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    McLaren - vs - Evora 410 As promised at the end of this thread:- I thought I would give a review following my day of test driving both a McLaren 540C and Evora 410 Sport. I arrived at McLaren Ascot this morning in my V6 Exige with the top off as it was sunny and following the usual paperwork, we went out to the 540C sat outside. The sales chap said he would drive the car out and let me take over at a layby up the road, so I duly climbed in the passenger seat as the sales chap started the engine and ran through all the different controls. Suddenly there was mucho bleeping and the dash lit up like a Christmas tree together with the engine MIL light coming on. Sales chap tied to select a gear, without success, and then said, "ah, this is embarrassing!" He switched off, left it for 30 seconds and tried again, but still with same result. A quick call to a techy chap in the service bay and after a further 5 minutes he too had to admit defeat! Take 2, after pushing the first car out of the way and deciding there was no other 540C available, it was agreed we should take a similar 570S. Essentially it looks the same inside and out but has a further 30 bhp, carbon ceramic brakes and a few other mechanical niceties. First impressions inside the car were how well put together it looks and what good quality materials are used. As we drove off though, I thought it was surprisingly noisy inside the cabin, accompanied by an annoying droning noise at low speed. At the nearby layby I took over and started along our planned 90 minute route. My God does this car accelerate!!! Once on the move, it all smooths out, the low speed drone disappears and the car starts to come alive. It is incredibly responsive from all the main driving controls, accelerator, steering and brakes which, at first prod, seem a little over sensitive, but you soon get used to them and learn to brake more smoothly. As you would expect, each gear change is super fast and remarkably smooth when using the paddles, with no jarring or jerking and in full auto, the gear changes are pretty much imperceptible The electric power steering seems very well judged and gives remarkable feel when cornering. It feels not dissimilar to my Exige once on the move but is obviously better at parking speeds when the Lotus just needs extreme muscle power! Interestingly, the suspension is much less compliant than I'd expected and, again, very reminiscent of my Exige but it certainly doesn't handle potholes or rough road surface as well as my car. Bit of a surprise that one! I obviously couldn't sample the performance too well because of being on a public road but what I could tell was that it is immediately accessible, with little or no turbo lag, provided you use the gears. The acceleration is just relentless and all too soon you need to bale out before things get silly. Very, very impressive and could be dangerously addictive. The view both forward and to the rear when driving the car is very good, feeling light and airy inside the cabin. In short, it's a very nice place to be, has superbly comfortable seats and no rattles, squeaks or annoying buzzing that can afflict my Exige from time to time. You could probably drive for many hours in this car and still arrive at your destination feeling fresh. All in all, the McLaren is an impressively complete car and certainly one I could live with for a few years. I'm not so keen on the need for dealer inspections before and after each track day to maintain the warrantee, but I guess I can understand why they make that stipulation. So, McLaren test over, I jumped back into my Exige for the drive down to see Jamie at Bell & Colvill. I was actually very impressed with my car that it didn't feel as though it was lacking in any major area during the 30 minute drive, steering weight at parking speeds aside. Unfortunately for me, Jamie had sold the auto Evora he had in stock, so offered me a used 410 Sport manual to try. At least I could see how the car drove as a direct comparison to the 570S in all other respects. My first impression on climbing in was just how much the build quality seems to have improved since the early Evoras I drove a few years ago and although not quite up there with the McLaren, it isn't far off. Driving off, I was immediately blown away by just how good the manual gear change quality is now compared to early Evoras or, indeed, my Exige. If I were being picky, I felt the spring bias towards the 3 to 4 plane could do with being a tad less strong but that's a very minor criticism and I thought the gear change quality is now right up with the best of them. In fact it was so good, I'm now not so sure I still want the auto. Now to the ride quality and here the Lotus shines out way above the 570S, handling minor potholes and rough surfaces way better than the McLaren. It is just so much better damped and on a fairly demanding drive over one of my favourite routes it has great poise, handling superbly well with a sure footed feel. As for the steering, that is just sublime and at least as good as the 570S, possibly even better. I absolutely loved the noise from the switched exhaust and found myself doing almost the entire drive with the side window down. As for normal driving, the cabin is very quiet, with the engine and drivetrain feeling very smooth and refined. Subjectively, I thought the acceleration didn't feel nearly as quick as my Exige but maybe that is simply a result of everything feeling so much quieter and more refined. Having said that, it is very clearly a quick car and more than sufficient for the kind of use I would put the car to, including the occasional track day, for which I wouldn't be required to have the car inspected before and after! Things I wasn't so keen on were the limited rearward vision in the mirror, the blacked out side windows behind the B pillars, the fact that with polarised lens sunglasses, the auxiliary LCD gauges are all but invisible and finally, the appallingly uncomfortable carbon seats in the test car. Ye gods, those seats have to be even less comfortable than a wooden garden bench, resulting in me taking the car back earlier than planned due to excruciating back ache! It would have to be the standard Sparcos for me, which I tried out in another 410 Jamie had in the showroom and found them so very much better. So, which one to go for? A very difficult decision and rather perversely, both today's cars have made me appreciate my Exige Roadster more than I realised, not least because the weather today was perfect for top down motoring. All things considered though, if I do change it has to be, by the smallest of margins, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A new Evora 410 GT possibly sweetened by Jamie offering me a cracking looking deal to change.
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    thank you for your positive comment. it is not a hasty decision. I was looking at Mclarens but depreciation too heavy at about £100k in 3 years! looked at the 911 thing but despite being excellent, too common. I am not anti Porsche having owned one which was brilliant but the lotus has so much more character and does not carry any stigma. so my Type 25 is green and will be the only one with yellow calipers.
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    My Ardent Red 2014 N/A Sports Racer
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    Old English white looks nice also, but I'd go with the green if they'd sell me one here in the States. This one's LHD. I gave the Hyundai i10 back to Enterprise after 1500 miles, it wasn't bad for a 1.2 liter, plenty for getting around in the land of the speed cameras with the spoiler in the passenger seat.
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    Take off the wing. Increase value by £5k and ding, it's sold.... You can probably tell I'm not a fan of the wing.
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    I tried to get carbon fiber in place of the small black part of the 400 wing but Lotus said it wasn’t technically feasible. I went with black wing part, carbon fiber roof, carbon fiber rear diffuser cover (saves a lot of weight) and carbon fiber hood panel. I was concerned about black and carbon fiber conflicting. But they wind up looking great together in this pattern.
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    Whilst we're on the subject of sparkling Evoras, this is one of the photos Russell Gibbons of Lotus Motorsport sent to me when mine was approaching completion. He only used his mobile phone. Apologies if I have posted it before.
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    ......and a bit more 'no-Photoshop' lens flare from me.
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    How to make an Exige look small. Great run out with two friends, one in his brand new 911 GT3RS. Best sounding by far though was the Evora! Martin S
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    Thanks to all! Delivery in June and will most certainly post pictures. i will be doing the Lotus licence in July to learn how to drive the damn thing!
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    @GFWilliams - the plan with mapping my car was to keep it at around EX460 levels for the time being as stated in a few posts back as this is well tested to be reliable. We had the option to get much more but chose not to. I'm more interested in how it feels to drive and a lap time as a performance benchmark. The dyno was a tool for doing the job. I will be at Spa and other tracks seeing how my car compares to the previous set up and running with other EX460 cars. From my initial Euro trip on the autobahns and round the Ring I am very happy with the upgrade.
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    The lens flare is for reals... no Photoshop here.
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    Hi all, I thought it would be good to start a thread of my Cup 430 going into detail with lots of photos and anything I end up doing to it. It will be added to over time as photographers and I take more pictures etc. Enjoy!
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    It's all relative I guess. I just paid more for my Evora 410 than I did for our family home! Hope the wife is not reading this forum...
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    Here is the datasheet for them IC1 is known to sometimes fail. It also uses current sensing to cut the power when the motors stall due to the pod hitting the stops.
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    Yes should be going to the factory next Tuesday to see the car on the production line Central Lotus, yes software to allow exhaust to open fully
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    It's actually just a case of removing the nut and using the chrome dome instead of the black one and the chrome nut. I have a draw-full of all these parts. Interestingly the Deezer car looks like it has a black aerial. Still, because the still image of Roger Moore and the car shows it as chrome with a black end this is what mine will be.
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    Technically you dont need the aerial as the tape aerials you can get on Ebay are ideal for inside a fibreglass body. But all of that extra weight being carried around for no reason got the better of my OCD! Apart from the faff of getting the aerial out/in, the actual fix was incredibly tricky and made no sense at all to even attempt. But thats the wonderful thing about classic car ownership, nothing makes sense!
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    Go underneath the backbone, until you have the engine out next time. Get's you mobile, so you can enjoy the car during the best parts of the season and start your love affair with the Esprit all over again.
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    An unusually large number of Esprit S1s for sale in the ph classifieds currently. The asking prices are definitely getting more reasonable, nothing over £100k anymore. To be fair a number of other collectable cars have seen corrections recently. They're still way over what many consider they're worth, I'm sure some would argue the same is true of the S1s but many such as Testarossa and 911 Turbos have all dropped back. Just shows you how much is pure financial speculation and a lot are cashing in, without ever having driven the cars I bet. At times like this I'm quite glad they largely left Lotus alone. For what it's worth I think it's a correction not a crash. There are still some cars out there bucking the trend and rising in value. With something very rare up for grabs it only takes two very wealthy people to want the same car for things to get very silly very quickly. Is the S1 one of those cars where the reality falls short of the fantasy? Never driven one but I would dearly love to. I couldn't fail to smile every time I saw one in the garage though, I'd get a lot of enjoyment just knowing it's in there. Cheapest advertised is a yellow one at £44k. About right or too cheap for an iconic movie star?
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    I spoke to a dealer in the last 48 hours who said the new Esprit was coming. Can't wait to see the official pictures. Hopefully they will have an "affordable" version around £130k.............! Looking to see how many camels I can trade the missus in for right now and also the value of redundant internal organs on the open market.
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    Pretty sure it's the genuine article unless it's been restamped to match the original numbers. It's amazing how many people seem to find their original engine after 40 years
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    Those arches are normally bolted on with black gaskets between them and the body. It looks like that’s been fill fitted at some point - and cracking unless really well done is very common I’m afraid to say
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    Unfortunately the Beast from the East and the follow on crap weather put pay to early miles on the car, plus a holiday etc. I'm catching up now though!!
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    That how I thought you’d think so felt it was best to say. Make sure your wiper isn’t parked like the Deezer car either
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    Thanks Bibs. I've had a quick look and I suspect its a push fit into the housing, but it's one of those where you are reluctant to force it out until you understand exactly how the retaining part works. It's going in to Stratton on Saturday for the 1000 mile oil change, so I will ask them to take a a look.
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    He's back, and this is dinner I think! I also let the delivery guy know that these doorbells record everything so he doesn't call me a 'F**king pain the arse' next time I'm out when he calls! He was quite embarrassed and apologetic!
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    You sound surprised at that......having been to the factory no more than 4 months ago - I can confirm that policy is still going on, 40 years later!
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    Saw this in B&C and I follow you on IG. Wonderful car!
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciate it. Always use premium fuel so 98/99 RON. I thought this was fine? It’s only when you use lower RON fuel that you could run into problems? Could possibly be a dirty or faulty MAF but after the initial hickup the engine was running smoothly. I would have thought if faulty MAF related it would stay constantly rough? Or at least oscillate between smooth and rough? I’ll try clearing the codes and idling for a few minutes. If no error codes appear, I’ll take it for a gentle spin to see if the problem arises again. If not, I will just put it down to a hickup.
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    not a problem if it isn't whining, tracking off, or rubbing. It's pretty normal, but it could indicate a bit of wear on the crank bearings, they usually wear more toward the front of the engine due to the belt tension.
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    Now that's what I call recognition by Lotus of Evo! Check out new metal in July edition of Evo Limited 15 car evo Elise 220
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    Looking amazing Fabian. Not sure whether to say or not......but I’m surprised the aerial is black Fabian - first one I’ve seen that’s black?
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    Yes absolutely - isn't it dreadful. I always vowed I would never buy a car with a sunroof but these things are getting almost impossible to find now And every one that gets dragged out of somebody's front garden is one less to find.
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    Drivers side looks a little dented now though
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    Just received confirmation and a couple of photos of our GT430 Sport on the production line.
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    Whilst I totally agree with you about 'affordability' - the fact is that McLaren has so far registered 268 cars this year - whereas Lotus, despite being significantly cheaper, has only registered 92. So maybe a 'Super/Hyper car will help the sales. But I do hope to see Lotus develop a portfolio along the lines of a £30-40k 'basic' sports car; a £60-70k 'road focused' sports car/coupe; its much talked about SUV; and the Esprit replacement
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    I think it just means it was stolen in Liverpool and the only numbers not scratched off the VIn plate were 001. ;)
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    Just priced up a 410 to same spec as my old 380 for sale at Silverstone, and it came to £101,450 !!! Reckon the 380 is the sweet spot at the high end of Exiges now, if looking for value for money, Grab em while you can guys

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