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    Back in April of 2016 I acquired a GTE-style rear wing from @Kalli when he was at the end of his pink period. I wasn't quite ready to do anything at that time so the wing was put into storage in the rafters of the garage as a future project. Circumstances then took over (losing my mum, being made redundant at work, then my partner being diagnosed with cancer being the main priority refocusing events amongst others) so it had taken until now to get around, finally, to doing something with it. As the wing was a genuine Lotus Motorsport one, in GRP, it didn't have the mounting for the high level brake light which was the first thing that had to be addressed. I looked at various aftermarket options but my first choice was always going to be using an OE light to convey that factory-fit appearance. Over the course of the past 6 months, I've tried in vain to source a suitable donor but in the end there was nothing for it but to use my existing wing so out came the Dremel and a cutting disc, - many thanks to my current employer for allowing me to use their vehicle workshop facilities rather than making a mess at home with all the dust produced when it came to sanding back the filler. No going back now! The bendy-wire was used to feed through the wiring for the light - that was fun! Then after a load of sanding back to key the surface of what had been a mirror-finish Canyon Red paint job, it was off to my local paintshop (big shout out to Protek of Bathgate here) for the final finish. After a coat of primer, first the gloss black went on............. ..................followed by some Laser Blue......... The decals are on the end plates, which will now be lacquered to seal everything in. Hopefully I'll get it all fitted at the beginning of next week (I'm working over the weekend, ) and I'll get some pics up of the finished job.
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    Nice roadtrip done... More pictures here:
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    The amazing S3 has been overlooked for far too long.
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    You either like them or you don't, but if you do I have just been to it's A Wrap in Worthing, West Sussex, to collect my now striped Metallic Orange 400 and they now have the template on their computer for other 400 applications - and not just in black. Always felt there was just too much orange at the front and saw a pic. of an early Evora with a similar stripe.
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    My CupR without driver and 9 gallons of fuel ...... 2187 lb/994 kg ......
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    This is my V6 without driver and approximately 10 litres of fuel.
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    On that basis I might just dig some shorts out
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    The business is till trading and is still operating and there is nothing to suggest that people are not being paid. The issue seems to be the liabilities around the potential fraud claim and so the company has voluntarily gone into liquidation whilst still trading, so a going concern, to attract/seek new investors. So, it's a "protection" and refinancing operation as opposed to a winding down petition were the company would cease to trade and assets would be sold off. They'll be trying to carve out the liabilities from any court case against the previous directors to protect the trading arm to continue. if you ask me sounds like JMG has a full time job on his hands to keep it going whilst his contacts in the industry could prove invaluable to identify new investors or owners, his reputation as a straight dealing cost cutter would be attractive if he was to stay at the helm during the subsequent recovery. I wish him well. He did what he thought he needed to do to keep lotus alive. he's a car man. And ultimately lotus has ended up with what could turn out to be its best parent ever. Why the seeming hate?
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    Proud to own my LF1 which celebrates Ronnie's win at the French Grand Prix in 1974.
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    I’m working on cleaning up a few details that have been let go while the car was in extended storage. I was pleased to make Steve V8’s acquiantence and he will be supplying some of the carpets - you can see UV dry-rot has taken a toll on the edge bindings. (If expert-level Forum members can instruct me on how to hyper-link to Steve’s page, that would be appreciated by both of us, I’m sure). The photo is before I started the process; the red body work has cleaned up nicely, as has the black plastic on the engine cover and access panels. The top of the engine, however, is a bit of an embarrassment. It is dirty and faded beyond reclamation and I think it needs a fresh coat. What guidance have you for me? Should I get out the sockets and start removing the top end? BTW - It’s been suggested to me that I blog my project and I think I’ll do that eventually. For now my efforts and progress are small to merit inconveniencing the few electrons in cyberspace that my little projects are worth.
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    I think Mike Sekinger painted one black but I’m not sure if any came that way from the factory (did look good though). Here’s a blue one in its original paint. sorry if it’s big, doing this on the phone and can’t figure out the equivalent of a right click)
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    Not today but last Saturday, I went to a local car show in Northampton. There was an orange McLaren Spyder there and what made me happy was that there was a young, probably around 12, girl, with a proper camera, not her phone, taking a great effort to get good photos of its interior. Even better, she wasn't being pushed into it by her car-mad dad. It was her mother who was encouraging and coaching her. Saw her later taking shots of a Ferrari 308. I was please to see a young kid taking an interest in cars and to see that it wasn't a stereotype. Petrolheads are still growing.
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    I like the body coloured uprights, must be the only wing with brake light and gurney flap? The cf ones had either a brake/no gurney or no brake/gurney. Cant wait for the after pictures!
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    Ok, looks like we have a meeting! See you on the 27th
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    @Rayberne if you want a notification of your comments to be seen by a member put the @ sign in front of their name and tap the link, a notification will go to their mailbox as you will have received this one. The plenum and cam covers are easily removed for refurbishment, always use new gaskets and cover the inlets with tape, you don't want anything other than fuel or air dropping in there. Have seen a few damaged V8 engines on here recently due to careless maintenance.
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    Sorry-to be clear i have the handbook like Alan above (no cover though!) and my car is an 01/02 model. Happy to swap.
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    They're being posted out later this week/early next week.
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    The 430 CUP and the Elise 250 CUP in my opinion will be the best choice. But be careful with Elise unless you want to try a downsizing exercise. You will miss the V6 engine....
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    This kind of thing doesn't tend to come out of the blue. Perhaps JMG being a money man was brought in to to weather the storm and right the ship. (that's it for my nautical references) His success at Lotus is good on his resume'.
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    @Mark030358 still f***ing love your sprint.
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    Make sure you go through a tunnel, wind the windows down and put your foot down. Other than that take it easy and enjoy the ride, it's comfortable enough on long trips. You'll have the car for hopefully a very long time so no need to drive it hard on day one whilst you're still getting used to it. Enjoy the attention you get, they're a rare sight on the roads and everyone loves to see a Lotus, especially kids and men. I took mine to the beach on day one and was slightly taken back(in a good way) by just how much attention the car got.
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    Taking in a £50k car for warranty work and being given this hunk of shite as a courtesy car. Radar cruise control is the annoying feature, as well as being a hybrid cvt. Lots to hate, one unhappy customer. I hear B&C give Lotus as a courtesy car? I'm not saying I expect an Exige or Evora but come on, even a base Elise would be okay!
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    Either our car is set up right or we ain’t pushing hard enough, TBTH think that comment is a load of bullocks, the steering let’s you know exactly what’s going on Lotus have in my opinion got the GT430 spot on; with a car at this money as they should. What temperature are you referring to, if the low temperature was below the tyre spec more fool you (borderline dangerous!) yes keep the car in the garage. There is a reason why tyre manufacturers do winter tyres and why the car manufacturers sell winter tyre/wheel sets, indeed a few years back Hethel were doing winter driver training for those who drove/wanted to drive in snow/icy conditions last week in the morning the temperature in the East Midlands was hovering around 7degrees with wet roads and still raining the GT430 was planted.
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    The Autoart model also has the HC bonnet which the museum car now has but not when it appeared in the movie. So they unknowingly introduced an inaccuracy from the movie car by faithfully following the museum car.
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    I painted mine (21gg's old one) with Kurust about a year ago and didn't bother following up with any topcoat of paint as the rust-converter left a nice satin finish and, more importantly, I'd reached the limits of my will to live by that time. Here's a pic taken this morning - there are a few tiny spots of fresh rust starting to emerge but overall it has lasted quite well.
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    Someone on the forum kept me thinking and I 'd decided to be better safe then sorry, so I welded and painted myself a second sturdy new front grill this time with an open structure mesh. Not the type of chicken wire lotus used, but it is very open to let the air enter unlike the perforated plate I first used. thanks Andy
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    As I posted elsewhere, I think the track orientated Loti need a good deal of fettling to get the best out of them. The EVO test is meaningless. Dry day in summer, downforce friendly circuit (ie mainly fast corners), spend the morning getting the tyre pressures sorted, then make your comparison. Farting about on wet Welsh roads in winter? What use is that? and more to the point who in reality would do such a thing? Rant over
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    Flag rust converter is really good, it leaves a nice mat black finish that can be top coated, or left as.
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    One more - how's that for Lotus colour symmetry?
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    I have 3 of these (2 rally cars and one bog standard one) in the barn at the moment in various stages of disassembly / assembly. I had a couple in my early years because I couldn't afford an Esprit. Hopefully will have one up and running by the end of next year. They can be real fun cars if set up properly but also can be real rust buckets if you pick the wrong one. Just a note of caution the Heritage company that used to manufacture panels has lost the presses so will no longer be making any - Now a new front wing can cost more than a whole car on Ebay! (granted a project barn find - you know the sort of thing Barry buys). Not my car but what the first one will look like: A little video of what you can achieve if you have good one and know how to drive it :
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    You have a mate!........ Lol.......
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    That looks lovely. Always thought they were great cars. Had a Scalextric model of one.
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    As the engine is clearly visible through the mesh I was thinking of doing some painting to make it look a bit more...special. I ruled out painting it body colour as it would be a bit ott so decided for some detail highlights. I think it came out quite well. I'll get some pictures of it back on the car when it's fully dry. Good fun little project!!
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    Butting in with a bit of unsolicited sausage dog/Esprit content
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    My wife and I have an agreement... she spends hundreds on shoes and I spend thousands on cars
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    In her favourite position ......sleeping. She is just over one year old how about a sunbeam tiger. Room on the back seat / bench
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    Yes let’s see your sausage dog @Mightymetro Here’s our Standard Dachshund Barry - Frodo’s his name......he’s some boy and still a handsome devil at 13!
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    Its fair to assume imho that most EX460 track used cars have a proper setup / suspension & break upgrades as well as a at least basic lightweight treatment ... with those cars the capability of the driver will make the biggest difference ... In the right hands they are really fast ....

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