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    Has been more than 10 years since I last drove my Esprit. Bit of a back-story. Sold it before I moved to NZ, bought it back 7 years ago, shipped it to Auckland and then life kinda got in the way. Water pump broke first time I started it, so threw a car cover on it and left it in a corner of the garage. Sat around for years until @GTK Soup series got me motivated to do something about it. Was left in very capable hands with the goal of recommissioning it, and navigating New Zealand's vinning, certification and registration process. Nowhere near as daunting and complicated as I thought. A fair amount of work was done to get the car sorted, but got the call yesterday to go to the liscencing department, part with some cash and get some number plates. Plates attached to the car this morning and road legal! Immediately followed by a three hour round trip out to Auckland's west coast and back. 70+ km of twisty country roads all the way there and another 70+ km back. Absolutely faultless - best drive I've ever had in all my years of ownership. Thought I'd share, few pics below.
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    Glen Etive.... Applecross... Have to say my brakes took an absolute hammering on these roads compared to the Alps, might have to swap to Red calipers (and new pads) sooner than I thought.
  3. 3 points First run out, full speed 26 knots into a north-easterly force 4 this morning, 1 - 2m waves. Very quiet in the cabin, and the air-con is impressive. Chuffed. Apologies for the camera shake, it was a little bumpy.
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    I am an Art Director, working mainly in digital design, responsible for the creative delivery of marketing/promoting London. So yes definitely not a car designer by any stretch but I love car design and playing around in my spare time. I've always found cars a good outlet from the day to day and love building, designing and fabricating. A few years ago I looked at the feasibility of creating a re-imagination of the De Tomaso Pantera using a donor chassis. It never happened by I definitely have the desire to create some sort of custom car in my lifetime, a bit like the couples that go on grand designs and build the house of their dreams. Here are a few pics from the project sketches.
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    No way of doing it. Best had just pass it up. im more that happy to save your family friend the hassle of advertising it and the usual tyre kickers
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    That's because Kimbers just worked out where the Yorkie bar is in the photo.
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    But it is an endless supply of Prostitutes and a Yorkie Bar at every truck stop?
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    Cheers Barry, still no luck with the fob, so got the spare fob and put a new battery in and it sync'd straight away using the owners manual guide so I must have a duff fob. Have ordered a new fob so I have a good working spare set. thanks again
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    My dash is fine with my polarised glasses. Maybe you're glasses are polarised the wrong way
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    Just be thankful that it's not an S1, you don't need polarising sunglasses at all to not see the dash.
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    Result of corrosion on balance pipe......
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    Not wanting to start Shroud Wars...….. The S4s shroud is, well, more hole than shroud, and if you look, there's very little difference in the area covered. It does however provide a mount for the Fiesta fans. Serck Motorsport made a new rad and frame, and fitted new 11" Spal fans to it for me. What I'm saying is whichever you choose, shroud or no shroud, they both will work as long as the rad is in good order, Mike. I sold my original shroud and fans to some bloke in Watford.
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    I think Chris J already answered the question.
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    What a twat. Nice album you are listening to.
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    Car drivers on the M6, complete and utter beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. OK, it's a 50mph average speed zone and that's what I'm doing (within the accuracy of my tachograph, which is +/- 1kph) so I don't need you coming over all self-appointed traffic cop and trying to reduce me to 45 - I've got a tight schedule as it is and only made it to my destination with 3 minutes to spare. I do love the new LED light bar fitted to the roof of my truck though and I'm sure the Focus driver appreciated the extra bit of illumination of the road ahead, . There is a follow-up video to this but I can't publish it here as I've sent it to the 'real' traffic cops for the area. As I passed him, Focus muppet then accelerated to match my speed and sat alongside my trailer wheels flashing his headlights, before speeding up a bit more, pulling into the lane a few feet in front of me and giving me a brake check - twice! Really? Ford Focus versus 44 tonnes of Volvo artic is only ever going to have one outcome were it not for my lightning reflexes, and the brilliant Collision Avoidance System these new wagons have - boy can they scrub-off speed in a hurry!
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    ......then with the dog safe, a rag in the petrol filler and.............. "It was so hot mate, you're car spontaneously combusted"
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    So to celebrate some big birthdays and the Evora's 10th anniversary, a trip to Scotland was arranged. Absolutely cracking roads and again we got lucky with the weather.... Spent a long time planning it and gathered a lot of route recommendations from here and other forums. Also, the big surprise of the trip was the runs through the Yorkshire Dales, which like Scotland had a great variety and also little traffic. I thought that I wouldn't enjoy the trip as much as the Alps but actually feel the opposite as there's not the day long motorway slog to get there (and back) like there is to the Alps. Applecross pass and "Scotburgring" are a must if heading to the Highlands, but to be honest there wasn't anything disappointing about any of the roads we travelled on. As usual the Evora performed faultlessly and will be treated with a full detail and service next week.
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    Strictly speaking not a 'peoples reaction', but still want to share: I took my Esprit to a meeting for work today. When finding my way through the parking garage, I suddenly heard a car alarm, but there was no one to be seen. Apparently the exhaust rumble of the Esprit was enough to trigger the alarm. I was taking it very easy, but had noticed the good acoustics.
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    Not sure if anyone has posted this but saw this today in B&C. This one has the wooden gear knob
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    Just back from two weeks driving around the NC 500, also made our way home via Lake District and Yorkshire Dales. Just wanted to share some pictures . If you get the chance, Scotland is a must do holiday. Last 2 pics are in the Dales. Total miles 2140, not bad
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    Think he sold it to some bloke who’s been too lazy to fit it
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    Nope. Audi drivers usually take it to a whole new unprecedented twatitnesh level.
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    Afternoon! As you all know, we like to introduce our newest team members! Read more about the interesting Daley Grice below: Thanks AIB Insurance
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    The covers we sell at the Stormshield+ from Specialised Car Covers, although we're £50 cheaper than buying direct They have a fleece lining and are a decent fit, but not as well fitted (eg as tight on the car all over) as the indoor covers due to the thickness of the material. You'll see the difference on their website. We sell 10+ covers a month, they really as the best ones I've ever seen hence us retailing them to members for the past 5-6 years. STORMSHIELD + OUTDOOR COVER STARTING FROM £299 Customisable outdoor cover Fully tailor-made in our Yorkshire factory Waterproof and breathable 3 layered material with soft fleecy lining Helps prevents rust and mould Provides UV protection Perfect for long-term, outdoor protection Choose from black, grey, navy, blue, green Free UK delivery (4 weeks)
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    Thats what I said looking at the front of my 3month old Impreza in 2006, after my wife had borrowed it for the day
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    It was said by my youngest who has just redesigned the front of her Fiesta this morning. Kids!! I blame the Instructor.
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    Am I the only one who cannot stand the rims? The silver edge and the glossy finish looks awful and cheap to me. Futhermore the two-color-scheme makes the wheels look to small...
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    Come on Shengen zone! Do what (the majority of us) we want!!!
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    +1 He was even struggling to keep in the middle lane. Complete and utter total ....... However, I will come clean and say one the most frustrating things for me, on 2 lane motorways (all we seem to have in Scotland really) and dual carriageways is the lorry that pulls out at 50mph to over take the lorry doing 49.6mph. 3 miles later and it is still only about half way past and at that point I must confess to start to get a tiny wee bit impatient and make the universally friendly gesture of asking said lorry driver if he wants a coffee and how he likes his beans! Complete and utter numb knuts as 6 times out of ten they pull out just as the road elevation goes up and then it takes them 5 miles to get past. The difference in speed is negligible and therefore the time saved is nothing - 1 minute and hour max. Having said that, I see too many. No, far too many motorists who sit in the middle / outside lane causing lorries to have to brake and slow down when there is no need (i.e. the lane to the left is EMPTY for miles!) and motorists who seem to think it is some sort of a sport to race past a lorry and leave it till they have 6 foot to spare before vearing left right in front of the lorry to jump up the slip-road and off the motorway / dual carriageway. The middle lane hoggers are 7 times out of ten middle aged woman. My research suggests the worse cars for the hogging are Citroen Picasso's. Argh. The ones who leave it too late to pull off, are usually blokes, middle aged say 30 - 45, 9 times out of ten in a diesel audi saloon, who look like complete and utter tossers and extra's from the Office sitcom. My research is ongoing though to prove these things.
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    That fuel tank balance pipe looks a bit rusty, suggest you replace it.
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    I am sure if he had built it, it would of been fine, clever bloke and born in the wrong era, he should of been born in the Victorian era. Panel gaps would of been fine on your S1 it would of been the steam engine he would of fitted and where he put the coal storage that would of worried me !
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    That's the clutch hose. It'd fit a London bus. Eventually you learn to take things like this for granted with Christine.
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    Just go to a machine shop. They'll make it before you've even typed in the 3D model. Tech is fine, but for stuff like this that was made in the 1960/70's by some bloke wearing a flat cap and wide lapels it can be easily remade again without hours of desk time. Unless you want to make 10-100's of them.
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    Just in case John, pretty sure you have this info, but to save you the trouble. Technical pp25-27 timing.pdf
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    It’s always someone else’s fault and someone else always needs to pay. today a chap with motor neurone disease was told he cannot end his own life...... we are utterly lacking in humanity. I can however have a civil partnership now should i chose. Society is screwed. I’m stunned by the utter shite out political elite spew out. The sooner brexits done and dusted and the sun doesn’t fall out of the sky the better. We as a society need to stop bleating and moaning about people’s “rights” and “entitlements” the better. NHS should of course be free. If you ain’t paid in and don’t contribute - why should you get anything. You choose to be “sexually” different - why should that be at the detriment to someone else. You’ve done well and worked hard -why should you pay for the lazy f&ckwit socialist doleite who spends their entire existence sponging off the state. do not mention DLA and free cars for the fat folks with a bad knee - I just cannay take anymore captain *spoken in a Scottish accent*
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    That fan wiring I have seen better in chicken sheds
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    Dropped the rad pack today. As expected, almost every fastener needed grinding/drilling. I won't be touching the aircon connections. Fan wiring is bloody awful, so I cut it and will make things nicer after refit. Triangular brackets tell a tale... Surprisingly, the fan cowling is intact. It wasn't attached to the radiator at all. Maybe that's why! Bottom hose a bit naughty. Rad out. And finally a gratuitous shot of the new splice for servo vacuum. Now awaiting yet another parts delivery...
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    It would be good to have tensioners and belt idlers replaced, but given the relatively low mileage on the engine, they could be fine. The tensioners bearings are sealed so if they still feeling smooth you could re-use them. If the mechanic is feeling that they are end of life, then there are aftermarket ones available from the like of PNM.
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    IMAG2015 by Peter Gentilli, on Flickr
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    I may have some exceptionally good news about this by the end of this week. Watch this space
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    Careful with the GRPs. I just returned mine after fitting them in the Elise. Driving lights are too dark, stop lights are = maybe driving light of OEMs. You can barely see stop lights on a sunny day. I decided they are unsafe to use. Great quality and I really liked how they are on my car, but... not for me. Others seemed to be not bothered by this problem (I asked around), so maybe that's only me. Order one without inserts, they look better in my opinion.
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    GrandPrix - it will ... but not reliable ... I always used to start my GoPro manually and sync/overlay the Videos with data post driving ...
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    Saw this on the M25 today. Looked like a Batmobile but was actually a McLaren Senna (prototype?). Played a bit of cat and mouse if that's possible at 20 mph. He seemed to like the esprit.
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    Almost every time I take my Esprit out these days I get people talking to me about it, saying it looks awesome. Just had another car nut saying "what a great looking car, 4 pot isn't it" and taking photos. This has only started happening in the last year or so. 10-15 years ago people either turn their noses up at it or were indifferent. Very happy the Esprit is finally getting appreciated
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    I like Ford's approach with the GT were they are now suing a "flipper" for breach of contract and consequential losses etc. All of this "flipping" a build spot for a profit just really makes me sick. It's just plain greed. Nothing nice about it at all.

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