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    Hello All! Despite everything I've been told and read I couldn't resist....I have always loved Esprits! I'm not shy of picking up a socket and have built/modified/restored my fair share of cars in the past, so when this car came up I think the fact that it was modified, and that it has pretty high mileage under its wheels (78k) it put most people off, but I was intrigued. It is one of the first "facelift" V8s (built in '97, registered in '98) and is Nautilus Blue. I bought it from a lovely 76 year old Lotus nut (also has other Lotuses) in Cheshire and who had had it for a few years and had looked after it pretty well. Before he bought it the previous owner had modified it extensively with forged pistons, new liners, chargecooler, hybrid turbos, ARP head bolts, Forge waste gates new fuel tanks, Quaife LSD, Alcon 6 pot front and AP 4 pot rear brakes, OZ Novas, round rear lights and centre exit, as you can see its has been pretty heavily worked over. I had PNM look it over, and although there are a couple of (usual) things, it got the nod from Pete so I decided to give it a shot. Its with PNM right now having some of the jobs done (gearbox oil leak, new engine and g'box mounts and make the heater work), so I don't actually have the car yet and hope to pick it up next weekend. So, here's the rub.....and where I need the help of the forum if possible. At the moment the boost comes in with a bang at 4,000rpm. The guy I bought it off said that it used to be much more progressive, but its been stood outside (under a lean to) for the last couple of years and I think the lack of use has affected something. PNM are going to have a quick look to see if anything obvious is wrong, but if anyone has any ideas what may be causing this I would massively appreciate your advice. Boost control leak, sticking actuators? Also, if anyone knows anything about this car, or who modified it (or had it done) please let me know. Apparently it was a guy called Roy, who lives near Doncaster - so if that's you, please drop me a PM - I'd LOVE to talk through the history of the car with you and get it back to full fighting fitness. There isn't a lot of documentation with the car, and no invoices from the modifications so I'm trying to work back. Before you all agree too quickly with my self diagnosis of automotive madness, I should add that the car has run pretty well faultlessly for the last few years since it was modified (according to Barrie who I bought it off), and the boost problem is relatively recent, so it seems that the work was done well.... So any info, ideas and help will be gratefully received. Here's a pic (from before I bought it)....
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    Just got back from collecting it after my many questions in the forum.... I went from the 'Central lotus' Silver with venom red leather. It was sad to say goody to the Evora, but this is just fantastic. I was sceptical about the Automatic, but I really like it, the changes are very quick, with a nice 'crack' between upshifts, and a lovely blip on downshifts The sound of the car is addictive as well! first thing I did was press the valve opening button...
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    With the nights drawing in and daylight at a premium, Hofmanns have decided to throw some positive light on what can be a dull and dreary time of year. We are hosting a Hofmanns Saturday Social on the 17th November! The social will start at 8:30am and run till around 3:00pm. During the day we want to invite you to test drive one of the awesome new Evora 410’s, Exige 410’s or the Elise 220’s. You will need to pre book your test drive slot by emailing either Chris Marriott or Chris Butterworth at [email protected] Test drives will be provided on a first come first serve basis. We are also offering a free Lotus car health check so you can make sure your Lotus is in great shape for the winter conditions. You will need to book your health check slot again by emailing [email protected] Again health check slots will need to be booked in advanced As well as test drives and health checks we will also have a showroom full of amazing cars, a driving simulator to test you skills on and there is even a rumour swirling around the showroom that one of the Chris' might even make a tea or a coffee.... Everyone is welcome with or without cars! We hope to see you on the 17th!
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    Just made a new investment with a new machining centre...I could have got a nice new Lotus but I chose this ;-0 Still it made me happy a new toy to play with. buddsy
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    Many thanks Thrilled with it, really feels like a special car, It was quite overcast today which was a shame, even had some rain on the way back too (not ideal weather collecting a car like this....) Looking forward to seeing it in better weather I was a bit worried the colour might be too tame, but really pleased how it looks outside.
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    Here are my 2 cents: The EX460 is a proven kit that runs with very little to no issues and it holds up to the expectations. To be realistic for track use you need to upgrade breaks, suspension and add gearbox cooling as well to match the power. My EX460 keeps up with a 458 Speciale in a straight line up to easily 200 kph, Win911 EX460 (a road legal car) has done a 2:38 in Spa and I have a couple other good benchmarks in my Garage to compare if the power is there. It definitely is. The TVS solution does have too low # of installs to fully judge reliability but imho its a half baked solution. It lacks the bespoke mapping, the intake, manifold and exhaust upgrade and several TVS installs - I personally know 3 - went to KT afterwards to fix it or at least make it a complete solution ...
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    Hi and welcome Gale. This should really be in our classifieds and/or you should be an advertiser on here to sell but since that's fantastic, I'm happy for it to stay. :)
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    As I said when I introduced myself, thank you all for making everyone welcome; it’s increasingly rare for an online forum! Picked it up yesterday and had a wonderful play today, oil warm, half throttle, up to 3500 - the noise, the sensation, just wow. Cannot wait for the brakes to bed in a little more, but getting there. They said in 1997 if John Major had met everyone personally, he would have won the election, I’m not sure of that, but if everyone who wanted to buy a sports car to drive and not pose, then all Lotus have to do is get them in one for 45 minutes - job done. A couple of questions and observations - Does anyone have all season/winter tyres on the OEM rims? If so, what brand and tyre - struggling to find some at the moment? - it seems like the rubber strip under the front splitter is no longer supplied, is this right, or should I mention it at it’s run in service? - is the supplied radio the most complex bit of IT in the world, or am I getting old? Overall it’s just great. A couple of photos Thanks Stewie
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    Available, the original art Lotus Europa twin-cam cutaway. Size, a massive 30" x 40", all-original, never before published, all original and hand-executed (no computers!). Artwork executed on 20-ply Strathmore illustration board mounted on a 1/2" Foamcore board. To be clear, this is a one-of-a-kind item, hand drawn, NOT A PRINT. If interested feel free to PM me for price and additional photos and details.
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    No mention of not taking a pee in there?
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    How can you get that excited about a bench vice? chipp
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    Car looks fab James, dunno if you've seen it in bright sunlight yet but that silver really does pop! Congratulations on your purchase
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    That is a wonderful drawing, you can see the amount of work that has gone into that, fantastic achievement.
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    Wow, looks cool @Buddsy. How many sausage rolls can it cook an hour?
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    Must be someone John. If ever in Suffolk needing the same my drive is yours
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    "Maybe as well as deceiving owners over the figures and maps they now have an active bot on their website that screens out 410 Sport and non Sport 410 owners to give them different information? Well, the devious buggers " Lotus, deceiving us, lying to us, a conspiracy? or perhaps just as confused as the rest of us with all the model types and limited, no really it is limited, editions?
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    Just a heads up, i just had this installed on my 2011 NA a few weeks back. While i don't out right beat the snot out of the car it has been holding up ok. (didn't stop me from ordering a clutch and looking into the gear hardening issue that some sport boxes have had) I'm far from an expert when it comes to the software needed to run the kit, i went with the BOE setup and they were able to refresh my ECU. Obviously doing this setup came with the understanding that the clutch will need to be upgraded 1 day. i currently have 38K on the car so my plans to ride this out as long as i can.(and in general see how long it will last) i have done 2 track days with the car solar(while NA) and live in NYC so have a lot of stop and go traffic just to give an idea of what kind of use the car sees.
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    Looks like it's on wheel's, so could be moved out easily enough for the new Lotus though.
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    Is this the manual you're thinking of Fab? Can't find much else, well not from a known source anyway.
  25. 1 point I've just spent a small fortune on a set of Pilot Sport 4S.
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    The Esprit engine has to be located longitudinally and mounted much lower in the chassis than the Evora/Exige. As said, the supercharger assembly itself is another big lump of high-up weight that competitors don't have to deal with. What happened to that Ferrari 458 V8 engined Evora development mule that someone on here knows the whereabouts of and teased us with photos? I presume that was located longitudinally, so it has already been done.
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    I agree, nice project for someone.
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    Sounds fantastic Andy, I think a sound investment if they did get the pop up lights back on a modern Esprit, Kills two birds with one stone, first it is iconic of the Esprit design, second it would also make the car even more unique with been the only car in production to have them.
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    You can have pop up lights in the US market and EU market, it's a myth you can't. The issue is how you handle the pedestrian impact and limit the risk of injury. As you say @silverfrost RR got around it with the silver lady which is covered by the same regulations. You would need to have some sort of a "sudden drop" feature when a front end impact was detected and of course they would have to deform in to the body space easily so as not to impact on the crash box protection etc. It is not impossible. just hard. And expensive. Which is why it has not been done and we have these stupid shape formed plastic headlights instead. Imagine standing in front of your garage. Opening your electric door and then "plipping" your key fob or smart phone - the interior lights in the new Esprit come on, the headlights gracefully rise and flash "hello" at you, and the engine automatically sparks into life and engages its pre drive analytics to warm everything up for you. The hairs on the back of your neck WOULD NEVER again be flat every time this happened. You'd be like a little kid wetting his pants each time it happened. I'm in.
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    In the manual it says 1980-early 83 for Lumenition, but you're right Tim, it seems mine should have this but definitely has ab14. Must have been altered at some point but it's all hidden anyway so no big deal if it's more effective. Pic of my current set up.
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    Lez, To pick up on George's points, do be mindful of the possibility that the gearchange linkage may have been previously adjusted to cope with the trans displacement withered mounts might well have wrought. So in restoring things with a healthy set of mounts it seems possible that the linkage was consequently put out of sorts, therefore in need of adjustment. Cheers
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    Remember him posting this on his birthday in August 2017 Seventy-one today I'm Seventy-one today! Fifty years since the key to the door Never been Seventy-one before Like a water buffalo, with stolid ploddery Will I plod till seventy-two? Come back next year and see!! 
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    Congratulations on the purchase, it looks great. I can't offer any advice on its issues but I'm sure PNM will have a good go at fixing it. @Barrykearley is sure to have some good advice having owned one recently with more than its fair share of issues.
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    (Lol) yeah, I guess I could change it if you're really interested. Massive detail (my poor eyes, I did a '59 Elite and an 72 Elan Sprint in addition to the Europa) and massive size. Would make a great focal point for den or garage. Not to mention Xmas present! price $2500.00 obo
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    Nice little white hat, indeed!
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    Hurray some debating... as long as we don't talk about or make comparisons with a GT4 we're all playing friendly I haven't gone down either the TVS or KT route albeit many folks are surprised I haven't already... I guess I like to be the underdog on track. For example three occasions now I've been on track with owners of TVS1900 upgraded Exige V6's and a Cup - Neither of which could get a meaningful lead on me. I've not been on track with a KT430 so can't compare, I have been on track with two KT460's one I could keep up with, the other I had no chance! At the end of the day extra power is nice but investing in driver tuition and track time to learn is my first priority. Dyno, butt check, whatever get on track ... that's the best comparison
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    It's a sad indictment of the world we live in when, despite 1 in every 2 of us either having Cancer, or knowing someone close to us who has had it, that a thread about cancer gets one reply in a year and yet one about useless facts gets 308. Not criticising but had a similar thing on FB where I posted the below article to remind all men to check their tackle and got 2 "likes" whereas a picture of my breakfast got 16.! So, this is your annual reminder to check your tackle and don't forget that cancer isn't just about checking you balls guys. You need to make sure it is all ok! Believe me, you don't want a Frankenweiner (As my wife calls it).
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    If they will offer 4-cyl.+ Hybrid they can do 600 hp without any problems. But I don´t care. I´d rather have 400 from a V6 or V8 … it is all about sports car culture.
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    There's a Dellorto rebuild book available for those guys that have more time. Also I shall be doing this soon and will post some pictures. I already have the sonic bath and specialist carb cleaning solution, I find it difficult to get any job.done to the standard I want at a reasonable price. I always seem to find things I'm not happy with when other people do the work and end up doing it myself anyway. My carbs have already been rebuilt but then left unused. They have tarnished by just sitting around, so time for a rebuild!
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    I hate purists! No wires here! Sorry about the Coke bottle!
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    I would positively wet my pants if they could pull that off and sell everything I own to get one!
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    Ffs @NedaSay don’t spoil a good story with the truth
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    I happen to know from a very close source that Porsche are releasing a brand new 911
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    A cake decoration syringe is great for putting grease into CV joints. For some reason my wife didnt want it back afterwards! They come with a selection of nozzles so you can inject the grease with various nice fluted patterns!
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    Love the new reg. number Fabian. Even more reason for you and Jonny to get the FYEO Turbo replicas together for a photo or two
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    On the plus side....I do like it's sunroof.
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    People come and go from forums and sometime I wonder how they are & what they are up to if they've not posted for a while, or at least not visited. It's been a few months since our dear friend John Douglas has been online so I ventured onto facebook to find out he sadly passed away in August after his very long and valiantly fought battle with prostate cancer. Moley was a great character, I'm really moved by his passing as he was such fun, and a good friend - always happy to share his knowledge too and some of the hilarious stories of the wonderful life he's led. RIP John, thanks for the happy memories mate.
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    Drivers side fuel tank is now out. Looking considerably worse for wear! Passenger side fuel tank is next however looks much better!

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