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    Nice and sunny so got the Turbo out today
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    I’m a big fan of the three factory fitted cup holders in my Elise.
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    So, seeing as I swapped my Evora 400 for an Elise Cup 220 a couple of weeks back I though I'd summarise my observations to date: Presence / Sound: The Elise get's less attention (despite being yellow). It still gets attention... but not quite the same 'supercar' response which the Evora generated. Prob helped along a little by the aero on the cup 220 TBH. I miss the sound of the Evora engine and the pops and crackles from the exhaust (how can I get that back!?). The Elise (fitted with a 2Bular exhaust) has more of a drone and some subtle noises on change down but it's not the same (still nice but not as nice). Performance / Ride: The Elise has half the engine but its prob also half the weight. It feels slower in some respects but also more enjoyable to push on the open road than the Evora 400. In the 400 you run out of road before you can get anywhere near its capacity. However I miss the incredible acceleration of the 400 from zero. That car was a beast pulling away from lights with the paddles in sport mode. The Elise has no power steering so its "hard work" at slow speeds but comes alive above 30, you feel every inch of the road beneath you (which can be a good and a bad thing depending on your perspective). Quality / Attention to Detail: The overall quality of the interior in the Elise exceeds that of the Evora despite its sparseness. I think this demonstrates how well Lotus can execute 'clean and simple' but struggle with anything more. Notable examples are the quality of the switches and consistent internal switchgear lighting levels and colours. The engine start button in particular is lovely (and is not illuminated when the engine is running!) and puts that of the Evora to shame. Why did they not share parts on such things? There are equally curious choices the other way round, the Elise uses different indicator switchgear to the newer Evora, granted neither are nice but why not share these parts between models? Convenience/Comfort: Obviously both cars are a very different proposition in this area. The Elise is supposed to be simple and stripped back, the Evora is supposed to be more of a sports tourer. The Evora (despite it's leather or alcantara) doesn't have cup holders. The Elise has one between the seats and you can optionally specify another which pulls forward from under the dash (I have one on order!). The air con in the Elise does not have lovely precise controls like the Evora, in the Elise the fan has three positions (fast, faster and fastest) and this is annoying when you just want a little air, not a gale. In summary I'd say there is an awful lot I miss about the Evora, most of all it's supercar looks and the engine and exhaust noise (oh and the paddles) but the Elise is equally rewarding to drive and is a very nice place to be. I've just about mastered getting in and out. I kinda love those crazy ass sills.
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    From Evora 400 to facelift 250 cup here. Overall, I think I'd agree with your conclusions. Presence and noise - the 4 cylinder Elise is never going to match the fantastic noise of the 6 cylinder 400, but with the latest version Lotus have made a real effort with the exhaust sound and I'm impressed with the sound it makes in my 250 Cup. Added benefit, you don't get kicked off track days Agree that the Evora gets more attention, I think people are more familiar with the Elise and know what it is. Performance - 0-60 is almost identical, but from there on the Evora has a significant advantage. But, in the real world on the road, the Elise is still a bloody quick little car and the perfect size for hustling down a twisty A/B road. Quality and comfort - Both seemed well screwed together. I find squeaks and rattles come and go in the Elise, sometimes silent, sometimes not. The Evora was better in this regard. I've had a lot less niggling problems in the Elise though. In terms of comfort, hands down win for the Evora obviously! Conclusion - The Evora is a better car, the Elise is a better toy
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    If I cook quinoa I always use a non-stick pan. That way it slides much easier into the bin.
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    Good question. I have spent some time to sort this out for myself and posted some thoughts in the TVS1900 thread, since it was brought up there as a side topic. KT - I called them - and as @Bravo73 says, they cannot offer a bespoke map. Either you buy their stuff (which for sure is one of the best), or you don't. Well, if you go there, you may probably be able to map the car with any hardware configuration. Since I had the 2Bular manifold, race-cat + Lotus Motorsport silencer paired with a BOE cold air intake, I was off the map so to say. The only other options I found was BOE and InoKinetic in US, but that is not an option if you as me is located in Sweden. UK makes no difference, I suppose. I also found VR Tuned, but got very mixed reviews and an unclear answer about what their file could cope with. From a technical perspective you have four options: 1. Go with the standard ECU - as I wrote in the thread above, you get roughly 450 Nm and 380+ hp 2. Re-flash standard ECU - The upside is that you sort out the ultra rich fueling, get more power, better response and optimize the VVT system. The downside is that it is not a bespoke tune if you don't live near those few tuning companies and you still lack temp/pressure feedback from after the supercharger. The cost start at about £1000 3. Piggy-back - The upside is that you can add more sensors for better control, get data-logging (closed loop wb lambda etc), still use OBD II and in some cases use loged data for improved calibration. And off course re-calibrate if you add other modifications.The downside is that you cannot control the VVT system, as far as I know you have to make the wire loom yourself and there is a risk that the standard ECU messes with the piggy-back. Many tuners/dyno-owners are sceptical to those systems. The price is attractive (£500), but it comes with more work and likely dyno-time £££. So, this is probably the DiY option for the one who has done it before... 4. Standalone ECU - Plenty of upsides as long as you chose one that has all the CAN-communication sorted out to be PnP with your Evora/Exige. You get a more competent ECU, VVT-control, launch control, adjustable traction control, E85 functionality, closed loop wb-lambda control, temp/pressure feedback from after the supercharger so that you can optimize both safety and performance and finally you can re-calibrate for all future upgrades. The technical downside is that OBD II communication is a bit risky, even though it should work. At the bottom line it is the most expensive option. With mapping you start north of £2000. The PnP options I know are: ECU Master EMU Black, SCS Delta and Motec. My conclusion is; if you are sure you don't want to go any further with your tuning ambitions, any of the four mentioned re-flash providers will for sure offer added happiness with reliability. If you may want to do more, these money are wasted unless you live nearby them, or buy into any of their kits. In this case I would go with stock ECU solution until I added more upgrades unless you see a value in a standalone ECU besides the pure power upgrade.
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    Another season of sprinting at an end. Here's a lap from Anglesey, I've solved my under steer problem, maybe a bit too well, it's a busy lap.
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    Not a bad result given the age of the car's platform and the engine etc. I would say 8th place is a pretty good result. Also, the review on Pistonheads that pitched the Exige 410Sport to the GT3RS painted a very favourable light on the 410Sport. Yes, the GT3RS won and I can understand why, but there was a lot of love in the review for Hethel, Lotus and the analog nature of the 410Sport Exige and the price tag, of +100% difference was mentioned more than enough to make the point what value the Lotus was. I have detected a shift this year in some of the reviews where the Lotus products are being viewed in a much more positive, credible light. We have some way to go, but it is encouraging to see and read.
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    You’re right about many things. The Elise and Evora are just very different propositions. I miss the noise of the 400, I don’t miss the fuel bills
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    I have an expert view having just declared, like many, that I am an expert I have analysed the subject to death over the past 2 minutes, just like all experts, and concluded that whatever the outcome the effect on the U.K. future economy is unknown, it’s all conjecture and opinions
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    Hi, It has taken a few weeks to get to this point but the deal is done on this fully loaded 380 Sport. I find this car irresistible. I will let the pictures do the talking. I can't wait to finally get it home. Thank you for all the support I have received along the way. Special mention to Chris at Hoffman's, great advice and service received. Dan
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    Hi Guys What guidance can anyone give in getting a supercharged v6 remapped with just induction and manifolds added? Im learning that manifolds alone the ECU can learn but add the induction and you have problems. I’m trying to free up any restrictions end to end so keen to do the induction in addition to manifolds. Hence the question who has done such a thing and what did you do ref re-map. Thanks in advance.
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    I’ve been in touch with image wheels they are prepared to make copy cat compomotive wheels 1600 for a set if enough people are interested.
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    Only if you flap them vigorously enough on hard acceleration. Kind of like watching a stork take off.
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    From my 4 years of V6 Exige ownership, including quite a few Trackdays, I certainly agree it is hard work on track but, for me anyway, I always felt it was quite rewarding. On a full day, I rarely managed to get much beyond mid afternoon before becoming too knackered and having to call it a day. Having said that though, the Exige was always huge fun and although I am not the quickest driver, by any means, I rarely found it wanting for much on the days I did in it. I love my Evora 410 but I’d love to be in a position to have my old V6 Exige alongside it, just for track days.
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    Maybe the wings add lightness?
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    Don’t be too alarmed by it Dan, at sometime I think everyone has a Lotus boot problem. I had a warranty upgrade on my Release lever and had the pin realigned and cable eased off. Mine failed as yours did on the drive home and I broke the lever. This is worth having done and I am sure Hofmannns would be happy to do. Good luck
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    A family pic from a couple of years ago, still got most of them the Green Parker is by far and away my favourite, plays like a dream. Recently bought an 8 string for shits and giggles
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    As above .What a car .inside looks brand new .well cared for ...Mike
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    The flat style (modern) wiper blade is much better than the older metal framed type. It looks a bit chunkier, but it works so much better than the original. I think it's a Bosch blade that was fitted to my car.
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    Nice Tocus - I think that one comes from Japan in a white box? Sure I have seen them before but cannot remember the make. The AutoArt Essex models seem to fetch good money now. That 88 Image was another pre-season launch photo taken in the grounds at Ketteringham Hall. I loved that place and the fact they launched that seasons car there.
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    Thanks @auRouge - I prob should have posted back here but I opted for the Cup 220 in the end.
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    You’d think, I saw the photo of your cherry flapkjacks and thought about YTO 08Y.... That and a post from SWLC with a Y reg red turbo too not aire ive posted on here since 2009 either Hello TLF world
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    Oh what could have been... if DB had had half an once of business acumen... We would have had the Esprit out for nearly 5 years now... Instead of that still a year and a half to go...
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    Then why advertise it????
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    Bit like the remainers then!
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    @Arun_D you've given me some new ideas... I need a Dremel for Xmas!
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    I stumbled across V6 Cup #59 during a recent window shopping session online. Previously a German registered road car, converted by Van der Kooi in the Netherlands with new clams and CupR aerokit, Komo EX460 kit and Kobra brake kit, 3-way Nitrons, rollcage and most notably, a KAPS sequential transmission. This one should be a weapon as the Youtube vid highlights..though its history does make me wonder if it was perhaps a resurrection of the white German Cup that ended up on its roof on circuit (merely speculation sorry) No. Year Colour Owner 006 2013 Monaco White Simon Robinson 011 2013 Carbon Grey Jim Chan 013 2013 Pewter Grey ex TheKevlarKid 027 2013 Carbon Grey ex Patrick Kestemont 029 2014 Solar Yellow Simon / C1RVY 030 2013 Motorsport Green Maldsley 034 2013 Chrome Orange Nano 040 2013 Burnt Orange Drumzz 051 2014 Pewter Grey Farook 059 20?? Monaco White Van der Koiii Sportscars 060 2014 Solar Yellow Mike and Ike! 069 2014 Nightfall Blue Waky 079 2014 Gulf Blue RobbieB 082 2014 Black Edition Bassman 083 2015 Silver Morgan park Hamburg 090 2014 Burnt Orange Schnitzel 093 2014 Carbon Grey JJD 095 2014 Black Edition Black Knight 099 2014 Monaco White 550superfast 112 2015 Black Edition mcx 120 2015 Signature Orange OrangeExige 123 2015 Elise Grey Glynnsport 124 2015 Black Edition nw942 138 2015 Canyon Red Arun_D 139 2016 Silver Mark Williams
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    The new Star Wars Trailer is out:
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    Seems like a lack of humour going around... great seasonal addition to the car... but where’s the snow tyres for winter sideways antics?!
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    I fancied a new look for winter... Just a test fit, but gives you an idea of how it’ll look. I’ll fit them next week after the Silverstone day.
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    I'll be there. Couldn't get an appointment with the Doctor the other day so looking forward to the health check!!
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    We do...a small business born by accident and through Esprit ownership and TLF membership, the wife and I both skilled in different trades work together in a little shed at the bottom of the garden most evenings now to produce these carpet sets for most Esprit models. Our latest addition, the allusive Turbo Esprit battery cover which we now make from ABS plastic to replace those cardboard covers that have dissolved over the years.
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    Says the mushroom, quinoa and alfalfa pate man.
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    That's not vegans, mate. Millennials, that's what you mean.
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    I remember being at Uni and a girl there said 'Try this Tofu steak. It tastes just like meat.' No. No it doesn't. We should rebel and say the vegans aren't allowed to use our words for foods that they find offensive. They could call that 'Definitely Indistinguishable Almost Ready Real Human Option Edible Alternative'. Or 'diarrhoea' for short.
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    A client of mine had a bentayga delivered a week or so ago - can’t hlep but think it looks a bit like a London taxi
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    More of the yellow monster It is getting better with every shot Lotus Exige Cup 430
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    Better than having the rear deck open on the Autobahn as the pin had rotated thru 180 degrees..... ask me how I know

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