS I'm going to spoil your exciting unboxing threads from now on
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    More unboxing excitement.... Can you guess what it is yet? There's other stuff in the bottom I've not reached yet
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    I thought the time was from when it starts the heat cycles. buddsy
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    Ahh @Chillidoggy - I’m awaiting a nameless man in a unnamed location to resolve a special unmentionable conversion. I think he’s taking his time and drinking too much gin. Other than that my list for this week is to order suspension parts, a throttle cable and driveshaft roll pins from SJ. I also need to order some stainless piping so I can get a new exhaust fabricated. I will do the front suspension bits first - and then onto the rears after that. New everything - just like the S4. Not shocks and springs - I will freshen those up if they are suitable.
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    Also, don't forget: the time interval is for belts that are tensioned. So if you assemble a motor (or your Esprit is off the road for some reason, maybe @Barrykearley hasn't bought it yet) you need to start counting the minutes THEN.
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    Clean any previous thread sealant off all the bolts, otherwise they can strip the aluminum threads out of the head. Use an Excel spreadsheet to measure and sort the shims. but yeah it really sucks if they fall out like that and you have to do it several times (DRY no sealant!). Add about .0005" for the final numbers to account for the sealant. Doing it on a head on a bench is much easier than on an engine! Don't clean the pistons, it'll drive grit down into the rings, where it is impossible to clean. Don't skim the head unless absolutely positively necessary! A machinist messed mine up and tapered it into a trapezoid, which made the cam belt try to walk off!
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    Thanks @Bibs. This forum has been a font of knowledge for me on my Evora journey so far. On a related (ish) snow note - has anyone tried fitting skis in an Evora? I've seen the suction roof racks from the US, but I wondered if getting them inside is possible. I've not bought them yet - or I would just try it for myself! - but the total bag will be about 1.8m. I can confirm that you can fit a Japanese Akita in the back seats of a 2+2 Evora!
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    Rubber doesn't last as long since RoHS standards were adapted in the early 2000s. RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. Compliant rubber bits would actually MELT after 3 - 4 years after that. My most vivid memory was the story of a Morgan owner who left his car in his garage in disgust, after he had brake trouble and couldn't get the hydraulics apart. 30 years later he got back to it (found a wrench he though he lost, too!) and made his car operable again. A couple years after that, he replaced all the worn tyres from the 1960s...and he was PEEVED when they only lasted 6 years! HaaHaa, welcome to the 21st century.
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    Here you go! See what you mean with carbon,damn pricey!thanks for that will come in handy
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    Know the feeling Andy, Exige V6 Cup was (and I'm sure still is) such a great car in every respect. Incredibly cheap to run for the performance on offer, supremely reliable, enthralling to drive each and every time. It was a genunine wrench to part with it. 400 in that spec sounds like a proper GT430 worrier! Some great deals to be had out there currently, that's for sure.
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    If it weren't for a liberal application of bodywork seam-sealer around the edge of my mudflaps, they'd have parted company with the car by now as the OE brackets looked like this when I went to investigate why they were flapping (no pun intended) around................................................. I contacted @Miguel after hours on Thursday evening, a couple of emails were exchanged and by Friday lunchtime he was advising me that a pair of his stainless brackets were on their way to me by courier - fantastic service, especially as I hadn't even paid for them at that point! A package arrived about half an hour ago, and upon opening, these beauties were revealed............. Hopefully, I'll get them fitted later this week (once the weather permits working outdoors) and by their apparent quality these brackets should outlive the rest of the car.
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    The Sports Racer interior of your Ardent Red car (and mine!) looks FAR more special than this mate! IMHO of course!
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    Stickers Well, it's just a saga now! I had to let the original company go and pay them a token feeThey were not up,to it. I have found another company and the stickers arrive in the next few days. If they are as described and up to standard they should be excellent, if not well the saga continues. The good news is I will sell them at two for £5 , to recoup my expenses. This will be a real gift if they are as I expect!
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    Permabond A136 sealant (or similar) for the Cam Towers. A silicone based sealant will form a film between the Cam Tower and the Cylinderhead which makes setting the valve clearances a guess at best. No threadlocking on the Cam Tower bolts or the Crank Pulley Bolt.
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    I’m gonna pretend I understand that above picture. Can I have a red square please
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    @Bibs That vid was awesome! A couple which I love the music too which you were missed out.... buddsy in the 70s
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    I have an SE and I absolutely love it, I bought a well looked after one and it's been very reliable and loads of fun. Every now and then I think I could do with the cash but then I come to my senses. I was offered £17k around 18 months ago by a dealer who was so desperate he offered to send a trailer the next day. If I were to sell today I don't think I could let it go for less than around 25-26k maybe that's unrealistic I've no idea. It's the last of the totally raw, unassisted, "super" cars, I love it. I hope you find a good one.
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    Sorry folks, my Lotus in the peak day was June 15, 2017, when my 3-Eleven lifted me to Cime de la Bonette (2,802 m). This year, Dolomites are on schedule. will keep you posted ... Peter
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    problem with the vent mounts in the lotus is that the vents are round so as you turn the weight of the phone on the vent tends to rotate the vents and you end up with a phone that keeps moving around. Can be super annoying if you're OCD. Also not practical in the summer especially since the AC is barely effective without anything blocking the vent.
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    Sorry I have got to but in here as I have currently in the garage a 911, Mclaren, DB11, C7 Z06, BMW Alpina, Porsche Panamera Turbo SE Turismo, and a load of of old sports cars the list too long to bore you with but a lot of Lotus 211 Elan's Esprit's Jag's. Also a GT430 a purple one and this is the best car of them all. why ? its not the fastest or the most spacious it has rubbish tech we all agree. But it drives like nothing else on the planet its the best drivers car in the world in my opinion. Its my fourth Evora and they have just got better and better, point to point across country It will stay with the Mclaren and the Z06 despite giving away not far off 300hp it will beat all of the others cars, it looks gorgeous and is far more comfortable to drive than any of the other cars i own it has perfect steering and suspension for road use what its designed for. I think lotus can stick 2 fingers at stuttgart when its gets a 500hp 2.0 hybrid supercharged and turbo charged Engine and a gearbox to match it that will save another 60KG's and might get called the Esprit :-) argh if my dream came true. RU listening Lotus ? we dont care what it costs just make it please make it before im too old to drive it.
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    Hi chaps. I make stainless steel mudguard brackets, checkout the ad in the for sale section. They're 316 marine grade stainless steel so should last the lifetime of the car. Also lighter than the bog standard rusty ones ;P
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    I thought the Comps had the outer-facing edges sanded off to expose metal and the inner edges black? Is that possible with powder coating?
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    Centers picked up yesterday from powder coaters. Look lovely. Clearly the wife was out as they are on the kitchen table!
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    Hi All, Apologies for my absence, had time off on holiday recently and came back with a mystery virus which had me in and out of hospital so I have a lot of catching up to do! Some responses to a few points raised over the last couple of days in this thread; @550superfast– I have the new intakes and the smaple batch of headers here. We are testing both at present but I'll get some images and some info together to share this week. Might start a new thread regarding the headers. @Mark030358 there would be no difference in engine hardware on the 380 vs. any other Exige variant other than the small pulley on the supercharger. Interestingly the 430 Cup is advertised to make it’s peak power at 7000 RPM so my suspicion is that the rev limit is to keep the supercharger in it’s operating range rather than the engine. I have an idea which may work on your car though. Please email me and I’ll let you know what I’m thinking. @tim_marra & @Turbo911 We are expecting the chargers late this week or early next week. Unfortunately the delays have been out of our hands but we should have the chargers to you really soon. @JG220 We aren’t speaking in code at all, a dyno is a great tool for measuring peak power however it’s pretty rare that people share results of a stress test where 6 or 7 power runs are done in a row to show the ongoing effects of heat. It's also probably hard to do a repeatable back to back test in this manner so lap times are the best reference of performance in our opinion. There is a lot more info on our site if you go to the product page ( and then click on the “SSC’S OPINION” tab for more info. Power is very subjective so we try not to put a laser focus on it. In a nutshell if we are installing a bigger charger which is operating within it’s peak efficiency window, this will result in lower intake air temps at higher intake pressures. You see the benefit of this when the car is run through the rev range in gear after gear. Putting a smaller pulley on the 1320 only pushes it away from its efficiency range which generates even more heat. A charge cooler is one way of dealing with the heat however we have tackled the problem at the source rather than fix the problems the heat from the OEM charger creates. We believe our product does this at a lower price with an easier install. Based on the feedback from 550superfast it seems the track performance is pretty similar although we might have the edge with our new intake. I'll be sending Gary one as soon as we have signed it off which I'm hoing to do over the weekend. @BatMobile We do have a charge cooled 1900 in testing and the results are looking impressive. This product will be in addition to the non-cooled kit as there will be a decent price increase in comparisson to the non cooled kit. The 1900 with charge cooler is the ultimate solution though. No forged internals are required for the base level kit however if internals are done there will be a lot more power available. Stu
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    I truly don't understand what the issue is here and why it has "soured" the ownership experience or the view of Lotus a little. Once you actually buy a new car, even before you have driven it, it is then a used model. The key thing is remembering the reasons why you bought it in the first place surely. The looks. The spec. The colour. The smell. The way it feels to get in to it. To drive it. the fact that it is a Lotus and that says something about you? Why are we so obsessed with having to have the latest model? We're falling victims to the marketing guff and paying through our noses for it too. I went to my garage yesterday and for the first time in 4 weeks I opened it. Usual reasons for not doing it before (work, xmas holidays, work, shitty weather). I opened it up and there was my 2010 S1 NA Evora. My heart actually fluttered as I had forgotten just how much I loved that car! I disconnected the battery charger. I opened her up and jumped in and I felt like a child. My senses were in overload, full of the anticipation to come as I put the key in the ignition. She might be coming up to 8 years old but she smells like new thanks to the upgraded seats, interior re-trim and full length bespoke carpet in each foot well. I was truly back "home". Cradled in those venom red Recaro seats. I fired her up and she barked into life, first time. The hairs on the back of my neck stood to attention. All thoughts of swapping her in for a GT410 left me. Nothing to do with how good the GT410 was or is. Nor the huge difference in the price that I would have to fill. No, it was just that she was mine and we had unfinished business on new roads to deal with before we parted. I love the new GT410 (and GT430's but they are way more than I would ever pay for a car, great as they are). I love its looks from the outside. i think Lotus have done an amazing restyling job with it. I actually think at £85k in the UK (without options) it is a great price too to be honest and whilst it might be around £5k more than a base 911, well, the £5k would be worth paying knowing it was a Lotus, handmade in the UK, and not a mass produced German autobot. But that is my view and I understand many would not agree and would be quite happy with the Porsche. That's fine, that's their choice. So, again, I have no idea why Lotus bringing out the GT410 would or should sour your experience with the 400. You have the 400. A fantastic car to own. Go and sit in it. Appreciate it. And use it. Are you married? If so, how did you feel a couple of weeks after your wedding night when you walked into a bar and clapped eyes on the upgraded version of your wife? Yes, she caught your eye. But did it make you love your wife any the less? Did it sour the relationship? You were maybe seduced. You were maybe even tempted. But you didn't, as you knew what you had was great. 2009 we had the Evora S1. 2015 the 400, the first major upgrade. 2016 we had the 410 Sport. 2017 we had the GT430 and GT430 sport 2018 we now have had the GT410 and likely styling refresh of the base 400. Hardly a cascade of new Evora restyles is it really? The perception is that they are coming out like bullets from a machine gun. The reality is different as really from a styling perspective, as opposed to special editions of the same shape, we had the S1 in 2009 (original shape), S2 in 2015 (the 400 shape) and now the S3 in 2017 (GT430 shape). Time we all got some perspective back in my very humble opinion and good luck Lotus in the sales.
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    Jonny Congratulations that is a fabulous car in a brilliant colour.
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    Yeah, carbon fibre always looks tacky!

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