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    The only issue I now have is that if this doesn't go through then they will force through a new "Peoples Vote". In my mind the people did speak and they said leave. If this gets voted out, instead of Corbyn getting in, the Tories need to push through a no deal Brexit and do what we wanted all along! LEAVE!!
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    Someone should set up some sort of website... oh, wait! 3rd May 2018.
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    Actually this happens when a specific project or car company sometimes do not want to spend too much money on tyre development or that they are lucky enough to find something that works. In those cases, they ask us (tyre makers) to send different specs of the same tyres (in the tyre size they told us) that we have already developped for other OE projects (Porsche, Audi, Bmw, etc...) or they buy some on their own. Then, their test engineers do some internal testings to find out which combination works the best with their chassis, dampers, steering tuning. This is how you can end up with MO1 tires fitted straight out from the factory like @Bruss said or a combination of RT and BMW specs on the Evora 410 in Michelin Cup 2. What you have to keep in mind, during this internal testings, they probably had some combinations that were awful to drive. Poor in steering response and feedback, mismatch between front and rear (lateral stiffness, delay, grip, etc...), very understeery or oversteery balance. This is something you might experience if you mix on your own afterwards. Maybe you'll have no surprises, or no differences that would be feelable except by a Professional. For Lotus, I think that it was clearly a way to save money because big groups like German car makers, French ones, US, etc... 95% of the time do specific developments with tyre manufacturers for every cars and sizes they are launching. Hopefully things will change with the money brought by Geely But trust me, today again I was doing some development for a future rwd BMW and even with the same tread compounds, same size, tyreline, etc... the slight changes made to the internals of the different sets I drove where sometimes just day and night ! Some had a very strong rear, oversteering just a bit on hard maneuvers at high Speed, and others, for the same maneuvers, were just going sideway as hell with heavy countersteer . Some sweaty moments. So yes, the same tyreline of the same sizes, can be very different in compounds, cornering stiffness, internals if they are made for an Audi, BMW, Porsche or a Lotus.
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    After discussing with some dealers in France during the last few weeks, they tell me that the 430 releases of Evora and Exige should be the last version of these models. Time and money are spent now for the developpment of the new elise. we will see.
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    I blame the Vegans. It's all their fault! May should never have called that bloody general election. She had the power and the glory before that and she bloody well screwed it up. I have nothing but contempt for the majority our politicians right now.
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    The band? That doesn't sound fun.
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    Brexit, the total Hash May and her team have made of the negotiations when they could have saved everyone the pain and just had a hard Brexit 2 years ago. Plus the fact that it has divided the country. Despite being an Avid leaver I can't help but think putting us all against each other was intentional to hide the total cock up they knew it would be. That and the continued relentless attack on Brexit by the BBC who obviously have an interest in remaining and couldn't be "neutral" if it slammed them in the face.
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    It's a very sad state of affairs. Parliament as a group doesn't want to leave so have put every conceivable obstacle in place to prevent it happening. The Cabinet and the Prime Minister have never believed that leaving is the right thing to do so have been very half-hearted in their attempts to negotiate a good exit deal. Overall it's a shocking betrayal of democracy by Parliament, regardless of whether you're a leaver or remainer. The opposition parties (as usual) are just using it as another means to further their own political agenda, the best interests of the country are irrelevant. I guess they console themselves with the thought that nothing is more important than them having power so they can put right all the wrongs in the world.
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    Just took delivery of a pair of Miguel's fantastic marine grade stainless mudguard brackets, having disassembled the wheel arch of my recently purchased launch edition Evora in order to 'get at' the sealed light unit (another story !). There was only 'archaelogical' evidence of a bracket having been there at some point ! Only a few slices of rust stuck to the mudflap. I got intouch with Miguel, ordered and got delivery within 24 hours - plus a really interesting 'Lotus chat' on the phone. Being a long-time Lotus fan and owner of a couple of Esprits, I am so dissappointed to find the amount of untreated mild steel brackets - and also clearly unprotected interfaces between metals promoting galvanic corrosion - on the Evora. That and the sun damage-prone facia is just not what you would expect to find on any reputable vehicle construction. Well done Miguel for creating these brackets - which will outlast the car itself I am sure.
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    If I cook quinoa I always use a non-stick pan. That way it slides much easier into the bin.
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    We do...a small business born by accident and through Esprit ownership and TLF membership, the wife and I both skilled in different trades work together in a little shed at the bottom of the garden most evenings now to produce these carpet sets for most Esprit models. Our latest addition, the allusive Turbo Esprit battery cover which we now make from ABS plastic to replace those cardboard covers that have dissolved over the years.
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    Yep, and just gave an order. Looking forward to supplying the Danish members of CESA, including myself Cheers, and as usual thank you for your effort. Kind regards, jacques
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    I'll have you know, I pride myself on my work under the covers.
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    Tim Andy Graham at Lotus will tell you and I know who might have a radio for sale if required! Just for the record my dry sump has a roof digital clock
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    Yeah, they said that 2 years ago when I bought my 1 of 2 Exige in Liquid Yellow. Ah well, still rarer than an LF1!
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    I would think it did have a roof stereo originally.
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    I’d like to fast forward the next 4 months. The Brexit chaos is going to be bollocks, as is the weather. Where’s the button . . . ?
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    But they will have set a precedence so Leavers will then demand another vote till they get what they want! And there will be riots in the streets and the country will truly be divided then!
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    Another recommend for Jack at Royal - did a first class job on mine that many have commented on.
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    They either work or don’t. Issues with these sensors are well documented on here. the O2 voltage should sway all over the place just like Bibs post above. If it’s not doing that then it’s sensor or wiring at fault
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    I've had mine for 15 months. I believe there's nothing like it at anywhere near the prices they are currently trading at. I have no plans to sell my car. It's met my expectations and still thrills.
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    Another reason to love brexit then
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    Found pictures of the rest of he car...
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    It was good to see everyone last night. Hopefully, there will be no reports of another thatched pub fire following a TLF meet!
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    What is this "putting the car away for the winter"?
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    My daughter took some photos a couple of weeks back before the car was put away for the winter. She's a bit more artistic then myself...
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    That would be such a mistake based on my experience. Me : Can I buy a grey car? Wife: It has back seats, right? me: yep, of course Wife: GPS, right? me, yep, of course Wife: a large boot? me: yep, need to fit my golf clubs Wife : no Diesel, right? For the environment. Me: Definitely, those diesels are so dirty Wife: Reverse camera and foldable mirror for when we go to London? me: Obviously. Wife: Ok but let’s have the heated seats, that would be nice. Me: Ok, whatever you want love.
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    Why not just ditch the heated rear screen as the v6 seems to do a good enough job of clearing that and then very little additional weight for the heated front screen?
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    That’s nothing - I was chatting to @Steve V8 the weekend - he’s managed to make a tank of fuel last a whole year
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    Maybe I'm missing something here but are we saying that a pair of Passat rear calipers are a direct replacement for the Lotus originals on an 84 TE and fit on the same mounts? If so I'm interested for my TE....
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    These are what you are discussing, yes they fit. Not an upgrade but a better version than the crummy girlings that have a rubbish hand brake. The cables need adapting though. Much lighter also
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    The only way to get this done was to get a bespoke order set up through elise shop (with no colour on any parts) and then add the komotec curved spoiler to finish the job. So if anyone else wants any carbon now is the time to join the band wagon. - side scoops cup 380 cup 380 rear tailgate – wing mirrors – front splitter - front access hatch - side skirts - rear diffuser cup 380
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    Had Carbon inner sills and wing mirror covers on my 380 from Yvo at Elise and which is currently being modelled at Central Lotus. The quality was excellent and matched the standard Lotus Carbon very well
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    I can assure you that we are not facebook and the like buttons do not provide any information for our advertisers.
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    If it weren't for a liberal application of bodywork seam-sealer around the edge of my mudflaps, they'd have parted company with the car by now as the OE brackets looked like this when I went to investigate why they were flapping (no pun intended) around................................................. I contacted @Miguel after hours on Thursday evening, a couple of emails were exchanged and by Friday lunchtime he was advising me that a pair of his stainless brackets were on their way to me by courier - fantastic service, especially as I hadn't even paid for them at that point! A package arrived about half an hour ago, and upon opening, these beauties were revealed............. Hopefully, I'll get them fitted later this week (once the weather permits working outdoors) and by their apparent quality these brackets should outlive the rest of the car.
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    Hi chaps. I make stainless steel mudguard brackets, checkout the ad in the for sale section. They're 316 marine grade stainless steel so should last the lifetime of the car. Also lighter than the bog standard rusty ones ;P
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    Okay, installed the FluxBeam Opt 7 (socket HB3/9005 with color 6000K) today on my LHD Exige S HID/Xenon (photo1 ): aftermarket HIDs need up to half a minute to reach full brightness and a pure white color. They come with a heavy ballast, so need more place and wiring. I was satisfied but had some kind of blind spots and the light is mostly centered to one spot in the middle (see garage door) but provides a good distance (at least at this centered point) LED (photo 2): less weight and easier to install (extremely small ballast and less wiring). LEDs start immediately with a pure white and full brightness. A much more harmonic light distribution but obviously a shorter distance (you can see it at the garage, not as bright here as HID) . The lightning to the right isn't perfect, but I'll adjust the right lamp tomorrow and try to optimize it (maybe this is also the reason why the HID is spotted mainly to the middle) So, we can't have all, but both lights are definitely better than the original halogen bulbs. So it's up to you what you prefer.
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    This is what I think will happen: May will get a vote of no-confidence. Many ministers will resign G.E. Will be called Labour will get rid of Corbyn and replace him with a remainer. Tories will to some extent deliberately throw the election and Labour will win, a total nightmare for the UK. Another referendum will be called which will make the last one look like a paragon of virtue compared with the dirt which will be thrown around. Referendum will vote to remain by a narrow majority. So we will be back to square one with a disastrous Labour government to boot.
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