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    Came across this pic of my car that was used in a competition to identify cars with stripes!
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    Just remembered I done the lottery last night back in 5 mins. Everyone has their price don’t they
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    Ramjet, Yes, you are absolutely correct. Trump had to waste over $2 million of our tax dollars to golf this weekend rather than be a "REAL" President and support our very brave and intelligent youth. Any other President would have been proud to stand with these remarkable young people. Frankly, it is insulting for a President to turn his back on this important event. Of course, he was golfing during the Women's March and we all know that he treats women as objects instead of human beings. Trump has a Playmate, Porn Star and former Celebrity Apprentice suing him now and that has him preoccupied. Notice how he is NOT speaking up against these women when reporters ask questions relating to these issues. At the beginning of the election he was vehemently stating they were all lying and they would all be sued. Now the women are going after him. I can't wait to watch 60 minutes tomorrow. The Playmate CNN interview was disappointing in regards to legal portion. I was hoping for something that would link him to election fraud using campaign finances to cover up his grotesque behaviors. We all know he banged her and that's truly vile to think about. Regardless, I believe he wouldn't have joined the March For Our Lives (even IF he was in Washington) because of the impending lawsuits and the threat of reporters attempting to asking more questions. It is also very sad that he can't acknowledge Russian involvement in the attempted assassination of the 2 Russians on UK soil. Instead he congratulated Putin on winning a rigged election. I'm sure everyone on this forum knows that ALL the US intelligence committee members are unanimous concerning Russian meddling in the recent US elections. I want it known to ALL of the UK, that I apologize for this President's incompetence. The United States stands with Britain. We have a serious problem with our extremely toxic President. Once Mueller dives into his tax returns and follows the money trail, we should have an answer as to why he's so soft on Russia. Go Stormy Go.
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    Please go and check out my latest YouTube video!!
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    Bye bye k series here are a couple of photos of the adaptor plate and a large crankshaft spacer use to locate the flywheel in the bell housing
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    Post cover and door trims fitted, added some mesh to keep the bugs out. Seems to be two types of post covers plastic and glass fibre and the glass fibre ones are much better but harder to fit. Engine bay finished, recovering the dash and fitting now will post some pictures when finished.
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    Finally she made it to my assembly area, now lets bolt it all together. A detail photographic bolt together! Remember this is only for fun anything copied is entirely at your own risk! I like working upside down!
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    Clocks forwards today. That can only mean one thing. Time for our Fluffys hair cut - she’s no fan of this after
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    Sorry, the TLF Emergency Response Team was down the pub last night. We'll look into it when we're back at work next week, time allowing It's not top of the list as paying £2/month stops it and benefits the site and yourself, but I will look at the code and see why the ads are obscuring posts as they aren't meant to. We have just signed a new £7k over 24 months hardware deal for the server btw, as I mentioned before the internet isn't free which is why free accounts have to view a lot of ads. Paid members see the sponsor ads only, all of which are Lotus specific so useful, as opposed to the Google ads which are based on your internet history.
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    Today got up late and decided to get the two Lotus cleaned and ready for the season, so Elan has sat outside for 3 Months including the snow (sorry @Stuart Monument) and hasn’t been started in 3 weeks, the Esprit has been sitting in the garage for 4 Months with battery conditioner on. The Elan starts first turn of the key so get that out the way, now into garage and the Esprit, third turn of the key she fires up. Was intending to get them both sorted out today but got a bit obsessed with the Elan see pic. Elan is off to Ricks storage for a bit and to get it inside, the Esprit is awaiting a trip to Gerald for service and MOT. Only issue I had was trying to move the Esprit back into the garage wearing wellies, got a massive cramp in the back of my leg I nearly stuck it into the garage wall!
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    Wonder who's behind the wheel?
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    Yes Barry She goes through the white plastic tube real easy. Yes take the seat out makes the job a lot easier. As you a can see you only need to pull away the carpet from the front of the tunnel. I soaked my seat bolts in plenty of wd40 and they came easy
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    1&2 Steve and Julie 3 Duggie - but only if anyone else turns up
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    @Babas89 Tell Cyriaque when he's ready to sell to give me first dibs back on it!!
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    Ah don’t worry, the GT430 will be a worthy successor.
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    On the way to go back to the previous owner (a french one not Gavin) It's a friend of me and he let me the pleasure to can buy it from hum. But he never find a better car thanks this one for hum so he push me to buy it back. I've find a deal with the dealer to can have a car really cool as this GTE, let's see in two weeks But that's the first time I'm so sad to let a car go
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    Put a turbo on top of supercharger.
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    That looks like the cap Gerald replaced my Esprit one with. It was a right pig to get on & off - I check my water level each trip, so I was getting very frustrated with it - strangely, despite the impossible tight fit, water seemed to weep out of it. Eventually when taking it off one day (after a few months), it snapped into three pieces. Replaced with an "original" cap, not had a problem since - I didn't think there was a problem with the cap on the tank before it was replaced.
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    So far so good, only one small weep from a union whilst bleeding the brakes. It even has a decent pedal (according to the wife), although I still reckon there's some air in the system. Might try a pressure bleeder, although I've never needed one before it might be easier. Once that's complete, I can move onto the vacuum side of things.
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    Just to add that Neil Turner has always been helpful when I have contacted him, usually by email. And any problems have always been solved to my satisfaction. So I am very surprised that a DAB aerial was not fitted at a cost to Lotus and I am very surprised that Neil Turner was not able to help. Well done to the dealer. Have you thought of writing a letter of complaint to the CEO?
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    Or approx 5k for Ohlins for my 400 and save £60k
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    Ian. Yes. As far as I can tell I can select all gears manually directly from the levels on the gearbox. Obviously with both selecting rods disconnected. I think I am going to stop now because I am just going through the same thing. I will speak to the gearbox people tomorrow as whilst it has sat in the garage for a bit I believe they should be honouring any problem. I want to take the top off and have a look but don't want to break their seal without their knowledge. Gear stick mechanism looks reasonable to me also. My little helper unfortunately has more interest in playing on an Xbox so that's just making life that much more difficult now. Hoping that Gerald Turner will call in mid week also so that will be great. Thank you all for your help so far on this. Hopefully will be at Silverstone classic so if any of you are going it will be great to meet you.
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    Thanks, I hadn't realised there was a subscription option.
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    This is the best photo i can get.There is no protection or bracket at the end.
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    Trappers Hat for me... made up north at the Brimstage Brewery. Also Lemon Dream, can't remember who by, but that is also particularly nice. cheers (no pun intended) Mark
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    It's actually called bumper edge seal. The quality of the Esprit parts in fiberglass isn't perfect which is why there are likely to be gaps. Anything other than perfect fitting and it could move around causing rubbing. You need about 4 m. Not bad considering the cost of all the other bits.
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    Hi all of you and thank you very much for all your responses. I shall try and answer each comment from each person. Harry: I know what you are saying about the look of the gearbox, however it was rebuilt professionally. It was rebuilt by a company that I know at least 1 UK Lotus specialist with a very good reputation uses. They dont polish and paint to keep costs down. This is made clear by them at the beginning. My decision to use this company was after much thought and advice being taken from many places. Based on this I am confident the internals have been done correctly. However occasionally mistakes are made and things go wrong so at the moment I am not discounting the rebuild as the problem. Picture of your gearbox looks lovely and and if I lived near you then I would have asked you for sure. I will be in Amsterdam on 20th April so if you could bring me one of your gearboxes I could it install it in my car. What fantastic advertising for you in the UK! ......Only joking. Axial play (End float) of the crank is fine. I measured this before with a DTI. Whilst I cant actually remember the figures the float was well within spec of the manual. As TAR says the engine ran no issue with a different gearbox. John Douglas: I shall be using your stethoscope method this morning for sure. However when I finished last night I had made adjustments and the noise was gone. I do have a glimmer of hope that the gear linkages were poorly adjusted and this somehow was causing the issue. I am no expert at all on gearbox internals. Something I should learn! TAR: This morning I will be trying jacking and running if the noise comes back and persists. My adjustments yesterday seem to suggests something part engaged which hopefully is why I seemed to have stopped the noise. Ramjet: Whilst the thrust bearing is not new I don't believe the problem is that. Same thrust bearing has been used throughout this saga. Done for a reason. Car is fine with a different gearbox but same thrust bearing. Also there was absolutely nothing wrong with it that myself and a number of others could see. I also do not believe that the noise you can hear in the videos could be the thrust bearing. The noise is just wrong for such a small little bearing failing. Steve V8: I can only hope the gearbox internals and the input shaft circlip is correct. The last bullet point on my first near suicidal post states the noise is similar to before. I believe the likely hood of the same problem giving the same noise, if it is gearbox internals is very remote. If a cock up has been made in the gearbox then I would expect maybe a different noise and different symptoms.....hopefully. Clutch has been removed and inspected previously. Clutch is actually very little wear. This was removed and checked prior to installing the spare gearbox and car ran fine. It was not re checked before installing this gearbox but I had no reason to. Based on this I think I have to assume the clutch is fine. I can also confirm the spigot bearing (inside end of crank) is also fine. Will be jacking car today during further testing as you suggest. Chillidoggy: Axial play (End float) of the crank is fine. I measured this before with a DTI. Whilst I cant actually remember the figures the float was well within spec of the manual. As TAR says the engine ran no issue with a different gearbox. I shall let you know how my morning goes! My wife has removed all rope and is now out of my reach. Please feel free to submit more ideas if you get them Many thanks Phil
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    Great! Can't see from the picture does the fiberglass run the whole length of the strip where it contacts the louvre? Also can you see if the strip has a bracket to secure it at its ends or is it just fiberglass? Thanks for checking this! Cheers. Hi Dave, it's sold quite cheaply by S and J. Cheack under S1 parts if it doesn't come up. The problem without using it is if the bumper moves even slightly with vibration it will rub through the paint! I would need therapy I that happened!
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    That is quite a sweeping statement, especially coming from a dyno expert.. I don't doubt he has experienced what you have stated but I do feel we have to ask why.. I have been running this type of filter for many years with repeated dyno test sessions and periodic turbo inspection overhauls, this has all been part of the development to test modifications and components on the Esprit. After 10.000 miles, aggressive testing on dyno and dirty British roads with a 4'' ram air system , we found no signs of ware on the S182 turbo when returned for interim inspection to manufacturer.. In fact they gave it glowing report. So not sure why your guy was having so many problems.. The other point you make about reduction in power on your Esprit being systematic with the filter change to the K&N type, again very strange .. The point being, you state in your experience you believe it lets lager partials of dirt though , In which case will be less restrictive and have higher flow capability. The high flow capability is what the manufactures promote and will only enhance performance ... Personally in the situation you have I would be exploring the flow dynamics and and tuning parameters on the engine as a whole rather than focusing on the filter.. There are many owners out there who have had these type of filters for decades , we are yet to get any direct reports of compressor damage as a result of using them . Further more many have reported a better performing feel to their engines after fitting.. If there was the massive evidence of resulting compressor damage as your dyno man stated, I would of expected loads of compensation claims along with media outrage, none has come to my attention.! So it may be a little early to make such sweeping remarks when evidence to the contrary is also available.. However it is important that manufactures installation instructions are followed so the filter can perform as designed. I do not think there should be any reason for owners to panic about damage that may or may not have been caused by these type of filters when used correctly.. A simple visual check at next service should be enough to put minds at rest.. This post is in no way meant as a criticism just a balanced response from another owner, as Jacques mentioned .... each to his own.... It is very important that we are aware of what Jacques experienced , thank you for sharing .
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    It is my understanding that since dieselgate the EU lawmakers have taken a very dim view on any sort of "cheat". They have obviously decided that something like an exhaust valve button is just trying to get around their regulation dictating noise etc. What isn't clear is why this doesn't appear to be rolled out across the whole range yet.
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    You should get the app Untappd or Beerbook as I call it. The app logs your beers and pubs and you share with your drinking buddies you link with. You get a chance to rate the beers, put in your tasting notes and take a photo then toast those buddies. Good if you have mates all over the world. You also collect awarded badges and who doesn't like collecting stuff!.
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    Yes its an odd thing nature is a perfect system its just us humans that think we know better. My old man used the green lipped mussels when he done his leg in...I did joke to not get them mixed up with his pink lipped muscle buddsy
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    Well the Evora 400 was producing 370hp, not 400hp claimed. No one has dyno tested a 430 yet. You’re arguing the same point, with no actual facts. And there is plenty of denying your “facts”, to which you’ve tried to justify with no more than “someone at Lotus said so”. Lets go back to my original point, which isn’t extracting 430hp, it’s extracting more from a 1900TVS supercharger with a chargecooler, and the point in doing so when you could already get 460hp from the approach Komo-tec takes. Maybe the factory car produces a genuine 430hp (I hope it does!), but when talking about tuning and adding a bigger supercharger, plus charge cooling, there will be a restriction in the flow of the manifolds, cats and potentially back box. You also have gearbox restrictions, plus to get any more than 460hp you need to strengthen internals of the engine. To deny this you would be a fool. Now if we could get back on topic of my car for this thread, that would be excellent. If you wish to talk about manifolds more please feel free to start a fresh thread.
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    As I was costly!!!!
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    Remember Budsy, to drik it straight away. Don't keep some of it in the fridge unless for only short time. Kind regards, jacques
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    Anyway all this supliment and diet stuff does make you think. i tore my rotary cuff muscle really badly a couple of years ago at centreparcs on the waterski cable ride. There was no way I was letting go - I had my three kids I had to beat. It was bloody awful for 18 months or more - some phsyio helped - but it was terrible. A mate of mine gave me some green lipped muscle and said try this for a few weeks. Well - just over two weeks in and pain gone - and I mean gone. That was 6 months ago. theres something in some of this stuff there really is
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    @martynv I have a mate who wants to go in his Evora and is in process of joining the forum. Cheers.
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    Sorry mate but it has the engine in and is complete not your style
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    Hi Fabian - I took the Turbo out the garage and into the daylight at long last today, so took some photos that I hope help answer your queries. .Cheers Stephen
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    Fitted the new wiper and works perfectly. I think I *may* have fitted the old one the wrong way round as when I'd removed it I noticed it had a small arrow. Cringe.
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    No exhaust valve button and in the video it sounds like touring mode on my car. Does that mean the valves open in sport mode like they do when i put my car in sport mode? or are the valves closed on all settings on the 430 include Race mode and just open up over a certain RPM?
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    Just ask for money back for stereo Tony and sort it yourself, or pay proper ICE installer to do it. Life’s too short to have Lotus mess you about.
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    I would love to take Mark up on his offer. Sadly I cannot afford anything like the sum he is asking for. Of course that's why I went down the federal route in the first place.
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    @Steve V8for carpets. His missus stitches the leather bits in - does abloody brilliant job - just like the originals
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    William I do have a Yellow S1 advertised at the moment I would be more than happy in taking your S2 as a P/X ? Surely a RHD S1 has got to be the way to go as long as funds allow it .
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    I know a Lotus enthusiast/owner who has experience selling cars to Europe. He is near Philadelphia, PA USA. Tell Ted that Atwell sentcha. Perhaps he would agree to help you for a few dollars. Might be worth it.
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