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    I absolutely sympathise a lot and if I am honest I have a few "weave issues" on the roof of my 410 but I can live with it. It does not affect the structural integrity of the car. It does not look bad unless you really scrutinise it - one of those things where if you know it is there you know, if you don't, you'll probably miss it. However, we are all different and will all accept different things - on a scale of 1-10 re OCD'ness I am probably a 1 so I can live with it. I can see though how it would irritate others. I will go back to some of my earlier points though re the "fault" or "blame" for this: Fault 1: The original manufacturer of the panels should never have let them out the door with these issues on them - where was THEIR Quality Control Fault 2: How did they not get picked up by Lotus QC when the roofs were delivered and inspected prior to be released to the production line? Fault 3: Final factory inspection - how or why were these passed with these errors obvious? Fault 4: Pre-handover/pre-delivery inspection from the dealers should have picked this up and the dealers should have resolved this - many of these 410's have been in stock for some time so what is the excuse for not having these fully checked and prep'd prior to selling and release to the end customer? Fault 1 and 4 are NOT down to Lotus, 2 and 3 are. To be clear, when you buy a car (new or old) you are buying it from the Dealer (the Retailer) and not from Lotus so your beef is actually with the Dealer and NOT Lotus and it is the Dealer who has the legal responsibility to put it right (along with the Finance company which is why it is always good to buy a chunk of the car with some finance and then pay it off after a couple of months as you get 100x more consumer protection that way). The fact that you can get direct access to people at the manufacturer and in many many documented circumstances they have gone the extra mile to support the end customer is impressive. Try that with Porsche and see how far you get! Even getting a call back from the Dealer can be an "event" with them. Also, to say that Lotus have no place (due to these cosmetic issues - that is what they are, they are not mechanical issues) to play in the premium sports car market is just emotive tosh. Porsche's may not have the cosmetic issues, but their woes with engines eating themselves and transmissions crumbling are very well documented and for a company that sells +1000 times (yes, +1000 times more!) by the logic being expressed above they should be soundly beaten out of the market for just one error. A sense of realism is needed and an emotion check and balance? Porsche is not the byword for reliability,. McLaren sell cars at twice the price of what was paid for the 410 sport (Jonny says he paid £80k) and there are many McLaren owners who will NEVER buy another due to the various issues they have. The MP4-12C (a car personally I would love to own) does not have a particularly great reputation for its electronics/engine reliability nor build quality. So are we saying that McLaren too has no right to play in the premium sports market? Some Aston Martin models suffered from bad build/issues and Ferrari and Lamborghini have all had their special moments.... This is not JUST a Lotus issue. To some, my post above will be dismissed as a typical fan boy response. however, to do that misses the point being made which is with all cars you have the chance of issues, regardless of whether you have paid £30, £50, £80, £100, £150 or £200k for it. Shit does happen and things do slip through. it is just that with some brands the level of fanaticalism (or is it just denial) is greater and it does not allow them to talk out aloud about the issues they have faced? However, with Lotus, it almost seems as though it is acceptable just slag them off as being crap. hardly fair. So, whilst I am truly to sorry to hear of the issues Jonny, i do not accept that the answer is "just to buy a Porsche" (or a Macca, of a Fezza or an AM etc) as they all have well documented stories from SOME owners of misery, issues, woe, failures and issues. I can understand how personally for you Jonny you are gutted and disappointed by the issues with your carbon loveliness. But let's not just write off the whole brand and the whole cars as a result of issues with 3rd party produced Carbon body panels. Yes, lotus really needs to up its game with regards to Quality Control. totally agree. But they do seem to listen and do seem to try to respond to customers when they are asked to get involved. As a small manufacturer and retailer I am sure you can appreciate the constraints Lotus, selling 1600 cars a year, is under compared to the mighty Porsche selling +220k cars per year the majority of which are over priced, profit generating, SUV's that subsidise their sports car operation. All I would ask for is some balance when the evaluation between the brands is done. I don't think that is an unfair ask.
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    Not sure if anyone has shared the numbers for the Sport 410 from a certificate of provenance. I received mine and the headline figures are as follows; 72 cars built 25 for the UK A rare beast indeed.
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    Following the trend, thought it would be easier to post pictures of the car here, along with all the bespoke bits. Should be 1 of 1 for now! Next to its "little cousin"
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    As of next week, Lotus Silverstone will be located at 1117 Silverstone Park, Silverstone Circuit, Towcester NN12 8FU. The new number is 01327 222888. The fitout of the new showroom and workshops are almost complete, it's all so new and shiny! I've been there myself and here are some of my pics and some from Matt as work is progressing.
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    Yeah its a sh*t situation. I'd probably be a bit miffed as well if I had spent that on a new car. I brought second hand and there are some minor defects with the trim and some stone chips already, but as its second hand I don't really mind at all. I got it to hoon about and its doing a great job. Crap situation to be in thought. FYI - here's that video - you can see how impossible it would be to replace cleanly
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    Clearly this is far from ideal. That said, carbon fibre as a product is still a bit organic and I've seen greater weave variation, albeit on smaller surface areas. The problem with a large panel like a roof, is that it's not only a big panel, but it's a focal point of the car and one that often seems to catch the sun first. It's like a car park dent in that you can't seem to take your eyes off once you know it's there. My 400 isn't perfect. There are bits where the paint isn't quite right and very small finishing issues, but with my engineering background (rightly or wrongly) I tend to look at an issue and think through the implications of getting it fixed. Often it's literally more trouble than it's worth and it would seem in the case of the roof, not really possible without almost ruining the car. In my brief period of ownership I've sort of come to the conclusion that Lotus in their minds are first and foremost still selling 'drivers' cars, but as prices increase, so do customers expectations and they don't seem to maybe have fully embraced that. I could be wrong of course, but although customers are still buying 'drivers' cars, they also want them to be perfect, or certainly a lot nearer to being perfect than the roof above. With the rise of McLaren in recent years, I also think customers are now also looking at Lotus in a more comparable light, particularly in say the 430 v the 540c and the future of Lotus rests on not only their existing customer base, but also attracting potential McLaren customers and also those looking for something different than Porsche. I think Lotus are closer to getting things right than we sometimes give them credit for, but for me the next stage in their progress is more of a realisation of the standards that the newer customers will expect.
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    roof? Not me guv @bosshog.
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    Thanks for the quick response, I have just ordered it. I am also going to see if I can get my hands into the mega small rear fuse box and change out the fuse just incase its that also.
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    Hi Paul, After much deliberation, I have decided to get a new set instead of second hand. Best to be safe. Thank anyway for the offer.
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    Vimto fizzy zero?! Living the dream
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    This just about sums up the most important things in one photo
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    Someone’s taking the p£ss
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    $12-17k for a trans fix sounds ludicrous! Can you detail here exactly what's wrong with the car?
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    Hi Robert - There should be an announcement about a new location imminently, all being well
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    Sorted.... Swapped the fan relay with the Main Beam relay. Cleaned thermo-switch contacts. Put WD-40 on the fans. Tested the 3 fans, got all 3 fans working after some cleaning. Replaced the fan fuses. Got the Esprit up to temperature and finally 'wiggled' the BO (Black-Orange) wire until fans came on.. All seems to be alright now.. I think the wiring between the thermo-switch and the relay was suspect and the fans, at least 2 were seized and that blow two of the fuses. Gary
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    By “piggy back fuse holder” I mean this allows you to tap into an exisiting feed by replacing fuse with the black holder, placing existing fuse in front section of holder (to maintain supply to existing item) and new fuse behind it feeding power to the wire which you splice on to the new connection/accessory Hope that makes sense, will post a pic of fuse box with it all in place later in the week when I next “get down there”😉
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    No. 2 looks like the oil supply to turbo that connects braided hose to turbo
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    @m1980k I randomly came across this... Re. Lotus Press cars; they get run in correctly, checked over constantly, geo'd and serviced meticulously. my previous Elise was a Press/Police Cruise Liaison Car, then was a Lotus track car which I bought with 3.5k miles on. I ran it for 3 years with not one single issue in that time. Hope you're enjoying your Evora.
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    Cracked it. If you stick a bit of cellotape over the centre 2 contacts in the USB plug, it disables data and becomes charge only. You can also buy short plug adaptors that do the same thing from Amazon.
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    Just back from two weeks driving around the NC 500, also made our way home via Lake District and Yorkshire Dales. Just wanted to share some pictures . If you get the chance, Scotland is a must do holiday. Last 2 pics are in the Dales. Total miles 2140, not bad
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    Of course mate. You'd not want me popping along and just helping myself to a set for free though! £2/month for a full account and you'd get away with something like that, you'd not need a full advertising status. Fair's fair, we're both running businesses.
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    Nope - never again. pop me a pm 🤪
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    I may have some exceptionally good news about this by the end of this week. Watch this space