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    Hi all, I know a lot of you will be interested in my new restoration. I recently bought an Esprit Sport 300, the original Lotus press car no less! It's been laid up for a few years and needs a full engine service and suspension rebuild but is in fantastic original condition. I'm living in America nowadays and will be away for a few years so it'll be stored away until I return. It was always my dream to own one of these so whilst the timing wasn't ideal I couldn't pass on this opportunity. I'm especially keen to restore the split rim OZ's after all the Compomotive rebuilds I've done. I'll keep you posted on my progress, I think I'm in Lotus heaven! It was originally on this plate, I'm currently enquiring with DVLA to get it registered back to its first number. Looks like it's on the original paint so I'll try to compound the shine back into it. Window frames have faded so they'll need a re-paint. Interior has stood up well. The drivers seat needs new side bolster alcantara but the original paisley sections are in perfect condition. Engine will have it's belts replaced before I attempt a fire up. I'll compression test it before deciding whether to do a full tear down. Tyres are cracked and require replacing, looks like Toyo offer the only matching set for these cars nowadays. The rims have never touched a kerb, a testament to it's previous owners and only require a good polish to remove the corrosion. Some old Sport 300 brochures and magazine articles I've been collecting.
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    GT430 on track at Portimao. This car’s natural home!
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    This one - looks beautiful and Mica Yellow is beautiful and is my preferred yellow but I think the Sport 300 maybe suits Norfolk Mustard better
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    Talked enough about it... need to post a picture!!
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    I saw this beautifull 400 this weekend, a friendly driver who leave 10km from m'y house! I will try to have a shooting with him soon
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    In my biased opinion I think it was the best looking Esprit, having a strange combination of SE side sills, updated engine cover, boomerang wing, Toyota headlights, framed in the ridiculous arch extensions and O.Z split rims. I can't imagine another Esprit to top this one in my garage so it's for keeps. I'm acutely aware of its provenance so will be taking extra special care during its restoration. My friend is looking after it for me while I'm away. He gets to feast his eyes on it every time he's in the garage, a very lucky man!
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    Stereo is crap, so probably not. Perfect!
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    Hi All, I'm back from my Bronze level training day and I had such a great time and highly recommend it! The hospitality was great, a big thank you to Guy and the whole team for making us feel very welcome, keeping us fed and watered all day. I really enjoyed the factory tour and seeing the assembly line and the cars in different states throughout the build process. The Team Classic Lotus tour was fantastic too, the smell of the workshop as you walk in was amazing, its a proper old school engineering place with lathes and metal working machines. Was amazing getting so close to the classic F1 cars and seeing inside the gubbins etc. Guy was very knowledgeable too and it was really interesting learning about the development of Lotus and F1 cars thought the ages. The track driving was SOOOOOO much fun. I'd never been on a track or driven a car in anger before so the first session was a massive eye opener for me. The sheer grip of the Elise is amazing, the track was quite wet from the previous evening's rain but that amazing little car just stuck to the road. Totally agree with the comments above that the Elise is definitely more than enough car to have a LOT of fun with. The instructors were really good, they are taking notes as you drive and correcting any mistakes you make or encouraging you get on the brakes later or accelerate faster (within limits of the car and driver of course) and you get a briefing before you start your session and quick debrief afterwards and then a proper debrief at the end of the day. You get the same instructor through out the day so you build up a bit of a rapport with them and the notes they take during each session means you get a real personalised experience. The demo laps at the end were amazing, scared the crap out of me, the line through the chicane was crazy and their ability to play around with the weight transfer of the car using the brake and throttle to go from understeer to oversteer was amazing! To summarise, the whole the day was very good, I learnt a lot and enjoyed my self throughly. I really recommend singing up for the scare your self sensible experience or if you want to learn how to drive a car round a track then sign up for the driving academy courses. Thank you to all at Lotus for a really amazing day!
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    Yes but I think we're in danger of missing the point entirely here. There's a woman in France with a Daytona Blue Sport 410 and a detailed understanding of its on limit behaviour. Not sure how I'm going to break it to Vicky Butler Henderson but I think I she might have to step aside!
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    Hi, I haven't drove one of them but a friend did the same way, from an exige sport 350 to Evora. Her first contact with an Evora was my GTE just for some kilometers but that make her taking that decision. She got the same feeling as you when she test drive the 400, great car but not for her who like to trackday. After test Drive a 410 she bought it immediatly The power is nothing but the suspension work was like she was. Also she told me the car is less easy at the limit than the Exige but she really love it.
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    First test drive yesterday, and got back in one piece. Result.
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    No. Please don't shoot him. The green is not that bad
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    My copper fire is for sale on Car and Classic, open to offers! PM me if anyone is interested. I can always get another S3 turbo and I have a stack of Compomotive CX500 split rim wheels in storage. Sport 300's on the other hand....
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    Very sad to hear this, the MBW days have been fantastic and along with the Brands festival one of the highlights of the year. I'm pretty sure most here would rather pay an entry fee than lose the event altogether. Still, must be a lot of hard work for very little financial reward (if any!) I can understand taking a break for a year. Thanks for all the days we have had.
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    What about Lotus? Surely they would look at it like they did previously? Plus they may sell some cars and even heaven forbid, some merchandise etc. Stupid question really when they aren't even having a 70 year celebration why should they care about a hundred or 2 of their best customers!
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    Would it be better with drums ?
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    All Lotus cars are "limited editions" if you think about it due tot he volume of cars Lotus produce. I mean, for Christ's sake, Audi owners go on about the R8 RWS being a limited edition, yes limited to 999 of that one model - well that's nearly the entire output of lotus across ALL models for a year! 996 GT3RS - only 140 RHD cars made - Lotus world wide distribution of the Evora Sport 410 was less than that! Which car is rarer? 997.1 GT3 - 1,000 of these sold in the US and Canada alone - more than Lotus made of the Evora's for all markets in the same time period 997.2 GT3 - 600+ sold in the US and Canada.... Need I go on. EVERY Lotus car is special and unique.
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    Thanks Steve and Gis, for taking the time to post and the info which all helps. Hi Dave, thanks yep I'm lucky I did them for the S1 and posted it all on my S1 blog - which I'll have to look up myself as I don't remember a lot about it!
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    You know I engineered that breakdown just to see you.
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    Bugger. Does that mean I'll have to come out and recover you?
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    My Aqua s2 over tan Aqua Elise by andrew james, on Flickr
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    Put a deposit down on a Lotus. Can't say what it is yet or any other details because the deal has to be signed off and a bit of work done first but its a dream come true for me. Will take some time before I get it but very very excited! Will post up some pics when I have some.
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    Hi all, So after about 6 months looking I have put a deposit on this Sport 350 which I’m collecting next weekend. Hopefully the weather will be kind to me on my 350 mile journey home from Carlisle. I’m coming from a Caterham CSR 260 so expecting a different but equally fun experience, and looking forward to not getting soaked when it’s wet
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    Are you sure the distributor advance mechanism operating correctly? I've heard of situations where a screw in the baseplate stops full centrifugal advance movement and this can cause the problem you describe, especially if it feels as though you are losing power as you approach 4000 rpm. Richard
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    @scotty435, as with Malcolm's event, this is an MLOC event and I'm happy to help them with marketing on here and our social but won't gate crash with our event. As I posted above, I'm looking for an alternative venue for next year and have some good leads of where to go
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    It's Norfolk Mustard, although I prefer Mica Yellow. The Birmingham Motor Show car was Mica, it must have been an early prototype as it had the TR7 door handles.
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    Exactly! I don't think you'd get a chance of buying a car like this again for a long while. I'm surprised others didn't try. Seems like a no-brainer to me.
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    I heard you had this last Friday. Nice one Jo
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    Looked at it and would have love to have bought it . Well done, cracking car. A proper piece of history and probably one of the most sought after lotus ever
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    Just leave it a year, still call it the 70th celebration and tell everyone it has been on back order. Problem solved
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    I'll let you know after my daughter's basketball quarter finals this Saturday whether I'll be coming.
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    These sounds /squeak/ creak come and go by themselves ... it's unbelievable ... every now and then you discover a new one ... from who knows where ...
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    Speedo through with the loom at the top of the bulkhead, with the choke cable, oil pressure sender and throttle as below. In the picture the choke cable hasn't been put in yet, I just bought a new one. Incidentally puttingbthe crossgate in before pipes makes it easier. Force majure in my case!
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    Yep, this is us...... We opted for the standard interior because being totally honest, we had reached our maximum spend that we were prepared to go to. In truth the standard interior is great and if you don't want a red or tan interior then it's a good option. In summary: Ignoring the front seats......all areas including dash and door cards etc are full leather as they would be with the leather pack . The rear seats are also full leather. The only difference is that there are areas of technical fabric inserted to the side bolsters of the base and back sections of the seat and up to the headrest. The centre base and back are full leather. That's it really and also it's not contrasting stitching, but aside from the stitching and the technical fabric on the front seats, it's the same as the leather pack in reality.
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    @Kimbers no its not mate but, if you got it reconditioned then you would have one ready to go straight on, so only one trip to the dealers to sort it. Gav
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    Your hardly an imposter on here @Graeme Lambert you’ve probably done more miles in the Lotus products than some of the actual owners
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    You mentioned doing the capping rails the other day...hows that going? i presume you did them on your S1, but there are some great pics from @simon a-b otherwise. I just followed them and got mine sorted in about 2h per side.
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    Hi, Bit of a newcomer/imposter here (as a VX220 owner) but Imran/Alias23 I was hoping you might still have some fire eaters available? Would really like one for the VX220 but if you have more I'd take two of you (for one of my other cars). If it helps (it probably doesn't ) Cocopops knows me and hopefully can vouch for me being a genuine person/buyer. I'll drop you a PM anyway. Graeme
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    What a car .Wow The best looking s car ever made .Glad it's gone to a good home .....Mike
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    Didn't that used to belong to a chap called Martin up in the North West? I remember him saying he wanted to sell it at one of the Stoneleigh shows about 10 years ago and I'm sure I've still got his number! Good luck with the restoration Jo, it'll be stunning when you're done no doubt
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    It looks as though Cinders will be coming to the ball after all. IWM website down, though.
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    @21gg I am planning to go to Stratton’s for a test drive. The process is gaining momentum and I even have the wife’s blessing. Waiting for Alex to speak to his project manager to come back on a bunch of questions but the full carbon interior, Swindon engine and the fact they were part of the original gte stock are making me think the risk is well worth it. will keep you updated but hoping in the next 2-3 months as they get the car ready for sale, it will be mine.
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    ... this is not compromise, this is all just magic! Congratulations!!
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    Man, it got quiet in here all of a sudden
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    Finally installed the harness belts into the car. Wasn't an easy install, for some reason everything was giving me an issue, even things that I wouldn't usually have problems with like installing the hard top was giving me problems today. But everything is fixed now and I'm glad. This will be the only mod and last mod i'll be doing on the car.

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