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    Here she is folks, delivered to West London all the way from York. Initial thoughts. Drop dead gorgeous, and after a quick spin, I’ve fallen in love with driving again. Yes my Cayman GTS was brilliant, but the Lotus is a nice upgrade which I’m very happy with. A no nonsense focused sports car with a soundtrack that is pretty epic. Spec wise, it’s a Grey 410 Auto with AC & Cruise. I’m planning on fitting a head unit when I have some time, although really enjoy the minimalist design inside. A special shout out to Alexanders Prestige who have been amazing throughout the buying process. Some initial pics. I’m sure there will be lots more against nicer backdrops
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    Ok guys took the car out today for a spin with Mrs B....Drove fine .pulls well temperature stayed good .after buying lotus sender ....Still going to fit another control box to check temperature bought from car builders solution....Then going to get more air through shroud .Mrs B really enjoyed the car today ...And me .........put a lot of effort into this car .so the upshot is I think we will keep her ....Besides not one phone call ....So I think she wants to stay lol .I think it looks better with the lines ...Now to do the other side ....Mike
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    Newlands Corner this afternoon. I acquired a spare set of BBS wheels and had them diamond cut, including machining the full width of the wheel centres flat, after inlaying with satin black.
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    Ok guys, I put these stripes on today.
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    I can't find it in my Haynes manual, and can't find a guide on here either. Any pointers please? Easy job?
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    I wish that was sitting on my drive. Oh, hang on a minute..
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    Here's a CX 500. The centre cap passes right through the wheel. You can see hardly any material between the bolt hole and the centre hole.
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    Don’t put an axle stand anywhere near those hubs - don’t under estimate the costs of those. Use a concrete block to drop the car onto if you need some extra wriggle room on the ground at home
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    There is loads of thickness behind the wheel centre. Not much needs to be machined off, its around 1mm at the edges of the centres and 6mm towards the middle as the original centres are convex. If you compare the resulting wheel with an original Compomotive centre, there is a lot more material on there.
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    Just wondering if anyone knows any history of this yellow Evora: Does it look reasonably priced? Seems to have the premium pack with tech pack parts retrofitted e.g. reverse camera.
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    Ahhh - now you aren’t allowed to sell it
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    Hi Andy ..Fantastic looking car ...Miike
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    Perfect wheels! That's how it should have left the factory!
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    The important thing (if you want it to be exactly the same as the old one) is to get a real Lucas one as opposed to be a reproduction. The original has a ribbed (ahem) top to the switch and seems higher quality. The reproductions just have smooth plastic. The switches are also quite easy to take to bits to substitute different parts if you have bits remaining from the old one / other ones. I usually try and source originals from eBay. I think ideally there would be a relay to avoid putting so much power through the switch (which usually leads to them failing). Also, earlier S3's and S2's had the switch function in writing, later ones had an icon. I managed to find on ebay a set of labels (there were listed as TVR switch labels) which have the correct font etc.
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    cdl pin delete took place within MY 12 I think (my MY 12 doesen´t have them, car has been build in spring / early summer, just around the "factory closed" time...) but if I remember right from the advers of "real cars " in Germany the MY 12 produced within 2011 had them (also they had floor mats with a circle shaped Lotus sign, my car got the floor mats with the "Evora" script........ @techyd massive congrats, Looks great in silver I Think , Interesting to read that Gordon Murry owned it, I know he rates original Elans very high and would likr to know what he thought of the Evora
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    Sorry to say this, and I may very well be wrong, but lately we've seen Pictures of various bushes gone bad, all being non-Lotus poly bushes and all being split ones. I am not saying this to dish any non-Lotus component, but I think it's an indicator of something going on with those specific parts. As far as I remember, the split bushings are not very smart in design (apart from installation), as the bushings are supposed to be pretensioned a bit when installed and car is weight loaded to set ride height and then finally fasten the bolts and nuts. That's what I did anyway. More over, I think some of those split bushings are in fact harder than the Lotac ones, and, this is a speculation, may be too hard to Work in an environment where they are under load of twisting, as can be seen in the case of the rear arms, once installed. I suspect they may be too hard and crush. Or it could be a case of an unfortunate installation. Can't really say. So, my take on the matter is take off the offending lower arm, and in fact any other component connected with a non-Lotus bushing (split version, what ever), and measure it to be certain that it's not bent. Then replace with Lotac Lotus bushings. And lubricate them. Now off to seek cover behind the sofa in the garage. Kind regards, Jacques
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    Hi Shaun, Click on the Classifieds link at the top of the page. You will have to register on there as it is a different database to TLF. Put it up in there. You will get more bites than on this post in here. Michael.
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    Mike, might be worth checking if you get phone insurance with your bank mate, I do and have had my phones replaced by them twice now for a £75 excess.
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    And a possible prison sentence if caught.
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    Just become a FFM (full forum member) and ten you can download the parts manual, which has excellent drawings of the fuel system (and much more). The biggest advantage is that it will also support TLF.
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    Yes, the original bulbs are too dim. I swopped all of mine for white 12V leds. Got them from the local electronic store. Then I rewired them with a new small loom preserving the old bulb cables and holders. So everything is reversible. I had to fabricate new holders for some. Looks much better with the leds. Obviously the rheostats don’t work anymore but that’s not needed anyway. Visibility is good and not too bright. Quite a satisfying job apart from digging into the binnacle...
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    Yes that kinda makes sense thanks. Anybody know different? As you can perhaps guess, I’ve had a quiet day today!
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    Always trying to help I promise - I did swither whether to post about the gearstick but my Esprit OCD issues got the better of me. So glad you’ve got the roof stereo all working - must be a very cool thing to have in a Turbo Esprit
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    That’s totally baffled me (doesn’t take much I know) Wondered that many a time filming as to why. Unaware there’s a cycle. Interesting
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    For the frustrated restorer in your life... It's you isn't it.
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    Yesterday afternoon I spotted a Team Lotus tractor unit hauling a trailer advertising Napolina tinned tomatoes to my local Asda. It was green with Lotus roundels on the doors. A little bit of googling matches the livery to the 2011 season (Kovalainen & Trulli), prior to the team name change to Caterham. Good to see it still going. I wonder if any ex-works Ferrari trucks are delivering to supermarkets? (internet photo)
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    Just finalising details on the tickets before it's all live.
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    0.99c for the pair. Well that's what I'm going to start them at on Ebay. Give me another week or so and I'll put them up. Might end up being a real bargain for someone.
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    Now that I like a lot welcome to the slippy slope of addiction that is Lotus ownership
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    Absolutely no warping!!!! .0015" or .008mm CYlinder liners where they should be .003" nasty coolant and oil crusty stuff E Breaking down the loctite Jeez!! This is interesting, looks like the T.stat gasket!!!!! This pisses me off, no reason for it broken bolts for the oil pickup The oil pickup was loose and hitting the counterweights
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    Thanks for the heads up regarding Protechs. I went to the workshop today and lo and behold... I found that the originals were Protechs! Hahahah But they are from 2009, and they don't look to be in great shape ... I ordered dampers from SJ Sportscars sometime in April(gosh.. didn't realize the car has been in the shop that long...), and he actually send me adjustable rear dampers, but the front were non-adjustable. They seems to have adjustable front dampers in their listing, so I have emailed and enquired with Steve. Also, the previous owner has already fitted adjustable top link, so I can save some money on that. However, the front seems to be the original part .... which doesn't seem to be adjustable, so I may get the set from SJ ... I am guessing the previous owner did not have issues with ride height because he has the Protechs .... so I will probably just buy the items that I need since the car is already up on the hoist and get everything done all at once ...
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    I know colour is a personal choice subject but as we all seem to like the old Lotus Altair green - I was amazed at this - yes Verde Germoglio was apparently a Factory colour - and I love it! Oh and to add to "'Daft Places My Cat Sleeps" . No. 42 - See the G cars rear lip spoiler is entirely beneficial and is Parsley's favourite Sun-spot -
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    After 8 years in storage followed by a recommissioning by GST, today I managed to give it a proper clean.
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    IMO the 430 is the best looking car Lotus have designed since the M250. And I think it looks better than that too. Good job Lotus
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    Someone emailed me a pic of my car when it was new. Here it is in Scotland 30 years ago
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