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    Ahoy Gents. thought i'd share some pics and learnings from my recent road trip in the Esprit. Route was Essex > Brussels > Luxembourg > Black Forest (Germany) > Liechtenstein > Lake Como (italy) > Paris > Essex Car was an absolute dream with no issues throughout the trip. I was particularly impressed with how cool the car stayed even in the super hot Italian days and stand still traffic. Only slight niggle is the windscreen wiper (slow speed) sometimes takes a while to turn off but im sure this is just a sloppy connection in the lever. We favored the twisty turny mountain passes over the shortcuts and tunnels and although some corners were a bit hairy it was well worth it for the views. The car has a non-standard exhaust on it and just sounds amazing through the hillside tunnels and small streets. The car was in pretty decent mechanical condition when i bought it, with the main issue being poor tuning and a few age related issues where the car hasn't been in regular use. We changed all fluids although both oil and coolant were decent but better to be safe. I fitted a new fuel filer, spark plugs and checked all ignition items which were in decent condition already. Tuned the carbs over the course of a few hours of slight changes but we got it spot on as it pulls smoothly with no hesitation, but also not running too rich as quieter on the motorways. Didn't loose any fluids or need to top anything up. so a huge success for the old boy.
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    Too true, 'cos all the other fat lardy middle aged bastards with beards bought a 911!
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    You can change the colour using Gliptone leather dye and using a spraygun. I used a hobby one as it's much finer mist but took a long time. Back in the day I change another member's seat colour from all grey to black with red insert. See pictures below.
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    Oh and if like me, you have an early pre 85 front suspension and you don’t like any of the aftermarket damper options as originals are obsolete, make your own out of a pair of post 85 dampers very carefully using a 1mm angle grinder disc 👍
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    It's not so bad when you're a $27bn company, that's a lot of cash to throw around. Audi for comparison has a market capital of sub $15bn.
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    They could have immediately offloaded Lotus, £51m to them is chicken feed. Remember they spent 175 times that to take a single digit shareholding (albeit a major one) in Daimler. Instead they didn't, they're ploughing large sums of money into them and the Chairman of Geely has publicly stated he wants Lotus toe-to-toe with Porsche. These are the beginnings of what could potentially be a real golden era for Lotus. They're not forgetting their core market and they're also planning on huge things. Embrace it, enjoy it
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    What an old thread to bump... there will be a proper update imminently... but for now, a photo with a clue...
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    New staff. In fact, Lotus pay pretty well by industry standards.
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    They did just recruit well over 100 engineers to work on internal projects. Can't think of a better way of looking like a company about to do that kind of thing?
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    We will end up with the worst deal due to the Remainers remaining steadfast in embracing change. Oh the irony. We'll be crippled by the very people who predicted We'd be crippled.
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    Has anyone got a picture of how the S1 boot boards should fit.
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    Grimsel, Furka & Susten ticked off San Bernardino tomorrow on the way to Italy
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    It's possible it was modified because the S1 sensor was unavailable at one point. But you can now buy them from SJ...
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    What a joke this weak scared government is. FFS. We have £70 billion trade deficit with Europe, and we're worrying about a deal, we don't need a deal, THEY DO.!!! . This is the deal, we're taking back control of our borders, laws, waters and global trade, any tariffs imposed reciprocated. No concessions take it or leave it. Our gutless negotiators need to grow some balls, Eurofile and staunch remainer Teresa May should take off her Euro starred blinkers and think about the bigger picture, it's like putting a vegetarian in charge of a butchers shop. I just can't watch the news anymore, it makes me so angry, I've shouted pathetic at the TV more this year at the Brexit news than I have at the football. NO DEAL is the way to go, not some watered down worse off than we were attempt at staying half in half out. Rant over...
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    What's your thoughts on this?
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    @cbclotus hmm you might be forced into selling the wife and mutt first. keep the bloody car 👍
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    Is the car sat on a dry sump chassis? Mike - seriously - don’t sell the bloody thing
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    Mine looking shinier than it ever has done (or will do). Spent the last three days at PW Pro, where Paul and Reiss have done a fantastic job - detail, ceramic all around and xpel fitted to the front, mirrors and roof. My BMW spent a couple of days there as well for a paint correction detail, and apart from a few battle scars (5 years of motorways and airport car parks will do that), it's looking fantastic.
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    I'd just shoot the dog
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    Elise Sport 220 NightFallBlue, very rare.
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    Great thread and great venture. Really interesting flicking through the last 8 pages!
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    Wow - sorry, although I've often seen this Thread's title I just assumed it was regarding some breakdown service 🤭 Having just read the first post - what a fantastic idea 👍