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    Have an 1989 Esprit SE and the Warning Light Control Module is bad. When you first start up the car all warning lights come on but then some continue to stay on and won't go off. If I remove the module all is fine. The module is solid state, no relays. It is made up of three transistors, one capacitor, numerous diodes and resistors. Generally diodes and resistors do not go bad, capacitors and transistors do especially over a period of thirty years. The capacitor is a 10uf - 50v, and the transistors are a C547, BD681, and BD682. I replaced those four components and the module now works properly. You can buy the components for around $10 or if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can take it to an electronics shop and have them do it for I guess around $50. I know this module is hard to find but mine had one transistor burned out but replaced them all. Hope this helps someone and thanks for the people on this forum that offered input.
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    Thanks Bibs for that link I was hoping to be able to get some tickets for this unique Evora somehow. I have now bought all the tickets from their website so no point in anyone trying there luck. 👅 chipp
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    My wife would have changed her own battery.
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    Door catches do yourself a favour and put the doors on and catches before the fuel tanks and boards. I dropped a door catch shim yesterday and had to take the entire passenger fuel system to pieces. 5 hrs later it was finished! I have just done the drivers side in one hour. This time I used wire to hold the shims whilst Intookmthevbolts out. I also removed the boot board first. I use pinstrip tape to help align catch. All done onto next job.
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    From Calais it's the E40 all the way to Liege, then take the E25 South round Liege as it has lots of tunnels. Most Satnavs take you North round which isn't as good. Then simply take the turn off for Spa, (or if you're actually going to Spa-Francorchamps Circuit go via Trois-Ponts for some nice roads) ... If you've got time you could go via Zolder Circuit for a rest and a drink (there's a public bar there) . It doesn't add that much time to the journey and there might be something interesting on.
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    HaHa.....Mr k .They are both priceless to me .Both my girls .gear box oil Sunday bigger expansion bottle in stainless with correct pressure cap soon . Mike.Barry there is a lot of info on lotus esprit world g car owners if you want a read .
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    Mine looking shinier than it ever has done (or will do). Spent the last three days at PW Pro, where Paul and Reiss have done a fantastic job - detail, ceramic all around and xpel fitted to the front, mirrors and roof. My BMW spent a couple of days there as well for a paint correction detail, and apart from a few battle scars (5 years of motorways and airport car parks will do that), it's looking fantastic.
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    So what was Gerald’s opinion?
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    @Bibs is there gonna be cake and party bags
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    @cbclotus hmm you might be forced into selling the wife and mutt first. keep the bloody car 👍
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    I thought they left the factory like that. It's taken me hours to get those gaps and wonky shut lines just right.
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    Hi Bibs, I've lost count of the number of replies but if you still have a pair of tickets I may try and bring the Sport 350 (if the sticky tape and nails hold). :-) cheers -Chris
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    Dunno - but bet it’ll taste great
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    @Bibs any chance I can have another 2no tickets for the Sat for my wife and son trying to convince her to bring the the Elan as well not saying I will succeed but I wil try ta Dan E
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    Happy 70th Lotus! The Duke of Richmond, Lotus CEO Feng Quinfeng and Clive Chapman cut the cake! We're also very pleased to announce that the Lotus Festival will be heading to Hethel this year on the 29th September where we'll be celebrating the Lotus 70th Anniversary, more details to follow!
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    Front end finished! Once again pictures don't do this justice! The undersheild area looks like a piece of the Nautilus sumbmarine from 20,000 leagues under the sea. It has a bulkhead look because of all the bolts!difficult to get the effect unless you see the whole thing! Pretty awesome this Is Turbo design!
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    Getting there! Countless hours spent and still the work continues to mount. The front is complete except I have lost the brake pipe bracket for the drivers side - bolts to the caliper and holds the brake line. I could make one but would rather buy one. Any ideas? The front is finally finished bar the bonnet alignment, which I shall do at the end. Fiberglassing jobs starting to mount. Think I will align and get the doors back together and then start detailing the engine. I'm lucky it was already rebuilt - but only tested after the rebuild. I have all the receipts which always adds confidence. I have run it myself and driven the car about 200 ft before I took it all to pieces! . The carburettors have also been rebuilt, but have got dirty due the rebuild and sitting around. New leatherhide is on its way from Andrew Muirhead. It will all be used and recoloured to Bond spec. It's fun doing the trim as it makes a big difference, but the other boring jobs are all still essential. You have to treat yourself every now and then with a nice job otherwise it could get pretty grim! Mr Bond is coming home soon!
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    Pretty much exactly what I ended up doing...drill jig is the way to go. Have seen it done freehand, but would rather use engineering than hope the skillset stretches to that! I have a number of special tools I have made up over the for pressing back the rear caliper pistons painlessly...some for greasing bearings...cylinder liner extractors, etc.etc.
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    Update Found this which told me all I wanted to know about brake servos - Also found this great guy who knows everything and more about servos and master cylinders - His workshop was littered with servos and master cylinder bodies all over the place - an Aladdin's cave. He vacuum tested my Elite servo which was perfect, and because it is 8.5 inches in diameter we believe it is a Type 50 servo (see above document page 11) that was fitted to my Elite by a PO - how lucky was that. He can strip, blast clean and rebuild any servo for £175 if your interested. Cylinder bodies he sends to Pastparts - - for sleeving. Now where did I put my Brake mc for safe keeping? Brian
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    I,ve mounted the top altenator screw from the other side.With the engine in the car you could not remove this long bolt if the alt. is faulty.
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    I thought I'd clean the Esprit properly yesterday and used some Autoglym Super Resin polish for the first time. I was well chuffed with the results!