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    So Lotus put the pictures onto there face ache page of the 311-430. That was enough for me to become an ijot and place an order with a deposit. I have been told the car now has a chassis number and build will hopefully commence in April with delivery in late April or early May First RHD car and allegedly the first 311-430 confirmed order Going to be a looooooog wait
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    After several days load hauling with the Range Rover (in dire need of an engine rebuild) and taking the Excel on Sunday, today I got to drive the Esprit again. Nice sunny day, cold but dry, one of my favorite local roads and light traffic. I was already quite happy after the drive to the job site. First 2 jobs went a lot quicker than expected, so high hopes to get home early. But third and final job was a bitch. Picking up where someone else left off and working my way through the various bodges, scrounging for possible replacements for vital parts. Ended up spending over an hour longer then expected. Got back into the Esprit, feeling cold and weary. Last rays of sunlight did their best to put some heat through the glass sunroof. By chance, next track on the CD was 'Turbo Lover' by Judas Priest. Traffic again pretty light. Same nice road. Once again a happy man by the time I got home (with dinner waiting, as icing on the cake). Getting an Esprit was one of the best choices I ever made. Replacing it after the fire with a near identical one, was simple logic. I've enjoyed so may great miles. A few weeks ago, I rebuilt the rear brakes because they were prone to dragging, especially after cold and wet nights outside. Now my Esprit feels lively again straight from the start. So it was probably worse than I realized, slowly building up over time. I honestly couldn't be happier with a car.
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    In the past I have had er indoors slightly upset a couple of times. cant imagine why. Typical over-reaction. I found a cake icing syringe makes a perfect tool for filling up CV joints on driveshafts with grease. For some reason she seemed reluctant to accept it back again, despite having used perfectly clean grease. Also an Ikea table with tubular legs which was in the shed had perfect diameter tubing for cutting a piece off and using it to press out wishbone bushes.
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    Any Lotus owner is a friend of mine mate, and I'll always help when I can. Glad to hear they're on this for you and once resolved, I wish you many, many happy years of Lotus ownership
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    I've just got off the phone with Neil Turner at Lotus, he's the head of Customer Services and will be looking into this with LCU as a matter of urgency for you Jim.
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    The diff's the easy bit! Who's going to sort those front seats, cos my gran wants her curtains back!
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    Just another hopeless example of someone who's stopped coming to TLF monthly meetings. What next @Buddsy ? Sell the Esprit??????? You need urgent help - we are there for you
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    I’m hoping to post more pics this week be but I’m having some upload issues which I’ll get some help with shortly. really looking forward to getting back behind the wheel.... it’s a complete joy to drive - and for me - with the big comfy Sparcos I could drive literally night and day in complete comfort. 250 miles for me on Sunday around some beautiful and amazing Aberdeenshire roads... hopefully with a bunch of other nice cars too. So fingers crossed I have some good insightful comments to report back with
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    There you go.... Be interesting to see the alignment of wastegate to the downpipe, fingers crossed, I suspect it may be tricky. Still have not really twigged why the manifold cannot be offered up to the engine assembled asis - The alignment of the flanges looks good and its all rigid. I guess I'll find ot when I try.
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    It's a long process but have just finished the repairs to the radiator shroud. I am now starting work on the louvre for the tailgate. The undersheilds are good to go. So I could put the radiator back if I could sort the fan loom, the original went walkies! The tailgate louvre has lost a screw thread. The nut was seized and it broke off. This is not good, as welding would be difficult. The other solution is also not good, lots of work. You file off the fiberglass around the sheared bolt thread to reveal the round metal fixing that is embedded in the louvre. You take it out make another one with a new screw thread and fiberglass it all back together! It seem as if I have been fiberglassing forever! Hopefully this car will start going back together soon. .there are a lot of plastic P clips on this car. I'm replacing all of them. Autosparks are providing the clips. I use them fir the colour coded wire for the electrics. I will have to knock up another fan harness, not a problem as electrics is my favourite job.
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    That's a lot of mpg indeed a lot of money saved that will contribute to a lot of refuels for your Elise no doubt. I'm pretty sure the car will get the best of what Volvo has to offer including some tune of the 2L Hybrid powerplant, we know the thing is good for 400bhp+. And with Lotus dynamics this SUV will give the Maccan/Cayenne a run for their money.
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    Timing could have been done offline. The timing equipment may have been out of the driver's sight. Don't know if it makes it "technically" acceptable, but it is in reality no different from taking times off a video which is fine to run.
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    Said the man with the bright red Cayman
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    Ah man. Great that Neil is on the case and support from those up high. I had trouble with mine and the response/support from Neil will leave me a life long fan of the brand, and that was long before the “Geely Factor”. All this @Bibs love is making me gag on my cornflakes though. You know he drives a VW right?
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    Love it. I managed to sneak all the bigger parts under the bed in the spare room. Bumpers, Spoiler, Skirts, Cant rail's etc.
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    Thanks they look really good. my wheel centres have been blasted and are going to my painters. I have decided against powder coat, we are matching the gold decal colour. The Barrels have been powder coated in satin black and the lips have already been polished. The centre caps are also ready just needing the black and silver decals to go on. I hope to have the wheels assembled by next week. I have got new hubs to fit all the way round and Lotusbits have already fitted the new bearings. I have decided that I will keep the wastegate original, so that means a new £600 wastefpgate adapter and a Wastegate rebuild. This then leads to new exhaust pipes. It's a money pit if you restore everything as good as it was when it left the factory or better. Still there's no point in scrimping it's still a small proportion of the total cost and will produce an exceptional car. The trouble is all of this money spent will never be seen when you look at the car unless you take all of the covers off. I have powder coated or plated just about everything, adding a significant amount. With a factory correct suspension, Compomotives and all the original paint and interior this should be a stunning Bond car, I have gone to extreme measures to ensure it's as good as it possibly can be.Im even having the correct leather trim around the carpet edges. The leather colour in the car is different to the standard production beige. It's a toffee/buiscuit colour. It's curious because like the paint it changes colour in bright light. Appearing like a light cream in some shots and dark toffee in others. I hope you get a chance to see it and judge for yourself. The ski racks I intend to do last as I need to assemble this asap!
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    Boy I screwed that up (don't ask). I will be ordering shims tomorrow. I have 9 total (intake and exhaust) that are just out of spec. I was able to swap 4 (2 on the intake and 2 on the exhaust). Yep, I plan on a video per day of working on this until it is back on the road. Fingers crossed I will be done by the weekend. Would have been sooner if I didn't have to order shims.
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    Welcome to the forum! I got a sport 350 because I wanted the geo, slatted engine cover, and exposed gear shift. My other requirements were cruise control for road trips (can be retro fitted for not much cash), and air con. Done a few trackdays in mine and the only thing I’ve done is replaced the brake fluid for Castrol SRF. Happy hunting
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    @directordanw - please can you send me your dictionary. I can burn it to keep warm in my workshop!
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    you can have one of the cylinders to give you a full set then!! Touche lol
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    On watch. Don't tell the wife.
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    Up around 2k miles on mine now and one track day. The std carbon seats being the only bug for me and I believe it’s related not just to the seat itself but to how upright they are. I’ve a nagging hip so others may not suffer and for me 2 hours is about right. I’m going to mod the recline to match an Elise/Exige with which I managed 6 hours in the saddle without undue discomfort. As for driving, it’s exactly what I bought it for, all the positive traits of the Exige Cup and the refinement of the Evora. The Ohlins are incredible, I thought the Bilsteins and Nitron’s were good but these a decent step up from that. Perfection of course would be being able to adjust on the fly but maybe that will come later.
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    utterly tragic, and whilst not privy to full details its obvious to any person with even a little intelligence this is going to happen ... autonomous vehicles are not needed full stop... trams, rail cars, airport parking pods.. yes, but not on public roads where the variables are to huge.. an example where an autonomous vehcle would fail every time.. i took my son to work on friday in a heavy snow flurry, some bits of road were wet some were tracked snow, when i approached a roundabout i could see tracks in the snow where cars had locked up approaching the junction and had gone straight on a bit... i was going quite slowly but slowed even more.. it was basically packed hard snow, snow tyres were in effective you just and no friction... .. i made adjustments based on my experience, seeing the road surface ahead, the pack snow, and how zero traction applies, and made it round the roundabout.. 5 mins later i returned after dropping lad off... there was a car into railings, a brushing glance he was lucky... two hours later on return journey, the railings were obliterated with two cars stacked well and truly into them.... i picked up lad and took him to show him the crash site, (hes having lessons at the mo so it was a good experience) i then took him to a empty industrial car park, made him driver round top experience how an small amount of snow changes the grip level... he could believe how the car just did not want to stop, it just slis and slid.. i turn of traction control and he tried to accelerate.... it was a great lesson.. one ive taken my wife on and will my daughter.. upon leaving and driving home, lad says to me out of teh blue.. id like to see an autonomous vehicle do what you did dad at that roundabout.. despite being quite proud that lad recognised that experience had prevented us from hitting the railings by recognising a number of factors.... he has a point.. there is no way that change in surface grip could be programmed for an autonomous car.. i really have a dislike for autonomous cars, they have no purpose.. if your in it you may as well drive it!.... its like someone re inventing the wheel and making it square..
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    A new delivery expected to arrive tomorrow and will near enough complete the winter diet! The body part weighs 1988g!
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    No brush needed. Looks the business with blue silicone hoses!
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    Hi Mike I Vapour blast my engines I then paint the outside of them so they stay looking good for years. I've had lots of Esprit's and driven most models but I prefer s1s and S2.2s I finished the car 16 months ago I just never got round to posting anything up Short walk around of the car The car will be at the restoration show at the NEC this weekend Matt
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    A call out to Neil Turner from Lotus Customer Service. I have had to request help from Lotus on a few occasions when I have received the dreaded “it’s on back order” from dealers and just now from Autoglass. Neil has ably demonstrated that this was not true but more importantly, sorted everything out such that I am huge fan of Lotus’ Customer Service. If only every company was half as good as Lotus in this respect. Thank you Neil !
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    Yup - I suppose you have to have something to store your rubbish in and remind you what a REAL sports car drives and feels like
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    “ Lotus SUV, as imagined by Autocar” #morefakenews
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    Seconded. First thing he should do is order a wall to be built around Stuttgart with no openings.
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    I as a new owner are warmed by the outcome, and it also confirms my belief that LOTUS is moving in a positive direction.
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    Afraid not, no. I didn't actually see him in the congregation although Martin gave him a namecheck during his talk. I spotted a certain Essex in the car park and said a quick hello to Jamie and Justin before the service started, but was rushing off to Gatwick straight afterwards (Geneva motorshow) so didn't loiter to chat.
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    Shhhhh.....don't tell the Mrs.....she hates it when I borrow her tools.
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    We're up to eleven GT430 owners in total here currently. 8 x GT430. 3 x GT430 Sport. 7 of which are UK owners, all GT430. No GT430 Sport owners in the UK to my knowledge yet. Looks like another 3 cars are out there in UK dealers currently (going by the classifieds). 1 Olive Green, 1 Imperial Green, 1 Burnt Orange. The limit is 60 units of each. They're nowhere near that yet.
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    I've recently had to replace my fuel pump. A couple of times the car cut out but started again. Then eventually would turn over but not start. Strangely it didn't show any codes til after I replaced it then the dash lit up like a Christmas tree. !
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    Hi and welcome Scott. I'd perhaps get a 2nd opinion on the battery or just buy a new one. They don't last long on the Evora and your symptoms do sound like a dead battery to me.
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    I’m gonna pretend I understand that above picture. Can I have a red square please
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    In terms of resale I was told by Jamie at b&c and pat at Hofmanns: sound deadening Air con stereo and 2 speakers carpets However it’s so personal and these cars really are a reflection of their owners. Many get modified whether that’s additional carbon, tvs1900 or komotec engine upgrades, additional elements they like from cup380/430 models etc. main thing is find a loved example that has been looked after perfectly so no rattles, gear change should be accurate etc. I would get one with self healing ppf if you can as that will save you a big cost and for track days it’s a must. other than that enjoy the hunt and I am sure others will be on to point out many things I have forgotten!
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    @Sizona massive congrats! Color compliments the carbon parts perfectly!
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    This is spades and you are bang on the money. As Lotus moves up the value (price) chain this is what customers will respect. Spot on. And boy, can you imagine how many people the OP would influence with a story like that. This is why I not ashamed to say I am biased when I refer to TLF as THE only Lotus based forum that is worth spending any time on. The others are just playgrounds (sic) for people who like Porkers..... I really do hope Lotus turn this around for you and I look forward to hearing about your miles of smiles.....
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    See for me, this reads as I am beyond pissed off but it is saveable before he leaves the brand....probably for good. This is where Lotus should be rolling out the red carpet - doing whatever it takes incl flying over a competent engineer to resolve/sort it and designating someone to be the liaison instead of him dealing with this Cody chap. You rectify this, you probably have a guy for life who will happily talk of how lotus went the extra mile and what other brand would do this etc etc. If they dont then its a big red cross in their column. If you have a great reliability reputation then you can survive these types of issues and chalk it as a bad car but if not (and we have all had at least one person tell us what LOTUS really stands for) you need to be squeaky clean and when it happens go into overkill. Look at Alfa and the Giulia Quadrofoglio - regarded as a great car but all the issues they have had, have further damaged the brand and stopped people, including myself, from buying one.
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    Apologies to our esteemed GT430 Club members and distinguished guests. Now then, where were we?
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    Really have to pinch myself every time I get this out of the garage. Very, very special car.
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    It's got nothing to do with protecting Lotus it's about keeping the thread from descending into abuse and tedious nonsense, which will put people off sharing their experiences - both good and bad. Everyone else would prefer to discuss the cars. Let's stick to that please.

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